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Monday, August 29, 2011

FLDS leader Warren Jeffs hospitalized in medically induced coma

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  1. I honestly don't think he'll last long!

  2. Hey, he's doing it to himself. I don't wish bad on anyone, but this is his pathetic way of getting sympathy from his followers, don't ya think?

  3. too bad. blech Maybe they should treat him like they do the babies, no medical care.

  4. Polygamist followers - why is he doing this to himself? I don't understand.

  5. This may not be a popular comment, but my heart goes out a bit to Warren Jeffs. His actions show me that he is mentally ill because mentally healthy people do not try to kill themselves, and certainly do not try to do it more than once (as the article says). Someone I love very much has tried to kill themselves several times and I have learned a lot about mental illness through those experiences.

    With some mental illnesses people can appear "situationally competent", which might explain how he was found fit to stand trial. We now also know about medical problems within the polygamist community due to in-breeding and it would not surprise me if mental illness is one of those problems.

    I am not a medical professional, but it is starting to make sense to me how he could have said and done some of the heinous things that we now know about him. Not excuse those things, but explain them.

    I just see so much sadness in all of this, with EVERYONE a victim in some way and poison fruits of an evil tree all around. All I can do is pray.

  6. I fell the same way- but wonder- is he hoping his congregation will do the same? That scares me. You need to pray for the sinners, It's easy to pray for your friends and family, you are to even pray for your foes. Terrasola is right.