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Friday, June 29, 2012

Twitter Folks Not Happy With Kody

Tweets to Kody about Christine. Just took a few, it's a general consensus. MANY posts. Posters here have discussed this thoroughly.
@realkodybrown I think every woman in America was upset w/Kody for that remark

@realkodybrown that was a very abusive comment and lack of feeling exhibited to Christine. She is beautiful!

@realkodybrown I cannot believe how cruel you were to Christine. Shame on you @realkodybrown It is an understatement that I find you repulsive.

@TLC @realkodybrown you only wear one wedding ring Is that the 1 from Meri? Did the others get you a ring? How do you decide what 1 to wear?  

@realkodybrown going to see your own dad isn't vacation for luxury um that would be taking your terrible wife Meri to Mexico twice 

@realkodybrown Has your family heard of/ looked into Americorps for the teens after high school and before college 

@TLC @realkodybrown Why doesn't Kody do something with his hair. It always looks dirty.

@TLC @realkodybrown why don't they want to know everything about each other no matter how personal it is. As "sister" shouldn't they?
@realkodybrown kody can't wait 4 the truth 2 come out! The DA in Utah was not going 2 prosecute U! Moving 2 Vegas was fake & tore up kids!

@TLC @realkodybrown @MeriBrown1 how do you expect your children to follow in ur faith when they have no community of it around them?
@realkodybrown when your daughter said she never sees you anymore do you think maybe you have enough children now #Blessed (just curious)   

@realkodybrown my daughter was in a school shooting. She called us while she hid. We could hear the shots in the background. Guns aren't fun

@realkodybrown 6yrs ago my daughter's world was turned upside down by a school shooting. Guns aren't amusement. Just don't put them on tv.

@realkodybrown Why do you think you can do whatever you want? #sisterwives

@rosecolored6 @realkodybrown You are and have always been beautiful. If Kody was not attracted to you, he was blind.

@rosecolored6 @realkodybrown He looked seriously SHALLOW regarding body size. How can such a spiritual person be so shallow?

@rosecolored6 I am so sorry you had to be humiliated on national tv by @realkodybrown - you're gorgeous!

@realkodybrown There has 2 be a cheaper method of shipping 2 Canada. $60 ring is $76 to ship. That's not gonna happen :(

@TLC @realkodybrown Did you consider finding one property to build one large house for everyone in Vegas like the one you had in Utah?

@TLC @realkodybrown Why they aren't building a single family home with 4 residences and a common area. It would be cheaper & more together.
@realkodybrown @janellebrown117 @rosecolored6 @luvgvsuwngs seems like the homes are way too expensive.

@JanelleBrown117 @rosecolored6 @MeriBrown1 @rosecolored6 @realkodybrown You guys demonstrate the power of communication in relationships. (OK, this was positive, but I got a good chuckle out of it!)

*If you start a discussion on one of these tweets, or one of your own, add the tweet for others to reply if able to make comments easier to read. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lehi Police Report on the Browns

Here are the newly released documents from the Lehi Police Department regarding their 2010 investigation of the Kody Brown family. Courtesy The Salt Lake Tribune.

Read the article at:

Lehi Police Report on Sister Wives

Review: Sister Wives Tell All

The interview with Natalie Morales was TOUGH...
— Robyn Sullivan Brown (@LuvgvsUwngs) June 25, 2012

For once, I have to agree with Robyn. Natalie Morales was tough... that's her job. This is the difference between being interviewed by a Rosie O'donnell or Ellen Degeneres. Kody Brown and his Sister Wives got schooled by a seasoned network news anchor and correspondent, not an entertainment interviewer. Yes, Robyn, she was tough...and very very effective in weeding out the truth from all the hype in the Sister Wife saga.

This wasn't the Brown's first time at the Natalie Morales rodeo. Last year's hour interview was like all the other interviews the Browns have. The host patiently listens to the girlish giggling while asking softball interview questions. Kody holds court, while his sister wives (either Janelle or Robyn) interrupt and answer the question for him when he gets stuck.

