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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is There a Typical Polygamous Family???

We’re not the polygamists you think you know”,  said Kody Brown.

While he was referring to the differences between his family and a typical FLDS compound family, he may have been more correct than he knew at the time.

One study of polygamist fathers found that, “There was no typical [polygamous] family.”  He was speaking of Mormon polygamy.

We typically think of polygamist families having a set visitation schedule between husbands and wives.  In that study,  only 47% of the polygamous fathers had a regular daily or weekly visitation schedule.  The remainder had: no set routine; stayed mainly with one wife; visited infrequently; or had some other arrangement.  This situation existed even though 60% of the families in the study lived in the same community.

We also hear how family-oriented polygamy is and how close the children feel to each other.  Again, this same study found that many polygamous children “felt little closeness, especially with their fathers.”  While 65% of the polygamous children interviewed for this study said they had little to no interaction with their fathers, 84% of children from monogamous LDS families interviewed for the same study “reported that they were close to their fathers.” 

What other assumptions or myths do we have about polygamous families that may or may not be true?  



  1. I think the biggest myth, perpetuated by Kody and crew, is that all of the wives are loved exactly equally and no one is cheated. Riiiiight. There is a favorite wife in there, no doubt. Probably Robyn right now, since she is new and young and thin and fertile. I guess there was one before, maybe Meri.

  2. I agree. And the myth is that any of these people would tell the truth in a poll. Obviously!

  3. Nope we don't know no cults round these parts.....

  4. Isn't it very interesting how the same report has two answers? These folks are so guarded and taught to lie, it's ridiculous. And pathetic that they think the lord would want you to do this.

  5. I was on twitter this morning and it seems the teenage Brown girls rarely mention doing anything with Kody. In fact, I'm still looking to see if they mention anything at all. Too bad we can't have one of those spy cameras just to see a typical 24 hour day (without them knowing a camera is on them). Betcha it would be nothing like they try to make it seem on the show!

  6. I was thinking the same thing. Funny thing is, i bet they come here and read and then adjust....
    I've seen it with other shows. NOT ONCE have they mentioned their dad.

  7. Some dads relate more to one gender than the other, or are more comfortable with a specific age group.

    Is there anything on any episode that would suggest that Kody spends time with the boys rather than the girls, time with the younger vs. older kids, ... or just very little time with any of his kids?

  8. I have seen Kody holding Ariana more than any of the other kids, and Robyn's others. I have never seen him interact with any of his girls, other than directions.(do this, get that) I have not seen him with the boys much, except the oldest two, I think he enjoys pumpimg them up to hep with all those kids. Really, it's pathetic! You are so right!

  9. Is there anything on any episode that would suggest that Kody spends time with the boys rather than the girls, time with the younger vs. older kids, ... or just very little time with any of his kids?

    I can't say an episode, but it seems that he's with the boys more.

  10. I do think in our country there are a couple of "typical" Polygamist families.
    the Muslims, which we will learn about, and the Mormons, whom, we've learned there's NO WAY dad can be hands on. Can you imagine coaching 13 softball teams!LOL