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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Book Review/Spoilers - "Under the Banner of Heaven" Sister Wives

Under the Banner of Heaven: a Story of Violent faith by Jon Krakauer
Written by AmyInTX

The author of this book, Jon Krakauer is probably best known for his book Into the Wild which spent two years on the NYT bestseller list.  I had read that book and really enjoyed it and was very intrigued when I saw that he had written a book on polygamy. 
According to the Author’s notes, he began the book as part of a ‘desire to grasp the nature of religious belief’.  He grew up in Oregon among those of the LDS faith.  He further states that this is not the book that he intended to write but that he was pleased with the result.  The book is written in the tone of a journalist and is heavily indexed and referenced.  It is full of anecdotes which I think all of you will find familiar to your (growing) knowledge of polygamy and fundamentalist Mormonism. 
The main storyline of the book focuses on the murder of Brenda and Erica Lafferty on July 24, 1984.   At the time of her murder, Brenda was 24 years old and Erica, her daughter, was 15 months old.   Erica was stabbed to death in her crib by her uncle who then went downstairs and along with another uncle, beat and stabbed Brenda to death.   Not incidentally, July 24 is a big day in the Mormon faith, that of Pioneer Day which commemorates the day that Brigham Young and the first Mormons entered the Salt Lake Valley in 1847.
The book jumps around a lot, focusing on the history of the Mormon church, how different sects have broken off, beliefs of the faith, the doctrine of polygamy as well as other crimes committed by fundamentalist Mormons.  It doesn't have much of a story line, but is packed full of interesting stories from the Mormon and Fundamentalist Mormon histories and faiths.  Instead of following the flow of the book, I will give you some of the high points and will conclude by providing more details on the murders of Brenda and Erica.
First though, I would like to point out some recurring themes from the book that will no doubt be familiar to those who have taken a deeper look into the faith.   The Mormon faithful, not unlike members of other faiths, believe that they are a special people, set apart by God.  They also have a strong sense of be persecuted and almost seem to enjoy that persecution as a mark of being God’s special people.  Further, there is a doctrine within the church that it is appropriate to “Lie for the Lord” and to “Bleed the beast”.  In other words, to be dishonest to those outside the church is not considered sinful but something that should be done.
·         In 1988, Gordon B. Hinkley, the president and prophet of the LDS Church was interviewed on Larry King Live.  He stated that, “They (Fundamentalists) have no connection with us whatever.  The don’t belong to the church.  There are actually no Mormon Fundamentalists”.  However, the author points out that Mormons and Mormon Fundamentalists believe in the same sacred texts and the same sacred history.   The primary difference is that Fundamentalists believe that they have a divine obligation to take multiple wives. 

·         One of the communities mentioned in the book is that of Short Creek/Colorado City .  Three sects reside in Short Creek, including the FLDS or UEP (United Effort Plan) headed by Warren Jeffs.  (This book was written both during and shortly after the death of Rulon Jeffs, Warren’s father and the husband of the woman featured on the 20/20 Special, Rebecca Musser).   Short Creek is also the site of the infamous Raid which is when the US Government, with the support of the LDS church arrested 122 polygamous men in 1953. 

·         The book also mentions the Kingston group (Kollene’s father is mentioned by name).  In May 1998, a girl dialed 911 and told police that immediately after she turned 16, her father, John Kingston, had pulled her out of high school and forced her to become the 15th wife of her uncle, David Kingston, 32.  Twice the girl had run away but was caught each time.  At one point, she went to her mother for help who returned her to her father.  She was then taken to a ‘reeducation camp’ for wayward wives and disobedient children.  She was beaten.  She fled the ranch and called the police.  John and David were tried and sentenced to jail, John for 28 weeks and David for 10 years.

·         Another familiar name that appears in the book is Flora Jessop’s.  Flora has been involved in the media due to the disappearance of her sister Ruby.  Ruby was 14 when she was caught kissing a boy in Colorado City.  She was immediately forced to marry an older man in her extended family.  After her wedding night, she was ‘hemorrhaging copious amounts of blood’.  She attempted to flee, running to the home of one of her bothers.  She was allegedly abducted from his home in 2001 by members of the FDLS church.  Flora contacted the police to tell them that Ruby had been kidnapped.  Upon investigation, the police were told that Ruby was on vacation.  The police left.  Unsatisfied, Flora continued to press for help.  The Utah Department of Child and Family Services meet with Ruby who was accompanied by one of her abductors.  In the presence of the abductor she was interviewed and told the social workers that ‘everything was fine’.    A quick google search reveals that Ruby was held by the church for the next 12 years before she escaped in earlier this year with her 6 children.

