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Saturday, April 27, 2013

VIDEO National Geographic: Polygamy USA

On May 7th, the National Geographic channel premieres a new reality show called simply Polygamy USA.

This is not your cuddly, warm fuzzies polygamous family living large behind a gate in a Las Vegas cul-de-sac. This is the no nonsense, in your face polygamous community of Centennial Park AZ, just down the road from Colorado City/Hildale. where the wives live in one house and share a kitchen with their sisterwives. And the men work, fancy that.

Frankly, I think this group is not all that different from Warren Jeff's FLDS; I've always thought of Centennial Park as the Australia of the FLDS. Isn't it populated by the men who, for whatever reason, left or were drummed out of the FLDS and formed their own group? And like Colorado City/Hildale, there is absolutely no diversity in its population, but something tells me the viewer will not get a "Why some of my best friends are..." or "I've always had the highest respect for the..." excuse. You can tell by the man featured in the video that he is thinking "No rappers or long haired surfer dudes gonna mess with my Daughters of Zion!" And what's the deal with the boot?

Anyway, the series starts on May 7th. To get better acquainted with these 'folks', here are two short videos, and a companion background piece on Centennial Park.

I don't think the Brownhead fans are going to like this series.

This link will take you to the National Geographic's website where you can view the videos: Polygamy USA

About Centennial Park

How This Community Differs From Others

By Patrick J. Kiger

Centennial Park, a tiny community of less than 1,500 people residents nestled on the edge of Colorado City in Mohave County, Ariz., isn’t a place that stands out in most ways. The median household income of around $45,000 is a little below the statewide average but still respectable. The typical Centennial Park inhabitant is 38 years old, commutes to a white-collar job in a neighboring town, and lives in a household with children.

But there is one striking difference between Centennial Park and most of the rest of America. Almost all of its inhabitants are members of a breakaway Mormon sect that still practices polygamy, or plural marriage, in which one man generally has simultaneous relationships with multiple wives.

The word polygamy carries with it ominous connotations. For many, it may conjure up images of primitive tribes or ancient kings, or of lust-crazed cultists hiding out in fenced-in rural compounds with harems of teenage girls forced to marry against their will. But based upon various journalistic accounts, those conceptions seem to bear little resemblance to the staid, clean-cut lifestyle followed by the residents of Centennial Park.

"I'll just come out and tell you, I feel very blessed--this lifestyle is wonderful," one of Centennial Park’s residents, a businessman with three wives, told TV reporter Lisa Ling in 2007. "We bring these women into the home and they are treated incredibly. They have every convenience and every single thing that can be provided for them. So it's a very mutual relationship."

Richard’s wives, Ling discovered, turned out to be in agreement. “"It's our choice. We wanted to," explained one, who noted that nothing prevented them from leaving if they became unhappy. And the three were so comfortable sharing a husband that they had become close friends. So close, in fact, that if Richard ever died, they “probably” would simply search for a new husband for the entire trio.

They aren’t alone in their enthusiasm for plural marriage. Even though marrying more than one woman is technically illegal, researchers at Brigham Young University have estimated that between 30,000 and 50,000 Americans live a polygamist lifestyle, according to a 2010 Public Radio International story.

The polygamists in the Centennial Park community are a separate group from FLDS. They broke away from the main polygamist community in the 1980s after a leadership dispute, and resettled on land outside of Colorado City. For the past several decades, the two factions have lived side-by-side but pretty much avoided contact, according to a 2012 thesis by Southern Utah University graduate student Michael K. Ault, who spent extensive time interviewing families in the Centennial Park group.

Unlike the secretive FLDS, the Centennial Park group has chosen to interact with the outside world, appearing on TV programs and giving media interviews in an effort to improve polygamy’s unsavory reputation. A website maintained by an advocacy group in the community says that it is against the coercive practices—such as underage girls being forced to marry older men—that got FLDS leader Jeffs into trouble. Instead, Centennial Park says that its aim is “to achieve a political and social environment within which both polygamous and non-polygamous cultures may comfortably fit into an integrated society.”

