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Friday, August 30, 2013

**Even More Updates! Tweets, Twits, and Misc; Free Discussion!

*Don't forget to grab that electronic device and join us for live spoilers and discussion during the Sister Wives new episode, Sun at 9 ET. Lots of fun! 

New Post Soon! Twisted Sister Picture Fun and items to buy! Watch for it! 

And all us mothers unite and say Aw.........Adorable! Even my little heart feels Janelle's pride.

Have fun! That's what college is all about! Gosh I miss those fun years.

Odd. LIV has pre workout packets. However, whatever works for you Janelle!

I guess Christine is the "all around mom" for the kids to get some comfort food. 
Is It Tater Tot Casserole tonight?


Wow. Don't know what to say about that necklace. Makes me think he was sitting around thinking about the Navy. Why do they keep trying to use such "insightful" words, hell, Robyn can't even say them. While i'm thinking about it, what happened to Elisa Furr?
There she is!

Results of our Poll:  What house did you like the best?  Looks like Christine 1st, Janelle 2nd, Robyn 3rd....and wetbar dreamer dead last.

  455 (24%)
  865 (46%)
  747 (40%)
  307 (16%)

 Kody's not happy with the news of "My Five Wives."

But the Sister Wives Blog Family is!!!

I have a Brown Gossip Exclusive! A neighbor peeked and saw what Kody put in the time capsule! Here it is!!

Let's see what folks from the web are thinking about.......and what the Browns are up to.

Wonder what they teach the boys?

My vote is the dumbest. Yours?

Took the words right outta our mouths....

Sarah's' not happy.
But Meri is! Mariah is lucky to go where she has such support. Grandmother, uncles, cousins. We wish her the best. No tantrums now.

He must be watching Robyn watching Robyn.

 Noooo. we only heard Westminster College 100 times. Did everyone get a sweatshirt? Seriously, EDUCATION is the one good thing that will come out of this show for the kids. So I say, who really cares? All of us would do the same, go for it! Note to parents: If true, quit talking about how you are figuring out how to pay for it. Lying is a sin too last time I checked.

MOMS? MOMS? Give Christine some credit. Often having 6-10 kiddos at a time home schooling; making suppers, and yes, she is just too beautiful to cook. 
Seems some folks are unhappy with the MSWC site. I re-directed her directly to Robyn.

Can I get a WootWoot!! EXACTLY. Go Girl.

Ok, Ro-Bun, great idea!!!!!!
Go, go, go, go, go, go
Go Shawty, it's your birthday
We gonna party like it's your birthday
We gon' sip Bacardi like it's your birthday......

RIP Winn...

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

*New Pic** TLC Introduces Progressive Polygamists With 'My Five Wives' **NEW PICTURE!!!

Added 9/5/2013: Click to see
Brady Williams Family Tree 

News from Wrap TV:

By Jethro Nededog
TLC is ready to introduce its viewers to a new polygamous family. But, if you're thinking this is a redux of its hit "Sister Wives" reality series, you may be pleasantly surprised by the show's twist on polygamist values.
One-hour special, "My Five Wives," will premiere on Sept. 15 at 9/8c and feature a polygamist family that left the Mormon Church in protest of its conservative beliefs, The Wrap has learned.

As TLC has been known to do, the success of the special may lead to a series pickup for "My Five Wives."

Brady Williams, his five wives and their total of 24 children, live outside of Salt Lake City. They believe in all kinds of progressive ideas they don't share with the Mormon Church, including equality for everyone and a God who accepts all people.
Shunned by their former Church brethren, the family says they are polygamous by choice and not just religious doctrine.

Produced by Relativity Television, the series also goes further into the family's intimate relationships than "Sister Wives." Cameras are allowed in the bedrooms and the women speak openly about their schedules with Brady.  

To read Cast Descriptions and the rest of the story, please to to:


Thanks to WrapTV for this exciting news! We will be watching, will you?
What other type of polygamous situation would you like to see? Bountiful, B.C. would interest me.

*Discussion for new shows or what you'd like to see here.

*Discussion for the episode of Sister Wives Review: "Robyn's Secret" below.

*Free Discussion of anything under "Stop Dragging my Heart Around"..below.

Bottom line, this makes us Happy Happy Happy!

(Source of pictures: https://www.facebook.com/BradyandWives, one marked is from Starcasm.net)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Review Sister Wives S06 Ep06: Robyn's Secret

What the hell was Robyn thinking?
Robyn feeling "vulnerable"
What the hell was Kody thinking?