·         In 1826, Joseph Smith was sued by the state of New York for being an imposter.  He had presented himself to numerous people as someone with the ability to find buried treasure through the use of a seeing stone.  Eighteen months after the trial concluded he is purported to have found the golden plates which outlined the Mormon religion.

·         In 1831, as Mormonism was growing more popular, the local newspaper reported the following:  “We have never been able to learn that any of the (Smith) family were ever noted for much else than ignorance and stupidity…(and) a propensity to superstition and a fondness for everything marvelous.
·         Joseph Smith, continually lied about being a polygamist until he was outed within his community.  His first wife, Emma despised polygamy and was very vocal on her views.  At one point she threatened to take a plural husband if Joseph didn’t give up his wives.  In fact, the written text of Section 132 (the polygamy section of the Doctrine and Covenants) refers to Emma by name.  I copied the following from the LDS.org website.  And I command mine handmaid, Emma Smith, to abide and acleave unto my servant Joseph, and to none else. But if she will not abide this commandment she shall be bdestroyed, saith the Lord; for I am the Lord thy God, and will destroy her if she abide not in my law.

·         The murders were committed by two brothers of Brenda’s husband Allen.  The mastermind of the murders was Allen’s oldest brother Ronald who believes that he is the one true prophet.  He believed that God told him that he must murder Brenda and Erica along with two other people who assisted his ex-wife in leaving him.  At one point, he told Brenda’s husband Allen that he had been told by God to kill Brenda and Allen did nothing.  He was assisted in the murder by his brother Dan and two friends of theirs.   They had discussed the murders with many people before committing them.  At one point, the murder was discussed in front of their mother, Brenda’s mother-in-law and Erica’s grandmother, who also did nothing.  It gets even more crazy than that, I leave those details to those of you who chose to read the book.

In conclusion I will say that this is long, and it could have been 5 times longer.  This book is meticulously researched and packed full of details that are fascinating.  A must read, though a bit tedious at times, for anyone who is interested in greater detail.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

"Sister Wives" Silly Saturday - Open Discussion - Any topic!

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Friday, September 27, 2013

"Sister Wives" What would writer Ed Kociela's "Tell All" Questions Be?

                                                                  Kody's example of journalism.

Tamron Hall has been in the TV business for some time now. The 43-year-old reporter, who has a journalism degree from Temple University, was a fill-in for Keith Olbermann on MSNBC and does primary fill-in work for Natalie Morales on NBC’s “Today” show. In other words, she’s been around the block a time or two, which is why I was very surprised to see her turn up as the resident “journalist” on Sunday night’s episode of “Sister Wives.”

On the surface, her job was to interview Kody Brown, his wife, and his mistresses. What viewers got was what we, in the business, would call, a “softball” interview where the questions are weak, lack depth, and are not not terribly informative.

I got this..Ed won't get me...huckle huckle

I would love to do a one-on-one interview with Kody Brown.
What would I ask?

Why do you position yourself away from the AUB?

Do you pay tithing to the AUB?
Why do you insist this is a “lifestyle” choice and
not a religious choice? If this is a lifestyle choice, 
then it is solely about the sex and not your salvation. 
If it is about salvation, why do we not hear that and
why and how that works? Or, do you even have religious
beliefs? What is it all about?

Whose names are on the birth certificates of your children?
What is your combined income and how can you afford four homes on a cul de sac in the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area?
Have you and your wife ever asked a teen girl out on a date?
Why do you think you are “safer” from prosecution in Nevada than Utah, where the previous and current Attorney General have proclaimed that they will not prosecute violations of the state’s bigamy/polygamy statutes?
Who performed the ceremonies at your spiritual weddings?
That’s just for starters.

But, those questions will never be asked on a TLC broadcast because the network is too heavily invested in the show. Instead, we witnessed a very poor example of what was purported to be a journalistic interview, positioning a woman with a resume from a major network that has been in business far longer and has far more credibility than TLC, as a representative of the people who would like to know more about Kody, his wife, and the other women in his life.

There was one moment, and one moment only, that went beyond the superficial, and that was when it was mentioned that Kody and Robyn were still in the “honeymoon” phase of their relationship.
If you watched closely, you could see a flash of pain in the faces of a couple of the women, and rightfully so. Kody? He had that big, ear-to-ear grin that makes me want to toss a brick through the TV screen.  

I'll charm him with my humor....

It was, in my mind, the most telling moment I have seen on “Sister Wives,” affirmation that this is not about religion or a lifestyle choice, that this is simply a practice of gratification of Kody’s need to sleep with a bunch of women and not get any grief about it.

