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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sister Wives: Overdue and Uncomfortable

With the baby two weeks past the due date, Robyn is waiting out the delivery - uncomfortably.

TLC Videos: Sister Wives: Christine's Jealousy

Christine opens up about her jealousy issues with Robyn.


That nasty Flu bug has attacked SWB folks like the snowstorm in Rudolph.  Cynical
is very sick, I'm not far behind. Please be patient for Review Part #2, we aim to please but can't control illness.!!

Here's another little topic starter. You folks have had me literally spitting out the chicken soup in laughter and have really impressed me with your thoughts and comments.

Recently, Mr. 007 - Actor Daniel Craig got his self worked up and talked in CQ about Reality stars wanting privacy. I think it REALLY applies to the Browns. 

....Craig goes on to point out one of the major downfalls of reality TV; once you let people in, you can't shut them out. "I think there's a lot to be said for keeping your own counsel," Craig tells GQ. "You can't buy it back. You can't buy your privacy back. 'Ooh, I want to be alone.' F--k you. We've been in your living room. We were at your birth. You filmed it for us and showed us the placenta, and now you want some privacy?".....

What are your thoughts on that? I say AMEN! If you show me your who- ha and moley arm, you are fair game!

Read the rest of the article here:


Play the Game!!!

Good things come to those that wait..... for part 2, of course!!

Let's play a game. If you are uncomfortable with this, please play and use Anonymous! 

We've certainly grown from the 2 or 3 to begin with. Tell us where you are from!!
We'd love   City/State, we'd take State!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Season Three Finale: Sisters' Special Delivery Part One

This episode is all about Robyn. Poor Robyn is so freakin' preggers, it hurts just to watch her waddle along. So let's allow the bitch  witch  broodmare her time in the sun. After all, she IS giving birth to Kody's child. Child number 17, to be exact. On the subject of sun, I wonder if Fundamental Fitness will have spray on tans?

In case you are not aware, the review this week will be in two parts. Double your pleasure, double your fun.  So gird up those loins and get ready for the All About Robyn Season Finale...Part ONE.

As the camera zooms in on Robyn's house, an extremely pregnant  Robyn STILL hasn't popped that kid out. In fact, as she opens a box in her living room containing a playpen - no doubt a baby gift from one of her many fans - she gives us a rundown of her still in progress pregnancy. I've having contractions she says. I'm still having morning sickness, I'M STILL PREGNANT! Blah blah blah, the woman just can't stop.

So how are Robyn's sister wives helping her out? Oh yeah, they are giving her a lot of love and
support. Well, she does say that she "...can't complain in front of Meri... If I complain in front of Meri she
says 'YOU should just be GRATEFUL you're PREGNANT!' "   Someone, please hand Robyn an
award for her sensitivity towards Meri's fertility problem. Thank you.

Next scene we are at Janelle's house. Janelle said  Hunter was still "sullen and withdrawn", but
he's getting better. She also explained that Madison lives "...vicariously in Utah..." and just attends school in Vegas.

While Janelle speaks, we see her reach down and grab one of those god-awful fritos covered in peanut butter heart attack snacks and eat it.  Oh Janelle! You're not going to lose weight eating that crapola! Salads, hon, WITH NO SALAD DRESSING!

Now we are at Christine's house. She's fixing grilled chicken and vegetables for her family. Oh,
looks like Ysabel is back with her mother!  She's talking about her kids, too. Seems Aspyn and Mykelti just love Vegas now. But Paedon, he's not adjusting so well.

You see, Paedon was the one bullying Robyn's Dayton. But after Christine had a "good
conversation" with him, Paedon has turned over a new leaf. In fact, he now walks over to Robyn's
house and picks up Dayton on the way to the school bus stop each morning.

Makes you wonder where Kody was during all of this. Wait, here he is...at Robyn's house!

Kody arrives in his $60K sports car to take Robyn to her midwife for an examination. As Kody drags a Braxton-Hicks contracting Robyn down the sidewalk outside the midwife's office, he stops long enough to ask her "...you want me to massage it out of you?" SAY WHUT?!?

Oh, I get it  now. Kody was talking about massaging out the contraction, not the BABY! WHEW!!

We are treated to yet another look at Robyn's huge pasty white stretch marked belly sticking out for all the world to see. I can't help but wonder to myself if she's ever heard the saying "Modest is Hottest"?