This year, Morales went back to her news correspondent roots. This was clearly a book tour interview, so she was prepared with a copy of the Brown's book, along with her notes. She put her guests at ease, laughing with them, and then she honed in on her target. With each question, she skillfully probed the Browns towards the truth, then BOOM! She asked a question that left Christine audibly gasping, and Kody visibly shaken. Yep, the Browns got schooled all right.

One of my favorite segments of the interview was at the beginning, when the nice Natalie Morales, morphs into the news journalist Natalie Morales. And the Browns are left stunned.

 Holding the Brown's book in her hands, she started talking about one of the book's revelations that Kody chased girls. "in high school?" he asked, obviously enjoying the moment. Morales continued her questioning with "I guess you had a lot of girlfriends..." The wives were smiling and laughing and Kody tried to act all innocent asking "In high school?" and while his wives continue to laugh and giggle, he jokingly asked "Do I have to be accountable for that now?

And then Morales started reeling him in..."did you choose the faith based on the lifestyle that it would allow you then?" Kody, still not realizing what's happening, continued speaking jovially while Janelle turned her head towards him with a worried look on her face, "...no, in my head it was more of a calling. I was 14, I had a foot in trying to be a wild boy and a spiritual boy so I was trying to figure out my own life, but I believed it."

Without warning, Morales asked her shock and awe question: "So it wasn't that you chose religion to be a womanizer..." There was an audible gasp of indignation from Christine. You could almost see the hairs bristling up on Kody's neck as he defensively asked " is that what you think, I am is a womanizer? " The smile was gone off Kody's face; Janelle was now looking down towards the floor.

 "Well an outsider may say you're fulfilling a need by taking on a new wife each time" Morales said, while staring right at Kody."Well, I will strongly disagree with that outsider's point of view and I'll explain to you why!" Kody yelled defensively. Now Christine tried to enter the fray by interrupting that she disagreed too, but Morales continued staring straight at Kody, ignoring her. Kody was clearly upset as he sputtered out "because I have done the emotional work in these relationships...I've been trying very hard to be a good husband. all of this happened very serendipitously...I was never dating... all of my wives I chose as a mate because of the depth of their character and my belief they would be a fine individual to share life with...I was never womanizing...this is not an open marriage."

Morales got him. Shock and awe. The Browns are stunned and on their guard. Meri puts on her dour face. Janelle looks down. And Robyn finally shuts her mouth.

The next interview question probed the relationship between Kody, Meri, and the 18 year old girl they chose to be Kody's 2nd wife.

When Morales asked "...Kody and Meri you guys were both courting, or fell in love with an eighteen year old. Is that right to say you both fell in love with..." Kody abruptly interrupts Morales to say "I was 22, 23...I mean it wasn't ...I don't want to get salacious here..." Then Robyn inexplicably interrupts saying " she was close to their age".

It makes you wonder, if the girl was 18, why all the sputtering from Kody saying how he didn't want to get salacious. Well, I read the book. And I can tell you that they started dating this girl when she was underaged. It was, in fact, Christine that drove the girl to a youth camp where she first met Kody and Meri. (page 54) And according to Christine, Meri and Kody's courtship with this girl had been prolonged because "...Kody and Meri wanted to wait for the girl they were courting to turn eighteen before making their engagement official...I heard when they got engaged and I knew when they set the date for the wedding." (page 56).

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize Kody and Meri were "courting" an underaged girl that was 17 if not younger -- if they had to wait until she was 18 to announce their engagement. And that explains Robyn's need to clarify the issue that Kody and Meri were close in age to the girl, when Kody started stumbling over his words. As Meri goes on to answer Morales' questions about her relationship with this girl, you can see Christine reliving the episode, but not saying one word about it.

