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Saturday, August 25, 2012

UPDATE!! I Scour the Internet: The Road Trip to Disneyland Edition 8/25/12

Well, summer is almost over and still no word when Sister Wives will be returning to our TV sets. We do know that a lot of filming has been going on -- primarily in Illinois and California.

And this group apparently has taken yet another road trip to the happiest place on earth, outside of Las Vegas, of course. The Browns must own stock in Disneyland. If they don't, they should because it seems they drive down to Anaheim at least once a month to visit Mickey, Minnie,  Goofy and the assorted Disney Princesses.

But this last trip was totally different. Who would've thunk that Kody would actually bring along ALL his wives and families on this Disneyland trip.

Can you just imagine Kody checking into the hotel?

Front Desk: May I help you?
Kody Brown: Yes, I need rooms. (running hand through hair) Haha, I need a LOT of rooms!
Front Desk: Really, do you have a reservation?
Kody Brown: Look, I don't have time for small talk...don't you know who I am? (takes off sunglasses and strategically places them on top of his head to camouflage the ever growing bald spot in front)
Front Desk: Ah....actually no. What name is your reservation under?
Kody Brown: Look, I have a tv show...I have 4 wives and 17 children!
Front Desk: Oh yeah...hmmm...Sorry Mr Duggar. I don't have a reservation under your name.

Now for some reason, there's a gag order on fans reporting the Browns' whereabouts, especially if there are cameras in tow,  on their offical Facebook fanpages -- you know,  the one you have to be accepted as a friend in order to read. The funny thing is, if you follow the adult Browns and their female teens' twits on Twitter, you can pretty much figure out where in the world the Brown's are located, and with whom. Sometimes it seems like they make such a big deal over nothing. I mean, who do they think they are, Countess LuAnn?

And why has the wives' presence  all but disappeared from the Facebook fanpage for those "friends only"? The admins don't even mention the Sunday night chats with the Sister Wives anymore. Even the My Sister Wife's Closet Facebook page is like a ghost town. Those hardcore fans don't give up though - they still post wanting to know when the show's coming back, or if new merchandise will be stocked in the online store soon, but usually the response from the Browns is one of no response. The silence is deafening.

One sure way to get a Brown response is to tweet them that you want to join their "management" team or want to know where their green koolaid can be purchased. Well, the Browns' still need to make a buck in order to afford those McMansions.

So, in lieu of having an actual conversation with the Browns, I decided to conduct a virtual interview.

Let's see what the Browns' have been up to, shall we?

Aspyn, I've noticed that you are an extreme fan of Disneyland. What makes Disneyland different from, let's say, Universal Studios?

Really? But Universal Studios has fantastic attractions too, right?

I'm sure the execs at Universal Studios will be happy to hear that. Now, is this your first or second day here at Disneyland...

So sorry about your sunburn. Maybe Mariah can pick something up at Walmart to help you feel better...wait, Mariah's calling my cell right now!

Hey Mariah, what's happening? You've been gone for quite a while now and Aspyn's  in pain!

Wow, that's kind of harsh. You know, I just have to ask, would your mother approve of your calling an Anaheim Walmart  ghetto? This IS Orange County, after all, and I'm sure some people may perceive your statement as snobby. What would your mother say and did you find that special water you wanted...

But you just called a Walmart ghetto. Don't you think maybe your mother would be upset by your assessment?

Whatever, go back to shopping. Just hope the ghetto doesn't rub off on ya. Do you have anything else to add before you hangup?

Must not be in a ghetto. So back to you Aspyn, you seem to be overly excited. What's up?

Do you have any other plans for the day?

Well, good luck to you. Ah...I see your mother Christine has just stepped up. Christine, I know you and your sisterwife Robyn have had a rough time of it, but it seems everything is all right now. I've heard you dressed Truely up as Robyn this morning. Can you describe Truely's outfit to SWB readers and why Robyn inspired you?