Robyn says "I feel that Solomon knows that he's got a big family who loves him..."  I think Solomon
also knows there's a load of bat shit crazy outside and that's why he's refusing to leave the safety of the womb!

Hey, we were all worried about Mona the Real Estate Lady for nothing...oh, you weren't worried
about her? Well I was worried! First she tweets about the Browns joining her real estate team, next
thing we know, the Browns bail out on her and start talking about owning a fitness center. But ever
the professional, Mona takes the Browns (and business partner Trainer Bill) around to check out 
some locations.

Oh dear, did Kody just say his business name was Fitness Fundamentalist? Ya know, the boob
doesn't even know the name of his own business and wants to choose a location because it looks "ritzy".
I am so glad I'm not an investor. This is not looking good.

All right! It's the Sister wives at Lunch segment. This week's location: Mezzo. Call me Cynical
(Cynical Jinx if you're nasty) but I'm getting vibes that while Janelle talks about re-establishing that
one on one relationship with each sister wife with these weekly lunches, we are going to find out
things aren't so rosy in Sister wife Land. So, I'm gonna say NO to the kumbaya kool-aid that this
lunching with the girls segment wants me to drink. Nope, ain't gonna fall for it.

If you want a successful family, you DON'T have favorites

And in the next segment, I see I was right. So Christine. In the first season you had a conniption fit when you found out that Kody 1) Kissed Robyn before marriage and 2) Helped Robyn choose her
wedding dress. This season we found out that 1) You weren't feeling special anymore and 2)You
were on anti anxiety and anti depressant medication.

Now we find out that you not only blamed Robyn for taking Kody away from you, you blame her for
being Kody's favorite wife. Funny, but I've got to say, Christine, why are you blaming only Robyn?
Shouldn't that goofy haired Kody shoulder some of this blame, too?

But even though Christine has "apologized" and wormed her way back into Kody's good graces (reaffirming her spot in Celestial Heaven beside him) by saying the fundamentalist woman's mantra "I promise to be better", she has more to say. "If you want a successful family, you DON'T have favorites". Hey Kody, did you hear that? That was direct from Christine to you! In fact, I think it was direct from granddad Rulon through Christine to you. WORD!

Robyn was NOT amused.....

In the couch interview, Janelle let it be known - she ain't getting up in the middle of the night just to see a baby.

Robyn threw Janelle a look that, well, if looks could kill, Janelle would be pushing up sister wife daisies.

Meri's revelations, however, were the most shocking. Now, we find out exactly how Meri feels about
her sister wives Janelle and Christine, and it ain't too friendly, if ya know what I mean.

As Meri describes how wonderful her life has been since Robyn came on board, she lets us in on a
little secret. You see, Meri has always wanted to have a close relationship with her sister wives, but
alas, it never happened. It wasn't until Robyn joined the family, that Meri finally got the sister wife
she always wanted. Meri put it this way "Robyn and I have become very close...we have a very good relationship...we are very very good friends...She came into the family... wanting  to have a deep close relationship with her sister wives. I have always wanted that, and never had it. I have it with Robyn.  And I'm very happy about that."

Kind of explains why Meri said earlier she had to send her SISTER out to buy diapers when Mariah
was born instead of asking her sister wives.

What we need right now is a picture of Truely. It's so cute how she's reading that book - upside down! Just like her daddy would!

But isn't she a bit old for a pacifier?

So now we see the Browns checking out a cul de sac where they want to build four separate homes.
Mona, even though the Browns didn't come on board as employees, you can  make a mint OFF of them by selling real estate TO them. Now that's a savvy business person!

This is a good place to end Part One. Stay tuned for Part Two - Robyn Gives Birth!

UPDATED - s03e12 DISCUSSION PART 2 - Videos/Tweets...Kody Brown Family.

 UPDATED  Mon. Nov. 28th pm.

Here's some interesting tweets updated. BIG SHOUT OUT to Caramel Brownie for helping us this week. I don't have time to clip them, but here they are:

FYI- Karyn Thompson -TLC Editor has confirmed another new season in Spring 2012.

"LuvgvsUwngs: Watching #sisterwives with the family and our editor Karyn!"

