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Thursday, September 20, 2012

UPDATE!!! I Scour the Internet: The Post Talk Like a Pirate Day Edition 9/20/12

Wow, what a month it has been.

T' Browns were all off doin' their own thin's. Meri handlin' her duties as chief executive recruitin' officer o' their MLM green drink empire. Janelle enjoyin' her time at home with her sprogs. Robyn takin' care o' t' Sister Buxom Beauty Closet business. Kody doin' whatever it be he does (I'm aye we will see him doin' it when t' show resumes on November 11th). And Christine, just bein' Christine.

So let's take a look at some recent tweets from our 'favorite' family o' polygamists t' their fans!

Hmmm...Looks like Robyn's in a funky mood again. Ahoy!, what's up beauty? (cough cough)

Whoa thar. Be that anyway for a sister buxom beauty t' talk, especially when you have three other sisterbuxom beautys that are s'posed t' be your buckos - not t' mention your bestie Meri who you were willin' t' rent your womb out for, almost a year ago!"

Aye, I think Robyn's gettin' tired o' sharin' and wants a pirate o' her own now.

Ahoy! thar Kody, why haven't you been takin' care o' Robyn? She's soundin' kind o' low, you know....

Aha! It's makin' sense now. Kody be hobnobbin' with t' Big Boss and buxom beauty Meri. No wonder Robyn's been feelin' blue! She should try drinkin' that green stuff!

See what I mean? Meri knows what I be talkin' about. Did you see how she also made aye her Big Boss was copied on that tweet? Great way t' influence t' Boss Man.  I bet Meri's McMansion wetbar will be filled with bottles o' that green drink!

Stop your snivelin' and get with t' program, Robyn!

O' course Kody just has t' get t' last word in...good use o' t' word 'lover' but tell me Kody, do you tweet about your other 3 wives t' your LIV boss or be Meri t' only one drinkin' t' green kool-aid?

But wait, why be Meri tweetin' about me Sister buxom beauty's Closet? Isn't that Robyn's baby? (Besides Sol, o' course.)

Honestly Meri, who hasn't seen this 'claddagh charm holder'. For $82, I'd rather spend me doubloons on REAL jewelry. I guess t' price includes t' box, too. How awful that t' price does not include t' 3 individual charms, which costs a total o' $258.00. You'd have t' be a pirate t' afford those trinkets!

Aye, on this note I'm off t' look for me own pirate t' spend some doubloons on and hang out on a deserted island without a care in t' world.... Until next time, remember that I Scour t' Internet, so you don't have to!

Arggggh! I don't usually update me I Scours, but  I checked out Robyn's  tweets today and she has two new gems that I just have t' share with everyone.

Who o' ye thinks a certain person (her name starts with R and ends with N) has been readin' a certain Blog this week and tweeted her response t' her fans? Now don't ye hurt yourselves raisin' those hands!

And we have this wonderful gem from t' same sister buxom beauty...

Isn't it comforting to know that polygamy 'done the right way' not only gave Robyn a wonderful life, but that she wishes she could cheer on her sisterwife Meri in person? I wonder where IS Kody?  So even though it would make for good TV if Robyn left Kody to babysit Sol et al in order  to cheer on Meri in her 5K run, I just can't see Robyn giving up her one niter with Kody for a charitable cause. Hey Robyn, how about showing your support by donating some of your no doubt immense proceeds from My Sister Wife's Closet to help out those victims and tweeting for others to follow your example? You don't have to give a lot, just enough to show you really care....


Sltrib.com has an interesting article about the 5K run that featured Meri Brown and Elissa Wall (who escaped from polygamy and testified against Warren Jeffs) as participents. There's even a flattering picture of Meri and of Elissa (click on the picture to see the photo gallery for the article). Please take a few minutes to check it out (the comments are interesting, too). I'm interested to hear what your thoughts are!

Cynical Jinx


Thursday, September 13, 2012

UPDATE 9/15/12!! More Odds and Ends

Will she or will she?
Season restarts November 11, 2012!

What are your thoughts on what we will have to suffer through see in November?