When Morales questioned Meri and Janelle about their somewhat rocky sister wife relationship, it was Kody who defended Meri. In fact, Kody defended Meri a lot, and spoke for her so much that after Kody gave a long explanation of why there was a conflict between Janelle and Meri, Morales effectively shut him up by putting out her left arm, touching the chair next to Meri and while looking at her said "Let me hear what Meri has to say..." Kody was silenced and Meri was finally free to answer the question on her own.

It was the Christine segment that Kody effectively put his foot in his mouth and showed his most cruel, heartless, unsympathetic, and yes, stupid side to his questionable personality.

Morales brought up the chile nacho cheese incident. Now, it appeared that Christine, bless her heart, took it in stride and even joked about it. But Kody took the incident to a new level of cruelty against Christine. When Morales asked Kody if size mattered so much to him that he was grossed out by a chubby girl eating chile cheese nachos, Kody replied "I will be honest I was not attracted to Christine in...any kind of physical sense. I mean I look back and in retrospect and wonder was that fair. But I can't even look there because we have children together...we have a relationship and we found our sweet spot..."

You would hope that he would stop there. Not Kody Brown. When Morales asked "So you were not physically attracted to Christine..." Kody barged forward and answered quickly and completely devoid of any sensitivity "That's an understatement." You could see the color drain from Christine's face. Her fake smile gone, her eyes narrowed almost to slits. "You were grossed out by her?" Morales asked. "I won't say that...but the nachos grossed me out enough to make me go OK, I'm waiting to marry her..."

Without missing a beat, Morales turns to Christine and asked her "How does it feel to hear him..." and Christine interrupted her, obviously upset, shrugged her shoulders and said "It hurts, it's horrible...I didn't know that until recently." Kody then tried to justify his cruelty by saying "I'm just being honest" but not even Meri could defend her 'lover'. "I think sometimes in a relationships you have to be careful when to be honest and how honest to be." When Morales asked her if Kody just blew it by being too honest, all Meri said was "I'm just saying...I think we all say things sometimes. Trying to be honest and trying to be open and sometimes I think we go a little bit too far." Robyn looked like she was about to throw up. Kody looked like he had no clue what he had just done.

And to prove how absolutely stupid Kody was, in his one on one interview, Morales gave him a chance to apologize for the insensitive things he had said about Christine. "Do you regret saying what you said earlier to us today?...Did she call you out on it after that interview?" she asked. "...that whole nacho cheese thing ...that was years before Christine and I got married." he said. "But it still hurt her, hearing you say that...she seemed to shut down right when you said that... in fact all the other women were like oh no!" Kody, apparently realizing Natalie Morales was not taken in by his boyish charms, laughed, then dropped the smile and said " Well...I'm not sitting here rehearsing a line...er...stating a line that I've rehearsed. You asked me a question, I stated kind of where I was at the time."

Sorry Christine. No apology for you. And when Christine later admits that when they were married, she was more in love with Kody than Kody was with her, and that she has problems with trust, well, you have to feel for her. She has hitched her cart for all time and eternity to a man who refused to apologize for hurting her feelings. And she doesn't trust her sister wives Something just isn't right about that.

Thankfully, the interview segues to the eldest teenagers. Sitting on the floor, Morales holds an open discussion, talking about sex, Logan's girlfriends, and dating. What the kids hate about the lifestyle is that everything is times 5. If one parent is mad, there are 4 other parents mad at them. Of course, Mariah sees the positives in her parent's relationships, while the others see how the wives can be passive-aggressive in their relationships. And when asked about how strong his faith is, Logan admits it's not as strong as it used to be. "When you don't have a community, then only your parents are doing it...They want us to have some sort of faith, some sort of connection. But most of us are kinda probably gonna find...go our own way." Only Mariah has made up her mind to have a plural marriage. Maddie just wants to get out of high school, and feels her husband will have a lot with just her so no plural marriage for her. Final talley: 1 for polygamy, 2 against polygamy, 2 undecided or no comment.