Look, if it’s purely about the sex, just be open about it. If it is purely a lifestyle choice, be up front, but don’t lay all that business of purity and righteousness on us or the self-proclaimed persecution. Rock stars do it guiltlessly all the time. Just say you don’t believe in monogamy and be done with the other stuff.

But that won’t happen because, as evidenced by the shoddy “reporting” on the last episode, TLC has a product that it needs to buff and shine and maintain a positive image for to hold on to viewers and propagate new ones.

                                                       Ladies taking off their rose colored glasses.

The questions will always be sanitized, the events that take place on the show will always have a little help or urging from the producers, Kody and the women will always be painted as the victims in this little play.

Since being invited here by Mister Sister, I have studied the posts, the questions, the thoughts of the community that gathers here. Guess what? There are some very articulate people here who are looking for some answers, who are very confused by what they see on this show, who are a hell of a lot brighter than the producers and the TLC network give them credit for as they strive for bigger ratings.

I hate to take such a serious tone because there is a liveliness, a sense of humor here, and I certainly don’t want to be the buzz killer. But, I also know the incredible power of the media, the strength it possesses, the influence it can sway.

                                 Man, this Ed guy is not B.S.ing around! I'm outta here! Starts clutching chest...           

Does that mean all TV should be dour and scholarly?
Of course not. To live without humor is to live without joy.
I have used the word “context” a lot here recently because it is important to put everything into context and perspective. My context and perspective are built upon a very lengthy career as a newsman – I actually loathe the word “journalist” because it implies, by definition, something entirely different – and I hate to see what has become of a media I once defended as an honorable profession built upon an almost sacred trust between reporter and consumers of the news. We were entrusted to act in the public’s interest, on its behalf, to inform and educate, but most importantly, to be the embodiment of truth.

But, when I see how a network panders to a baser instinct of titillation rather than information, well, it breaks my heart.

Now, for a little snarky levity?
How many sister wives does it take to screw up a television network?

Written by: Ed Kociela for SWB  

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Heads up! MUST WATCH TV!

Tonight, Doris Hanson's "What Love is This" is discussing "Polygamy in the mainstream media." I think it's going to be very good and possibly talk about the Sister Wives *wink* and mention T shirt sales maybe? Who knows? I sure don't (said the T shirt pimp) The show streams live here:  http://www.whatloveisthis.tv/stream/  check for times...

And I will post it here as soon as it is on youtube, possible opening discussion up tonight if anyone is around....

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Book Review: The Witness Wore Red: The 19th Wife Who Brought Polygamous Cult Leaders to Justice

***Quick Note - Review: Tell all is open below to discuss all things "Sister Wives" and the post is open to discuss the new shows, thank you.
                                              **This summary contains spoilers**         

Rebecca Musser was born into the FLDS, first led by Rulon Jeffs and then ultimately run by Warren Jeffs. Rebecca was born to a second wife. Rebecca was taught at a very early age that life was full of sacrifices. This line from the book sums it all up “We had to endure life, we had to suffer pain and sacrifice; eternity was all that mattered”. In fact, they were taught that if you knew ‘the truth’ of the religion (FLDS) and then left, you were an apostate, destined to burn in eternal darkness. Starting at the very youngest age, she was taught that outsiders (“Gentiles”) were evil and never to be trusted. Gentile doctors were not to be trusted, nor were the police or government. They were taught that Gentiles wanted to take children from their parents and throw their fathers in jail. They were frequently reminded of the Short Creek raid where families were separated, sometimes never to see each other again.

Rebecca’s childhood was heartbreaking. Her father’s first wife, Irene, was cruel and mean to both Rebecca’s mom and Rebecca’s mom’s children. Frequent beatings took place, sometimes to the point of blood and broken bones. Rebecca’s father deferred to Irene and looked the other way when Rebecca’s siblings or her mom were abused. Rebecca attended the Alta Academy, founded by Rulon Jeffs. The principal of the school was Warren Jeffs. Rebecca found that she had skills at playing the violin and playing that music was a refuge to her from her disturbing home life. At the Alta Academy, the children were frequently lectured by Warren Jeffs to obey and keep sweet, never be displeasing. Warren taught them that polygamists were persecuted just as the Jews were by the Nazis. Rebecca assisted with the school and helped put musicals together.

