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Friday, August 5, 2011

Polygamist leader's trial continues in his absence

Updated 10:44 a.m., Friday, August 5, 2011
SAN ANGELO, Texas (AP) — The punishment phase in the child sex assault trial of Warren Jeffs has resumed without the polygamist leader in the courtroom.
Jeffs asked Friday to be excused in protest. He didn't want anyone to represent him, but state District Judge Barbara Walther appointed two standby attorneys.
Defense attorney Deric Walpole says he'll "finally get to do my job." He was one of seven lawyers Jeffs fired before deciding to represent himself.
The head of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was convicted Thursday on two counts of sexual assault of a child.
Jeffs was accused of having sex with underage followers he took as brides in so-called "spiritual marriages." His church believes polygamy brings exaltation in heaven.


  1. Can we get a discussion on Lyle Jeff's and maybe some of the others that might be wanting to take over the helm while Warren becomes elevated to martyr aka state prisoner?

  2. What about the parents that turned their kids over to Warren? I wonder if they will be held to the law?

  3. http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/opinion/52327904-82/bagley-cartoon-facebook-lake.html.csp#disqus_thread

    Plenty of Weirdo Warren Cartoons today!

  4. I make a quick post saying just that- and you all can talk. Gotta run- LOVE!

  5. Robyn's as quiet as a church mouse on Twitter...

  6. Yeah she sure is! LOL I couldn't help but wonder why she has been a little mouse during the trial suddenly.

    My girlfriend in Texas says that the jurors will be hearing evidence that reveals acts and conducts against the "laws of man" as well as all the other child brides 24 of the wives were child brides, other child brides he married off, boys he chased off etc etc. Also, I guess some people are saying that Canada should step up because many of the child brides are children from the Canadian sects. Who knows what this case will unfold into now!

    TY for the free for all post multi tasking media will post anything new that comes in.

  7. Warren Jeffs - Polygamist Leader Had Nearly 80 Wives, 24 Under Age 17, His Meticulous Records Show!

  8. Ahh I remember why now, MisterSister! The Coalition!

    Kody probably told her to hush it up and let the coalition voice speak in unison from now on!

    Another article on the news release. Robyn's coalition denounced and now condemns the likes of Jeff's.
    "We are alarmed that such depravity could have been perpetrated by anyone,..

    Full Statement at Principle Voices:

    Abuse (August 4, 2011)

    As always, it is the policy of the Principle Rights Coalition (PRC) to support the just application of laws, and the right of an accused person to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.
    As new evidence has surfaced in Texas detailing reprehensible acts of sexual abuse against children as young as twelve years old, we are alarmed that such depravity could have been perpetrated by anyone.
    While we understand that horrific abuse can occur in any part of society, it is especially devastating to discover that sexual assault of young children may have occurred behind the false pretense of a religious ideology. Those who commit such crimes must be held accountable. If any members of our communities are in fact guilty, we fully support their being brought to justice.
    We repeat our vigorous denunciation of all child abuse, sexual or otherwise, as an egregious violation of our faith. We grieve for the children whose lives and virtue have been so cruelly impacted. We pray for healing and safety for the victims and their families.
    In some cases, years of isolation and secrecy may have cultivated and concealed abuse, since those who might ordinarily have come forward feared the threat of prosecution should their plural family arrangement be disclosed. These reports of abuse illustrate the necessity of decriminalizing plural, consenting-adult relationships, while convicting those specific individuals who have victimized children.
    Signed by the PRINCIPLE RIGHTS COALITION (a coalition of Fundamentalist Mormon Communities) – including:
    Apostolic United Brethren,
    Centennial Park,
    Davis County Cooperative Society,
    The Nielsen-Naylor communities,
    Principle Voices (www.principlevoices.org)
    and numerous other, independent Fundamentalist Mormons
    Abuse (August 4, 2011)

  9. Gotta love that line "though we understand abuse can take place in any form of society" nothing like a clever bit of scapegoating to detract and reflect minds away from blaming polygamist for what polygamist have done. AND to add insult to injury instead of just leaving a simple denounce and well wishes for those harmed, they have to be sure to insert their political agenda and remind us to decriminalize to fight abuse. What pigs.

  10. So will the PRC keep the FLDS in now Jeffs is out, our will they shit can them?
    Thanks for putting that article up!

  11. No clue what will happen i think they are shite canning them or so the wording sounds they made an except note by flds on their site.

    Warrnes flock is confused and in denial article just came in too


    Here is some info on the beds if you need or want to grab a pic and some info to post.


    i seriously need a personal email to use to send you stuff. Sorry for all the posting!

  12. bed makes me ill its almost satanic ritual like reminds me of rosemary's baby or something can you imagine being a twelve year old girl on that bed, in that stark and sterile all white atmosphere with people watching you get sexually violated...just sick.

    Also, speaking of that celestial marriage rite, how does that work in the "independent" families? Do they do this , too? Do wives or other indy flds men come over and watch the new wives consumate????

  13. **What about the parents that turned their kids over to Warren? I wonder if they will be held to the law?**

    I agree, what they did is just as bad as what Warren Jeffs did, if not worse. It's got to be illegal to hand your children over to someone you know is going to sexually abuse them. Children are suppose to be able to trust their parents. By giving their daughters to a pedophile, those parents betrayed that trust.

  14. Lots of people are piping about about cooper 360 last night. They are saying Jeff's female counsel acted very in awe of him. I missed the show last night so I am going to watch it now its the only clip I found so far.


  15. http://blogs.forbes.com/shenegotiates/2011/08/05/flds-girls-vindicated-as-pedophile-prophet-awaits-sentencing/

    Forbes got brave and female blogger calls him what he is a pedo prophet...that is nt the best what is best is that she discusses a bit on the two adult women and talks about if they will or will not be charged:

    Women Complicit?

    Although two women were complicit in at least one crime for which Jeffs was convicted, it is not yet known if the women will be prosecuted as well. Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred, who often represents female victims, didn’t mince words. After the verdict, she told CNN she had a message for women in Jeffs’ sect: Submission is dangerous to your health and to your children.

    Some, however, have argued that the women in the church acted out of their fear of Jeffs who, on his father’s death in 1998, took over as “prophet” and continued to engage in the sexual crimes he’d been raised to believe were his birthright.

    As a prophet and the ecclesiastical head of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Jeffs was required to document his every move, keeping track of every marriage he performed, every young woman he wed, and, even his intimate moments in the bedroom – the last often captured on audiotape.

    It is the audio recordings of those intimate moments that were the most damning and which may send Jeffs to prison for life. In one tape, the sect leader can be heard instructing the 14 year old victim and several other young women how to please him sexually and thereby win favor with God.

  16. The Principle Rights Coalition has the Davis County Cooperative listed as members. The Davis Cooperative is the Kingston Polygamy Group - they think that they are the "pure seed" of Jesus Christ, his direct descendants. To maintain their "purity" they practice incest, arranging marriages between half siblings and uncles and their nieces, often against the will of the young teenage girls. As a result, children with horrific deformities are born and the Kingstons cover it up, telling the women that the deformed babies are a punishment from God for their lack of faith. We should not accept any group that has the Kingstons among their members as having any type of moral authority.

  17. FoF,
    What would Winston Blackmore's group be, if anything, in relation to the PRC?

  18. And also, on the new post - FLDS Polygamists Aid and Abed Sexual Predators

    When you have time (like you do!heehee)
    Please help explain why she keeps putting the FLDS and the AUB together? Is she saying the AUB is LYING, that the underage and picking mantra is just for the public? Or did I not get the message?