You can read the complete article here:

About Centennial Park

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Off Topic Wednesday 04/24/13: Browns go on Nevada Public Radio But Still No Answer When the 2013 New Season Starts

Kody Brown and his Sister Wives....the gifts that keep on giving.

Kody Brown with Robyn, Meri, Janelle (Christine apparently was in New York - see her recent tweets on twitter) were interviewed recently on Nevada Public Radio. The usual things were discussed, including Warren Jeffs (Kody even invoked the name of Jim Jones), Kody saying there was a vast difference between LDS and fundamental Mormonism, Janelle contradicting Kody by saying LDS and fundamental Mormonism follow the same doctrines except for polygamy and somehow forgetting to mention she was married to Meri's brother, Robyn constantly interrupting...business as usual for  Kody and his Kodypendents sans Christine.

A quotable quote from Kody: "I'm extremely analytical in my own mind."

Yes, he actually said that. And it was amazing how Mr Analytical answered the question about intimacy (interrupting Meri who was responding) when the interviewer clearly (at least to my ears) presented the question to the WIVES and not Mr. Analytical.

This is a must hear...even if you don't get any new information - but a lot of contradictions (business as usual for this crowd).


We finally have an answer to that question EVERYONE has been asking for SO LONG...well, sort of an answer...ANYWAY

Meri has FINALLY confirmed what RealityTea.com announced in January....

See Meri? It wasn't so hard, now was it? I wonder if someone brought it to their attention that TLC already announced to an online mag that Sister Wives had been renewed and that the Browns (in particular Meri and Robyn)  ridiculous stance that they couldn't say anything about their own show until TLC said it first was just dumb dumb dumb?

Here's the January article from realitytea.com:

Sister Wives Has Been Renewed For Season 4!

Some other related articles from around the Internet:

Happy Anniversary To The First Of 4 Wives

Government takes action against FLDS company over child labor violations

Legalize polygamy? Yes! Really! (Commentary)

The Never Ending Trial of Jodi Arias...

May be slowly coming to the end after 5 prosecution witnesses on the stand yesterday. But wait, apparently the defense is now arguing something in Judge's chambers right now (Wednesday 4/24).

Anyway, was it necessary for Nurmi to grill Travis Alexander's ex-girlfriend about her sexual relationship with Travis? Particularly those questions...Did Travis call you a slut? was one of them. Grady, a 72 year old caller to HLN this morning put it into perspective when he said "Jodi was Travis dirty little secret. That's the way you talk to dirty little secrets" A bit harsh, but nevertheless the truth.

Arias prosecutor's lightning round of witnesses

Your Thoughts?

And If You're in the Vegas Area

Don't forget the Browns will be at UNLV 4/25/13.  The panel will also include Kristyn Decker (author of 50 Years of Polygamy: Big Secrets and Little White Lies) and Kollene who was featured on Sister Wives last season.

Read all about it here:

UNLV to Host Discussion on Polygamy with Brown Family of TLC's "Sister Wives"

Friday, April 19, 2013

Off Topic Friday 4/19/13 Does Anyone Know When the New Season 2013 Starts?

That's right. This is the place where you can discuss almost anything you want, as long as it is within SWB Guidelines.

Want to discuss the Jodi Arias trial? This is the place...

Want to share something you read? Or a video you watched?

Yep, this is the place...And nope, we have no idea when the new season will start!

Jodi Arias Trial Watch

Can we talk?

I have had it up to HERE with HLN's coverage. When I first started watching this trial, HLN would breakaway EVERY TWO MINUTES for a THREE MINUTE COMMERCIAL !! It doesn't take a Dr. DeMarte to figure out viewers were missing out on a lot of the trial.

So fast forward to the present. HLN has learned it's lesson...they no longer play up the LIVE coverage of the trial - it is now called CONTINUOUS coverage, meaning they pause the tape during the commercials and then press "play" when they return from the commercials. The thing is, they still have those damn commercials every 2 minutes!

The coverage now continues about 2 hours after the court goes into recess for the day. I suppose I shouldn't complain, but I would rather watch this trial sitting on my couch rather than online. Just more comfortable, know what I mean?