Looks like that move to Las Vegas was a mistake. And Kody, your weekly church services aren't doing much to help your children find their faith. No wonder Janelle wanted Logan to connect with the LDS church!

The interview moved on to Robyn, who looked like she was about to be eaten alive by sharks. She discussed her She-Ra alter personality, and her reluctance to join the family until she saw Kody cleaning one of his child's feet. As expected, she turns on the tears. I suspect She-Ra didn't make the interview, so Robyn had to revert to crying to make that mean old interviewer take pity on her and not ask any really mean questions.

And last but not least, my final favorite point of the interview. It occured when Morales was discussing Kody and Meri seeing a marriage counselor. As to be expected, Kody showed that he had a screw loose when he says " Here's the interesting thing. The time gets fuzzy, but Meri and I were literally at a point of a all time high right before we met Robyn..."

The look on Meri's face was priceless. "When you say we were at an all time high, we weren't...I mean we were low...we were having struggles in our relationship." corrects Meri. And then he says he and all the sister wives have been in counselling together. This time it was Christine who corrects him - "No we haven't all gone together." Then Kody tries to say that the couch interviews they do for the show is their counseling sessions. Looks like that gray stuff inside of Kody's skull is also a bit fuzzy.

And once again, Meri throws sister wives Janelle and Christine under the bus when she says the reason she is so close to Robyn is because she and Robyn want to have that "depth of a relationship" with each other. And as for a 5th sister wife, Robyn conceded that when she married Kody it was with the understanding that a 5th wife was a possibility, and Kody, showing more tact with Robyn than he did with Christine, said he's just trying to focus on his relationship with his 4 wives right now.

Thus ended the Browns' second turn at the rodeo with Natalie Morales. Something tells me there will not be a third time.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

6. Discussion Page for S04 Ep10 Leaving the Nest

Continue your discussion here!

Review: S04 Ep10 Leaving the Nest

We learned a lot from Sunday's episodes. First, and most important, we learned that the season has been broken into two parts again. So it's not really a season finale we're watching - it's a midseason finale.


Second, that Kody is a pompous ass -- well, alright, we already knew that one.

And third, that Kody is not smart financially and is leading  his merry wives down the road to financial ruin.

So let's get started, shall we?

For what it's worth, Kody does not want Logan to go away to college. He wants Logan to stay in Las Vegas, and go to UNLV instead.  Logan still wants to visit Southern Utah University in Cedar Ridge and remains strong against his father's attempts to bribe him with his own room and an office in Janelle's McMansion (still pending credit approval, of course).

I'm left wondering,  with a household of 16 other children, why  Kody is all hot and bothered about his son leaving home for college? Wouldn't he want Logan to experience college life away from home, to be on his own? I mean, I remember back in the day, where if you were a college freshman you had to be in a dorm that first year, so you could savor college life to the fullest. But Kody just doesn't see it that way. In fact, Kody insults both Utah by calling them a hick community AND Janelle when she expresses concern for Logan's religious direction, preferring that if he does decide on SUU, that he turn to the LDS church for spiritual guidance.

Kody screams at Janelle  "...why are you pushing him to the Mormon church?...he's a plig kid..." Even though Janelle explains that Logan has a better chance of keeping true to his mormon fundamentalist roots by associating with LDS'ers, Kody's not convinced. "...[Mormons] can't even tolerate us !" he hisses to Janelle. And then to Logan, Kody issues his warning shot "I still have a several days I can try to convince you to stay here." Logan, shooting right back simply says " As soon as I'm eighteen, it's my life."

Fun times in the Kody Brown/Janelle parental unit home.

