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Friday, September 23, 2011

Sister Wives: Season 3, episode 1 Preview

Blonde, tousle-haired Kody Brown, 43, is the husband of four wives and the father of 16 children and, as the second half of Season Two opens, viewers learn that another child is on the way. The offspring of Kody, an advertising salesman, and his most recently acquired wife Robyn, 32, will be the first “Nevada baby” for the Brown clan. “A baby is a physical manifestation that there is an intimate relationship between a husband and his wife… one of his wives,” states Robyn, quickly correcting herself.
The Browns left Utah where Sister Wives was first filmed to escape possible prosecution by Utah authorities who investigated them for violating state bigamy laws. Kody’s only legal marriage is to first wife Meri, 40, and the other three are described as “spiritual wives”. But in Utah, it is a felony “to marry or cohabitate with more than one person”. The last time Utah prosecuted a polygamist for bigamy was in 2003.
But Las Vegas may not be all that the Browns had hoped. Despite the exciting new baby news, the premiere show, entitled “The Kids Aren’t Happy, reveals the family’s concerns with leaving Utah. The teenaged Browns don’t seem to be socializing adequately so Kody and the wives meet with a Presbyterian minister about including the kids in his church’s youth group activities.
Wife Christine, 39, begins to unravel in the meeting because the Presbyterian Church “is not our church”. She’s concerned that the children will be judged by the Presbyterians, who won’t be able to embrace “the weirdness of our lifestyles” - as another wife describes it.
The religion of the Browns is a murky area. Even though some in the clan believe that it would be better for the children to reconnect with the LDS church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) in Nevada, they also voice concerns about being discriminated against - as they were by the Mormons in Utah. It seems conclusive though that when Kody talks about “our faith”, he’s referring to polygamy.
In the new Las Vegas setting, each wife and her children has her own house and two have swimming pools. Throughout the episode we get to watch the families cooking, eating, doing home construction, and playing together. And of course, holding church services in one of the houses. One teen girl vehemently objects to this, telling Kody that worship is “sacred and personal and God would not want us to film it”. Go tell that to the TLC producers, honey.
One of the problems with Sister Wives is that once you get over the plural marriages, it’s pretty boring. All of the wives seem to get along and Kody, himself, is something of a pussy cat. One does wonder who’s footing the bill for four separate residences but, hey, this is American television.
So, it’s no wonder that the focus in this premiere has shifted to the children of the terrible teen years. By the episode’s end the families have organized a pool party for the teens and some invited friends. Kody wants to make sure that the youngsters are hanging out with people who understand the Browns’ “conservative” values.



  1. Could she get any more sickening? No wonder the high schoolers don't like her. UGH!
    You've stooped to a new low, Robun, in my book.
    PLEASE someone else get pregnant!

  2. For some reason, that old song...."Son of a Preacher Man" came into my head.

  3. I wonder if Kody still messes with the ones that aren't getting pregnant anymore. You know, as an excuse not to... Religion.

  4. Boy, he looks like the devil in many of the pictures. Do you think he is?

    Robyn, she's always gotta come up with something, hurtful, to the others.

  5. Wife Christine, 39, begins to unravel in the meeting because the Presbyterian Church “is not our church”. She’s concerned that the children will be judged by the Presbyterians, who won’t be able to embrace “the weirdness of our lifestyles” - as another wife describes it.

    So, does that mean Christine thinks her church wouldn't be nice to "other" children? Not everyone thinks like they do. all this religion, just to have your dtr "not marry" someone by 21 and be pregnant. bam.

  6. What this is turning into for me - Have you ever seen the movie where Jim Carrey doesn't know his life is a movie?

    They are picking things to do in order to make production - they are not going about their daily lives. Kody preaching in a suit jacket? Really?
    A party with non FM? Visiting old LDS friends?
    Hmm.... they don't want to talk religion, yet the do subliminally.

  7. speaking of highlighting great Robyn quotes: "OK, everyone make a Y for Wyoming!" that one never gets old... ❤

  8. Polig-Fig - i love The Truman Show! i own it and still watch it once every year or two. and i'm not even a Jim Carrey fan.

  9. I DO NOT mean this in a mean way, but in a sincere way. Janelle is getting huge. Super huge. I am concerned she will never get that off. It's like she's doubled in size. What do you all think.

