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Friday, August 5, 2011


Let's discuss Lyle Jeff's and maybe some of the others that might be wanting to take over the helm while Warren becomes elevated to martyr aka state prisoner.

Will the parents be held accountable for handing their children over to Jeffs?



  1. TY Sisterwivesblog!

    So other than Lyle as a potential take over, what are some of the other charismatics that are up there in the ranks?

    Jessop and Nielson? They still in the upper ranks?

    I don't see Warren giving up his power but if he gets life in prison, maybe "God" will appoint someone else?

    I do know Texas said any evidence indicating laws broken by others associated to the case would lead to investigations but I don't know that they would go after the moms as many people see the women and children as victims. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

    Maybe some one can do a "Who is X? " and give a mini bio/profile on each character in the line up?

  2. I need my one of my gals to write a short post about this so I and others can know whats going on! If you can, send it in and I'll post it tomorrow.