And those commercials...if I see one more commercial for reverse mortgages, mesothelioma, Barret's syndrome, Penn Jillette selling eyeglasses, a hands free cell phone mount for cars, Autotrader.com, etc etc etc,  I will scream!!

There, I feel much better now. Anyway, Out of the three expert witnesses, Dr DeMarte seems to be the best so far, however, I think the defense was still able to gain some points on cross. But the highlight of today was watching defense attorney Nuormi actually LAUGH during Martinez' re-direct when Dr DeMarte explained she would never give a client candy or a gift because that could "make me biased !" Take THAT, Wilmott !!

And what was the deal with Arias scribbling (or drawing) so furiously on Wednesday that the Judge had to cancel court because Arias developed a migraine? I did notice today her scribbling was almost non existent. I'm thinking her defense attorneys must have told her to PAY ATTENTION, YOU ARE ON TRIAL FOR YOUR LIFE, BIMBETTE!!

What's Happening With Those Krazzeeee Browns?

Lots of birthdays happening this past week....

And besides celebrating Breanna's and Aurora's birthdays, Mommie Dearest made sure fans knew more products were in store for MSWC...Now, if only she would answer when the show is coming back on...

Surprise Surprise!! I didn't expect Robyn to wish dear sisterwife Christine a Happy one, that was really quite nice of her. (Checking weather report for Hell because I think it just froze over)
But guess who didn't express birthday wishes to Christine? Strangely enough, it was that love-couple supreme (not to mention legal), Kody and Meri !! Maybe they did it privately or something...

It's almost as if the honeymoon (sorry Robyn I couldn't resist) is over between Meri and Robyn. Remember, Meri did say that Robyn was the sisterwife she always wanted, but instead of birthday wishes Meri tweets her wedding picture and what I suppose was her bouquet the day after her bonus child's birthday.  Talk about passive-aggressive, YIKES!!

This is how sweet Meri deals with a fan asking why they refuse to say when the new season begins...

Good to know Meri is now sprinting...hey didn't Janelle mention she was jogging now?

And she really should  quit the forgiveness crap...we get it, someone is in the doghouse so please cut to the chase and just tell us WHO IT IS!!
Of course, Kody stays true to his love of wrestling...even if it's Hunter he's tangling with...must have been Janelle's night. I know it's not Meri's McMansion because I see those hated sliding doors.

Janelle's birthday wish to Christine was short and sweet...but I knew she would wish her bestie a happy one...

And Christine, who rarely tweets, tweeted a birthday picture of lovely Truely !

Of course, Christine retweeted this tweet sent out by Maddie....

And how sweet for Maddie and Aspyn to wish her a happy one...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

TLC Sister Wives - Blogs Robyn Brown: Open Letter to a Monogamous Beautician

Funny, just a couple of days ago, Mister Sister asked me what I thought about Janelle's blog...I pooh-poohed her, saying that it was the ONE thing the Browns did right - by only having Janelle with a blog writing about topics that most women could relate to and understand.

Then it happened. TLC posted a blog from of all people Robyn, who is clueless, CLUELESS on what concerns women may have in their daily life. In fact, just to show how self-centered she still is (after almost 3 years of marriage) her first blog entry focused on Robyn and how a beautician mistreated her.

Remember Robyn's rant about Hunter not so long ago? Well, now she has turned her wrath on an unknown beautician. I imagine Christine and the older Brown children are breathing a sigh of relief that Robyn has set her sights on someone OUTSIDE of the family cul-de-sac this time.

I find her story to be unbelievable. This is how she described what happened:

"I had this experience with a beautician that really threw me off and set me back. I sat down in her chair to get my hair done and immediately I could tell she was bothered. Her face was hard and after a few moments of awkward small talk she looked me straight in the eye and said, 'You must be crazy and stupid to ever think being married to a man with more than one wife was a smart choice.' "

Trust me, if I thought a beautician was that upset about my sitting in her chair, I would get my fat behind up off that chair and ask for another stylist. Or complain to the manager. Or look at my watch and say "Oops, I've got to go. Thanks, I'll leave your tip with the cashier."  I would not just sit there and allow a woman with a scowl on her face (and a pair of deadly weapon scissors in her hand) anywhere near the juggler veins in my throat, let alone the hairs on my head.

