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Thursday, January 31, 2013

sltrib.com : Polygamous Darger family meeting with Utah lawmakers

Now here's an interesting article. Papa Joe plus wives and some children have been meeting with Utah legislators. Not only that, but handing out their book, too. If you ask me (and I know you would have) it seems Papa Joe is paving his own way to winning the hearts and minds of the people of Utah, one legislator at a time. Just file this under another instance where the Browns fell short (I mean, did they ever give away their book to anyone, let alone those mean ole Utah legislators) and the Dargers stepped up. Mark my words, the Dargers will soon become THE face of polygamy. Kody Brown will remain its' backside.

Here's a link to the full article:

Polygamous Darger family meeting with Utah lawmakers

And for those who need to get their Sister Wives fixation fixed, here's a link to another SLTrib article that will link you up to an online quiz that matches you to one of Kody's ko-dypendents. Why, I don't know, but I'm sure there are some 5th wife wannabees who are loving this crapola.

Buzzfeed matches readers to ‘Sister Wives’

On the Twitter side, looks like Robyn is getting tired of those people asking when she is due. So rather than go the all out exercise in a gym route, she's taking the ...how do you say...the more 'refined' physical activity of yoga to melt that extra poundage lurking around her midsection.

Frankly, a good spanx should suffice, but I guess she can learn to meditate during those evenings Kody is with the other sisterwives instead of taking her frustration out on twitter...

And just to prove a point, here's the tweet where Robyn says she's channeling her grandmother...

Oh dear, looks like Kody is feeling a little put out...Papa Joe is taking care of polygamy business in Utah while Kody is left to admire the sunsets of Las Vegas, his Plymouth Rock. Pilgrims aside, Kody has  twittered twice that he is in 'exile'. Of course, he fails to explain that his 'exile' was SELF IMPOSED, so I'll do it for him.


Anyway, he's got a beautiful sunset and 4 outrageously expensive McMansions to play house in. What more could he asked for, now that Papa Joe and family are working it hard with the legislators. Guess you should have stayed in Utah after all.

Poor Kody. Three days later and no newspapers have picked up his 'exile' comment.  Here's an idea, take yoga lessons with Robyn! She'd like that!

Monday, January 28, 2013

More Tweets and General Discussion

So like what's the dealio with Robyn right now? Not only is she tweeting about angels again, but she seems to be a bit on the testy side on her MSWC facebook (hey I'm saying this like I'm standing in front of you, OK?)

OK, so this isn't Joan Crawford but it's an iconic visual, right?
But the tweet about teaching her daughter how to wash her face, well, I don't know about that. My own mother didn't break out the Neutrogena soap and the astringent until I was around 13 or so...But she did tell the secret to looking young is to never wear foundation because it clogs your pores. Oh yeah, and to always wash makeup off completely before you go to bed.

And yes, I am your typical soap and water girl with a slathering of vaseline if my skin gets too dry. None of those expensive face washes for me! I wonder if Robyn also channels  the great Joan Crawford for hints....hmmmm

Here's her tweet in case you missed it:

And I bet there are no wire hangers in your McMansion, EVAHHHHHHH!!!!

Onward to Meri, who besides finally letting her customers know that the shipment came in and those backorders will be filled soon (too bad if they don't read twitter), she's now tweeting  pictures of Mariah at Disneyland. I guess it's the only way they can keep up the illusion they haven't moved into the McMansions yet...

And just file the next tweets under the subject head: The Gifts that Keep On Giving...

That's why you should put your food down (one less bite won't hurt you, trust me) and take the picture right away. That's what Baby Boo Boo would do! Now you've alienated another fan and potential MSWC customer!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

UPDATED: Video added...After 12 Years of Waiting, Great News About Ruby Jessop

We Welcome Troy Bowles Back to SWB!  

Incredible news! First of all, 12 years ago, I got involved with Flora Jessop. She was trying to get her sister, Ruby out of Hildale, Utah. Ruby had been placed into a forced marriage at age 14. She had tried to run away but Utah law enforcement and DCFS sent her right back to her abusers where she had to go through with and endure this forced marriage.

My colleagues and I worked very hard to get the right people interested in this case. I spoke to the Utah Senate Judiciary Confirmation Committee because not long after Ruby was forced to go back to Hildale to live under her uncle, Fred Jessop, the Washington County attorney, Eric Ludlow was appointed to serve as a judge on the 5th district court. I presented evidence at his confirmation hearing that we had contacted Ludlow via certified letter explaining our concerns. Ludlow ignored our letter, but he did indeed receive it. That was undeniable. It held up his confirmation for six weeks, but Ludlow had powerful people on his side. He's now a judge.

We didn't stop with that. Orrin Hatch has a lot of FLDS friends, or at least he did at the time. He has even played the organ in their Colorado City chapel. That's hardly an honor they'd allow a typical "gentile." We challenged Hatch to go into Hildale and meet with his friend, Fred Jessop, and find out why Ruby was living under virtual house arrest and being forced into an arranged marriage. Hatch completely ignored us. Ruby is now 26 years old and she has six children.