Shortly after she turned 18, Rebecca was told she would be marrying the prophet, Rulon Jeffs. She would be the 19th wife of the 85 year old prophet. Rebecca was devastated. After her wedding, she learned that being Rulon’s wife meant she had to be ‘on duty’ for 24 hour shifts, helping him to use the bathroom and undress. Unfortunately, despite his relative frailty, Rulon still expected his wives to ‘satisfy’ him and perform sexual acts with him. Due to his age and inability to sexually function adequately (although they had to try) most of the newer wives did not get pregnant with Rulon’s children. Less than a week after their marriage, Rulon announced that he was marrying two more young wives. Despite not loving her husband or being attracted to him, Rebecca was nonetheless devastated that her new husband didn’t find her to be ‘enough’ and this led to jealousy and feelings of inadequacy. There were 46 wives after Rebecca for Rulon Jeffs. Being married to a prophet was considered to be an honor for a girl and her family so to complain would be displeasing and blasphemous.

Rebecca was now fully immersed in being part of the Jeffs’s family. Warren was Rulon’s right hand man and was involved in the daily life of Rulon and all of his wives. When Rulon asked Rebecca to be ‘on duty’ a little sooner than she felt was reasonable, she said “no”. Warren then called her into his office where he told her that she could never again tell her husband ‘no’. If she were to say no again, she would be destroyed in the flesh. Rebecca did the best she could to stay busy with activities that would be acceptable to Rulon, thus not having to be on duty as often. Rebecca threw herself into the teaching and music that she enjoyed.

A few years after they married, Rulon had a stroke. Rulon had claimed to his followers that he was going to live forever, he was their last prophet and would be there personally when Christ came back to Earth. He simply could not die, that would be a devastating blow to all the people of their faith. Therefore, the people were kept in the dark about the true extent of Rulon’s health. The wives were even more restricted to their activities as they had to be on site, fasting and praying. When Rulon had a rough night, Warren would tell the wives that they had not been faithful enough or praying enough. Warren started determining who could see Rulon and stopped allowing Rulon’s close contacts to see him anymore. Rulon hung in for quite a long time in his feeble condition but Warren started running most of the day to day operations of the FLDS. When the world didn’t end on December 31, 1999 as they were told would happen, Warren said it was because the followers were too wicked to be brought up and God was giving them more time. This become a constant event, doomsday dates were picked and then when they didn’t happen, Warren would say they were too wicked and it was their fault.

As Rulon continued deteriorating, Warren went on a marriage spree, performing hundreds of marriages and the girls were getting younger and younger. Warren told girls who were 12 that since Mary, mother of Jesus, got pregnant at the age of 12, then it should be considered an honor to get married young and start birthing children. Rebellious girls (those who questioned some of the principles or who didn’t keep sweet), were married off so they could be ‘broken’ and start having children. Young girls with children were more likely to stay within the FLDS because they had nowhere else to go.

Rebecca’s sister, Elissa Wall, was told she had to marry her first cousin. She was only 13. She begged and pleaded to be given a few more years to marry. Rebecca was successful at getting Elissa a little more time but eventually Rulon agreed to let Elissa’s father place her in marriage. This led to years of physical and sexual abuse of Elissa. When she complained, she was told to go home and submit to her priesthood head (her husband). (note: Elissa Wall has written a book about her experiences “Stolen Innocence”)

Eventually Rulon died and his followers were in shock. They were told he would be the last prophet. Thousands of followers came to his funeral. They believed, like Jesus, that Rulon would arise from the dead. When he didn’t, it the wives were at fault for being too wicked. When Rulon died, Warren stepped in and said that Rulon has given him the title of Prophet. Warren then set strict rules in place, no music, no toys, no laughter and and no one could wear the color red, it signified evil. After initially promising that he would not force Rulon’s wives to marry him, Rulon’s younger wives started having ‘revelations’ that God wanted them to marry Warren. Rebecca started worrying that she would become another one of Warren’s many wives. Rebecca started a friendship with a young man named Ben. She eventually was caught kissing him and Warren gave her an ultimatum, she had to choose a suitable husband (i.e. Warren) or she would be damned for all eternity. Rebecca decided enough was enough and with Ben’s help, she left the community.

Life outside the FLDS was difficult. Having been told about how evil the Gentiles were , Rebecca was happy to find that others were willing to help her. She and Ben moved to Oregon where Rebecca’s brother, Cole, lived. They worked in various wait staff jobs and did their best to get their lives together. Rebecca eventually become pregnant and Cole kicked them out of his house for being dishonest about their relationship. Eventually, Ben and Rebecca married and had another child, Natalie, who had some congenital abnormalities. Much of Rebecca’s story, however, depicts how her life was impacted by the FLDS even after she left and her endless determination to see that Warren Jeffs paid for the pain and suffering he caused.