 "MeriBrown1: Ok ladies, only 2 more days to order Pampered Chef if you want it! pamperedchef.biz/cindykreutz Hope you enjoy tonights episodes! :)"

 "MeriBrown1: Remember to put either my name or Robyn's name in the host box. Thanks everyone! Hope you all enjoy your stuff! Happy baking! :)"

 "MeriBrown1: Ok all, unexpected delay! If you still want to order Pampered Chef, you can! 

Today & tomorrow only! pamperedchef.biz/cindykreutz (cont)"

 "LuvgvsUwngs: Thank you everyone for watching last night and for all the kind words. We have a lot of wonderful things to look forward to this next year."

Any other tweets you all might just share here for the next couple of days. We are literally SWAMPED and won't have time to post them.   There is something odd about a family that probably makes $70-$,100,000 an episode pimping pampered chef.
THANKS to all that sent these in. I always put tweets up - just so much going on.

WHY WHY WHY do you think Kody took down the utube?
We wonder if it's because he couldn't control the comments? 

MANY of you all are going nuts over what was said on their facebook chat., how Christine and Janelle should be mad; 4 Hi! how are you? doesn't constitute a chat, etc.
abt 60 emails! I do not go to that site; I will not share anything that is sent. (We have SOME) ethics. However, you are FREE to discuss it here.

Also, to Kody and FAMILY--- Our blog stimulates conversation and excitement about your show.......prop or con. If you want more positive comments, show us something positive!

What are your thoughts? Discuss here!
Continued discussion from last nights show, also!
Thanks for helping us Caramel Brownie!!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

S03E12 Sisters' Special Delivery - DISCUSSION AREA "Sister Wives"

 Sister Wives  - Sisters' Special Delivery
The Sister Wives are buzzing with excitement as Robyn's first contractions finally kick in. But not everyone is happy about it. The emotion builds as each of the Browns face their true feelings about Robyn's family becoming their own.

WOW~~~ It's hard to believe the Finale is here! It's been a wild ride this season ending with Robyn's delivery..... which we are sure is filled with enough gooey emotion to cause you to gain 2lbs just watching it!! WE CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Another 60 minute program! Cynical Jinx will be taking extra time this week to work....her Best Magic, there are many new posts below to chew on below that we want to hear your thoughts on, too....and I'll throw in this little point to ponder........

I'll let you all figure this out.
Have they ACTUALLY even filed for a business license...or even started this gig, or realized right before the show aired that Fundamental Fitness was already a chain, and filed to reserve the name! Your call....

DON'T FORGET to look back through the past few days posts' if you haven't already. We want to hear what you think about the Canadian denial and 2 great statical posts of how much time Kody actually spends with each family member. Breaking it down proves a point. Not a real attentive dad or father. Be sure and comment!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Love Should Not Be Divided (or I know how to multiply ... fractions) "Sister Wives"

As some posters wisely pointed out, my previous post on how much time Kody can theoretically spend with each of his children omitted one very important thing ... the time he spends with his wives.   So let’s rectify that and re-do the math:

Scenario A:  Equal Time

If Kody spends equal time with each wife and family (i.e. 1 night in 4, or 25%, with each) , this is how much time, theoretically, he has for each of his wives and children:
1. Meri's family  (Meri + Mariah) 2 = 12.5% each
2. Janelle's family (Janelle + Logan, Madison, Hunter, Garrison, Gabriel, and Savanah) 7 = 3.6% each
3. Christine's family (Christine + Aspyn, Mykelti, Paedon, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truely) 7 = 3.6% each
4. Robyn's family (Robyn + David Jr. [AKA Dayton], Aurora, Breanna, and Solomon) 5 = 5% each

Scenario B:  A Favored Wife and Unequal Time

If Kody spends more time with his newest wife, Robyn, as many people speculate that he does (for example: Let's say he spends 2 nights out of every 5, or 40%, with Robyn and her children and 3 nights out of 5, or 20% each, with the other 3 wives and their children), this is how much time, theoretically, he has for each of his children:
1. Meri's family  (Meri + Mariah) 2 = 10%
2. Janelle's family (Janelle + Logan, Madison, Hunter, Garrison, Gabriel, and Savanah) 7 = 2.9% each
3. Christine's family (Christine + Aspyn, Mykelti, Paedon, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truely) 7 = 2.9% each
4. Robyn's family (Robyn + David Jr. [AKA Dayton], Aurora, Breanna, and Solomon) 5 = 8% each