I'm filled with emotion over all of this. It has driven me to a considerable amount of effort to make sure no politician can ever lie to me again. This is what made me decide to become a human rights philosopher. But today, after 12 years of involvement, I got the first good news I've had in years. Ruby and her six children have finally managed to escape Colorado City and the FLDS. This has been a dream-come-true for my friend Flora Jessop who is now reunited with her sister. For Ruby, in the end, human rights prevailed. Now, there are others who are trying to escape, but as we can see, the Utah State Government will do just about anything to avoid getting involved. It wasn't until the Mojave County, Arizona law enforcement got extra funding from the state that they could help us. Many thanks to the state of Arizona for finally stepping in to help this young woman.

Some important people involved in the failure to rescue Ruby Jessop 12 years ago:

Orrin Hatch: Senator, United States (Utah)
Mark Shurtleff: Former Utah State Attorney General
Eric Ludlow: Judge, Utah Fifth District; Former County Attorney, Washington County, Utah
Bill Hickman, Senator, Utah (Washington Co.)

Between Shurtleff and Ludlow's offices, it seems nobody could decide who should have been responsible for our complaint about Ruby's forced marriage. The matter fell out of the attention of the public and Ruby disappeared, even losing contact with her sister, Flora. Hatch apparently felt the sting from my colleagues when he praised the FLDS for their hard working ethic and their strong faith. We challenged him and he went away for good. He had no interest in Ruby's forced marriage. He refused to believe that forced marriages were even taking place among the FLDS and wouldn't even listen to our arguments. Governor Mike Leavitt had appointed Ludlow to serve on the Fifth District Bench. We never heard from his office throughout this whole affair.

Reports about Ruby Jessop:


 Written By:Troy Bowles 
Here are some other interesting posts from Troy:



Also Troy was on the show Polygamy: What love is this? He gave some great interviews, one in which he discusses Ruby, The Dargers book, and they are very informative on the Mormon Fundamentalist Beliefs. I encourage you to watch them.


UPDATE on Ruby, watch her live segment with Anderson Cooper here, courtesy of Anderson Cooper 360.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Radaronline.com : Party Like A Polygamist! Kody Brown Spills On His Birthday Celebrations With His Four Sister Wives

Ever since the Browns  abandoned their 2 official Facebook pages run by 'family friends' (the Like and the one For Certified Friends Only) the only outlet for Brown info has been twitter. Now it seems even twitter has been given the semi-boot with the Browns preferring the online gossip columns instead.

Case in point...Kody's recent birthday. Instead of the usual over the top tweeting back and forth of Lover this and Lover that between Meri and Kody, we a simple birthday greeting from Meri.

And Kody's birthday tweet to Meri two days earlier was just as short and sweet...

But leave it to radaronline.com to get the 'exclusive' inside scoop on Kody and his Ko-dypendents celebrating his birthday. Of course, it would have been nice if the story was longer than 3 measly paragraphs, but I guess it's better than nothing.

There's also a slightly longer story on realitytea.com that references back to the radaronline.com story. Anyway, I imagine the Sister Wives kamera krew was there filming and I know I can't wait to see it on an upcoming episode.

Hmmm....makes you wonder how many ducats Kody was paid for the interviews...hey those McMansions are'nt going to pay for themselves, ya know!

For the curious, here are the links:

 Party Like A Polygamist! Kody Brown Spills On His Birthday Celebrations With His Four Sister Wives

Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Celebrates Birthday With Family, Hair, And Hawaiian Haystacks



And this just in...here's the tweet showing Kody's necklace...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review - Sister Wives: Secrets Revealed

What secrets? Will we learn what Kody really thinks about Papa Joe Darger? Or if Janelle hates Meri? Or if Christine knows the difference between a long time and a really really long time? Will we learn what will shut Robyn up for good? Or will we learn that Kody really doesn't have a job.

Will we learn how these 5 people were able to qualify for almost 2 million dollars in mortgages?

Sadly my friends, we won't learn the answers to all these questions. But let's take a ride on the Brown Family railroad train anyway...


Once again, we are treated to the Browns undergoing yet another interview. Unfortunately, Natalie Morales must have opted out this time, but we did get another seasoned interviewer  -  NBC's Tamron Hall. Now Ms Hall is no lightweight shrinking violet reporter - just take a look at how she handled a problem interviewee last year ( http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/11/tamron-hall-tim-carney-mic-msnbc_n_1510311.html).

I had such high hopes, but Brown khaos is especially strong stuff. Tamron started out strong herself, but eventually got all tuckered out from all the adults talking over each other and just gave up in the end. I feel your pain, Tamron. I've watched this episode at least 25 times and have fallen asleep EVERY TIME. The last time I was able to stay somewhat awake, thanks to several cups of coffee, but even now I have this strong urge to close my eyes and follow that bright white light...

