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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sister Wives Video Review - Staying Positive

"Kody talks about being positive in the midst of major unknowns in their lives"
Boy, watching these old ones, I sure feel differently now then when I first saw them. What few words that are said are very powerful in my book.
What are your thoughts?


  1. OUCH! OMG! What is it with these people about LYING? Seriously Kody, needs to understand LYING IS BAD! If a leader has to LIE, he's NOT being a good leader. What does he think will happen when the truth comes out? Or will he just LIE SOME MORE? What a horrible example he's setting for his children!

    You know, I'm going to give old Kody a break. It's obvious 1)he's not very smart and 2)he's in over his head. But damn, he needs to break this cycle of lying all the time!

    Kody's new mantra should be "It's Never Kewl To Lie!" Maybe Robyn can get it printed on a purple t-shirt for him.


  2. I was going to say the same thing. Tell the kids the truth, be a man!

  3. Lies lies lies. We're going through many changes here, and i just tell the kids like it is. they absorb is so much better when they are being told the TRUTH. Then they , guess what, TRUST YOU.

  4. Isn't it sad, as a father of 16, that's the best he could come up with? You know why, I believe, is because the MOTHERS do all the dirty work of parenting. He's bluffing. Oh, he's got a head, but just one that makes babies.

  5. Now see, what is this? MORE LYING. (shaking head)
    Are they above us where lying is ok?
    My children, I couldn't look them in the eye and lie about such important things. Nor would I expect them to me. Kody, do you punish your kids when they lie? Hypocrite.

  6. Kody is such a salesman whipping up enthusiasm for things that will hurt his kids. Remember the episode where he announces he's adding Robyn and her kids to the family? He adopted the same tactics then, telling his kids what a wonderful thing it was going to be. I am haunted by one of his little daughters with tears in her eyes saying "I guess I'll get used to it."

  7. Oh, yes, I remember that. and the icky "New Mommy"- irks me. I am a step mom. My step daughter moved in with us when she was 9. I knew her mom, (small town). I let her call me what she wanted. when we moved to another town, it was just easier for her to call me her "Mom" in public, but she called me by my name at home. At 35, she still goes back and forth. Right now, since she's better with her mom, she calls her mom again instead of her name. It never made a difference to me, it's the love that matters, and we had plenty of that. Not the name. I never pushed it. I figure if she asks you to be the Maid of honor in her wedding, your pretty loved. We can all sit down and eat Holiday dinners together. It's the kids that count, esp. with grandkids.

    I HATE pushing MOMMY and DADDY, like remember Robyn doing that at a picture. She said, who's that, and the kids said Kody, and she said WHO?

  8. On a serious note, I remember that episode too. Kody asked something like "Does everyone understand?" and one of his daughters (Christine's I believe) raised her hand and said no. Kody lashed into her saying what was it she did not comprehend. Christine interrupted and explained the situation to her daughter in a way a child could understand.

    Another thing, look at the face of Meri on the still photo (before you click play)at the beginning of the video. This is the facial expression you see on Meri when Kody tries to "parent" Mariah. That is NOT a happy face. To me it says she does not agree with what Kody says but because she is (legally) married to him, she has no choice in the matter.

  9. And the strange thing, Janelle is smiling and agreeing with him with her expressions. How Odd. i really am beginning to wonder about her. But "Soph" on the previous post taught me a new phrase i have to use!!!XD
    "He's just lying for the lord!!!!"

  10. DID you guys see Royn's new pic in the August tweets? Go look!

  11. I think Kody doesn't really THINK before he speaks. Why? He's really not involved in all that messy parenting stuff.