What the HELL was TLC thinking?

There. I got that off my ample chest.

Before I start my abbreviated review (in homage to the 22 minute runtime of last Sunday's episode), I want to take everyone on a Sister Wive's inspired flashback of Robyn and her "chastity". You know, the purity that keeps on rejuvenating itself.

Here's Christine in the hospital, calling Kody to let him know her water just broke and to get to the hospital ASAP. Remember that Robyn and Kody are still in the "courting" phase of their relationship.

Here's Robyn with Kody in her rented Lehi house,  as he gets the phone call from Christine that she's about to give birth.

Notice how Robyn runs after Kody as he dramatically leaves her rental house for the hospital.

See how she slams her door shut on the cameraman, but forgets the mikes she and Kody wears are "hot".

Unfortunately, I can't play the audio for you, but it consists of a lot of giggles from Kody and Robyn and what sounds like slurpy kisses.

As the cameraman opens the door, we see Kody  grabbing Robyn and saying those immortal words "You caught me kissing my girlfriend while my wife is in labor" or words to that effect.

He then lays a big juicy kiss on her lips. Again, apparently for the benefit of the cameraman. We find out later that, in their religion, courting couples are not allowed to kiss until they are married. At least according to Christine, that's how it should be done. And she was born and raised in polygamy.

Just an example of Chastity and Purity, Kody and Robyn style.

And as we will soon find out, this has not been Robyn's first time at the "rodeo", if you know what I mean...

But first, let's talk about the Church of Kody.

Now that the Browns have moved into their brand new McMansions, Kody has decided it was time to showcase one of his Sunday sermons.

It's painfully obvious how seldom Kody holds services. Everyone looked bored. The boys had their feet on the furniture while they gazed mindlessly into their cellphones. That Kody had to repeatedly tell his children to pay attention to him drove home the realization this guy is not a compelling public speaker.

In fact, my mind kept wandering to Michael Cawley, of Polygamy, USA. He certainly didn't have to tell his children to keep their feet off the furniture, or to pay attention and not check out social media while he was sermonizing.

But there was one thing dead on similar between the two fundamentalists: their choice of topic. For Cawley, it was a discussion of how women in monogamy were condemning their daughters to be harlots in the streets. For Kody, it was asking his fourth wife Robyn to talk about a time in her life when she actually WAS a monogamist harlot, married to a man from a  "well regarded" polygamist family .

Small polygamist world, isn't it?

Now, I realize that the topic of Robyn's testimony has been thoroughly dissected here on SWB. So I'm just going to summarize the highlights. A random man begged Robyn for her purity, which she gladly gave him. When he later broke her heart, (symbolized by Robyn taking what looked like a metal heart tied with ribbon and ceremoniously dumping it onto the poop colored carpeting)  she was distraught. But never fear. Her Knight in shiny Kody armour arrived and showed her true love. Her purity was rejuvenated and she and her 3 children from her previous marriage lived happily ever after in a big McMansion in Las Vegas.

Here is where I have to call out Robyn on her BS story. Yes, you that read it correctly.

You see, Robyn continued her little sermon be saying a tenet of her faith was that men and women have to be chaste before marriage. That was her message to the teenage Browns. But wait, let's go back to my flashback earlier. According to Christine, her religion's idea of chastity extends to no kissing between a man and woman who is not his WIFE. But lo and behold, that's not what happened with Kody and Robyn. They were sucking face (and Lord knows what else) long before they ever got married.

Robyn looking contrite when Kody spilt the beans about her dress
Is it just me seeing a pattern of behavior here? And who believes she talked about her lack of sexual restraint to Kody and wives prior to their courting? Look, we're talking the same woman who thought her future sisterwives didn't need to know she asked Kody to choose her wedding dress - and blamed Kody for opening his mouth saying he should have just kept it shut.

So I suppose we can chalk this up to that old saying...Do as I say, Not as I do. Which is convenient because it turns out her big secret was...she got pregnant before marriage. Unfortunately, due to her limited communication skills, her message kind of came out screwy.

Luckily, through the miracle of social media, we can kind of see what she meant.  Well, at least we can see her backpedaling her way through the crap she caused by haphazardly telling millions of viewers worldwide about something that should have remained private within her family.

 But wait, seven minutes later you say you regret your children weren't sired by Kody.

I am sooooo confused!!!

I'm going to call this the Kody is My Soul Mate Theory, which would explain how her 3 existing children would be miraculously transformed into Kody Brown offspring by having his Brown DNA destroying the Jessop DNA from their bodies. Of course, they will look different, but that's beside the point.