  10. anon - i agree. and i see it in Meri and Christine are getting noticeably bigger, too. and the teen girls.

    with the women, i wonder if it's anti-depressants. at least for Meri and Janelle. and maybe just stress eating for comfort for Christine. and maybe the teen girls since they like Christine so much, maybe they're over at her place snacking with her all the time.

    i don't know. no judgment. just observation. but i do think they probably can't be very healthy to be that heavy at such a young ages.

  11. She's got that pose down. Hand here and here. Showing fake fingernails.

    Yes,the other ladies all look Les miserables

  12. has anyone else ever noticed that Robyn ALWAYS had had the fake fingernails on when none of the other 3 ever have? i mean i know this time Christina apparently got hers done but that's a first that i know of.

    that always struck me as odd when they were always talking about how frugal they had to be to make the $$ stretch each month for food and second-hand clothes, that she still had those fingernails going on. and wondered if that was a source of contention w/the others when money's tight - especially with Janelle. Robyn probably told them some sobby teary-eyed story of how she NEEDED those nails all the time cause blah, blah, blah... sniff, sniff, whine, whine.

  13. "The offspring of Kody, an advertising salesman"
    LOOK, why they say Kody has a JOB

  14. sniff sniff whine whine, hahahahahhaah cc

    Here's some that got me:
    One does wonder who’s footing the bill for four separate residences but, hey, this is American television.

    And of course, holding church services in one of the houses. One teen girl vehemently objects to this, telling Kody that worship is “sacred and personal and God would not want us to film it”
    Isn't that sad, Now, Gene Simmons would of told the producers to CUT, I saw him do that one one episode where his dtr got upset. She came first.
    Obviously not here.

  15. Robyn is a brood mare. Nay ! Nay !

  16. Hey, I'll put them together...

    Sniff Sniff, Whine Whine, Nay! Nay!

    CC and Nay!'s put together

  17. I noticed the nails. And, I think she was so poor she was living with her mom beofre they married. I'd bet money that was a rental from TLC they moved out of.

    “A baby is a physical manifestation that there is an intimate relationship between a husband and his wife… one of his wives,” states Robyn,


  18. Mimi - yes, i can believe she said that. i always look forward to Deep Thoughts by Robyn Brown. (thanks Jack Handy.)

  19. I am extremely disappointed and discouraged by the original three wives. The three original wives have gained a lot of weight. And I think that we are allowed to view this negatively. It costs them more money (new clothes, additional meals or food), it hinders their ability to get or keep a job (like selling real estate which requires that you walk around a lot and, as any salesperson knows, you are really selling yourself, not the product), it sets a bad example for the children (as we see the girls are also gaining weight), and most importantly, you add yet another negative to the the plural lifestyle, a lifestyle they are trying to legitimize and sell to the public. Janelle's eyes look weird because she has large bags under them which look to me to be the result of lots of crying jags or an allergic reaction to cosmetics, or both. In addition, her hair looks much thinner which I think could be a result of over-bleaching or maybe she is pulling it out? These people have to understand that they choose to put themselves under a spotlight and show the benefits of living a plural lifestyle, and so we as the audience expect them to show a lot of positive aspects. Yet I don't see how the plural lifestyle actually helps them to better themselves. They talk about how having multiple wives can provide free time so they can pursue other activities outside child-rearing. Yet, all their blogs and tweets only talk about food and children. Over the summer, they have done nothing that would benefit our society. They have not obtained their real estate licenses. They haven't started a business or obtained any jobs. They haven't saved any money that we know of, instead spending Janelle's retirement. They haven't dieted or exercised. As far as we know, Meri has not furthered her education, which should be easier now that she has a whole house to herself. With two pools, it would be easy to do a lot of exercise without stressing the joints or over-heating in the hot Las Vegas summer. But do they do it? NO. And I suppose that they are NOT going to talk about the problems they have with weight, just like they won't talk about their religion, their finances, or the emotional problems associated with sharing your husband. Instead, they lie to us while their appearance tells us a different story. They are trying to fill a void with food or just to comfort themselves with food, or they spend all their time crying, or they try to cover themselves with what appears to be more makeup them their complexions can tolerate. (That might explain some of the skin blotches and swelling we have seen on Meri.) They are sabotaging themselves by gaining a lot of weight and they refuse to acknowledge it. I hate to say it, but I am actually seeing less fault with Robyn. If I were a man (which I am not) I would not be attracted to the other three any more because of their rapid weight gain. It is one thing to gain an additional 10 pounds every year so that after 5 years of marriage you weigh 50 more pounds than on your wedding day, but quite another to gain 50 pounds in eight or nine months. Kody must spend most of his time watching them eat or listening to them whine. I would not blame him if he found Robyn to be the only one with sexual appeal. And I agree with another poster on TWOP who said that she did not feel sorry for these women because they could leave this lifestyle very easily. Of course, if they left, they would have to lose weight and get a job, but this is easier, isn't it? Have a controversial lifestyle and then film a few false segments and voila! you have an income coming in.