As Logan and his sisters start their drive to Utah, Kody explains  his emotional anxiety over Logan leaving home.  Kody fears he hasn't given Logan a strong religious foundation. Ya think, Kody? Being that Logan basically took over the father figure role starting back in Lehi, Kody not only dropped the ball on Logan's religious direction, but  definitely dropped the ball on being a strong father figure for Janelle's entire parental unit. "I'm concerned whether I've done right by him" Yep you ought to be concerned. You're not looking too good in the Father Dearest department right now.

Back in Utah, we see the Logan and company touring the SUU campus. They even have lunch - wait, is that edamame they're eating? Anyway, Logan starts to weigh the plus and minuses of SUU. Smaller class sizes, away from family distractions and family control. Basically, the same stuff most teens worry about. But strangely, he doesn't mention out of state tuition. Hmmm.....

 By the end of this road trip, SUU is looking good to him.

As the scene switches back to Las Vegas, we see Kody and his wives walking taking a tour through one of the model homes with Mona, the real estate lady. These McMansions are HUGE...Christine hears angels singing, Kody sees where the Thanksgiving table can be placed, and  Meri just adores the tub. While Kody acknowledges that Meri has expensive tastes, there is still one wife who has kept strangely quiet through it all. "This house is ...too much" says Janelle. "Holy Hell, how are we ever going to afford this? My budget cannot afford this house."

Well, at least someone in the Brown clan is thinking rationally.

But leave it to Kody to put his own unique spin on the situation. "I'm looking at this home and I'm going Holy Cow! I've got to start believing that I deserve more than a dirt farm." Dear Lord, the man has gone cuckoo -- he must be drinking his own koolaid now. Could someone please tell me how Kody Brown deserves to have not one McMansions but four? WITHOUT A REAL JOB??? You know, maybe Kody should be on one of those TLC shows like Hoarders, only his affliction is having champagne tastes with rain water income - these jokers can't even afford tap water anymore!

Now I understand why he has put his three wives through bankruptcy in the last 20 years. He's following  the 'psychology' of "...if you can't believe that you are going to be there, then you never will be." Now, I'm not quite sure where "there" is, but I have a feeling it's somewhere close to Bankruptcy Boulevard and Pauper Road. Good luck, ladies...

Next up, Kody and his merry wives take a ride to the jeweler in charge of Robyn's Sister Wife's Closet creations. This is just a sample of their conversation: They are kewl, it's kewl. Wow, that's kewl. How kewl. It's a hit. How about a bro ring? Forgetaboutit!

After the jewelers, Kody and his merry wives meet up at their favorite mexican food restaurant. They decide to put down "a chunk" of money as earnest money on building the four McMansions and of course, Kody wants to tell the kids that they are making an offer on the homes.

They are going to gamble that in 30 days they will have financing for the 4 McMansions. And they WILL succeed, even if they have to forgo vacations. After a particularly grueling session of Kody haranguing the wives to accept his wishes, including the admission that in the Lehi days, they were so poor Christine didn't have enough money to visit her father, and that Meri not only gets flack from Janelle about having a big house with only 1 child, but that her family also thinks she's unreasonable living in a large house basically alone.

Robyn with a booboo on her lip
And it doesn't help when Robyn tries, in her best back-handed compliment way, to bolster Meri's esteem by consistently pointing out how Meri has failed as a wife by not producing a household full of kids to scuff up her impeccable furniture. And excuse me Kody, but isn't it YOUR fault that your family is now spread hither and yon? And Meri, what do you need a WET BAR for? Dear Lord, give me the strength to make it to the end of this episode without catching Robyn's booboo!

Figure 8 Productions must really hate Kody, because he is looking like a total irresponsible ass this episode. He totally lost me when he said to Christine to just save her grocery money if she wants to go on a vacation. And Robyn? JUST SHUT UP!!

Logan and his parents take a short trip to the UNLV campus for a tour. Janelle's impressed by the tour guide - she thought she was cute. Logan was impressed that how pretty the campus was, once you got past the initial buildings. And Kody remarked how close UNLV was to the Vegas strip. It's actually closer to the airport, but I guess that doesn't matter to a salacious minded Kody Brown.