But, business first.

As we bid adieu to the Browns at the cuddle sac in the season finale, I'm getting the feeling these people must virtually live there. I can almost hear Kody saying something like...Hey, we paid a bill today. Let's go over to the cul-de-sac! Can you imagine the looks on the faces of the construction workers as the Brown Krew rolls up with kamera krew in tow AGAIN?

As Tamron starts out her interview, she eventually brings up, in her words, the Brown's nemesis - The Dargers, specifically Papa Joe. Now we all know that Kody can't hold a candle to ole Papa Joe. And it seems Kody is getting a bit weary of his Kody-pendents wanting him to take on some of Papa Joe's better attributes - like being a leader or being organized and having good communication skills. And especially the way Joe's family listens to him. In short, being everything that Kody can never be in a million years.

When Kody says to Tamron "...I can't have organization without obedience so the chaos will continue..." it is evident that Kody just doesn't get it.  He apparently believes the skills of organization and leadership are the direct result of obedience. Perhaps in a Warren Jeffs world, but in a normal society leaders don't go around demanding obedience in order to be an effective. I venture to guess that if Kody's wives and children RESPECTED him, they would LISTEN to what he says. But they have seen his kind of craziness (Kody calls it chaos, I call it craziness) before and they aren't willing to be lead down that road to Perdition once again.

For a scary moment, my mind flashed to an over testosterone driven Kody Brown asking...rather...DEMANDING his four wives and 17 children (some of whom actually share his DNA, poor dears) to  OBEY HIM. Then Meri puts him back in his place of total good for nothingness with a few sharp words from her brain in her loud voice.

Yay for Meri!

By the way, I think I've cracked Christine's strange time measuring code. If she says, for example, she has known someone for several, several years she means  about 4 years. If she says years and years and years, she means about six months (in the case of writing a family mission statement).

She's also said the Dargers were good, good friends so I venture to guess she hates their collective  3 wives, one kitchen, living under one roof guts. She most likely won't characterize them as sharks, but more like independent flesh eating piranhas.


But I digress...

Actually, Tamron does try to break through the facade Kody and his Krew have built around themselves. When she says to Kody "When you can't share a kitchen, and you can't live in the same house - it's counter to what you've told me are the joys of plural marriage and being in this together..." Kody was left speechless.

Robyn cooperating with her sister wife
And as usual, it was the sister wives who attempted to help dig Kody out of that hole his limited thought processes dug for him. Janelle steps up by saying "I actually don't think that sharing a kitchen means that we are together. I think together for us means that we cooperate in raising the children."

Oh yes, just like you cooperated with Christine by watching her children, particularly toddler Truely while she studied for her real estate exam. Let's not forget Robyn bringing in her sister Taralyce to watch her children - basically saying she doesn't trust her children with her sister wives.

Yep, I'm seeing a lot of cooperation. </snark>

Meri then adds "We all interact with each other." Like the little parrot she is, Robyn agrees by saying "Yeah..."

But Tamron shows the Browns she will not let it go when she counters the faux sisterhood the sisterwives are trying to dish out by simply saying to them "...You just can't do it under one roof..." Even Meri couldn't talk her way out of this argument. When she says they have tried living under one roof, and it didn't work, she then tried to justify the failure by saying "...we just know that what we are doing now works really well for us."

Sounds to me like having sister wives isn't all it's cracked up to be, doesn't it?

Next topic...The McMansions in the cuddle sac, particularly that damn stupid wet bar of Meri's. Meri still doesn't understand how greedy she looks by demanding to have a wet bar when her other sister wives have more children - whose cost of living are much higher than hers and can't afford 'luxuries' - like Janelle's cement pad in the backyard. It just shows how ridiculous these women are. Meri may have a brain, but she doesn't use it much, unless of course, when she senses she is not getting exactly the same, if not MORE than her other sister wives.

Like I've been saying all season, Meri could have had that counter space custom built instead of adding 3 bedrooms and an ugly ass sink cabinet against the wall of her great room.

When Tamron asks the Browns if they had a move in date yet, every single one of the adult chimed in Oh no, we're not 100% in these houses, this is all a dream and we stay positive about it (Christine). We haven't purchased them, we just got pre-approval (Kody). We haven't signed on the dotted line. We don't have the keys...blah blah blah.

If they are going to lie, the very least they can do for their audience is to lie QUICKLY.

So it's not surprising when Tamron asks them what their plan B was, the blank look of "Duh...what's a plan B? How do I answer that one?" was clearly visible on the Kody's face. This time it was Robyn's squeaky voice rising above her other sister wives. "We would have to stay where we're at and work on something new" replies Robyn. Ya think? Maybe ya'll would move into 4 doublewides in the Nevada desert, perhaps? That would make for good TV, if you know what I mean...