You can see how Meri’s plan is backfiring on her under this scenario as Robyn now has almost as much of Kody’s time and attention as Meri does.
When Kody is with each family, those family members focus their attention (either positive or negative) on him; it appears he is usually everyone else’s number 1.  No wonder he comes across as an arrogant ass.  Due to sheer numbers, Kody cannot focus his attention on any one person without neglecting another (for example, neglecting the children to spend time with the wife).  In a family with this size and configuration it is very difficult for the father to be fair and equal with his time.
In addition, for the father to be able to focus on family members during his visits, he must not pay attention to household issues (chores, repairs, finances, school issues, etc.).  This means that the wives must do those things, functioning as single parents, and that the husband functions without the normal responsibilities that accompany marriage and parenthood.  It may be a “superior way of life” for someone, but that someone appears to me to be only the husband/father, while responsibilities multiply for the wives, and attention and resources are divided for the children.

Written by: TERRASOLA

One Man, Five Wives and Lasting Questions "Dark Sisters"

First about the Mormons, now about Polygamy. Who would of thought those topics would end up an Opera? THANKS    CARAMEL BROWNIE!!!

"Dark Sisters": Kevin Burdette with, from left, Jennifer Zetlan, Caitlin Lynch, Kristina Bachrach, Jennifer Check and Margaret Lattimore. 

Excerpt of the Music Review from the NYTimes; written by: Anthony Tommasini.
Sometimes a new opera that seems not to be cohering as a musical and dramatic whole leaves you feeling disengaged. “Dark Sisters,” a chamber opera by Nico Muhly that had its premiere on Wednesday night at the Gerald W. Lynch Theater of John Jay College, is a sensitive and unusual work. But, for me, it did not finally come together.

I was often touched by the story and intrigued by the music, and I found myself rooting for the piece, wanting it to be better. Yet for all the inventive and personal elements of Mr. Muhly’s music, whole portions of the score are static and thin.

With a libretto by the playwright Stephen Karam, whose well-received “Sons of the Prophet” is currently in an extended run at the Roundabout Theater Company, “Dark Sisters” tells of a crisis for a polygamous family in a renegade Mormon enclave in the American Southwest. The five wives of a stern husband, called the Prophet, have had their children removed by state officials suspicious that minors are being abused and forced into marriage.

After a short, quizzical instrumental introduction, the opera introduces the sisterly wives in an extended quintet. With voices entering one by one, the women grieve for their children. Mr. Muhly deftly weaves vocal strands together as the music builds in astringent textures. But introducing the wives in a somber quintet is a curiously formal way to begin.

The wondrously simple production by Gotham Chamber Opera, the Music-Theater Group and the Opera Company of Philadelphia, directed by Rebecca Taichman, powerfully sets the scene. Video images on a back screen depict a dark, cloudy, expansive sky; rugged carpeting lighted in hues suggests the red earth. The women first appear in matching cream white nightgowns.

The Prophet, here the sturdy, compelling bass Kevin Burdette, is a man of utter rectitude and eerily calm authority who sees his family as a persecuted minority, just good folks trying to practice their religion. He has received a revelation and must go to the desert for guidance. And here, as the Prophet intones his plans to his wives, Mr. Muhly’s full capabilities as a composer come through.

On his engaging blog Mr. Muhly writes that his score for “Dark Sisters” draws on diverse styles: Copland’s Americana, strands of Minimalism, Meredith Monk tinged with Giacinto Scelsi’s modernism. But he has a keen ear and has handled the challenge of finding his own voice, which faces all young composers. He can jolt chords with piercing dissonances or tame them into modal calm. His instrumental writing is impressive, and the conductor Neal Goren drew rich sonorities and character from the Gotham Chamber Opera orchestra, though more agitated episodes were sometimes sluggish.

The wives maintain their attitudes of subservience by singing a mantralike chant of “Keep sweet”: music of fluttering harmonies and muttered words. But during the first act, which lasted almost an hour and felt longer, there were passages in which the music, striving to be tender toward the distraught Mormon wives, was so spare and delicate that it receded into the background.

At the opening of Act II, “Dark Sisters” almost transforms into a different kind of opera. To gain public sympathy, the wives submit to a joint interview on television, while a media personality called King (Mr. Burdette) questions them from a studio in Los Angeles. Here Mr. Muhly evokes the jittery buzz of reality television though brash, beeping orchestral music. As the wives sing in fragmented phrases, trying to stay on message, the orchestra breaks into frenetic arpeggios, an audacious touch. I wish there had been more like it.
... to read the rest of this review... please go to:

Friday, November 25, 2011

Makes you Think... Kody Brown Family and Time spent with children

Terrasola sent this to me ... to post for her, I guess our blog has been acting up (well, actually BLOGGER has)
I thought it was interesting and worthy of it's own post!