Anyway. as proof of  how successful her sermon in the McMansion was, her favorite bonus child Hunter  said "... Honestly, I don't think there's something wrong with [having premarital sex] if you're in a committed relationship with someone you actually love."

Perhaps he has formed that opinion from seeing his mother in a committed relationship with a married man. Hmmmm.....

 Taking yet another cue from HBO's Big Love, Kody decides he wants to bury a time capsule in their compound's backyard.

Of course, the children put in toys, and pictures. I think Savanah's was the most meaningful - a picture of her house being built. Some of the other children opted to place toys, perhaps not understanding that by the time they would see that toy again, they would be sophomores in high school.

I couldn't help but giggle at Meri's items. It was a  necklace from MSWC and a "thank you for shopping at MSWC" photo, sitting on top of what could be all those backordered items customers were complaining about. Well, that's one way to get rid of them, right?

Let's just hope they remember where Kody dug that hole and not cover it with tons of concrete when they put in a sidewalk or something between Meri's and Robyn's McMansions.

Okay, just some odds and ends I noticed from this episode.

Robyn did say she left home for Montana when she was nineteen, but she didn't say she got married at nineteen. Which means she had a prolonged period of unchasteness and should have been burned at the stake. Or at least used some form of birth control. Like abstinence, for example. Oh wait, he BEGGED for it. Never mind.

I'm not feeling the love between the Browns and their production company any more. For example, in the above scene, the voice over was Robyn talking about her purity issues (or lack thereof). At first the scene was compelling - Meri appeared to be consoling a distraught Mariah by rubbing her back, and Ysabel looked like she was about to cry.

The only problem is, look who's in the lower right hand corner of the frame. Why it's Robyn!  You know, if Robyn's talking at the front of the room, how can she simultaneously be seated in the audience? Couldn't the production company's editor find some other film clip to use?

Oh wait, we're talking Robyn, so anything is possible, right?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Stop Dragging my Heart Around...and Other Nonsense..Sister Wives Blog...NEW VIDEO, Time Capsule Choices

William Winn Brown, Kody's father, has passed. His obituary in post below.

 I have to confess I've been a bad girl this week.
I let my mouth fly in the face of the posting guidelines that we made.

I soo knew that Cynical so wanted to put me in Time Out. She let me go like you let a child go a little farther away into the ocean, watching carefully. Luckily, I swiftly caught myself and came back! We make such a Good Team! 

It wasn't MY fault..I mean...I...well...Robyn was just to freaking goofy to not lost my patience or my lost sexualitililty. And it him broke her heart. He stole it from me.
Or whatever the manipulative minion said, it's my story too.

Truth is, I am better than that and so are you. We shall go back to Thinking before we Type. Let's go back to the fun loving yet respectful people we are.

 I keep hearing Stevie Nicks singing "Stop Dragging My Heart Around."

Kody has a receding hairline in common with Tom Petty. Robyn has nothing on the face of this or any other planet in common with Stevie Nicks other than possibly she has two legs. But the juurrreryy is still out on that.  

I keep seeing that heart necklace fall on the floor. KA-Thunk. The real Mister Mister is so sick of my cupping of hands and chasing him saying "Here it is!" that he got me last night by jumping up and saying "Repent ye, for I am purrr and you are not! You have not prepentded enough. Thou shalt not speak to me again with cupped hands until truly worthy of my love!" (Angry Voice - Pointing at me, ok, you had to be there but it was funny.) I fell in shame at his feet.

My 2 yr old granddaughter just came out of my son's room and ran to Pappy angrily and started smacking him on the butt going "BAD PAPPY BAD PAPPY!"
Out of the mouths of babes. I guess a 2 yr old can understand female abuse more than Robyn.  
(Yes we re-assured her we were making a funny. No children were harmed in the making of our joke, but we might of warped on or two in the many years of child raising.) 

Here's me in my new joolry from MSWC. Do you like?
That's Cynical Jinx behind me making me purrty. You should have seen how she turned out! Maybe next time, she's shy.


My necklaces for "The Family" the Purity Mafia formerly known as Brown Adults.

Meri Brown. She's such an Angry Spice.

Robyn Brown. She is such a manipulative winch I'll have to get TW to make her one. But for now, her luv is giving her wings. Yeah, so do my Kotex woman so don't think it's so special.