It is obvious to me they didn't have a plan B because they didn't need one. They would be moving into those McMansions, and they all darn well knew it. Remember Kody giving Meri the ultimatum she had to make her mind up about having a baby by the end of the year? And in the finale Kody saying he wanted to be moved into the homes by Christmas? And don't forget...the leases on the rental homes would be coming up for renewal  in January 2013. Those McMansions were a done deal!

Stop wasting the audience's time, Sister Wives producers! We are not stupid, you know!

Finally, Tamron asks the question so many viewers have been asking...How are the Browns financially able to afford those McMansions plus maintaining 4 separate households with 17 children, including college, cars etc?

Of course, Kody tries to weasel his way through the question by saying "We work together..." but Tamron refuses to let him off the hook. "You work together," she says, "but you can't print money!"

Oh oh, Tamron's got Kody once again. And just like before he stumbles over his words, saying " It is reality that...you know...you cast your bread upon the waters. You do the work..." Kody's reply left me wondering if he thought quoting Ecclesiastes would explain his obvious penchant to throw good money after bad. But Tamron was able to get one more turn in the knife she just deposited in his back when she explained "I'm just asking the questions that the viewers, you know, are asking..."

All hell suddenly broke loose as the four sister wives all started speaking  at the same time. Eventually, Robyn was able to interrupt the ensuing cacophony of indignant sister wives voices to speak her mind. She explains to Tamron, "When we walked through the houses yesterday, my stomach was sick. I was like - Dear God, Help us make sure we can afford these houses, forever. We definitely have our work cut out for us. But we are determined and it is our goal...."

If I were their mortgage lender, those are not exactly the words that would be giving me a warm fuzzy feeling. Not when almost two million dollars have been spent on four over priced houses for a group of people who's main source of income is a reality show on a channel whose number 1 reality star is a child named Honey Boo Boo.

Nope, I would not be feeling warm fuzzies at all...

Of course, the conversation now turns to Meri and is she or is she not going to have another baby.  Meri contends she is not thinking of replacing soon to be graduating Mariah with another child to avoid that old empty nest syndrome - especially with 6 or 7 bedrooms that need to be filled in her McMansion with the wet bar and the french doors. Needless to say, I think Kody finally tells the truth when he says he knew her answer almost 3 years ago when Meri told him she was done having babies. It's obvious that Meri wants more time with Kody, but she can't compete with baby incubator Robyn. And it's plain to see that Kody wants to start making another baby with Robyn when he told Tamron that he and Meri decided to try for her carrying her own baby first before pursuing surrogacy with Robyn. Whether Meri wants to admit or not, she's using the baby issue as a way of keeping Kody closer to her. And she must see the handwriting on the wall that she's about to be left behind.

Yep, another highlight in the life of a plural wife.

How do the Brown teenagers figure in the world of polygamy and plural wives?  Maddie thinks if polygamy is lived "the correct way" you won't have evil men taking control like Warren Jeffs, but she is definitely going monogamy. Aspyn has decided she wants to be a plural wife, but doesn't want to have to wait long for the right man and/or family to come along, especially since she doesn't want to move back to Utah to find him. Logan won't say either way, except he gets a bit of a twinkle in his eyes when he mentions having a wife or two down the road. Hunter says no, but his facial expression says maybe. Mariah is just...Mariah.

And when Tamron asks who wants more Browns in the family, it seems all the girls say yes. One holdout was Hunter who feels that maybe there are too many Browns in the family right now.

Ah.....Out of the mouths of babes....Made me wonder which sibling (or sister wife) he was considering doing away with!

As the conversation continued with a discussion of the Holding Out Help episode, it was interesting to hear Logan say that the questions the HOH teens asked about their family dynamics (like what does your mom think of the other moms, how does your dad treat your mom, etc) were the same questions a monogamist would ask. So it makes you wonder, are the Browns really a typical polygamous family or are they the exception?

I guess to answer that question we would need to see more examples of plural families. All in all, I have this feeling that the Brown teenagers are a bit naive in their expectations of the world. On one hand they can be fiercely independent (Maddie) but on the other hand, they can be totally complacent to the plural lifestyle and not really giving much thought at all of whether it is harmful or not(Aspyn and Mariah). I'm left feeling a bit worried about people taking advantage of them.

As the interview winds down, Tamron turns back to the adults. Of course, Kody brings up the mission statement. It's obvious he feels the mission statement in some way will bring his families together as one family. I have a feeling, however, that won't happen, not without some real thought and effort being put into the statement's construction. And when Christine mentions the re-commitment ceremony, it becomes painfully obvious someone is feeding this to the Browns as a way to spice up their TV show. Let's face it, if the Browns were as committed to their religion as they are to their TV show, would they really need a ceremony to prove it?

I think Robyn's own words explains what's really going on - "We want it to be an event".  Yep, suitable for filming and manufactured to increase ratings...Right? Right.