Nope, that was pure fantasy on Ms Sullivan's part.

In a way, her Letter to a Monogamous Beautician was so indicative of what makes Robyn tick.

When Robyn says "Please allow me to enlighten you" she's actually saying How DARE you talk to me that way. I am better than you, and don't you ever, EVER forget it !

And can Robyn be so simpleminded to think that her 'belief system', which apparently allows single women to fantasize about married men as potential husbands, would sit well with the married women in the world?  No wonder her 'belief system' doesn't actively proselytize. What married woman would want to join a 'belief system' where every "belief system' get together becomes a supermarket where single women can shop for a husband. Based, of course, on that man's track record with his current wife (or wives), his ability to parent, and surprise surprise, his wealth. Wealth that the original wife worked hard to obtain and now some single female wants to share. Let's be real, forget about how the man treats his wives or his ability to parent, it boils down to this: Easy money, and with Kody Brown, 15 minutes of fame on the side.

So this is how I picture Robyn meeting Kody that first time. While Robyn was husband shopping, a check out girl announced "Clean up on aisle 3", Robyn hurried over and saw Kody standing there with camera crew in tow. Robyn may not be the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but she's not a total idiot. The rest is history.

When Robyn says "I KNEW my husband was going to be a good husband and father before I even started to consider marrying him..." I laughed out loud. Robyn honey, like you said in that book you co-wrote, you saw the convertibles, you were offered a free wedding and honeymoon. Woman, you saw DOLLAR SIGNS and a TV SHOW - that's what motivated you to get married again. Short of Kody falling off of Mount Everest, this was a done deal. And to support this, you even said of your first marriage you were married to the son of a very prominent plyg family. Well, now you are married to a plyg man on a reality show on national TV. So please, spare me the "I am lucky and blessed" simplistic view of your 'belief system'. You married up, and most likely you will be onto your next plyg hubby once the Sister Wives train pulls into the depot for the last time and the McMansions go on the auction block.

Just so no one will forget just how Robyn operates, let's take a walk down memory lane...

A crying, non glamorous Robyn with flat stringy hair from Season One.

On the right is a picture of Kody kissing his girlfriend (Kody's words) ..while Christine is in the hospital about to give birth to Truely.

On the left, Truely's crib located in Christine's bedroom in the Lehi house. While Kody was away courting Robyn, Meri and Janelle helped a very pregnant Christine rearrange her bedroom furniture so the crib would fit.

On the right is Sol's crib located in Robyn's Las Vegas rental. Sol had his own bedroom. According to Robyn, her first husband (from a prominent plyg family) did not  provide any of her 3 children with a crib. At least that's what she told Kody...

Here's Robyn voicing her displeasure that Hunter did not show her the respect she felt she was due after Sol was born.

To summarize her words towards Hunter at the time: You can no longer deny I'm your father's wife now because I just gave birth to his baby. Deal with it.

I bet there's an open letter to Hunter hidden in her bedroom

For some reason, Robyn felt it necessary to bring in outside help.

It was announced on the show last season that Taralyce would be living with her sister Robyn. On camera, Taralyce was featured in the Plygcation episode. Off camera, she accompanied Robyn on various trips, including the Nauvoo trip.

So much for relying on sisterwives for help.

And let's not forget the wonderful comment she left on her MSWC Facebook page that admonished readers to remember before complaining about being billed for merchandise they haven't received, or misspelled words or errors in grammar, that she's got a screaming baby hanging onto her legs (or something like that).

Like I said, looks like those amazing sisterwives aren't all they are cracked up to be, in the real world.

You can read the entire article here:
Robyn Brown: Open Letter to a Monogamous Beautician

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sister Wife Get the Hell out it's my night...

Here's a couple of Videos that are a little different!