And how thoughtful that you remembered to include Sol! Speak of the devil, here's  Meri and Robyn now! Robyn, can you tell me what Meri has around her neck, please.

How nice for sales. Great to see the pendant and the charm holder together so one can tell just how tiny that Sisterwife's Closet Pendant really is...kind of small for $55, wouldn't you say?

Actually, I was hoping for a response from one of the sisterwives. Meri what are thoughts today?

That's nice. Well,  I can't wait to meet up with you all at dinner tonight!

I'm with the Sisterwives at dinner. It's a new restaurant for Meri, so what are you thinking? I hear the shrimp is excellent here!

Well, I think you will make do...say, you've got a really deep tan there, Meri. You are making Robyn look extremely pale in comparison! I know the sun's gone down but...damn!

Whatever you say. Hey Robyn, do you have any last words? How's Sol doing?

Nicely said, Robyn.  Do you have anything else to say? I know how you like to have the last words...

Now was that just your biologicals or your bonus kids, too?

Hey, we haven't heard from Janelle. Janelle do you have any final words to say to SWB readers?

Gee, I can't answer that, but I bet it may have been around the same time Kody decided to tell everyone how disgusting it was watching Christine eating chile cheese nachos.

So on that note, remember, I scour the internet so you don't have to!

Extra !! Extra!!

Here are Mock Stalker's photos from Disneyland!! Many thanks to Mock Stalker!




Sunday, August 19, 2012

washingtonpost.com: Change or Die Is TLC Approaching a Tipping Point With Its Reality Shows?

Here's an interesting article that tries to answer the question - Has TLC programming finally 'jumped the shark' with its newest reality shows. What's interesting is that Sister Wives was mentioned only in passing, almost like the next flavor of the month in the reality family drama genre started by Jon and Kate not so many years ago.

The rest of the article discusses what type of reality programming TLC is moving towards in order to remain competitive. So the question remains, does TLC still see a future in family faux-reality shows like Sister Wives, or will Honey Boo Hoo and six (SIX!) new wedding shows shove Kody Brown and his Sister Wives into reality-show oblivion.

What are your thoughts?

You can read the entire article at: http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/magazine/change-or-die-is-tlc-approaching-a-tipping-point-with-its-reality-shows/2012/08/16/541066f8-c9df-11e1-a740-17536be91cc6_story_3.html

Change or die: Is TLC approaching a tipping point with its reality shows?

By Danielle Douglas, Published: August 17

Elevator doors open. And there they are — Stacy, Clinton and even Randy, cast members from TLC’s “What Not to Wear” and “Say Yes to the Dress,” gazing out from life-size murals adorning the walls of the cable network’s offices.

At every turn of the sixth-floor digs in the headquarters of parent company Discovery Communications, TLC’s reality-show stars greet you.

Even the furniture in the waiting area — cupcake-shaped chairs tucked into a cake stand table — is a nod to Washington’s sibling bakers and Jersey’s pastry chieftain whose antics have gained a following for “D.C. Cupcakes” and “Cake Boss,” respectively.

Every colorful quirk of the decor reflects the network’s dedicated exploration of eccentricity. TLC revels in documenting everyday people living life, no matter how bizarre or mundane.

It’s a Wednesday morning in Silver Spring, and Eileen O’Neill, president of TLC and Discovery networks, is ready to talk about vision. She makes her way into the conference room, where general manager Amy Winter is already seated.

Winter is the young, urbane optimist, O’Neill the thoughtful pragmatist. They epitomize TLC’s target audience: women intrigued by the world around them.

“Whether it’s something as controversial as polygamy or as amenable as a baker’s shop, the aim is for the audience to come away with something of value and interest,” O’Neill said when asked about TLC’s programming goals.

What separates TLC from other networks, Winter chimes in, is its “compelling characters” who “tell their stories in a very openhearted way.” Audiences tune in for the authenticity of those stories, for the reality.