So now at the end of the show, Tamron goes to each adult Brown for their expectations in the new year. Meri can't really articulate what she's looking forward to at first, but finally says she's looking forward to growing and learning with her family and improving relationships. Robyn hopes to see her family and kids flourishing in the McMansions. Janelle's looking forward to having a home, having a job and income again, reestablishing their family culture, and to making Las Vegas their new hometown. Christine looks forward to paying off the homes, and for other plural families to realize what a blessing they have received. Kody, obviously going for a best actor Emmy, brings on the tears and choked voice to say he will feel blessed to be able to go out in public with his wives and say to the world they are a family and he loves them all. He then turns and looks lovingly at Robyn sitting next to him.

And on that note, the show is over.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Get Your Apron Here! SWB Open Discussion

Caramel Brownie has been a busy bee lately. What a  'blessin' to wake up and find these at your doorstep!

First for you enjoyment inspired from our last post:

The MSWC Apron, SWB style:

 Kody Brown Family Album:

Now, look at both pics of Kody&Janelle and Kody&Meri....notice anything familiar?  Well Caramel Brownie  did! Is Janelle seriously wearing the blue turtleneck/white sweater combo that Kody wore in the pic w/ Meri??..HAHA We've all seen these, but what a catch! 

Free Discussion here, remember the following posts are still open:




(Big Thanks to Caramel Brownie, Brown family pictures courtesy of TLC)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Real Housewives of Atlanta - Kody Brown Style

Ever wonder how Kody would hold up with the Real Housewives of Atlanta as his Plural family? Let’s take a look….

Kody: "LOVE should be MULTIPLIED, not DIVIDED."
Candy:  “No, its MONEY should be Multiplied, not Divided.”
Cynthia:  “What he’s dividing up sure ain’t worth it child.”
Phaedra:  “Hmm…, might be interesting, but I am a southern lady, not a Mormon one honey.”
Kim:  “Hell ya! I’ve done that before, long as the pay is good!”
NeNe:  (Making gagging face) “That boy is going to make me puke! Sicko! Close your legs to married men!”

Kody: “I feel like a boy toy!”
Candy:  “Well first you put in the sugar and make it sticky….”
Cynthia:  “So not in this conversation, his ‘boy’ is about as big as a ‘toy’.”
Phaedra:  “But the powdered sugar makes it sweet!”
Kim:  "Shut the front door!" "And the back one!"
NeNe:  “Listen, I’d never put Kool-Aid, candied yams, peppermint candy, SHUT UP!!! THAT IS SO STUPID”!

Kody: I’m 'proselyting' my dogma: “The more kids the bigger the planet, the greater the king I will be!.”
Candy:  "Say Whhhaaat?"
Cynthia: "I’d rather take my chances then follow that boy.”
Phaedra:  “Venus and Mars honey, Venus and Mars.”
Kim:  “What in the F$#% is a Dogma?”
NeNe:  (To Kim) “He’s talking about you on a good day, BI%^&!”

KODY: "He's a brother from another mother and she's a sister from the same mister"
Candy:  “And who ain’t in Atlanta?”
Cynthia:  “And you are not get another mother with a dang blister, that’s all I’m saying.”
Phaedra:  “Every saint has a past and ever sinner a future.”
Kim:  “Well that ring didn’t mean a thing!”
NeeNee:  “Oooh, squeezing my Hello Kitty SHUT!”

Kody: Where’s Mare, my lover?
Candy:  “I think you put her out to pasture long ago.”
Cynthia:  “Galloping far away if she’s smart!” "She's leading by a chin."
Phaedra:  “You mean the one with a bathing suit on that looks like a pretzel dipped in cottage cheese?”
Kim:  “B$T%^ is over at my house trying to steal my Versace China!” 
NeNe:  “Don’t you mean your project manager?”

Kody: "Hey NeNe, do you want to give your leftover house money to Kim?"
Candy:  “Glad I got my own empire, and a pre-nup.”
Cynthia:  “This should be gooooddd child, yes NeNe, do you?”
Phaedra:  “Oh lawd, I’m taking something that takes the edge off before I scream or poop on myself”!
Kim:  “Hell ya!”
NeNe:  “I’ll snap your neck and make your eyeballs pop out, I ain’t playin! When you was running your mouth, I was running to the bank! SHUT UP! You take your finite resources and put them where the sun don’t shine! I’m the rich, bitch!!Bloop bloop!”

"To me, dating a divorced woman had an ICK factor"
Candy:  “Well, dating you made me make toys if you get my drift.”
Cynthia:  “Don’t you mean cold-sore factor?”
Phaedra:  “Well I wanted a CLEAN man!”
Kim:  “Oh hell, what’s next, world peace?”
NeNe:  “You can take your Keep Sweet, Validate, lifestyle, autonomy, Plural, raggidity ass right back to Yoming, you ghetto fool. Watch out, you’ll end up in the ocean.”