Janelle Brown. I am so proud of you for losing that weight. I secretly wish you would keep going and be the star of the group! But you are still with Kody, so here's a necklace with your huzbaynd as the inspiration.

Christine Brown. This week you have totally gotten a pass from me. I know you are a good teacher, and the backbone of the children. You and Janelle seem to be team members. Since you have a pass this week, I am giving you an apple for the real teacher of the group! Sadly, you have given your puurrty away and must repent by wearing the green apple.

The latest joolry ideas from SWB, hopefully Twisted will make us a few!

Renewable Purity Ring (Thanks Today is the Day)* we may have to trademark that one!
Heavy Heart Necklace
Ball and chain
etc etc etc
Can you think of any? 


If you haven't read Lobotomized BRILLIANT TRANSCRIPT of Robyn's Testimony you may find them under the comments at:  

Thank you L! 

I can't wait for the review, how about you?

"Time Capsule Choices"


William Winn Brown, Kody's Father, Passes Away. Videos, Pictures and Obituary.

**Come back and check for updates to this post! As with the  passing of Curtis Brown, we will not be having comments here. However, you may post comments about the episode "Free Range Browns" here: http://sisterwivesblog.blogspot.com/2011/07/sister-wives-winn-browns-loving-family.html

We request that any condolences to the family be posted where they might see them. I suggest http://www.haskellfuneralhome.com/obits/obituary.php?id=345061

Beloved husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, brother, son, and friend, William Winn Brown, 78, passed away on Saturday afternoon, August 24, 2013, at the family ranch southwest of Lovell, Wyoming.  “Winn” was born on August 28, 1934, in the old two-story hospital in Lovell; the first child of Alma Taylor Brown and Edith Stella Winn Brown.

Winn attended Lovell schools and graduated from Lovell High School in 1952, then spent two years in the U.S. Army Rangers, training as a paratrooper in Panama. While there he managed to survive a parachute malfunction adventure, which he forever claimed took ½ inch off his six foot height.
Winn served in the Southern States Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints from 1956 through February of 1958. He attended Northwest College for awhile, doing rodeo events on the side, until he met and married his sweetheart, Genielle Tew.  Winn then transferred to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, where he graduated in Agricultural Economics in 1963.

After BYU, Genielle and Winn established their home in Byron, Wyoming. They moved to the family ranch property southwest of Lovell in 1970, where the family still lives.
Winn worked several years for Cache Valley Breeders and Montana Breeders, teaching cattle management to ranchers all over Montana and Wyoming. At the same time, he worked his father’s farm and eventually combined it with his Uncle Elgen’s farm, to realize the original boundaries as homesteaded by Ebenezer Brown in 1902.  Over the years Winn added other neighboring parcels to achieve his life goal of establishing a family ranch property.

Winn’s life was centered around the principles of the restored gospel. He will be remembered for his many stories of his missionary experiences, family and church history events, his ranching adventures, and of his early rodeo and hunting days.  Ask any of his ten children about “when Dad roped the elk”, or the raft trip down the Big Horn Canyon, or “The Mysterious Disappearance of the Military MP Jeep”. He loved Robert Service poems and could recite whole stanzas. Winn was a true cowboy, who never met a stranger.  

Winn was preceded in death by his parents, his younger brother Lionel Dow Brown (Bud), and his son Curtis Taylor Brown (d. June 17, 2013).

He is survived by his siblings Joseph Guernsey (Gurn) Brown, Persis Ann Skinner, Val Young Brown,  Alma Taylor Brown Jr. (Buster), and Emma Louise Christoffersen;  his wives Genielle, Bobbie and Sheryl, and nine children; Cindy Hansen, Scott Allan Brown, Lorilyn Beck, Kody Winn Brown, Christine King, Tricia Lee Garner, Travis Merrill Brown, Leah Nicole Lundquist, and William Michael Brown.  

Graveside services were held Wednesday morning, August 28, 2013 – which would have been Winn’s 79th birthday.  He lays at rest in the Penrose Cemetery. 


(Thanks for your help Cynical Jinx)

Winn Brown and the Double Dollar Ranch was featured on s02e02 "Free Range Browns"
Can't find the spokes on a wheel video I want.

Janelle's young studs video.


Robyn's kids are featured on a farm video. 


Comments about above videos and the ranch may be made here: Sister Wives - Winn Brown's Loving Family 


Posts pertaining to the Double Dollar Ranch and Winn's family. One link to a video no longer works but am looking for one that does.

