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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


"Maggie" sent this in to me a couple of weeks ago. It's just her observations of the Brown home a day she drove by - and the Browns were there! She promised pictures, so they may come soon. She lives in the area. These are her words. She nicely said I could share.
 I got to drive by the Lehi House. It was Sunday early afternoon so I thought it would be quiet. NO! The house had 7 cars/trucks in the yard. There was a truck with an empty trailer parked in the front. None of the cars matched any I saw on the show. They were black vehicles with tinted windows with Fletcher Jones Dealer plates. (Fletcher Jones is a big dealer in Vegas). 

The yard was very well maintained. There were 2 mountain bikes on in the front but nothing else (like kids toys or bikes). There was one woman with straight long dark hair getting items out of a car and bringing them in the house. My feeling is the house is being rented or the Browns were having family there helping them clean it out totally. 

I took some pictures and a quick video of the neighborhood. I just wanted to show how close they were to the main road so that the sirens would be an everyday normal noise. The subdivision is weird because it backs up to a major road. There is one newer really nice brick home on the left and then open lots on both sides, Then 4 homes the Browns is the second on the right. These four homes are very close together. One of the neighbors house was kind of the junk yard, old cars/Rvs on the side and back yard.

I have no idea how that house is valued so high. It has to be the land but still there is no real neighborhood, and you can get a new 4500 sq ft house with the granite stainless extras on a 1/3 acre in a nice neighborhood (like the one Kody was riding around in when he and Robyn put the wrong address on the invites) for under 200k in Lehi. If you look up the property records, it shows the 2010 taxes paid so would that mean they paid the mortgage through December? or does the bank pay the taxes regardless. I know in my county in Utah if a home is in foreclosure and the banks pays taxes the bank pays a much higher rate, it is almost 3 times higher. I thought for sure they were going to foreclose on the house because of the past bankruptcies. I wonder if Christine or Meri have family renting it? I'll see what I can find out. 



  1. This house would actually come in handy for the "sandwich" generation, the baby boomers are moving in with their kids and their grandkids can't get employment that pays well enough for them to move out on their own. I could see this as a solution in my future if my parents and in-laws were in need of "supervision" yet still giving all of us privacy. The stairs aren't all that old-folks friendly, but the concept is wonderful.

    As for how it works for the sister-wives, there really isn't a large common area for all to either watch a movie or dine as a full family. I wonder why there isn't one industrial kitchen and huge dining room (like the Duggars have) and then smaller branches off the large common area with their bedrooms and separate family rooms?

  2. I agree Snowflake, I've seen houses like that with a big central area. I think it shows their lack of continuity, no matter what they say. I sold a large Log Cabin not to long ago, and had just finished a 2000 sq ft basement into 3 brms, 2 baths, and a large living room. The people that bought it, tore that sucker up and built a mother in laws suite. Looked great!

    I just wish she'd sent the pictures. She's been sick, I'm sure she'll get them to us soon. Shout out girl, get better!

  3. I'm more interested in the rental cars, or were they freebies?

  4. I'd love to know more about this family. Cynical, can you dig them up for us?
    LOVE that house!

  5. Janelle's mom is coming to town or in town.

    p.s. ty for the great gossip. I am curious about the cars, too!!!

  6. It's not like they can travel 300+ miles in THEIR cars. Must be writing it off as a business expense?

  7. Annony- to Lehi, or LV? Lehi may mean Janelle's moving!
    Snowflake, I didn't Think of that, and probably FREE rentals.
    Yeah, a "Publicity Tour" bwaaaaa

  8. I love tidbit gossip! Thanks Maggie!!!

  9. Really, their cars are gonners!LOL
    I love stuff like this, thanks Maggie!

    There so afraid to be in UTAH! What a sham

  10. I think it would be fun to sit and watch them. yes, I'm s a snoop on stuff like this.

  11. Does she have more?

  12. Janelle's mother may be coming to Lehi to spend time with her grandson who wants to return there. Let's see.

  13. Snowflake, it would, and what if their inlaws needed to move in, heaven forbid. It doesn't seem like this polygamy leaves much time to take care of your elders, does it?

  14. Well, since all but Jannelle have parents "in the lifestyle" (I think), why would their in-laws need to move in, they have their own "compounds" and new (younger) sister-wives moving in to take care of the old hags that are all used up. Seriously, that has to be what they are viewed as, no longer useful if no longer breeding...

    I think that Kody is enjoying his new toy, but when there's a baby in the way, he may start looking for another toy to switch-hit with. His tastes seem to have changed, since the three senior wives seem to be very much alike and Robyn is so different in so many ways. I see his wives getting closer in age to his daughters in the near-future, especially now that he is such a big star! LOL

  15. So true, Snowflake.
    He will go younger and younger.
    Remember Maddie saying at least she wasn't 25? Well, if he had been smart, she would have been. I guess he was only allowed the old hag with three kids, since he was denied before the show.

  16. Janelle had the biggest, and the shaft in LV. WHY should Robyn have a house as bigger than her and Christine? or even close.
    SW said they were going to build a big new house in LV. Will they be fair there?

  17. Not a fan of people being picked on for no good reason.I am not a big fan of polygamy but between consenting adults it is their biz.I object when they brainwash and abuse women and children.
    Kody does not seem to be abusive to his family. I suggest you quit the picking and pray for them.
    As for Warren Jeffs, and others, they need jail.

  18. Annonymous - we are not picking on them If you realized what their religion taught, it totally affects the kids. We do pray for them.