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Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Sister Wives" Girl Party!!

We need to bring in some Sister Wives today!! Getting ready for season 3 - let's review Girl Party! Do you think it might be fun if you were in a polygamous relationship with your best friends? Let's pretend for a minute. Can you see an upside to it? 


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  2. If my best friend and I were in a polygamous marriage, our husband would probably abandon us and go far, far away. LOL

  3. I can see the closeness of a family. I just wonder why there cannot be closeness with a real sister these days. The families have become so distance.

    One thing I do not like about the Islamic sister wife situation is they all fight and bicker. If you are going to do it then you might as well get along with each other. Love each other. Or do not live this life style.

    I cannot imagine that a wife will only get to heaven if her husband calls her there. That is not Islamic. In Quran all people male and female will answer for their actions good or bad and that will determine her fate. Heaven or hell.

    You would think a good action is getting along with a sister wife?

    That's just me talking though. I am no expert.

  4. Yes, I think it would be an important one. And I am relieved to hear that in your religion you don't have to be "called". There's so much to theirs, you'll have to read through here and learn. I learned as I went along. Didn't know a thing before about it.
    That and telling the truth, and these folks, we catch them in lies all the time.

  5. Islamic sister wives are not the only ones that fight and bicker, it happens with sister wives in the Mormon fundies religion also. There have been instances where one sister wife will abuse another's children out of revenge or spite. It seems that in polygamous families, there is competition between the sister wives and their children to be the husband's favorite.

    I have the same opinion as you, Americanmuslimah, I can't imagine getting to heaven by a husband either.

  6. "americanmuslimah said...
    I can see the closeness of a family. I just wonder why there cannot be closeness with a real sister these days. The families have become so distance."
    So true!! My brothers and sisters are my best friends when they are asking for money. If I need something......crickets.

  7. I tried to this, I really did. After all, it was the reason I started watching Sister Wives in the first place (to see how the wives interacted and seemed so happy). But the more I thought about it the more I realized I, as an individual, could not be happy and fulfilled as a sister wife.

    I love to sit back and gossip with my best girlfriends. Inevitably, we discuss our husbands, other friends who are doing crazy things, and someone's wayward kids. There is no way you could do this as a sister wife. You would be constantly on guard, watching what you say and whether you are giving away to a sister wife any negative opinions you hold about family members.

    My girlfriends and I support each other in our love lives, and give advice when it is requested or REALLY NEEDED(such as leave that abusive situation now). You could never do that in a polygamist situation because the guy is your hubby, too. Plus, the only way to make a plural marriage situation work is to keep private things private. I don't think most people can do that well, even if they really want to and understand it is the best way. Things just "slip out" over time.

    My girlfriends and I support each other in our career or vocational aspirations (even if they are being homemakers). Could you imaging sister wives supporting each other to do things that upset the status quo of the family? Maybe, if they are really strong; but I don't see it happening as the norm, especially if you have a gazillion kids and not a gazillion dollars.

    My girlfriends and I get together to have fun. We have enough money to employ labour saving devices. Most sister wives get together to share the work ... and have fun if there is time and money left over. Would you want to socialize with the people you work with? Didn't think so. If you think it might be nice ask the military spouses who live and work on military bases (myself included); we will tell you what it is really like - not fun.

    If I were a sister wife I would be in jail for murder, in a mental institution, on the run from my husband, or (you fill in the blank of the only other options available to a plural wife).

  8. Hmmm...trying here....like pulling teeth....
    1. Let's say, we got to pick each other.(women)
    2. Wait til it's all our second mariage, so we've been around the block with no premonitions of lala happyville.in our mid 40's.
    3. We went out and found our, sugardaddy, hhhhm, I mean, husband. A good, clean christian (hey, I'd have to go for christian polygamy) really decent man.
    4. We wouldn't have to bother making babies, we'd just enjoy the one's we already had, hopefully grown.
    5. Treat everyone with the utmost respect.
    6. It's ridicilious to think he can have sex everynite, so, let him relax! ad if you want it, get it. whenever.
    7. I'd probably have girl parties on the nights I didn't have him with the other two remaining.
    This is the best set up I could think of. Just might work, except, eneviably, the evil jealousy is going to slip in there somewhere. Then I'm sinning again. Oh Crap. It wouldn't mke me a better person, it would make me an evil bitch.
    I got it! Pick a guy that can't do it, one with high blood pressure, problem solved!!! Or a closet gay who could be our other BFF!!

  9. americanmuslimah
    What you say sounds pretty logical to me!

  10. Not me. Not after season two watching Robyn. Before, hen it was just the three, it seemed ok. I don't have the heart to play.

  11. Pickled Polly,

    This is not my first rodeo and I'm in my 40's. No way in hell would I share this cowboy with any woman (nor would the poor wrangler have the energy for any more "barrel races" in his life.)

    Now, my prior spouse, the one who seemed to think that a marriage license meant personal hygiene was no longer needed, I could have DEFINITELY shared that man with as many sister-wives who came along. I'd even have to find a way to fake a visit from Aunt Flo - which would be tough without a uterus! ;)

    It's just too hard to live with another woman under the same roof. Always some kind of power struggle, whether there's a man to fight over or not.

  12. I rather stick to keeping my spouse my spouse, my sisters my sisters and my friends my friends. You can have all the extra's the sister wives say they do without ever having to step a foot into polygamy. Matter of fact you can have all they do MINUS the emotional baggage they all have to lug around in exchange for their girl time together. I guess I just don't buy into these poster girls.

  13. I like watching the show, but, NO WAY will I pretend to be a Mormon.

  14. OMG, these are all funny!

  15. Uuummmm? Probly not for me. At some point I think I would feel jealous, lacking, angry, sad, depressed, unloved, sorry for myself, irritated, 2nd class or 3rd,4th or 5th and probly a whole lot more. What happens when He takes numbers one and two out to a fancy dinner and you have to settle for a walk down the street cause money gets tight. Or you best friend sister wife had him the day before and wore him out, so you have to wait and pray that next thursday nite you might see some action if your other sister wife is kind and doesn't wipe him out again. That doesn't really encourage sisterly affection.