Although Rebecca left the FLDS, she was very aware of what was happening within the community. There were stories of her sisters being married off and boys being dropped off at the side of the road. Rebecca said she they aren’t really ‘lost’ boys, they are ‘abandoned’ boys. Soon Warren’s bad behavior caught up with him and he was being accused of many offenses by various states including Utah, Arizona and Texas. Warren then went on the run. His followers became even more devout as they now considered him a martyr. Rebecca contacted law enforcement in order to check on some of her family members that had gone missing. After a lot of investigation and communications with her contacts in the police department, some of her relatives were found in Texas at the “Yearning for Zion” ranch. The YFZ ranch was in Eldorado, Texas and ultimately became the beginning of the end for Warren. There was a phone call from “Sarah Jessop” to the State of Texas claiming she was being abused and pregnant. This was enough for the State to go into the YFZ and search for the victim. The State eventually had to enter the temple to search for Sarah. Although Sarah was never found, there was disturbing evidence about the abuses of the FLDS and specifically Warren Jeffs.

Warren was eventually located and arrested. He was captured in, of all things, a Red Escalade. Law enforcement needed someone who knew the FLDS, knew the terminology and the people and someone who could decipher all the records that were found in the YFZ temple. For the trial, the State needed to get the truth about the FLDS and most specifically about Warren Jeffs, who had harmed so many families.

Rebecca stepped up to the challenge. She sacrificed time with her family and her jobs in order to see that Warren paid for his gross transgressions. There were several months of trials in several states. Rebecca was called to testify in many of the cases. The most significant case was the YFZ case in Texas and Rebecca was key in helping the legal system and jurors understand exactly what was happening within the FLDS. When Rebecca testified against Warren, she wore red. The color that was forbidden by the false prophet was now her signature color and personal statement. Warren was found guilty and is in jail for the remainder of his life. Rebecca remains an advocate for people seeking to leave the FLDS and remains a voice for the previously voiceless.

This book was excellent and I highly recommend that it be a part of everyone’s library, especially anyone interested in polygamy or human trafficking. Rebecca’s story is important and should be read and discussed. *Written by CPA Carol* 

Here's our post about Rebecca Musser on Dateline CLICK HERE

Have you read a good book you'd like to write about? If so, send us an email!
I'd like to see "Prophet's Prey" by Sam Brower, "Church of Lies" by Flora Jessop, "It's not about the Sex, my ass" any listed on the right of the blog, or any others! I know we have one coming in on "Plygs", so that's taken care of.  Thanks!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

ADDED Pics!! TLC tackling controversial FLDS

Yes, we've know about these for a long time. Flora Jessop called me herself a good 6 weeks ago. the other has Sam Brower involved, and hope to talk to him to!

Watch “Breaking the Faith” on Sunday, November 24th and “Escaping the Faith” coming this December on TLC.

Imagine my surprise when, popcorn and coke in hand, jammies on and ready to chill - I was sitting down to watch a movie with the family late one Sat. night 6 weeks ago when  on my facebook I had a message: CALL ME IMMEDIATELY, Flora Jessop.

I've emailed Flora several times and have become loving email friends with her  very good friend, K. Dee Ignatin. Imagine though, a message like that! About made this little ole gal about... "Kody in my pants."  I instantly became 12.

Shaking a bit, I nervously ask myself.. "What did I do wrong?" (I always assume that, thanks to my mother's neurotics)  I had emailed her earlier in the summer wanting some genealogy in which she graciously helped me, but... what could it be?

I call. "HI!" says Flora. Let me start by saying this. Talking to Flora Jessop is like talking to your old best friend from your neighborhood growing up. Warm, gracious, sweet, funny kind, like you have known her forever.

Flora goes on to tell me about the new shows, specifically hers. "I want you to tell all the Sister Wives Blog folks about it!"  she says.

Now - next we get off subject for a bit, and I'll just say, she is one lady full of FACTS. we talked for a good hour.

Next, right when I am getting to the questions about the show.. all hell seems to be breaking loose for Flora. I get the feeling that this is life for the ambitious lady. I hear all sorts of commotion. "Here's a bag of clothes for your children" I hear her say, while people are coming and talking to her, all the while she is talking to you. Doors slamming things going on. Next, Someone is telling her that they need to be getting ready to go.

Flora hollers "Got my guns?" "Make sure you have my __ and my __ guns!" she hollers....MY! I feel like I am experiencing a James Bond movie!!  So much going on, I tell Flora - you go, let me call you later. I am no writer, but the tension and emotion was palpable. I couldn't sleep, wishing I was along for the ride.