Kody: "I got a bomb I am dropping today: I PICKED THE DRESS!"
Candy:  "Are we sure he isn’t wearing the dress?”
Cynthia:  “And it shows, that’s all I’m saying’”
Phaedra:  “Now why would a proper southern man want to pick out a dress?”  
Kim:  “Mine was better B$%$^.’
NeNe:  “And she’s got a whole lot up in that dress, a dead poppa, wigs, Victoria’s Secret, Std’s, grifters,  bills,  Ora-gel,  plans to marry up, Who knows what else?”  “Oh and serendipity and buzz!”

Kody: "I NEED to be obeyed!"
Candy:  “Me and mom don’t play, you hear me!”
Cynthia:  “That boy is barking up the wrong trees.” 
Phaedra:  “Why do these other women cry over such a rude man?”
Kim:  (pointing to boobs) “My girls don’t obey anyone in the poorhouse!”
NeeNee:  “Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya~! THAT IS SO STUPID, SHUT UP, BLOOP BLOOP! How many times do I have to tell your dumb ass this?”

Shout out to Caramel Brownie for her great picture above!!
Now your turn…. Let’s hear your Atlanta Housewives/Kody conversations!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

CPS sending foster children to Warren Jeffs' polygamist sect

COLORADO CITY, Ariz. (AP) - Arizona is placing foster children in the polygamist enclave of Colorado City near the Utah border and that's raising concerns about their future and Arizona Child Protective Services' judgment in finding homes for abused and neglected kids.

Mohave County Supervisor Buster Johnson has identified one foster parent as a former member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints whose family was "reassigned" some years ago by church leader Warren Jeffs.

Johnson notified Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer this week and asked Attorney General Tom Horne for help to bring the child back to Lake Havasu City, where the child's mother still lives. Please read the rest at  the Daily Courier  

Monday, January 14, 2013

UPDATED: 'Sister Wives’ lawsuit coming back to Utah courtroom

The lawsuit filed by the polygamous Brown family goes back to a courtroom on Thursday. But the plaintiffs, made famous by the television show "Sister Wives," can already claim some successes.
The Browns have won the issue of whether they are allowed to sue, and they managed to win it without getting prosecuted for bigamy. That means U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups will hear arguments Thursday on the heart of the case: whether Utah’s statute making plural marriage a crime is unconstitutional.
The Browns’ attorney, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley, issued a statement last week. Please read the rest at: http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/news/55606398-78/browns-wives-utah-sister.html.csp

(Source: The Salt Lake Tribune)

Updates to the proceedings:

Saturday, January 12, 2013

More Tweets and Some Fun

Just a few tweets from the Browns keeping their fans informed. Looks like Meri's a little tired from all that moving and has decided to take a little break to enjoy her new 'luxe surroundings and...

Oh dear. Could the reason Meri's feeling a little guilty is that she knows MSWC has backorders that need to be filled?  Maybe they will learn from their mistakes and have more than 3 items in stock next time.

 Like I said before, 'A fool and his money...'

Fresh from the Kitchen of Christine Brown

Does anyone want to venture a guess what this is? Your guess is as good as mine...possibly it tastes like chicken maybe?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Some More Tweets and Pictures

So we can keep  Plyg Love uncluttered, please feel free to discuss the topics from Some Tweets and Pictures here.

First a comment from Jewels, who asked: I was wondering, did anyone else think they saw a person, male, on the house, perched above the garage, to the left, with something black in his hands?...It looks like a male, with a baseball cap on, perched on the side of the house, close to what looks like a dish for cable tv. Just wondering if that may b[e] a camera crewman. They also drive black SUV's...

Good question. The SWB friend who sent in the photos did say that there was a film crew present, but out of curiosity, I tried isolating the area you mentioned. This picture was taken a few seconds after the one from the Some Tweets and Pictures posting. Looks like there are more Brown women present (maybe Mariah and Meri) and Kody appears to be talking to someone.

So what's happening in the world of Twitter?
Sounds like Robyn's going to have her hands full when Sol reaches the terrible Two's! Or Taralyce...or whoever will be his nanny.

According to the MSWC facebook page, Robyn apologized for the backorders, and Meri is working hard to notify customers. So let's hope this is what Robyn is talking about, otherwise customers may think they are getting the shaft. I wonder if their credit cards were billed? Hmmm....

Here's hoping that Robyn invests in a better server so MSWC doesn't keep crashing when more than 10 people try to access it. Does anyone else think this may be a bad idea?

HaHa! This is the tweet that caused some fans anxiety that maybe Sister Wives would not be renewed. It also confirms that Twitter has taken the place of their 2-tier facebook fanpages which are almost totally inactive now. The TLC Sister Wives facebook fanpage has way more activity. Makes you wonder what happened, doesn't it?

Sounds like Janelle is enjoying her McMansion...until she has to do that DIY cement job.

That's all for now...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Plyg Love Means Never Having to Say.....

"Love means never having to say you're sorry" is a line from the novel and 1970 film  Love Story starring Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal. The line is spoken twice in the film: once in the middle of the film, by Jennifer Cavilleri (MacGraw's character), when Oliver Barrett (O'Neal) is about to apologize to her for his anger; and as the last line of the film, by Oliver, when his father says "I'm sorry" after learning of Jennifer's death. In the script the line is phrased slightly differently: "Love means not ever having to say you're sorry."