This tune is catchy!

This is a video from Funny or Die....

Project Reality: Sister Sister Wives (Pilot #1) - watch more funny videos

Twisted Sister took me up on my dare to make a Fashion Police Video... Isn't her picture of the set great!!!! Thanks Twisted Sister! Here you go! Enjoy!

BE SURE and drop by Twisted Sister Cafe Press and order you goodie today! Hurry before it closes! 

          Open Discussion Area!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cosmo Philosophy The Principle Flaw of Liberalism

The Prime Minister of Great Britain has announced that forced marriage is now illegal in England and Wales. This is a thoughtful move on the part of the British government, which is currently way ahead of the US when it comes to implementation of sound human rights policy. But let's all remember that polygamy is inherently "forced." It is coerced through the force of fundamentalism whether that be of the Mormon or Muslim variety or any other systemic imperative. There is a flaw in the liberal philosophical tradition in that it is so focused on tolerance that it sometimes places tolerance above human rights in priority. This view has been widely criticized, especially in the last 20 years, although news of this kind of debate rarely makes the popular news circles. But that's what I'm here for.

The liberal tradition that arose in the 1960's in professional philosophy held that tolerance of the practices inside another culture is paramount and if a group chooses to engage is a practice we don't care for, we shouldn't interfere. But notice the flaw in the word "group." If that's how we're going to approach the problem then it follows that "group" rights hold priority over "individual" rights, and that spells big trouble. Today's thinking has taken an approach called Cosmopolitanism (which is where I get my nick-name). Cosmopolitanism holds that human rights are, in principle, for every human being on earth without exception. National boundaries are not moral boundaries. We don't cross over the border and then change our moral values. Nevermind that Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility exists, cosmopolitans are furious about that problem because it shows than in practice, our government has one attitude about human rights within our national boundaries and another when abroad. Our values can't justify this. Cosmopolitanism is, in this sense, a universal moral principle, in contrast to the view that group "rights" are what we must observe in priority, which was prominent in the latter part of the 20th Century. Many people still practice this view that group tolerance is paramount, and thus we hear people proclaiming that we must allow groups like the FLDS to practice polygamy.

The values we proclaim in  the Constitution are the values to which we should be adhering when we come into contact with people of other cultures. The lines on the map that divide nations from one another are not  there to designate areas where our moral values should change.. That is called Moral Relativism and it's not justifiable under cosmopolitan principles. Cosmopolitanism is a philosophy of Moral Universalism. But  this is not to say that everyone must follow a universal religion. Cosmopolitanism is neutral toward religiously-based morality up to the point where someone tries to use their right to freedom of religion to harm the rights of anyone else.

Part of the Cosmopolitan tradition is in making a distinction that is much more flexible than the traditional dichotomy between moral relativism and moral universalism. Someone who argues for moral relativism might wrongfully claim that moral universalism amounts to forcing one's values on someone else. In their critique of 1960's liberalism, cosmopolitans have been very sensitive to this concern and have proposed a very neat solution. Cosmopolitan values are based upon the equally-shared priorities of justice and human rights. These are public universal values that we will not deny to any human being, regardless of the place on earth where they happen to live. Political regimes that violate individual human rights must not be tolerated. The individual is the priority when it comes to justice, and it must be the same for everyone. But most people will also have an additional supplement of moral values that come from their personal, private beliefs. This is where religion comes in. It is there for our private moral value whereas justice and human rights are public moral values that we cannot deny to anyone, regardless of their individual situated-ness. 

Let us be fully aware of these thought traditions. The tolerance-as-priority world-view is obsolete. It sidetracks us from the real priority we've had all along, which is individual rights. So don't let anyone fool you into thinking that tolerance of group rights has priority over ensuring individual rights. When group rights are the priority, it allows tyranny of the majority, or a mob-rules kind of anarchy. When that happens, society's least powerful individuals suffer and they always have to forfeit their rights to the more powerful members of a population.