Discussion Page 2 S05E07 "Polygamist Pilgrimage from the Past" and Brown Genealogy



Double Dollar Ranch 



Curtis T. Brown, brother of "Sister Wives" Kody Brown, passed away.


Lionel Dow Brown Obituary
Somewhat foggy, may have to blow up and adjust.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Discussion Page 3 for Robyn's Secret s06e06

Some newer tweets:

I'll say that was plain mean.

Yeah, not gonna happen unless it's a special.

Yeah, too bad we didn't see that!
Better than your surrogate line.

We get it Kody, Geez. Did you have to embarrass the kids and slam the ex?

The latest creation from Twisted Sister:
Time to Talk!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

DISCUSSION Page 2 *SPOILERS* Gossip, Sister Wives Play by play of tonight's episodes!

LAST MINUTE UPDATE - If you are just tuning in, I would read the comments below first!

 Twisted Sister has her own shop!!!! Go get your SWB T shirt today!

Robyn's tweets during the show:

Brownie Points ?

 Free Discussion below, continues from post below.

*SPOILERS* Gossip, "Escape From Polygamy", Tweets, Sister Wives Play by play of tonight's episode "Robyn's Secret" s06e06

We will start posting spoilers in abt. 30 mins! 9 est. Join us! Post your own! DON'T FORGET TO VOTE for your fav homes in our poll to the right!


Robyn's Secret

In hopes of establishing their new homes, the family decides to bury a time capsule to symbolize putting down their roots. Later, the Browns hold their first church service since moving in and Robyn reveals some shocking secret from her past.

Robyn in her glossy TLC photo, Newlywed. 

Let's see how marriage is wearing on her 3 years later.

My all time fav picture of Robyn.
Oldie of the blog but goodie.

So, you have us, what's the secret? Spoilers will be added asap as they are seen, so don't read below if you want to stay surprised.Methinks she thought Janelle and Meri was getting too much air time.

Brown Family Confessions

The Brown family is bringing it home! The Browns invite viewers into their home to answer more in depth questions about their plural marriage lifestyle. But this time, they invite their teenagers to join the discussion.

Natalie Morales-Rhodes, where are you? Have they been so rocked by your questions wanting *gasp* honesty, the family will be huddled by a computer with pre programmed questions again?

**We've been informed this is a rerun. Here's hoping ANDY COHEN jumps ship and interviews the Browns this year! Anyone with me?


Christine, you have the prettiest outside of the homes.

**Note. Many have asked about when the Home Tours below were filmed. I've seen a recent picture of Janelle. Judging from her FANTASTIC weight loss, I would guess the filming was shortly after the families moved in, before filming ended Jan 2013. Don't forget the poll!

Some Tweets and a Message about Posting......

Another one of Meri's retweets that makes you go hmmm...

Robyn retweets of how those darn nasty Credit Bureau's aren't fair! It can't be her bad management of money that caused her problems...her Priestholder told her so.  My daddy always taught me to own your mistakes.

Robyn's Priestholder

Robyn's tweet 1 hr ago:

There have been questions raised from a tweet earlier this morning.

We want to give the family room and not speculate, but will post any findings we deem not breaking the privacy of the family. We will not be posting any other speculation on this at this time out of respect to the family. If you would like to share information always remember to email us at the right! Thanks!


Lifetime's "Escape From Polygamy"

Recently-widowed Leann and her 17-year-old daughter Julina move into an isolated polygamous compound, where the freethinking Julina meets like-minded Ryder, son of the religious compound’s charismatic Prophet, Ervil. Immediately drawn to one another, the two begin to secretly meet and soon fall in love. Threatened by his son’s budding attraction to Julina, Ervil claims God has instructed him to take Julina as his new wife so they can build a new community in Mexico. When Ryder and Julina learn of Ervil’s intent to destroy their relationship, they begin to plan their escape. However, Ervil intercedes and banishes Ryder from the sect, leaving him in a remote area of the desert so he can no longer endanger his plan to marry Julina. Wandering for miles, Ryder arrives in Las Vegas, where he finds his old friend and excommunicated “lost boy” Micah and enlists his help to rescue Julina. Back at the compound, Leann and her sister-wives also begin to realize Ervil’s role as Prophet is not as sacred as they originally believed and set out to save Julina and reunite her with her true love, Ryder. 

And some twists and turns...I thought this was going to be LAME but actually really caught my attention with Ester. Sadly, the abuse seen, mothers losing their daughters to marriage, happens not only in Fundamental Mormon families but is widespread. Did you watch it? Thoughts?

Gossip away my SW family!