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Friday, August 5, 2011

FLORA JESSOP - Reaction to the guilty verdict


 I escaped from polygamy 15 years ago and now live in Phoenix,  Arizona with my husband and two children. I fought for my freedom, just as the children trapped today fight for their right to be free. After turning to DCFS for protection, I was sent back to the polygamy compound, into the cult I asked them to protect me from. I was severely punished for running away and spent the next three years in seclusion, held hostage by my uncle Fred Jessop, and kept from my siblings and even my mother.  In April, 2001, my fourteen year old little sister, Ruby, was married to her stepbrother, Haven Barlow. Ruby also had the courage to run away and sought her brothers help. After one week, she was returned to the polygamy compound and disappeared.
  When I contacted Utah authorities in DCFS and the Washington County Sheriff's Office for help to get my sister the protection she needed they agreed to help. They did not do so, however. After meeting with DCFS in St. George, where I was promised help for Ruby, I found they thwarted my efforts.  After thirty five days, they finally met with Ruby but once again failed to enforce the child protection laws they are mandated to support.  Ruby and I were both betrayed by the very system that is responsible for protecting children from sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, statutory rape, coercion, and forced marriage. These rights are guaranteed to all children but those living inside polygamy remain unprotected.
  I have vowed to stop this injustice and am now focusing on demanding that a federal prosecutor be named to intervene on behalf of these neglected children.
  Both Utah and Arizona have repeatedly and long term failed to protect children in polygamy from abuses of all kinds. Ruby is a hostage. No one has seen or heard from her for ? days. Please help us publicize this travesty of justice.  I am working with others to establish a foundation to help children escape polygamy  so they can secure the rights all other citizens enjoy in this democracy.  These children need help completing their educations, finding homes, jobs and adjusting to a world they know little about. 
(Source: http://helpthechildbrides.com/stories/florajessopautobio.htm)

She has been active since the early 2000s in anti-child abuse work particularly focusing on the plight of women and children in the FLDS. She founded an organization, "Help the Child Brides" (later dissolved) and later joined "Child Protection Project" with fellow activist Linda Walker. We Will be writing about Flora at a later date. This page doesn't do her justice, but we wanted you to have a glimpse of this wonderful lady who has spent her life helping others.


Every girls nightmare, every girls fear,
Why can't people understand
     when we shed these awful tears?
Crying has never been my way
     I try to hide the pain
but sometimes when I stop and think
     I feel it all again
The awful sickening feeling
     of his body next to mine
and the sound of clothing ripping
     all reality is gone.
I try to shut the sound out
     pretend it isn't true
but the feeling wouldn't go away
     and there was nothing I could do
The pain, the hurt, the fury
     that I've felt from that day on
Never ever seems to stop
     just keeps coming on
I wish I could forget about
     that awful summer night
but there was nothing I could do
     but run away in fright
My body was so hot and bloody
     the wounds were deep, so sore
Every muscle in my body
     felt like they'd been torn
I hate my body, hate my soul,
     my life, must it go on?
And to every girl in this world
     I hope they never feel
The pain, the hurt, the fury,
     that, to me, is very real.


  1. "Ruby and I were both betrayed by the very system that is responsible for protecting children from sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, statutory rape, coercion, and forced marriage."

    Sadly, this is not just a polygamists plight, whereas I am confident it is much more difficult when DCS is a polygamist! So many children suffer and get handed right back. The laws need to change, more caseworkers that aren't overloaded, more thought put into the entire system. I would love to hear more of Flora, I've seen her a few times on 20/20, etc., but at that point I wasn't drawn in like I am now.

  2. Flora knows - The Jeffs sect has nothing to do with religion. They are a bunch of people living by the rules of a troop of baboons. The top males grab all the females for themselves and chase off the young males. It's sickening. This is the way animals live, not humans.

  3. That poem, out of a little 14 yr old, that had been emotionally beaten down her whole life. She was a fighter, that girl. Love to hear more about her.

  4. We love you, Flora!

  5. Yes we Do! Suprise!

  6. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/08/05/earlyshow/main20088583.shtml

    Flora said Warren will likely continue lead from prison and it looks like his brother will be taking some reigns over, too.

  7. Then that's the government's fault, is it not? He doesn't deserve outside contact.

  8. Heartbreaking poem

  9. Flora, if you ever come here, we need you to write for us!

  10. Man, I'd love for her to write a post, I've seen her on TV before.

  11. ANONYMOUS..... he he
    Yes Flora we do love you.
    I for one still have no idea what I was thinking but we know that OUR AWESOME GOD knew when I took you home that day so very long ago. How I lived through it ....Beyond me but I did, again I am sure only by the grace of "GOD"! A word that was NOT to be used anywhere near you AT THE TIME. I am so glad you were able to eventually open up and realize that there is a "God" who does love you, His child and you are able to find love and comfort in Him. What a long and winding road and such an awesome loving woman you turned out to be.
    Love you and am listening for my phone to ring as soon as you get a minute to breath!
    {{{{HUGS}}}} T.S. (Anonymous) lol