If  Kody spends equal time with each wife (i.e. 1 night in 4, or 25%, with each wife and their children), this is how much time, theoretically, he has for each of his children:

1. Meri's Child (Mariah) 1 = 25%

2. Janelle's Children (Logan, Madison, Hunter, Garrison, Gabriel, Savanah) 6 = 4.2%
3. Christine's Children (Aspyn, Mykelti, Paedon, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, Truely) 6 = 4.2%
4. Robyn's Children (David Jr. [AKA Dayton], Aurora, Breanna, Solomon) 4 = 6.25%


If Kody spends more time with his newest wife, Robyn, as many people speculate that he does (for example: Let's say he spends 2 nights out of every 5, or 40%, with Robyn and her children and 3 nights out of 5, or 20% each, with the other 3 wives and their children), this is how much time, theoretically, he has for each of his children:

1. Meri's Child (Mariah) 1 = 20%

2. Janelle's Children (Logan, Madison, Hunter, Garrison, Gabriel, Savanah) 6 =  3.3%
3. Christine's Children (Aspyn, Mykelti, Paedon, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, Truely) 6 =  3.3%
4. Robyn's Children (David Jr. [AKA Dayton], Aurora, Breanna, Solomon) 4 = 10%

It is clear to me why Mariah holds the opinions that she does about polygamy and large families; as many posters have said, she has been insulated from the inequity and she benefits from "the math".  It is equally clear to me why Madison and Hunter feel as they do; they are on the receiving end of the inequity.

British Columbia Supreme Court Upholds Canadian Ban on Polygamy

A judge in British Columbia has decided that Canada's ban on polygamy does not violate the country's Charter of Rights. 
Yesterday B.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Bauman ruled that Canada's ban on the practice of polygamy does not violate the Canadian Charter of Rights.   Justice Robert Bauman said that while the ban does indeed violate the freedom-of-religion rights of those practising polygamy, polygamy brings such harm to women and children that these harms outweigh those rights.   In his 335-page decision, Bauman said that polygamy fundamentally hurts women, their children, and society in general.

"Women in polygamous relationships are at an elevated risk of physical and psychological harm. They face higher rates of domestic violence and abuse, including sexual abuse. Competition for material and emotional access to a shared husband can lead to fractious co-wife relationships," he wrote.  "Polygamy has negative impacts on society flowing from the high fertility rates, large family size and poverty associated with the practice. It generates a class of largely poor, unmarried men who are statistically predisposed to violence and other anti-social behaviour," he added.  Bauman added that the polygamy ban law is only valid if it isn't used to prosecute child brides.

During 42 days of hearings in the case, the court heard testimony from academic experts, former polygamist women and current plural wives.  Lawyers with the federal and provincial governments argued that polygamy is inherently harmful and must be outlawed, while critics of the law said the law violates their right to religious freedom.  Most of the evidence focused on the community of Bountiful, B.C., whose residents adhere to the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), which believes plural marriage will allow members to reach the highest level of heaven.

Robert Wickett, a lawyer for the church, said his clients "will be concerned that people will be charged criminally, there's no question about that." B.C. Attorney General Shirley Bond said Bauman's decision makes the laws surrounding polygamy "clear."   "I think the message will be heard loudly in Bountiful and across the country," she said.   It was the failed prosecution of two leaders from the Bountiful community that prompted the provincial government to send a reference to Bauman.

Anti-polygamy advocate Nancy Mereska said Bauman's decision is in keeping with international conventions that say polygamy harms women and children.   "The women that I have talked to and have been associated with in polygamy are women who have from childhood, babyhood, have been abused and harmed in this culture," Mereska, president of Stop Polygamy Canada, told CTV News Channel.   "They were forced into early marriages; they were told that their salvation was wrapped around their being obedient to the leaders of their communities. And the abuse that they have suffered throughout their lives is endemic and its lifetime sentences for all of them."   Mereska said in polygamous families, children are denied close relationships with their fathers and can be denied a formal education.