Back to the cul-de-sac property, we have the ceremonial signing of the earnest money checks and contracts. Done deal. The lots are assigned to the wives and Kody tries to justify his presence by saying it was like he was signing a check for those 4 houses. Whatever dude...

The scene of Kody running in what will be their backyards with the sappy music playing in the background just drove home the point of just how large those lots are, and how large those houses will be and will there be enough yard available for a Big Love style backyard. Something tells me Kody will still find an excuse to drive from one house to the other each night.

Later, the family went to Janelle's house for Garrison's birthday. After everyone donned their UNLV t-shirts, they surprised Logan with chants of UNLV! UNLV! and then Kody tried to surprise the kids with the news about the earnest money. The kids were not impressed, even when Kody says he was 99% sure they will get the houses. Poor dears apparently have been there, done that with Kody before on his pipedreams. They were not amused.

Oh yes, Logan made a decision - he's going to UNLV! Logan, if I were you I'd get a dorm room on campus. You won't regret it!

Monday, June 25, 2012

5. Newest Comment Area for Sunday's Shows

"I just fell in love, and then I fell in love again," Kody says. "And then I fell in love again."Riiiiggght.

Kody the BUZZKILL SERENDIPITY NOT decides to say that he wasn't in love with Janelle or Christine when marrying them. 
When your self esteem is battered daily, it take a toll. Having your faith say you must remain married to him to have him call you to your "celestial kingdom" must be a mind blower.

But on the bright side, the kids loves the food!!!

That, and other burning questions Like, what's up with Robyn being OK with a 5th wife now, or where did she get those fabulous purple socks, still have my thoughts churning. Will they be online for sale soon?

WHAT are your thoughts. More discussion space below until the BIG REVIEW!~

4. Additional Comment Area for Sunday's Shows!!

Wow! Keep the comments flowing!  

3. Additional Comment Area for Sunday Night's Shows!!

Additional Comment space here for Sunday's Big Two Parter!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

2. Comment area for Sister Wives Tell All

Kody and the Wives speak to NBC News' Natalie Morales about polygamy, life in Las Vegas, and their new book detailing life in the Brown family before the cameras started rolling. In addition, Natalie also sits down with five of the Brown's oldest kids.
Seriously? Does this guy looks like he "tells all" - has he ever answered a REAL question? 

If you could ask them a serious question and they HAD to answer honestly, what would you ask? 

** Don't forget you may post on the first episode of tonight's show below on "Leaving The Nest" a couple of posts down to keep conversations flowing well!

Get out your Credit Cards, mysisterwifescloset.com is ONLINE

The Day: Sunday June 24th, 2012
The Time: 9:00 AM

Hold on to your American Express Centurion Card (you know, that Black one), the Sister Wive's Online store is now, officially OPEN for BUSINESS!!

A quick look around is...well...a little depressing. And extremely funny in a Are you F***ing Kidding Me kind of way.

First, only the jewelry "department" was live, and it only had 9 different items for sale. Excuse me for a moment, I just can't stop laughing at how meager the online store offerings are...let's just say Neiman Marcus they are not. In fact, I've seen better selections at Target. Really...how long has this been in the works and only 9 items for sale?

The cheapest priced item is $55.00, for a truly hideous My Sisterwife's Closet Pendant. I wonder if the sister wives understand that the 'beauty' of their store logo is its rainbow-like coloring. It's completely loss in a black and white photo -- let's hope the actual item maintains the rainbow affect, because it looks like an animal paw in black and white. The most expensive item is a $299.00 Claddagh Charm Necklace and Charms personally designed by Robyn, presented by Robyn to her Sister Wives for Christmas 2011. Looking around, it seems a majority of the items were designed by Robyn.

Hmmm.... isn't that a surprise.