So, let's rephrase that and you finish the sentence....

Plyg Love Means Never Having to Say.....

(Sources: Love Story synopsis from Wikipedia; picture from Caramel Brownie, Idea from Amused, Thanks!)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Some Tweets and Pictures!

Here's some exclusive pics of Moving Day for Meri provided by a friend of SWB who lives in LV and happened to be driving by Meri's house. Looks like the Krew are using an UHaul truck - just like the one reported earlier last month that moved Robyn, Christine and  Janelle. How nice to economize with a DIY moving job. If you look real close, you can see a familiar hairdo flipping in the wind - and actually doing some manual labor. Sweet!!

Now here's an interesting tweet. Seems Mariah and Aspyn aren't the only Brown teens slated for graduation this year. Looks like Mykelti will also be leaving Centennial high school - in just two weeks!! Does CSN stand for College of Southern Nevada?

I guess you can file this under:  Things that make you go hmmmmm....

That's all for now. Feel free to continue any discussions on this page - on topic of course!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hollywoodlife.com: TLC Renews ‘Sister Wives’ For Fourth Season

Looks like TLC learned from last year's fiasco NOT to leave announcing a new season to the Browns. But it's still anyone's guess of the date the new season will begin...
Cynical Jinx

Mon, January 7, 2013 10:42am EST by

TLC confirms we haven’t seen the last of Kody Brown and his polygamist princesses...

‘Sister Wives’ Cancellation Rumors:

This news should come as a relief to fans who suspected the show had been canceled, following a cryptic tweet from one of the wives....

Read the entire article here:


What do you think we will see next season?

  • Will Meri make up her mind  about trying for another baby after seeing her 'beautiful' wet bar?

  • Will they show Janelle pouring her own cement pad in her backyard?

  • Will Christine's stone exterior on her house be the talk of the neighborhood?

  • Will the Browns throw a cul-de-sac party for their new neighbors?

  • Will Kody still drive to each house every night?

And what about Robyn?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Discussion page for Review: S05Ep08 Hard to Say Goodbye


Review: S05Ep08 Hard to Say Goodbye

It's so weird to see a season finale after only 7 episodes, but that's business as usual for Sister Wives. And of course, the season finale begins with those damn McMansions.

Seems even Kody is getting weary with this story line when he says "...I just want a decision made...this is something that I really want to just hurry through, because I just want to get it done."

Yeah Kody, I hear ya.

So here we are, hopefully at the end of the long, drawn out drama about those pesty options Meri, Robyn, Janelle and Christine have to decide on...with minimum help from their husband, Kody of course.

First up was Robyn, who apparently was completely on board with Kody's wishes that the standard options would do nicely in her overpriced, cavernous McMansion. Lucky thing she wore that dark colored t-shirt under her babydoll. That was just what was needed so Kody could ensure Robyn's carpet choice would not clash with all her black furniture.

What a man...

Next, was Meri, who happened to be over budget before she even began.  Kody quickly put her on the defensive when he demanded that she not look at the upgraded carpet and to just focus on selecting from the cheap crap. Of course, Meri threw a fit and stormed out. This woman is cunning like a fox. Her storming out so that Janelle and Christine could pick their options before her was sooo deviously cunning on her part. How much you want to bet she knew Janelle and Christine would most likely come under budget? And rather than waste that budget money, Meri figured she'd get Kody to slide it over to her budget so she could get what she wanted. Forget Meri's petty rationalizations for her behavior in the couch interview, this was her plan all along! And when Kody gives his reason for including the washer and dryer in the options because he doesn't want to have to haul them in and install them himself, you just have to shake your head over his absolute stupidity. What the hell does this man have sloshing around in his head? Mock tapioca pudding?

Yes sir, Kody is seriously stupid. And these women have hitched their wagons to this looney toon idiot for all time and eternity. Unbelievable.

Anyway, Janelle came into the office and decided not to get the cement pad in the backyard. She figures she can do a DIY cement job later on. A DIY job on a house costing over $400,000? Which is amazing because didn't she say in previous episodes that she could keep her costs down by having her children share bedrooms? So what happened? I think Kody put his foot down and demanded that she opt for more bedrooms so Logan could have his own room. Kody initially protested Janelle's decision about the cement pond pad, but didn't tell her to forgetaboutit. In fact, he was so happy with her at the end that he demanded a PDA - no doubt in response to SWB saying he never showed affection with Janelle.

Yeah, Kody is not only an idiot, he's a psychic idiot.

Kody asking Christine ....
Up next was Christine. When Lonette mentions that Christine has a ton of room left on her budget, it's like, how did that happen? The last we heard, she wanted all 6 of her children to have their own bedroom...now she has a "...bucket of money" left? And that crazy eyed Kody immediately jumped on it. "Can you, like, loan that to another wife?" he asks.