Contrarily, the Dargers, of “Love Times Three” fame, are disappointed with the Canadian ruling.  Alina Darger was given intervener status during the B.C. court challenge.  She testified about her experience as a plural wife. She described the free choice she says she made in entering plural marriage, how it is a spiritual practice for her and how much she loves her family.   Darger is an independent Mormon fundamentalist and has been married to Joe Darger for 21 years. Twin sisters Valerie and Vicki Darger are also married to Joe and together, they have 24 children.

Darger, who grew up in a polygamous family herself and chose to enter a polygamous marriage, says the ruling prevents other women from making the decision she did.  "It's restrictive and takes away my right as an adult woman for personal choice," she said.  While women don't take multiple husbands in her religion, Darger says she supports others' right to choose that lifestyle. But she says the court's decision makes such choices illegal.  "It targets polyamorous groups and other groups that might have a different arrangement than I do," she said.

Joe Darger says the problem with maintaining a ban on polygamy is that it forces those who practice it to hide it. Then, when there are abuses occurring in these marriages, they're not reported because of fear of exposing their lifestyle.   He says Wednesday's decision will do nothing to stop that.   "It was an easy decision to make judicially, but practically, it accomplishes nothing and it will continue to push a segment of society underground," he said.

This ruling does not settle this issue. The case is expected to be appealed to the B.C. Court of Appeal and, ultimately, to the Supreme Court of Canada.   Lawyers arguing in favour of plural marriage have 30 days to appeal Justice Bauman's decision.  The entire text of Justice Baumann’s ruling may be read here: http://www.courts.gov.bc.ca/jdb-txt/SC/11/15/2011BCSC1588.htm

 Written by Terrasola!

Resources: Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms: 


I have a feeling many of us are out shopping.... you couldn't catch me in a Black Friday crowd for nuthin'!!LOL
My friends are another story...I know one of them actually "camped out" for the big event!

We say...Have fun our shopoholic sisters.... and hopefully by tomorrow we will running in HIGH SPEED catching up on tweets and for the finale...... LOVE to all our loyal family here!
Discussion area below for Today........ ALL things Sister Wives!
And yes, I know...I liked Silver Man! Lord knows Christine needs a smile.  In fact, when you think about it.... when Christine got happy....Kody called her a shameless flirt!  Well KODY... we are glad Christine is feeling better and shame on you... I believe you are the FLIRT... AND the pig that pokes.....  I can't stand it when someone acts like they are kidding with the words... but really AREN'T!

If I had the companionship of my husband in my bed 90 days a year and somewhere else the rest....I might be a flirt too! Especially if he was out making "physical manifestations of his love for another wife" with Robyn.

I am sorry. I only meant to make a discussion post, not a rant. I guess that too little writing about this show has me......LEAKING!!!! bwahahahahahha
(wink... Cynical) 
See you!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today I am thankful for all of you. I am thankful we have some "helpers" that realize this blog takes a lot of time... and are thoughtful enough to send me something when I see it.
CARAMEL BROWNIE sent these to us today, which let me spend more time with my family vs doing my work.


Here I was thinking Fundamental was a cute play on words of their belief... it's a chain!

I am also very thankful I believe that the Good Lord will determine my fate to heaven not a husband!  

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sister Wives: Kids React to Baby

 The kids express their true feelings regarding the new addition to the family. Will they accept Solomon as their own brother?

Or... How much does it cost to bribe teens to say what you want them to?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

UPDATE 11/22/11! Review: S03Ep10 and S03Ep11

If ya'll remember from last week's review, I mentioned I felt something was seriously wrong with Christine. Well guess what. We learned at the beginning of the episode that something WAS
seriously wrong with her.

Christine explained she has been suffering from debilitating anxiety attacks and taking antidepressants. Of course, she tried to downplay it, but she says she is getting stronger, and has
even started to wean herself off her medication.

Now, the cynic in me asks "why this revelation now?" Were the Browns afraid this information
would leak out to the tabloids, so they performed a public relations pre-emptive strike? Or was this just
another "clever ploy" to support their lawsuit assertions that the strain of having to leave Utah was
taking its toll on the family. So like anything that has to do with this family, only the adults know for
sure what is happening and why. We (like the children) are just along for the ride.

But enough with the serious stuff - let's get to the review!