Lastly, I'll sum it up by suggesting that we adapt a common policy that morality goes beyond national boundaries, and moral offenses decidedly cannot do the same. "Tolerance" can never take priority over individual human rights. Moral relativism in the public sphere leads to group rights. Moral universalism in that sphere prioritizes individual rights. Religion is relative. Our moral values should never be.

Unrelated but in the news. If you would like to check out 

If Supreme Court Lets States Define Marriage, Could Legalized Polygamy Make A Comeback?

The Supreme Court may allow states to decide individually on the legality of same-sex marriage. So if Washington were to defer to the states in defining marriage, could legalized polygamy make a comeback? Robert Siegel talks to Jonathan Turley, law professor at The George Washington University and lead counsel for the Brown family, featured on the TLC show Sister Wives.

You may hear or read the transcript here:

 If Supreme Court Lets States Define Marriage, Could Legalized Polygamy Make A Comeback?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Off Topic Friday 04/05/13

That's right. This is the place where you can discuss almost anything you want, as long as it is within SWB Guidelines.

Want to discuss the Jodi Arias trial? This is the place...

Want to share something you read? Or a video you watched?

Yep, this is the place...

It is now day 9,454 in the Arias Death Penalty trial...well okay, maybe not day 9,454 but it sure feels like it!

Within the last 7 days, we've had a new expert witness, a motion for mistrial and the demise of a juror. Oh yes, and Jodi Arias and the new expert witness have both called in 'sick'.

Here's some links if you're interested in getting caught up...

Arias Trial Stories

What about those krazee Browns...

Meri getting all philosophical about forgiveness...

For not being fan friendly, perhaps?

And I hope the eyes in those devilled eggs aren't whole cloves!!

Janelle seems to be loving life. Dyeing eggs naturally for Easter...

A gift from Robyn...

And just enjoying life in the cuddlesac...

Hey, did she just say she's prepping for a 5K??? Go Janelle!

And this just in...

Huffingtonpost.com is reporting that...hold on to your post Easter chapeaus...that only three ladies from last season's RHoNY are returning - and they are not a Countess, a Morgan nor a lady with a prosthetic leg. Read the entire article here:

'Real Housewives Of New York' Cast: Carole Radziwill, Ramona Singer, Heather Thomson Returning

If this is true, looks like a Princess pulled royal rank over a pretentious Countess! I'm shocked I tell you, SHOCKED!

So what would YOU like to discuss?

Ex-FLDS Security: Public Cameras Used to Spy on Polygamous Towns

Now this is Stalking......

By Ladd Egan
(KUTV) Attorneys for cities on the Utah/Arizona border disagree with assertions from former security workers that city-owned cameras are used by Warren Jeffs’ polygamous sect to keep tabs on members and outsiders.

The twin cities of Colorado City, Ariz., and Hildale, Utah are headquarters for the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

“We knew the city was helping us with those cameras,” said Guy Timpson, who says he was part of an elite security team under the direction of FLDS leaders.

Cameras mounted on public buildings, private businesses and homes are all connected on a fiber optics network and available to the FLDS church, according to Timpson.

“We literally could look right into their windows,” Timpson said of certain homes they were instructed to watch using the cameras. “Those lenses are powerful, they zoom far; you can pull license plates half a mile away.” Please read the rest of this story courtesy of KUTV.com  http://www.kutv.com/news/top-stories/stories/vid_4342.shtml

Is this not creepy or what? I can't even imagine it. What are they so afraid of the flock doing? My gosh, do they have any rights at this point? 

How would you feel if your town was controlled like this?

** Also, a small article 

Warren Jeffs still leads sect from prison


Monday, April 1, 2013

Thou Shalt Not Stalk or Even Nice Mormon Girls Can Take a Walk on the Wild Side

"For better or worse, we are a culture obsessed with celebrity and celebrity lifestyle. We want to know where they shop, what they buy, at which watering holes they drink and with whom they're doing the dirty. We also want to know where and how they live."

A couple of days ago, while surfing the internet for pictures, I came across this most amusing blog.

Now, I know there are thousands of people who are...a little too enthusiastic about Kody Brown and his Ko-dypendents.

