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Saturday, September 24, 2011

"The X Factor" Fishnet Shirt-Wearing Contestant Shopping Polyamorist TV Show

FROM TMZ - This is funny!

Siameze Floyd -- who exploded on the "X Factor" stage this week in a fishnet t-shirt -- has two huge secrets he didn't share on the show ... 1) he was raised in a polyamorist family, 2) he and his FIVE parents are putting together a reality show.

If you were lucky enough to catch Siameze's "X Factor" audition Wednesday night (below), it's probably not surprising ... but the promo for his family's new show -- tentatively titled "The Fabulous Floyds" -- is hilarious.


  1. Yeah Baby. I LOVED this guy. First of all, I love his hair, and his body was outrageous. Kody, this is what you need to do with your hair! And get into shape!

    Was Paula eyeing that guy or what.

    I want me some Siameze and I want it NOW! And hands off my man, Paula. He is MINE!

  2. And they say polyamory- Make no bones about all sleeping together. That would make a great show!!!

  3. mmmmm I hadn't seen any of this before. yum! That would be a great show!

  4. I've seen his mom before, somewhere. Gosh, so much since I've been here, can't wait to dig in!

  5. Lord have mercy, I think he's cute, and his parents show would be a hoot!

  6. Why are his pants so dang high? Trying to be sexy in grandma jeans? please!