  20. excellent post Anon! i agree with you on most observations except for the "they could leave this lifestyle very easily."

    for reasons i won't go into, i totally understand that they are indoctrinated into a religious belief/lifestyle. it is their duty to sacrifice in order to attain the highest glory in the next life. the women cannot get there without the man. PERIOD. it is an extremely Patriarchal belief system. i understand that unless you have experienced this strong indoctrination (call it brainwashing if you will) it is hard to fully get that part. and sadly, that is a HUGE part of it.

    while i am guilty here of looking at the light and funny side of it all, i do understand that there's definite pain in their psyches that they're really not allowed to express and i find that tragic and sad. they're only one ladder rung up from the bottom rung of the FLDS but don't realize it. you don't even know/realize you're in a cult til you're out of one.

  21. Well, if these women are indoctrinated, it is certainly not something that we see in the TV show. Another false thing about the show.

    I am also disturbed by their choice to take their children to a Presybeterian church. Youth activities at churches are supposed to be reserved for the children of parents who support the church with their attendance, prayer, and TITHES. Of course, none of these parents will do any of that. The only "church" they support with donations is AUB. They believe many things that are contrary to Chrisitianity. So even though they are so indoctrinated in their religion that they can't see their way out, they are willing to use a Christian church to help teach their children true moral values that they don't themselves practice or support???? Are they just wanting to use that church to baby-sit the children?

  22. Anon - it's not a matter of IF they are indoctrinated... and i have no idea why their religion is not showcased. i've only read in some places that Browns don't want it to be. but who knows for sure why.

    and i'm not in agreement with their lifestyle/beliefs, i just fully understand it.

    i thought i heard Janelle say on the pool party video that they'd decided NOT to attend the Presbyterian church for their kids socialization opportunity.

  23. So many great observations from so many Annony's!

    Does that not show that even with all the money, homes, etc., that the original recipe girls are miserable and unhappy beyond helping themselves?

  24. You guys have the AUDACITY to call out Robyn as a horse?
    Then I will give my baby names here. (JK)

    Colten Colt OR
    Findley Foal

    Oh, and my, I thought Kody made my day, but seriously, WHO takes themselves a little to seriously.
    I can see her smacking gum, swirling that hair she's always wiping out of her face going yeah, we FUCKED- see, now we have a BABY b/c WE SCREWED. LADIES, JIC you forgot, your husband, he LOVE ME ME ME ME!!! Just riding on the horsey of love over here....
    Because I was modest and wore modest clothes and didn't date until I married, um, wow, now I am unmarried to a man and preggers! I am a SAINT and a roll model to all teens!
    What a ding dong. go back to the trailer park. or learn how to be a christian.

  25. Kody and Robyn, a match made in narscisstic dreams.

  26. Janelle... I have a great idea for u to make money. I have had he same dilemma. Raised traditional Mormon... My value I put.in my career not necessarily motherhood. I am not sure u will get this personally but I have had a vision how to help your tremendous family. I pray.. Traditional mormon. I am the black sheep.. single mom... But for some reason god has given me some dreams/ visions/ some insight how to help your family. Contact me if u wish.... Kpntabs@gmail.com.

  27. I feel so badly for Janelle in this picture. Why didn't they fluff her shirt so her tummy wasn't hanging? I can't imagine how hard it would be to get that much weight off, but I sure hope she does it, I want to see her lean, mean and beautiful!