No the real surprise is that one item was actually designed by Christine - the Super Woman Pendant ($93.50). Words simply cannot describe....

Anyway, I have many pet peeves that I'll keep to myself, but... (yeah I couldn't resist) why are the photographs in stark black and white, and why the hell aren't the accessories and clothing sections open yet? Why the mystery about what credit cards are accepted? We buyers like to know on your front page what credit cards you take! By the way, it's the standard 4 -- Amex, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

So let's put out some numbers. If 1000 of their diehard fans buy the $299.00 Claddagh Charm Necklace and Charms, assuming they will receive a $40.00 discount (that's what it said - buy the whole set and get a $40.00 discount), how much money will Robyn make, Christine. Christine? Did you hear the question? You must have because I see you taking your shoes off to count your toes...

Okay, $259,000.00. Why, that's enough to put a 40% down payment on one of the cul-de-sac McMansions!


1. Comment area for Leaving the Nest

As high school graduation nears, Logan finally decides on which college he will attend. Meanwhile, Kody and the wives are on the verge of fulfilling their dream of bringing the family back together. Will they finally make their dream come true?

 My favorite line from the show this year was Logan saying he could be good and bad! Yes, Logan, you are right, it's a time to find yourself, and you don't have to play their game of perfect life anymore!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Scour the Internet: The Pre-Season Finale Edition

Now isn't this interesting? The Learning Channel has truncated the run of Sister Wives' 4th season by showing two one hour episodes back to back on Sunday night.

What does this mean?

Well, to tell you the truth, it sort of reminds me of what HBO did to a limping Big Love when it drastically cut down the number of episodes in its final season to make way for Game of Thrones. Makes you wonder has My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding usurped Sister Wives number one position with TLC?


Anyway, since the 4th (and hopefully not final) season is about to close out, let's check out what the 'Official' TLC website has to say about the season finale. Looks like the first hour is titled Leaving the Nest - and its about Logan deciding where to go to college, and the wives are "..on the verge of fulfilling their dream of bringing the family back together..." Maybe a wealthy benefactor has taken pity on the Browns' predicament and given them a couple of million dollars to build their dream mansions. Or maybe they figured out a way to have their family corporation buy the houses instead of relying on their own, very sad credit profiles.

Or maybe, they will move into double wides in the Nevada desert? Guess we'll have to wait until Sunday's show to find out for sure.

The second hour is actually an interview  with NBC's Natalie Morales to talk about their book, life in Las Vegas and an interview with the 5 oldest teenagers. Interesting...Sounds like the Browns are still trying to sync up the stories they told on the TV show with the stories they wrote in their book. Good luck, cuz they need it!!

So here's hoping that season 5 will not be the last season, and that season 6 is but a few months away... I really want to see their cross country journey to Nauvoo Il...

So what's happening on the Twitter scene?

It was kind of funny how the Browns stopped tweeting while they were on the Nauvoo excursion. Well, some of them did.

Oops, looks like Janelle didn't get the memo...

And of course, there was the obligatory Father's Day tweets from Kody's wives...

Meri's still in high school mode...OK we get it, he's your Lover and you Love him, yeah yeah yeah...

And Kody trying to sound like he's a great Dad, but misses the boat...busy life doing what, exactly?

Hey, wait a minute. There's a wife missing...Yep, nothing but crickets from wife #3 Christine....

And it looks like both Robyn and Christine missed tweeting about Logan's graduation. But at least fans got tweets from Janelle, Meri and Kody...

I'm hoping Kody showed up for  Logan's graduation ceremony...

Last but not least, looks like somebody decided to take on poor Robyn and Christine...

Interesting that Robyn has " loved ones of every race and religion." I say SHOW ME!! And Rev. Danielle doesn't count. And I guess the no response from Christine was because she was too busy making Mock Tapioca...yummy...(blecch!)

So until next time just remember, I scour the internet, so you don't have to!