Reality TV is at the heart of TLC’s formula, as it is with much of cable television’s, but a sea change may be occurring: Competing networks such as Bravo and History are turning to scripted programming to appeal to an increasingly fragmented audience and to attract ad dollars.

Broadcast networks have long aired original scripted series, while cable channels were subsisting off reruns, documentaries and old movies. Many cable execs found the cost of producing scripted shows prohibitive, yet a few gave it a shot, with mixed results.

The popularity of cheaply produced reality shows gave cable channels little reason to diversify their lineup. But the enduring success of scripted shows such as “Mad Men” on AMC is encouraging more networks to venture into the format.

Wading into scripted programming might be the next logical step in TLC’s evolution.

Read the rest of the article at http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/magazine/change-or-die-is-tlc-approaching-a-tipping-point-with-its-reality-shows/2012/08/16/541066f8-c9df-11e1-a740-17536be91cc6_story_3.html

Friday, August 17, 2012

Salt Lake Tribune: Judge refuses to dismiss ‘Sister Wives’ lawsuit over polygamy

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Scour the Internet: The Pre Olympic Closing Ceremony Edition 8/11/12

There's nothing like a nice long vacation and the Summer Olympics to get you back into the swing of things.

As luck would have it, the Browns...at least some of the Browns, are enjoying their summer vacations and the Olympics, too.

And I'm sure I'm not the only person in the US of A who's happy to see Kody has finally gotten over his aversion to Utah and is traveling again to the state he snuck out of (with camera crew in tow) not so long ago.

So let's take a trip down Twitter lane and see what that rascally Kody Brown and his sort of Merry Wives have been up to, shall we?

Robyn's Tweets:

Why wouldn't you take that time to snuggle up to old Kody -- aren't you still working on that Honeymoon Experience you were so into a few seasons ago? Or has Kody tired of your keeping him awake while baby Sol sleeps? So where is Kody, anyway? Oh yeah, Kody's in Phoenix! Guess it's safe to say somebody isn't on the trip with him...or is she? Hmmmmm....

So does that mean the Devil is in charge of the heat?  Oh dear, Robyn's not sounding too happy....she must have found out Kody wasn't taking her on the Phoenix trip! Poor Robyn, but you need to work on your Sister Wife's Closet business. When are those new clothing, jewelry and accessory items going to be introduced?

Holy cow, Robyn! Stop the moping around, for goodness sakes. I say pick up the phone and call your BFF. You can still laugh about stupid things so hard that you drop the phone, break your toe and wake up the neighborhood all at the same time, trust me!

Let's hope Meri's having more fun, if you know what I mean!

Meri's Tweets:

So, who made the trip? Was Kody with you? Will we see this in the next season of Sister Wives? Is there going to be a next season? WE WANT ANSWERS AND WE WANT THEM NOW!!

Guess Kody was watching the Olympics somewhere else, but Meri always has fun with Mariah!

Happy B'day, Mariah!

Now, that is some impressive courage! See, I told ya'll. Meri always has outstanding fun with Mariah!

Whooo weee! What fun! Where was Kody? Well, a week earlier they were in St George, so who knows where Kody was. Best guess would be one of his wives or the Dargers. My money is on a wife.

Yay for Meri! Who from the family will be there cheering you on?

Janelle's Tweets:

That's an interesting statement. Makes you wonder why the Browns being so friendly with the Dargers lately. Hmmmm....I wonder if Logan is dating anyone....

Especially if Las Vegas is hot as hades, and Kody is out and about with his other wives! Where is Kody, anyway?

Christine's Tweets:

Reminds me of what my mother use to say...a child's first words are usually No! and Why? At least Christine didn't boast that her 2 year old could speak fluent French, like another former reality housewife did.

Holy cow! Where did you have your car parked? Thank goodness for AC, right?

Kody's Tweets:

Ah...., he remembered! So did you remember to get Mariah a new car to replace the one that broke down? Just asking....