First, we see the wives working out in the gym with Trainer Bill.  Kody says he considers Trainer Bill a "brother". If you ask me (and you didn't but I'll tell you anyway) I think ole Kody is a bit jealous of Trainer Bill and his relationship with one of his wives. You know that saying to keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Yep, Kody's keeping a close eye on ole Trainer Bill.

So it isn't surprising that Trainer Bill now holds an important place in Kody's newest business venture. He was in attendance at a business meeting along with Kody, the wives and a business consultant/investor. Why do I have a feeling this new venture is doomed?

The wives go off to a spa for a makeover. Wonderful! Lord knows those ladies need some
pampering. While there, the wives discuss why they prefer to dress conservatively. As Janelle
explains,  "We cover our bodies because we believe God wants us to be modest..." "Modest is
hottest" chirps Christine. As if we didn't know, Christine says that her greatest challenge is her
daughter Mykelti who is a bit on the rebellious side and likes to ...um...show a little skin. Of
course, Robyn has to stick her rather ample nose into conversation. "When I see teenagers,
especially ours, rebel and get mad and everything I kind of go...'You'll thank us later'." Sorry, but I
fail to see how anyone could thank you for making them go through life looking like a layered

Now when I went to Vegas, out of all the places I visited, the one that remains most memorable for
me was The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace. That place was, as Robyn would say, AWESOME.
The art galleries, the designer clothing stores, Spago's (well I AM talking over 15 years ago) the
fountains, the animatronic figures...the ceiling that mimic a real sky changing from dawn to
afternoon to dusk to night to dawn in the course of an hour. They had everything you could dream of
in the Forum Shops. It was like a grown up version of Disneyland.

Now imagine my surprise that the wives did not go the Forum Shops on their night out. In fact, they
didn't make the Vegas Strip at all. They went to the Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las
Vegas instead. What the h.e. double hockey sticks!!

Could it be the wives THOUGHT they were on the strip? In a voice over, one of the wives said "When
I go down to the Strip it's almost like a foreign world..." Of course, the video being shown was the
wives walking down Fremont Street. So maybe they were a little confused?

Nevertheless, where the Forum Shops are like an upscale Disneyland, Fremont Street Experience
is like a State Fair. I wonder if the wives had some fry bread and funnel cakes as they walked from
one end of the street to the other.

Meri and Christine just zipping along...
Glad the ladies loved the Zip Line, and I would think they would have been offended meeting the
"father and his son". But the wives saved up that pent up rage for the scantily clad dancers and
showgirls walking about the "experience".

For all the wives preaching  'we have more respect for ourselves' blah blah blah, they need to face the fact the dancers and showgirls at least HAD JOBS.
Beats dancing in the street...

What did they expect to see in Las Vegas anyway? Think about it. And tell me, what is so modest about women who choose to dress as human sausages, that leaves no lump or bump or curve of their chubby bodies unseen? WITH RUFFLES no less?!? I.rest.my.case.

The father and his son...

But the funniest moment had to be when Robyn was "frightened" by the guy in the predator suit. If
only Trainer Bill had been outfitted to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger  to save the day and say to
the big bad monster "You are one ugly ..."

While the wives were out terrorizing Fremont Street, Kody was left at home terrorizing the 16
children that he barely knows.

First on the ' Kody does Babysitting' agenda was allowing Logan and Madison to drive his $60k sports car. Actually Logan drove and Madison served as his navigator. At any rate, those two teens were thrilled to death!

Next was homework management. Kody lost points with Mariah when he ordered her to clear off the dining room table so the youngsters could do homework. Ever the astute observer, Kody noticed that Dayton had zoned out doing homework. Could it be the NOISE distracting the kid? I mean, even Dayton said it was too noisy for him to study, but Kody completely ignores him and comes to the conclusion - it' must be too noisy. So he takes Dayton upstairs to Christine's bedroom so he can study in quiet.

Wait a minute, didn't Christine say a couple of episodes ago she didn't like people (outside of Kody) to be in her room? Kody's got some 'splaining to do if she finds out!

Oh oh, Kody notices one of the girls sniffing a marker. He lectures her on the hazards of sniffing glue, gasoline, drugs, paint, or markers. Well, three out of the five.  OOPSY,  Aspyn reminds Kody those are sniffable markers that smell good.  What a goof. You know, if he spent some quality time with his 16 children, perhaps he would have known about sniffable markers. Still in active daddy mode,  Kody came down hard on Mykelti showing way too much skin in a tank top. But then he let her slide when she said her mother said it was okay.