Since then, I have held my tongue and will continue to until the time is right. For every thing I tell, there's a thousand I don't. Flora told me to go ahead and tell you all, but my gut said no. After watching Papa Joe Darger make a huge boof this week, glad I did. I have meant to get back with Flora but know she has been out filming.  So, my bad in a way for not calling her back and asking if it was ok to post. I just hate to bug these folks, you know? Will be telling much more very soon!

So, Cara Curfew-Kociela, who I think is becoming our newest little helper, asked Buster Johnson, Dist. III Supervisor for Mohave Co., AZ (More about him HERE) if SWB could use his pictures of the recent filming of Flora's show. Here they are thanks to Buster and thanks to Cara! Buster Johnson is that cutie posing with Flora! You may click to enlarge these or any pictures here on Sister Wives Blog. Enjoy!

 TLC tackling controversial FLDSPicture AP

TLC will blow the lid off the controversial FLDS with two new reality shows premiering later this fall.
“Breaking The Faith” and “Escaping the Prophet” will both deal with FLDS (Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) — whose followers practice polygamy — and, by extension, with Warren Jeffs, its ex-president who’s serving life in prison for sexually assaulting two young girls.
The six-episode “Breaking The Faith,” premiering Nov. 24, focuses on eight young men and women — who left FLDS by force or by choice — and who are now trying to rebuild their lives.
The young men are known in FLDS circles as “lost boys” and have been exiled from their homes, with no hope of returning. The women, according to TLC, “are escaping the controlling ways of the cult — including arranged marriage and a life of complete submission, known as ‘keeping sweet.’ ”

Read the rest here:  FLDS


One Criminal Leader and Pastel Prairie Dresses 

 The polygamist communities of FLDS are widely known for the former leader Warren Jeffs, who is now serving life in prison for sexual abuse of two minors. Many believe that Jeffs continues to preach and set rules for FLDS members while incarcerated.

“Breaking the Faith” and “Escaping the Prophet” are set to premiere this fall, unveiling the lives of those living in FLDS communities, where many continue not to question authority, participate in arranged marriages and have little contact with the outside world. 

Read Here: TLC

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review "Sister Wives" "Tell All" s04e11

*You may click on any picture
 to enlarge!
Tamron Hall pledged viewers hard hitting questions and a behind the scenes look at the Browns. Hard hitting? More like nerf ball and pillow fights. Made the behind the scene posts at SWB look smokin' hot! First question up was about getting the McMansions. Promptly for me the volume drifted down and I got fixated on things like the fact Meri has had her tooth fixed or how many baby doll ruffle tops do they own all together. You know the hard hitting stuff. Meri, Tamron's fav, jump started next season's storyline by saying jealousy could be the problem in paradise. She also informs us that Mariah is going out of state for college. Guess that big issue wasn't really an issue after all since this was obviously taped long ago.
The group is still chewing the cud
of covetousness when BAM! Out of nowhere, Robyn gives me a little gem. Make this gem#3. I bet in 6 months we never never see this happen again. Bored with her cud chewing, she decides NOW would be a good time to get that green goo out of her eyes. Yes! We live for this! This wasn't so boring after all! She's a picking that green goo out of her eye, rollin' it

around in her fingers as she looks intently on her new find, then the best part..FLICKS it away. Why it was sheer genius of a good 4 seconds! I sure hope it didn't land on Kody. No wonder he didn't comfort her when she was trying to muster up those fakey tears over her loss of purr-ity for the umpteenth time! He didn't want that slimey stuff on his new jeans!
Give it UP Robyn, so you got some before you got married the first time. I can think of worse things you have done, oh like interrupt Kollene and make it about you.

She really is a scene stealer. When the talk turns to the UNLV panel discussion, she makes this brilliant declaration about those anti-polygamists. "They're not there to find answers, they are there to say you are wrong and your family needs to break apart." No, sweetie, they were there to inform the public of their stories. Not validate you or Janelle or invalidate you. Do these folks know what a panel discussion is? Even my kids were asking the same question.

How unfair it was that in the first few seconds of the show they flash a scene of a crowd/you hear "from the public criticism"/flash to Kollene saying SW hate each other/flash to Robyn's shocked face. Shame on them for using an abused young adult to rile up shock value.

The Brown teens looked great. They are some more shining examples of our future. Smart, classy, and very articulate. Shame they seem to be brought out for the sole purpose of having their parents' back on the issues.    