Just imagine my surprise when I came across this blog which documented how a nice, Mormon girl  stalked the Browns. Mind you, she described herself as a stalker. Anyway, her name is ***** (I changed her name to protect the self proclaimed stalker), and she's even featured on the LDS.org website. You know, one of those "Hi, my name is ***** and I'm a Mormon" testimonies.  I wonder what they would say about her sojourn in Vegas? Maybe she should add the line "I stalk fundamentalist Mormons who have a reality show on TV, but I'm neither for nor against polygamy". Well, it's a thought, isn't it?


This is ***** posing with a friend in front of the cuddlesac gate.

Now, we all know that going past that gate uninvited could be construed as trespassing, but ***** seems like a nice girl.

She'll just stick her arm through the gate and snap her pictures, right?

OH NO ! ***** don't do it! Don't squeeze through the gap between the gates (most likely caused by other stalkers... I mean...other nice Mormon girls out for some spring break fun)!

But she does. Her curiosity is too strong, she can't resist the urge. Maybe it was the call of the MLM green koolaid? Or the overpriced silver jewelry? Perhaps she thought she could be a stowaway to Disneyland in the back of one of the vans.

If only she had blond hair she could masquerade as a Brown daughter...

But back to the pictures. I hope that's a production person taking pictures and not another stalkerazi.

That would be kind of ironic - Kody spends almost 2 million dollars to keep people out, and they can STILL get in through the gate.  Four McMansions, four separate kitchens and four...FOUR wives behind a wonky gate that can't keep out the riff-raff. Take THAT Papa Joe!

Anyway, Robyn's house is on the far left, and that's the edge of Meri's house on the far right.

Unfortunately, that DEAD TREE is blocking the yard between their houses, but it looks like they are sharing the space behind the fence.

Seeing the cuddlesac knowing that behind those stately walls are Kody, Meri, Robyn, Janelle and Christine.... it's kind of a thrill, ya know? Hmmm....maybe for *****.

But those are some big-ass houses for people without real jobs.

It's kind of hard to see, but in Robyn's driveway is her van and Kody's MLMobile and in front of Janelle's McManse is Logan's white chick magnet car - formerly Kody's Lexus.

I  wish there were pictures of the front of Christine's McMansion, with the stone front.

And we have yet to see the front of Janelle's cement pad-less McManse.

Here's a closer view of Meri's McMansion. Her maroon SUV is parked in the driveway.

You can barely see Janelle's van to the right.

They definitely have desert landscaping, but is that a tumbleweed and another dead tree in the foreground? That would be Christine's front yard.

Finally, in true stalker style, ***** shows  PROOF of who she just stalked. As if someone would actually doubt she was there or who lived there.

Has she never watched Sister Wives? How many times did the Browns travel to that very same cuddlesac on the show  last season?

For some reason, the fact that she documented going through the call list taking pictures of each Brown name is kind of a creepy stalkerazi, if you know what I mean.

But I suppose it's comforting to know the Browns have the same call box that I have...(LOL!!)

So *****, here's a big thank you for the pictures I found via the {internet}.

By the way, she mentioned on her blog that  it was a picture she found on the {internet} that gave her the clues to find the cuddlesac. And she posted that picture front and center on her blog. Mind you, she never mentioned SWB, or that the picture CAME from SWB (courtesy of a Vegas SWB fan and taken far from the cuddlesac on the rodeway).  How's THAT for saying thanks?

Hey *****! It was our pleasure! *

*5/18/13 Seems ***** saw this posting and has posted her response. You can check out her sanctimonious reply  HERE 

Oh, one more thing,  *****.  Since some nice girls can have a sense of humor (sort of) you may want to take a look at the date this posting originally was made. Yes, *****, it was April 1, otherwise known as April Fool's Day. I really don't think you were misrepresented by my little "joke", but we truly enjoyed your stalkerazi-like photos. The thumbs up were...inspired!

And before I forget, attention everybody! The photos were courtesy of ***** (aka Mindy) from Best.Day.Ever. It sucks when people don't properly give credit, doesn't it?

Can we still be friends?.....Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?