Look behind you, Robyn!
How convenient. Not only is it mom's night out, it's Kody's night at Robyn's house. Kody seemed a bit perturbed that it was 11:30 and his wives weren't home yet. Blow it out yer ear, Kody! They are
having FUN!  And in the case of Robyn, being scared by a stalker dressed as The Predator.

Oh dear, it's now 30 days later. Time to weigh in again. The only wife who had a "decent" weight loss was Janelle at 10 pounds. In sixty days.  We see Trainer Bill using visuals (dropping a pad
representing 10 pounds on the floor) to illustrate how easy it is to drop 10 pounds and how easy it is to pick up the 10 pounds. Christine is very impressed by Trainer Bill's visuals. Uh huh...yeah...

Meri leaking...

Meri is just so stressed: over the investigation, the move, life, finding money to pay the rent, etc etc. As Kody explains, Meri is very angry but she doesn't express her anger so it just "...leaks out all over her..." Whatever that means. So rather than swallowing pharmaceuticals like another wife does, she works out at the gym. A lot.

Kody Brown needs to wear a sign that says "WARNING...Hazardous to your health and wealth but I love making the babies. BEWARE!". As former real housewife and reality personality Jill Zarin would say, "He's TOXIC!" Yes, this is just my cheesy way to introduce the next episode.

Well, Kody may be toxic, but he was a two time state wrestling champion. So when it was his turn for  a night out with his "buddies", he doesn't go to the Fremont Street Experience. Nope, he goes to a Mixed Martial Arts Training Center to practice with the brother of his newest Las Vegas friend, Shawn. Also in attendance was his "business partner" Trainer Bill, and a member of Kody's church named Jeff.

After stuffing themselves into a red Mustang convertible, "the boys" made their way to the MMA place. Several holds and throws later, Kody picked himself up and moseyed with his man crew to the Vegas Strip where the scantily clad women prowl.  I have a feeling smart women run the other way when they see Kody making the rounds. Oh yeah, Kody used the word salacious. Ha ha Kody, Robyn used it first in combo with connotation, so you lose!

This is how Kody looks at scantily clad women

Kody and the boys stop cruising the strip long enough to eat at the cheapest looking restaurant I've ever seen on TV. That's cool, Kody must be paying for this so he has to economize. Kody willingly fielded questions from his new friends Bill and Shawn. "Is there a divorce rate?" asked Bill. "There is. You know ROBYN was married to a guy who was in our church. He just never was what SHE would qualify as a guy that should be married to more than one woman." replies Kody, adding  that he "literally had wives who were counselling each other in their relationship" with Kody. Guess the counselling didn't work too well, since one of Kody's wives had to go on antidepressants.

And then, Trainer Bill asks Kody "Does Christine raz you as much as she does me?" Now maybe
it's just me, but I don't think ole Kody liked hearing that. And to make matters worse, in his talking
head segment Kody called Christine a "shameless flirt". Something tells me Kody had some
choice words to say to Christine later. And shameless flirt were not the words he used. 

Solomon Brown's new 'crib'
Back on the home front, we find that Robyn has rounded up her sisterwives to help her pick out furniture for [poor old] Solomon [Grundy] 's nursery. Am I the only person to see the irony that when Truely was born, Kody was courting Robyn. There was no nursery for Truely. Meri and Janelle
helped a very pregnant Christine rearrange furniture so that an obviously used crib would fit in her
bedroom. Truely did not have cute pictures, nor a comfortable rocker. She didn't even have a plant.
But Robyn's Sol has a room to himself, new furniture, a comfortable rocking chair so that the
"family" can enjoy being with Sol. And a plant! Robyn, I swear you never cease to amaze me!

Oh, but Robyn isn't done: She needs to trash her ex-husband just a little more. She says in her
previous marriage, she stopped having children on purpose. She was done. She gave all her baby
stuff away. Then she met the Browns. She didn't have to be a single working mom any more. Will
Solomon be her last child? She doesn't know.

As Robyn takes Kody on a tour of Sol's nursery she makes sure Kody knows this is the first time
she's had a crib for one of her babies. Kody remarks all his kids get raised in a crib. Yeah, Kody may not have a lot of common sense. He may not have a job. For all intents and purposes, he is useless, his hair is too long and he has a wife weaning herself off antidepressants. But his kids all get raised in a crib.

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