  28. My gosh. Why are so many of you so concerned about their weight? Janelle has always been on the heavy side since the start of the show. Christine and Meri don't look like they've gained weight to me.
    Stop judging them.
    All of the women seem quite nice to me, except I do have to say Robin rubs me the wrong way. And that doesn't have anything to do with her fingernails...it's just that I feel she could be a little more mature.

  29. You say don't judge...and then you judge Robyn, priceless!

  30. If I were one of the 3 original wives I would have split when Robyn entered the picture. She's as phony as they come. You can tell that Janelle despises her. Meri has started dressing like her though layering long sleeve shirts under tanks. I have no problem with polygamy, but I do wish these women would get JOBS!

  31. I think this is a very odd lifestyle. And I had trouble swallowing Kody's pseudo-concern about the teen's dating. He is banging four women and has children with all of them. He is like the pot calling the kettle black. I am not a fan of any of the wives or Kody. I don't understand how he can pray and worship and liken himself to Old Testament entities. I think he is using it as an excuse to keep banging these ladies. It seems really bizarre and his prays and references to Jesus smack me in the face as blasphemy. I guess I'm too old-school methodist to swallow a lot of that. But, I respect their freedom of worship. I just don't understand it and wouldn't condone it for myself or immediate family. I don't understand how four women would voluntarily share one man. It seems gross to me. He is trading off each night. I mean what is really going on there? I just don't understand their viewpoints, but I can't help watching the show because it's like a train wreck, or like 9-11 footage. It's so bizarre and incomprehensible that I can't help but keep watching it. I am not likening the tragedy and horror of 9-11 to this silly show. What I am trying to say, is that no matter how disturbing it is to me, I can't seem to help myself from watching it because I think that if I continue to watch it, somehow I might understand it eventually. I think this is probably a vain hope. But, koodos to TLC for latching onto another train wreck show that seems to be popular.

  32. Annony,
    What is Blasphemy too is their beliefs - check out some of the articles to see what all they believe- about making a planet and such!

  33. I think the real issue with this family right now is reality TV and the 4th wife, Robyn. It seems to me like they were all happy and functional until both of these came along. It's obvious none of the wives were happy about Robyn. Why would they be? She brought along her 3 children from a previous marriage and doesn't work or pay bills. Now, she's pregnant which means more money out of Janelle's pocket. Being on reality TV has cost them their privacy and home. They are now all separated and living in different houses with more bills. The kids are unhappy and they will eventually be broke. In my opinion, they should ditch the show and Robyn and go back home. They only reason the state of Utah is going after them is because they are openly flaunting their situation on national television.

  34. It's interesting that this show interests us but I've enjoyed watching it. I remind myself though that it's not real - as with any television show they need new episodes and viewing audiences aren't content to watch paint dry even in the homes of those with plural marriages.
    So they drum up new episodes one of which recently left me with a question - how much are they paid to do this show? They sent several of their teenagers out on a Friday night to have dinner, go ice skating and then have ice cream - an expensive outing for one child much less 4 or 5 or 6.
    Who can afford 17 children??

  35. I enjoy watching Sister Wives and will miss the show. I too wondered where the money is coming from and what will the family do without a show to support them. It would be interesting to see how many of the children follow the faith.

  36. Drita69...gene simmons is a producer of his own show. He has a say so....kody doesn't.

  37. I don't see why weight has to be a factor in any of this. Jaggy attack her weight and say she can't get a job or walk around because she's heavy? Has anyone looked around? Heavy people are everywhere and yet these ladies are being picked apart? It takes longer when you are heavy to lose weight. I know from personal experience, I weighed 350 pounds once, it took 3 years of very hard work to get down to 175. We don't see a lot of what goes on with the wives, we only see what the producers want us to see. She could be working out but if there are 16 kids in my family, working out would be extremely difficult. As far as the girls getting heavy? It has to be their choice to get fit. Parents can sometimes make the situation worse and lower their self esteem by telling them to workout and lose weight. Again, another thing I know from personal experience. They can say hey, we aren't healthy. Let's work on it, but again...we don't know what all goes on behind the scenes if the producers dont want us to know. So placing such harsh judgement on the wives for gaining weight, that's not fair and it's rude.