Will the Browns move into the McMansions and Meri gets her wetbar? Will Kody get a real job and Robyn take her jewelry to QVC?

Will Janelle actually put that peanut butter frito into her mouth and eat it? And what about Christine?

Tune in to find out!!

Random Tweets

Robyn after finding out Taye Diggs may be coming to dinner

Oh dear, looks like Robyn is upset. But I applaud her passive aggressive style. You go, girl!

And a bucketlist entry for Mariah:

I just love Idina Menzel's yummy husband, Taye Diggs! I was sooo disappointed to find out not only was he married, but married to Idina Menzel!! For like 9 years already! Major bummage.

But wouldn't it be interesting (hint hint) if Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs (if they haven't gone the way of Heidi Klum and Seal) would make a surprise visit to the Brown's houses?

Hey, the Browns could have a housewarming party when they move into their McMansions, and they could invite Mrs Diggs to sing Mariah's favorite song!(hint hint hint)

Kody modelling his 'ghetto' biker jacket
Now that would make for some interesting TV, especially if someone says the "G" word --  accidentally, of course.

Oh yeah, looks like the Brown family website is up and running again in case anyone cares to know.

UPDATE 9/15/12

Interesting bit of news from Lindsay Whitehurst's Polygamy Blog (sltrib.com).

Seems the 5k run in Draper UT that Meri Brown has been tweeting about is actually part of a fundraiser to benefit Holding Out Help. Now, before you get all riled up, Holding Out Help is a group that assists people who have left any polygamous group (including of course the "bad" FLDS and Warren Jeffs groups). Anyway, it seems at least Meri is taking baby steps towards giving back to society by helping out their own first.

You can read the entire article here: http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/blogspolygblog/54898623-191/group-brown-holding-holdingouthelp.html.csp

That's all for now, folks!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

UPDATED 9/11/12 ! Some Odds and Ends

First off, apparently there is movement in the housing development showcased on last season's Sister Wives. Now this hasn't been confirmed, BUT an over eager Brown fan has let everyone know via "social media" that ground has been broken on the Browns' McMansions -- apparently in the same cul-de-sac as presented on the reality show.

Now, if only we get one of our intrepid photographers to stealthily confirm with some new photos.


This just in...The Brown's attorney has filed new papers today (August 31 2012) asking a judge to declare Utah's law against polygamy violates the 1st and 14th Amendments and is unlawful. Read the article here: http://fox13now.com/2012/08/31/sister-wives-ask-judge-to-rule-bigamy-unlawful/

Update 9/1/12

After an almost 3 month absence, I've heard Robyn posted on the "friend only" fanpage thanking fans for buying their book (keeping more interesting books off the New York Times Best Seller for 4 weeks), for buying their over-priced jewelry and promising to "post on here more often". As a peace offering, she apparently included a new picture of Super Baby Sol.

 Let's see. Lourdes writes about the sisterwives ignoring their fanpage on 8/25/12 and Robyn posts on 9/1/12 with a picture of Sol... Hmmm.....

And also in the things that make you go Hmmmm department.....Robyn is now hawking the services of a local delivery company on twitter!

How wonderful to help out a local business owner who also happens to be listed as the "go to" person for bookings on the Brown family website! For many, many months. That's just how the Browns roll, I guess.

Happy Labor Day everybody!

Update 9/4/12

It's Official!  TLC has announced on the TLC Sister Wives Facebook fanpage that the show resumes on Sunday, 11/11/12.

If only they could have waited a month so it would be 12/12/12. But wait. TLC is promising that the show "returns with more shakeups and surprises" ! I wonder what that's all about?

Update 9/11/12

Hey, what's happening with the Kody Brown family website? That ole " The website you were trying to reach is temporarily unavailable" advisory is up....again.

Let me see, wasn't it around June 9th when the same message appeared; that was approximately 3 months ago. Hmmmm....interesting. At least Sister Wife's Closet hasn't been affected!

Please continue your conversation on this next discussion page: http://sisterwivesblog.blogspot.com/2012/09/more-odds-and-ends.html