We have watched them grow. Spunky little Maddie was the quiet one this session. When asked if she was going into polygamy, Aspyn discussed studying her parents religion to decide what she believed, which was a wonderful moment of Fundamental Mormon clarity. So, for the young adults, a little childhood reminder: "You’re off to great places, today is your day!" "You're mountain is waiting, so get on your way!" - Dr. Seuss

I've mellowed a tad toward Meri upon hearing her praise from Kollene. She seemed to be the go-to lady for our interviewer, and did a fairly good job. Meri wins the best makeup and hair award from SWB. Baby issue? No I'm not going there. Not feeling like beating a dead horse today. What's the holdup? Everett McGill said it best. 'Cause you know,"It's a fool that looks for logic in the chambers of a human heart."

 Janelle looked great. But she is reminding me more and more of a robotic mentality. Validate..Invalidate..Monogamy ..Polygamy..I wouldn't be surprised if she started moving like the robot from "Lost in Space" shouting "Danger Will Robertson!" Janelle always appears very nice. I think she's in love with the man and somehow has a way of compartmentalizing the crazy that goes with living in "the lifestyle." We thinks she looks great and enjoy watching her weight loss transformation. For that, we tip our hat to Janelle. 

Christine drank the grape kool-aid long ago and it's showing, sweetheart. Curiosity is a sign of intelligence, but to Christine that seems to make Mykelti a wild child. Do you think the voices she hears inside her head are fearing there's something out there, out there that just might be normal and fulfilling?
Christine is still hopped up at Aunt Kristyn during the "Tell All." Real reason you ask? Well, the Browns are living illegally. They want polygamy decriminalized. Kristyn wants to stop polygamy from becoming legal. But you won't hear the Browns say the facts. They simply are on opposite sides. This is not a personal attack. Not on Kristyn Decker's side, anyway.

 Kody. What do I have to say about Kody? I'll just let him speak for himself.

Twisted Sister saw Kody in a different light.


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Tweets "Sister Wives" after "Tell All" and "Polygamist Marriage Therapy"

If you are just coming to the blog, we have spoiler pages up for each show below, and that's where all the talk started!

You can stop the flipbook at any time, and you can enlarge it by clicking the link at the bottom right of the book.

Funky Town has collected some  from during and after the show.
Let's continue our discussion of "Tell All"here, and will add the other later.
 Will add some tweets here!!!

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"Sister Wives" "Tell All" s04 e11 Spoilers, Gossip

Funky Town put another great flipbook together of last weeks clips!

"Polygamist Marriage Therapy"s04e10 "Sister Wives"1

Have you bought your T shirt yet? Come on, for the team! All proceeds go to where Kollene sees the need (charity)

"Polygamist Marriage Therapy" s04e10 -Synopsis: Kody and his four wives confront their relationship issues at a couples retreat, which includes a meditation session that helps them get to the bottom of their internal conflicts

Funky Town, SWB tech gal and resident spoiler updater, has put the tweets in flipbook format for you! You can stop the book at any time to view a tweet longer or enlarge to full screen. Enjoy! Be here at 8 tonight to chat with everyone! 

Kody, joolry? jewellry? Spell what you sell my man!

(TY MonogamousApostate)

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"Sister Wives" Review: "Sister Wives On the Ropes" Ed Kociela

**Trying a different COMMENT way - instead of a bunch of posts, once you have read all the comments here, click the link at the bottom of this post and go directly to comment area two!  

Ed Kociela, author of 'Plygs' wrote our review this week!!!!!
BIG Love Shack, Baby Love Shack, Bay-Bee....

It’s been three days since I watched the latest episode of “Sister Wives.” I hope, in time, my stomach will stop churning. I must admit, I am not a fan of reality TV. Give me a good old-fashioned dose of “unreality” TV any day of the week, like a rerun of “Seinfeld,” or “House,” or “Everybody Loves Raymond” (thank God for DVDs!)

"The Real World?" According to whom? It certainly doesn't resemble the world I live in. And "The Apprentice?" Can't the American viewing public fire Donald Trump?
Yeah, Sunday’s episode was that bad.

It did little good for the credibility of TLC, the network that broadcasts
the show, to have it fall within 48 hours of the outstanding two-hour presentation NBC broadcast on “Dateline,” where newsman Keith Morrison explored the world of fundamental Mormon polygamy through the eyes of escaped polygamist Rebecca Musser. It was a news broadcast that lived up to the depth and integrity of a long-standing, well-respected news-gathering institution.

TLC, which was once known as The Learning Channel, on the other hand, is a lesson on just how far the media in the United States has slipped.

Production values for the show were minimal. The camera was unfocused, so badly that it wouldn’t even qualify as bad French noire
cinematography. The editing was sloppy, making the cut-and-pasted segments flow with all the grace of a tree branch bouncing in the current of a flash flood. The actors in this vignette were poorly equipped to carry through with the obviously scripted bits handed them by the show’s producers.