Aha! Meri was in  St George for Pioneer Day, too. I wonder if Robyn travelled along, doesn't she have family in St George, or was this a special time for Kody -- who apparently is no longer afraid the big bad police are going to arrest him and throw his behind in jail anymore.

Good Grief, now they are expanding from Nevada and Utah into Arizona! You know, I've noticed every week Meri has tweeted for 3-4 leaders to join their little leadership team. So what's going on here, are they losing people, or do they need more and more people to join their outfit so they can afford those McMansions they are dreaming about. Whatever, maybe people are just not so eager to join a MLM that benefits those at the top of the pyramid.  Let's hope Kody doesn't lose that 'business' car. If we see Kody driving the Lexus next season, we'll know why!

Well that's all the twitter madness for now. Remember, I scour the Internet, so YOU don't have to!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sister Wives Blog: Trivialygamy Quest p1

Trivialygamy Quest
(with extra “y”s)

A recent poster asked SWB to re-run some old posts.  We thought, “How about a trivia game based on old posts instead?”                                                    


  1.  What did Christine do before the show aired?
           Answer:  She was a pro-polygamy (and anti-toaster) activist

  2.  When was the last time Christine was on government assistance?
                Answer:  May 2010, 9 months after SW taping began.

  3.  When did Christine declare bankruptcy?
               Answer:  March 2010, after SW taping began.

  4.  (a)  What did Christine state was the reason for her bankruptcy? 
  4.  (b)  What was the largest amount of debt listed on her bankruptcy papers?
                   Answers:  (a) medical debt.  (b) non-medical credit card debt

  5.  What is your favourite comment by Christine?  Add your comment below.
         Answer:  Mine is “God’s number is J – E – S – U – S” because my favorite          number is “E”.

  6.  How are Christine, Meri, Janelle, Robyn and Kody related?
         Answers:  Dr. Rulon Clark Allred is the grandfather of both Christine Brown,  Robyn's ex-husband David Preston Jessop, and is also  distant cousin of Meri and Kody. Kody and Christine are  are also distant cousins.  Besides being co-spouses, Janelle is Meri’s brother’s ex-wife and Janelle’s mom is married to Kody’s father. Allegedly

  7.  Can you name Christine’s children?
           Answer:  Aspyn, Mykelti, Paedon, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truly.  Poor Paedon; he has no “y” in his name.

  8.  Can you name Janelle’s children?
              Answer:  Logan, Madison, Hunter, Garrison, Gabriel, and Savannah.

  9.  What did Christine do on July 4th?
           Answer:  Try to fry an egg on the sidewalk
(in a frying pan, which is why it did not work).

10. Where did Janelle work when the Browns lived in Utah:
                   Answer: The Utah Department of Workforce Services, the state agency issuing public assistance. 

11. What is one of Janelle’s favourite things to do on vacation?
                Answer:  camping

12.  When did Janelle file for bankruptcy?
                     Answer:  In 1997, after “marrying” into the Brown family.
Written by: TERRASOLA

Monday, August 6, 2012

Craigslist Kody Wannabe!

portland craigslist > clark/cowlitz > personals > miscellaneous romance

seeking a Kody Brown type relationship - mw4w - 5430 (Vancouver)

Date: 2012-08-06, 4:29AM PDT

I am 54 years young and my wife is 30. We are a mixed race family. Caucasian and Asian. We have been married for 11 1/2 years. We have 2 children a boy 10 and a girl 5. My wife is into rock climbing and physical exercise. Anyone we would be interested in would have to be athletic so they could exercise with her. I like women who are into God but not into church or religion.

Age is just a number but if you are immature I would lose interest in you fast. I am honest and speak my mind. I can not stand liars at all. If you are Bisexual then dont waste your time with me because I am not interested at all.

My wife is an awesome lady and a wonderful woman and anyone who has her for a sisterwife is very blessed. She helps me stay balanced......