"NO!" Christine responds, and quickly used up her budget by opting for the stone exterior for her house. You could just see Kody's beady eyes throwing daggers at Christine for not falling for his stupid suggestion.

Christine's reaction....Oh no you didn't

When she said "Everybody here loves the stone...I know I love the stone too...Let's do it!" the look on Kody's face was priceless. Christine shot his butt down, getting the stone that she knew would blow her budget out of the water but at the same time, shutting out Meri from using any part of it. Excellent job, Christine! Tell Kody to go hock that Rolex on his wrist if Meri needs more money in her budget!

It was not surprising that Christine didn't even get a sideways glance from Kody as she walked out of the room.

Christine's reply: When pigs fly!

Of course, in the couch interview, Kody tried to rationalize his behavior by saying it was all a joke. He wasn't being serious.

Yeah right.

Hey Kody have you heard the saying...'Many a true word is spoken in jest'? And Meri, Christine apparently knows you better than you think. So don't say that you felt selfish by being over budget when the audience has seen nothing but selfish behavior from you all season long. Two words...WET BAR.

Next we see Meri back in the office to finalize her options with her best buddy (and Kody's obvious favorite wife after Meri) Robyn holding Kody's #1 baby boy Sol in her arms for moral support. Most likely Meri learned off camera the bad news that Christine didn't fall for giving up part of her budget, because all of a sudden she was now agreeable to all the cheap stuff - except for the washer/dryer option. That was her way of making Kody pay for screwing up with Christine earlier. Even so, she still walked out of the office over budget by almost $4600. Which she says she'll take care of it. Get out your checkbook Kody. Your inability to sell Christine into giving up part of her budget to Meri is going to cost you.

And Meri, for the record, that wet bar looks cheap. It's hideous. A bare wall would look better. You know, I bet Papa Joe Darger could have easily built that 'counter space' you wanted for your pastries when you entertain. And I think with all the free advertisement the builders got, those blinds, washer and dryer, upgraded carpets and tile, etc options should have been included FREE (and I suspect they were). If they weren't, this just shows how awful a salesman Kody truly is.

But I digress...

Back on topic, I do have to smile a bit about the segment with Meri making the home video montage of all the Brown bonus kids for Logan. Who would've thunk that Meri was not smarter than a 5th grader when it came to running a video camera? Meri was so funny when she watched the video and realized the camera was on pause when she thought she was recording, and recording when she thought it was on pause. Props to Gabriel for knowing his way around a video camera - very impressive. It was also fun to see him, and his siblings Savanah and Dayton get some quality camera time, too.

Of course, Kody has to have his own mini segment discussing why it is so important for his 4 families be in the McMansions by Christmas. I'm beginning to get the impression that polygamists - particularly the Kody Brown kind, must believe their children disappear when they turn 18.  I'm certain that Logan will NOT suddenly go 'poof' in the night, and that he will be coming home every week to get his laundry done. In the case of Mariah, she will carefully pack up her dirty laundry for Meri to wash for her at Christmas, spring and summer vacations. After all, who wants to waste quarters when you know at least 3 of your Moms will do it for you?

 Just another perk of polygamy...

All I have to say about the hair salon segment is that now we know why Kody and Meri have the same hair color and highlights - they share the same hairstylist, Kennedy. Suffice it to say Kody is overly attached to his hair, and his wives love his surfer dude look. Even if he is balding.

At last we get to the final segment when Logan leaves for the dorm. It's kind of sad to hear Logan say he's nervous about his new college friends finding out his family is polygamist (whoops, Logan must not have gotten the memo to say Plural Family not polygamist). Poor Logan...but of course, instead of going into more detail about Logan's feelings about how polygamy has affected him in school, suddenly Kody showed up for breakfast and of course the conversation shifted to Kody's hair.

It's really sad that in a five minute segment about Logan leaving home, half of the time was spent talking about Kody's hair! AGAIN! No wonder Logan is ready to leave!

Later at Robyn's house,  Kody talks about his message he wrote on the Quilt of Many Browns -essentially saying that Logan should be a gentleman and not indulge in pre-marital sex. This reminds me of when I was in college, one of my friends showed me a note his father had written to him when he left for college. It simply said (in Yiddish) 'Be careful where you put it'. Just like 40 years ago, all I can say is what is this male preoccupation with sex?

Christine looks very striking in regular clothes
As Logan packs up his hand me down Lexus, Kody decided one more run to the McMansions for old times sake was necessary.  So as Kody droned on and on about family and happiness and overpriced McMansions, I was left wondering about Logan's Quilt of Many Browns, and if Logan was really going to use it in his dorm room or just leave it in his dad's old babe magnet Lexus. Suddenly, I remember the picture in Robyn's bedroom, of the Lexus with Robyn embracing Kody beside it. Oh Logan, here's hoping you have better luck than your dad picking up babes with his babe magnet Lexus. And remember, be careful where you put it...the quilt I mean!