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Monday, August 1, 2011


"Discussion - Kisses and Dolls"

S01E4 “Wife in Labor” has ALWAYS bothered me for two reasons. One, Robyn had the chutzpah about her to follow Kody out the door to embrace. I just watched it again, and he gave her no “come hither” look. She just had to get that smooch. Her pompousness to think Kody couldn’t make it a few hours without one of her butterfly kisses I simply thought was not nice. Look at her in the picture, it seems she enjoyed getting caught.

Remember Christine saying they didn’t even kiss till over the marriage alter and how upsetting THAT was? How insulting was it that she would demand such attention at this special time in Christine’s life? It throws out the window the intimacy that’s usually shared between a husband and wife during birth. THAT really shows what kind of sister wife she’s going to be, and I am sure they are all WELL aware of it. And the wedding dress, etc., etc., etc. I don’t think the other wives would do that.

Two, the infamous dollhouse used to remind the kids of the family, or possibly to remember all their names? I loved Barbie’s as a kid. I and my BFF, Kimber, played until we were in the 8th grade. The cool cheerleaders had a secret. We used to put them in a brown papers bag to carry them to and fro so the hunky football players who lived near us wouldn’t know what we were up to.

I don’t recall us having the dolls making out much, oh maybe we did with the boy being our boyfriend. If we did, it certainly wasn’t our PARENTS doing the deed! How Creepy is That? The whole idea of the “Kody” doll and the “Janelle, Christine, and Robyn” dolls is different. Did you ever play dolls and have it where it was your parents? I didn’t, it was always ME! Did it seem fine to you? I know my boys thought it was weird, not that they play dolls, but, have on occasion to appease their nieces. They laughed and said the girls were always queens or Miss America. It might have been fine. I dunno.

Discussion Time!!

Pictures courtesy of S01E04 "Sister Wives" a wife in Labor., I can't remember where  got the cartoon!


  1. One - I am in total agreement. Robyn knew they were being filmed, and out of courtesy, a loving friend, sister wive to be, whatever, should of NEVER done that for all to see on film. She's a manipulator. Horrible to think Robyn connives these moments on camera, then boo hoos how much she wants to fit in. She will be the destruction of one of the marriages. Meri's just buddying up with her - keep your friends close, your enemies closer" OR, she's nuts.
    Two - It was a tad odd. I'm not sure if it was cult like, but odd. Cartoon hilarious!

  2. I disagree with you ms. I thought the Dollhouse was sweet and innocent.
    And the kiss was just reassurance to his engaged partner.

  3. I agree with the cartoon. If they truly want to give their children freedom to decide, like they proclaim, then the right thing to do would be to have more than one male doll in the bunch. It is subtle indoctrination, and the Brown's are not the only ones that do this , that has huge affects on small and growing minds. Maybe the Brown's don't realize that by not allowing other male dolls in the bunch, it might make a difference - who knows? I just thought it was odd.

  4. Robyn and the sneak away kiss was terrible. The Brown wives layed out the the ground rules for dating and both Robyn and Kody broke them. It is hard to believe they did not engage in pre marital anything once this kiss was caught.

    The only message it could send to the wives could be a negative one. Why do that? I think , from the get go, Robyn wanted to exert her being a Kody favorite.

    I wish the women would have threw down an axe in the ground and said guess what, seems you could not abide by our rules before marriage, we can't accept you into our marriage. Now that would have been some great filming!

    Either Kody was so head over heels, the wives stood no chance, or the polygamy dating pool in their area is very small.

    I still say, Why Robyn?

    What does she offer?

    She is far too needy. It seems to me that most FLDS or Poly females have a strong sense of ability and independence. Robyn lacks all indication of a woman being able to handle herself , alone in the world. She must have appealed to Kody's damsal in distress fantasy.

  5. "She must have appealed to Kody's damsal in distress fantasy." funny!
    I agree with the entire article. It's a form on indoctrination at it's finest. Kissing one mommy then another, just ew. Why not have 3 or 4 Kens?
    Scared at this young age they might see a difference?
    Robyn, she is one mean, mean woman. She flaunts her stuff with Kody. She married for the family was a lie, unless she meant babysitter. I have tried to think kindly toward her, but she's one vicious cookie. Saying, Meri's body wouldn't make babies or whatever. She's just got a damn opinion on everything.
    I wish they would gang up on her, and I pray Meri will quit kissing her ass. What's up with that?

  6. **And the kiss was just reassurance to his engaged partner.**

    But, it was stated that this behavior wasn't acceptable according to their beliefs. If Kody is allowing all the other wives to believe that his courtship of Robyn was as chaste as his courtship of them, then he's being deceitful. (No surprise, there.)

    I don't have a problem with the Barbie play. It doesn't sound like the little girls have any exposure to the concept of dating, only marriage. As for only having one Ken doll, I had 5-6 Barbies, a couple of Barbie babies, and only one Ken and grew up to have one husband. My girls never had a Ken doll (they never asked for one) and neither of them are lesbians, so I don't think playing Barbie's has much impact on future relationships.

  7. One - Robyn **connives,conspires, hypocrite, always has an angle, schemer, cries for pity, self serving. Pray that Meri realizes being in cahoots with this girl will create more problems with her relationships with the rest. She revels in making Kody anger the others. Really, it's sad. I thought she was so abused by her first reltionship, she appears to have come out ready to rumble.
    Two- We all had only the one Ken doll, but, did it kiss all the mommies? We're they OUR mommies and daddies? That's the problem, they have no concept of dating, or a 2 party marriage. Intentional or no, they are passing on the principle.

  8. Sorry, Relationship.

  9. I think your spot on.

  10. "Two- We all had only the one Ken doll, but, did it kiss all the mommies? We're they OUR mommies and daddies? That's the problem, they have no concept of dating, or a 2 party marriage. Intentional or no, they are passing on the principle"

    Lily Green, you hit the nail on the head. It is subtle indoctrination.

  11. **Intentional or no, they are passing on the principle**

    I don't think it's intentional as far as the Barbies are concerned, but I do believe the Browns are purposely steering their children to polygamy. It's part of their religious beliefs, so why would they not teach their kids it's the One True Way to heaven?

  12. It's bait. My parents were Cheryl and Tim. I certainly did play by going, Good morning Cheryl, SMOOCH SMOOCH.

  13. It appears that everything they do steers their children towards the principle. Have you ever read bible verses while your child was playing? They might as well be.

  14. They aren't supposed to kiss until the ceremony.
    You know they were bouncing before that. They don't fool me with the stupid comments like we get to watch each other brush teeth and we didn't before.
    Cartoon - a HOOT!
    I thought the dollhouse was a message - to US. It was there for a reason.