We believe for marriage to be successful we need to support one another and also help each other grow individually, spiritually and as a family......

I am a Ronald Reagan conservative.

You can see the details here:

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Joe Darger and His 3 Wives - UPDATED! Sister Wives Blog

Joe Darger and his 3 wives interviewed by Time Reporter TIME writer, Belinda Luscombe, learns what life is like for the outspoken, polygamist  family, the Dargers.

A little different than most I've seen, interesting thoughts to comment on. Time interview with the Dargers hit the newsstand Aug. 6. 
                                  THOUGHTS on this Tweet?? 
(Courtesy: http://www.time.com/time/video/player/0,32068,1754465091001_2120441,00.html)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Big Love and Sister Wives: A Brief Comparison Between the Family Matriarchs

Here's a brief comparison of the grandmothers of Big Love and Sister Wives.

Yes, I know Lois and Adaleen are fictional characters, but they do present some common characteristics with  Genielle; mainly hospitality and love of family. Well, perhaps Lois not so much on the hospitality.

Anyway, one thing for sure, they certainly love their children, although I don't think Adaleen nor Lois would be as kind as Genielle if their son tried to eat half of her breakfast.

Genielle Brown
Lois Henrickson
Adaleen Grant

First wife of Winn Brown, mother of Kody Brown. Has 2 other sister wives.
Second* wife of Frank Harlow, mother of Bill Henrickson. Had 5 other sister wives (one deceased).
Sixth wife of Juniper Creek’s prophet Roman Grant, mother of Nicolette and Alby Grant. Had 13 other sister wives.

According to Kody, his mother would “fall on her sword for me.”
Sliced off the right arm of Hollis Greene with a large serrated knife when he dared to put a hand on her son Bill.
Conspired to have son Alby murdered in a rest stop men’s room. (Tap...Tap...Tap)

Was LDS, and converted to fundamentalism when Kody was in his teens. Was later excommunicated from the LDS church while Kody was on his LDS mission. Her sister wife Sheryl is Kody’s wife Janelle’s mother.
Lois’ father Orville Henrickson was prophet of Juniper Creek who died under mysterious circumstances. He was succeeded by his accountant, Roman Grant.
Adaleen has a complicated family tree. As she explains:“I'm 32 out of 56 children. And when I married Roman, I became my own step grandma as my father married Roman's daughter Faylene.   When I had Alby, he became my great uncle and I became his great great grandmother. Which of course makes me my own grandmother." Not to mention she also married her daughter’s ex-husband J.J.

Had problems with jealousy when Sheryl joined the family. As she puts it “I took care of kids and Sheryl took care of Winn.” Later, she got to know Sheryl better, and now considers her one of her very best friends.
Was notorious for her ill treatment of her sister wives. Of the concussions her sister wives suffered at her hands, she explained  "The Principle brings up our jealousies for the purposes of healing."
When Adaleen was asked how she could stand a particularly loathsome sister wife, she replied “I love her, and we are all equals. But last night I did dream I was trying to push her out the car  while driving along at a pretty quick clip.”

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sister Wives Blog: BIG BAD LOVE

One of the posts I had the most fun with was "Kody Brown, We want you to go all the Way! My Top 10 List of Potential Wives 5-7."Take a look.


Why? It was fun and fantasy. Life doesn't seem real in the "Sister Wives" show. Not to most of us. Men, are sometimes the head of the house, more often, it's the wife. Or one partner, you get the drift. Sometimes, it's equal. Seems like they are hiding their beliefs, where we are all pretty vocal about ours, and many respect others.

Did they emit how they wanted us to see them "as they were" honestly, I do believe so, in so many words. Kody needs the reality of a real woman, a woman that lives on THIS planet. Hence, BIG BAD LOVE. Enjoy!

PS: If you get Lifetime Move Network, A Polygamy Movie, "The 19th Wife" is on today. Check your schedules!

Here's BIG BAD LOVE s1