<<<Robyn caught "Chomping at the Lip" again.

And therein lies the greatest problem with the show.

I spoke with Kristyn Decker, an escapee from the shackles of polygamy
herself, about what it was like to participate in the most current episode of the show.

I gather it was akin to a cliff diver stepping off his perch only to find that the tide was out and he was doing a nose dive into the rocks.
Would Kristyn, given the opportunity or the foresight of what would occur, do it again?

“No way,” this soft-spoken refugee from one of Utah’s polygamous cults told me. “I was told we would be able to give our views, our perspectives…I feel totally betrayed.”

And that, I am ashamed to say, is how I feel about the media today. I write a weekly column for a Southern Utah newszine called
“STGnews,” but before that, I worked extensively in the media world as a newspaperman for the Herald-Examiner, once a major daily newspaper in Los Angeles, and at The Spectrum, a daily newspaper in St. George, Utah about 40 minutes from where Warren Jeffs and his FLDS bunch set up camp in the twin cities of Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona, along the border in a remote spot in the desert.

I left that behind several years ago, packed it in and hauled it down to Mexico with my wife Cara, to write my first book, a journalistic novel called “plygs.” We were gone for a year and a half. During that time, we collected our news from a variety of sources other than the local and national U.S. agencies. It was an eye-opener.

We’re here in the U.S. for the time being, doing some PR and promo work for “plygs” and my new book, “It Rocked! (Recollections of a reclusive rock critic.)” Since we’ve been back, I have been stunned by how much the media has changed. It is advertiser driven, contrived, geared more toward titillation than, well, truth.

There were moments that, as I watched, seemed totally contrived, particularly those surrounding the panel discussion held at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas facility that pitted Kody Brown and his wives against former polygamist colony members Kristyn, Kollene Snow, Willie Steed, and Christine Katas. 

The bathroom scene where Christine feigned fear of a confrontation with Kristyn just before the panel met that required sister wife
intervention to escort her from the toilet because her aunt was standing outside?

“That was ridiculous, I was just waiting to use the bathroom,” Kristyn told me. “I really needed to go to the bathroom, then fix my hair and get ready for the panel.”

She said she was really concerned, at the time, that something was wrong with her niece, Christine.

“I thought she had a (physical) problem of some kind and I really felt sorry for her,” Kristyn said.
 Robyn giggling saving Christine


The fear factor instilled in Christine came from the producer, not Kristyn’s presence. To have them smile and greet each other warmly would just not be good TV.  A little TLC - influenced drama spiced the scene up.

There was the moment of the episode when Robyn looked at her phone
and said somebody texted that Kody was a misogynist pig.

Sorry, the timing was just too perfect. Had it been real, wouldn’t she have mentioned who sent the text?

“They tried to make it look like one of us sent a nasty note like that,” Kristyn told me. “Then he (Kody) says the biggest adversaries in his life are the ones who left polygamy.”

To have my suspicions confirmed inflamed my sense of fairness. It also saddened my sense of loyalty to a media I have served faithfully for my entire writing career, which stretches back to when I was a 15-year-old hanging out at the offices of the small daily newspaper that served my southern California community, wanting to learn all I could about being a newsman.

The truth, as occurs so often these days, became a casualty in the pursuit of viewership and ratings. Fairness? Credibility? Out the window.

“Sister Wives” leaves us with more questions than answers.
It’s vague, misleading, especially when they get around to defining it as a lifestyle choice rather than religious mandate, but I guess as long as the group the Brown family is affiliated with gets its 10 percent tithing, everything’s OK.

                                            5th Beatle Wanna-Be or heading to "Breaking Amish?"

I’d really like to know what happens after they turn off the cameras.
I’ve seen some personality traits in Kody Brown that are alarming, his flashes of temper, his immaturity, his angry eyes, his domineering Alpha male personality. He doesn’t seem a likeable guy. At least not to me.

The women?

There doesn’t seem to be much going on behind their eyes. They always look as if they have something else they would rather say than what tumbles out of their mouths.

Are they happy?

I think Kristyn nailed it when she told me: “I used
to be there. You have to sedate your feelings with food or become a workaholic…whatever it takes to stay happy in a polygamous relationship.

“My mother taught me how to be miserably happy.”

 Sedation by bathroom affirmations?
Well, as far as reality TV goes, about all I am willing to deal with at this point is “Pawn Stars.”At least Chumlee seems to be having fun.

Thank you Ed for such a thought provoking review!