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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Inside Story Polygamy - part 2 of 5

Dear Readers,
I really feel, that as a collective group, we need to watch several films about what goes on in some of the polygamy groups. It is abhorrent, against god, and makes you cry. PLEASE watch these films, educate yourself, just as I am doing with you. You never know, someday you might make a difference in one of these souls lives. If nothing more, pray for them.  Can you imagine having a baby and not getting treatment for it?

***TLC and Kingston Groups - not Brown's Allred Group. Yet, part of their larger coalition. 
Once again, we see Roundy randy and Jim Harmston of the TLC church. check out Gladdel at 2:10 and when they are dancing, lady doesn't look so happy. Equally creepy is Jim Harmston telling Roni Baker that "the order of the new millennium is S E X. I almost feel that god is touching all of us, to see those little ones suffer.  Kingston's are so paranoid they videotape strangers! Also talk of Kingston incest and Birth Defects, no financial support or emotional support for children. they all look so sad.
As Terrasola taught us the other day -The Kingston Group now calls itself the Davis County Co-operative.
Please watch and give us your thoughts. It's only 10 minutes.


  1. I watched this earlier, but didn't have time to comment. You would think these groups were devil worshipers. Well, maybe they are. An abomination to the word God, leaving children hurt, and of course, Leaving whole families? This is a sin and a cult in my eyes. If I am wrong, please show me how in the world I am.
    A MUST SEE Video to learn all these crazy groups.

  2. *The women have their "Faith" to help them with their complicated lives? Why would a life of God's be so complicated with jealousy? Such shame for the women to admit jealousy when their husband sexes up a little girl in their faces. Let these women take a lover, and she's ex-communicated.  Face it, the average man is hardly available to his one wife; physically or sexually. The idea that these creeps are keeping a community of wives happy in any way is nonsense.

    *Birth defects are considered the will of God and medical treatment for them are considered a blasphemy.

    *I guess if you had the fear of God instilled in you from the time you were born and told you were going to hell if you didn't obey, what choice do you have but to believe it if you know no different?

    * Was their Crack back in Joseph Smith's day? Oh, yeah, I think you could buy cocaine back then. He must of been high on something, and his followers, too.

    **so this Kingston, now Davis, and the TLC group, scare me to death. Before this, if my child came home and said they were going to marry a Mormon, I prob, would think of Donny and Marie. Not now.

  3. John Baker's job "is to find a new husband for wives seeking a change of husband."
    Now there's a new one. Churches condoning wife swapping? That could be a new show!
    It is, as Roni says, "this is so mind bending, there is no room for reality." That pretty well sums it up.
    INCEST! My heavens, no room for reality there.

  4. This is so incredibly SAD. It really is.