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Monday, September 26, 2011

Season Premiere - Sister Wives Episode 1: The Situation With Meri

Yippee! The new season has begun and we start out the episode with Robyn arriving at Meri's house to tell her the good news. But first, a recitative from Robyn.

A baby is a physical manifestation that there is an intimate relationship between a husband and wife...

Well, Robyn kind of garbled it, but that's about what she said. Nice, real nice. Did you really mean to say wife or was it wives. Work on it for next time, OK? Oh how sweet, you make Meri go into her messy spare bedroom AND sit on the damn floor so you can tell her you're pregnant. Nice work, Robyn. As we will see later, Robyn is all about making people feel comfortable and valued. Especially if the people are teenagers with underdeveloped frontal lobes. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

...We Are Permanently Bonded Now- Robyn

Geez, I cannot stand Robyn. She has to be in control, even when at Meri's house.

"Do you want me to leave so you can kiss - Hi? says Robyn to Meri and Kody. Hell no, Meri can kiss Kody when she damn well pleases, especially since she was in her own kitchen. And she does!

Meri: She's not looking! (quickly kisses Kody while Robyn's back is turned)
Kody: (mumbles something)

Finally, it's time to make the announcement!

Kody: We are all gathered here for a special occasion...In 7 1/2 months Truely will not be the littlest one. (Kody points an accusatory finger at poor hairless Truley)

Say whut? What's going to happen to Truely? Hey, it's not her fault she's bald - I mean, look at your own head Kody. She's got half your genes - and 100% of your bald ones. SHE'S JUST A BABY, damn it! Have some compassion!

Kody: (sensing three quarters of the family doesn't know what the hell he's talking about, leans forward and yells at Gwendlyn) Robyn's going to have a baby!

Oh, OK, well then. So everyone is happy, right?

Ummm....not quite.

Aspyn, Madison (who looks spectacular, by the way), Mariah and Janelle look shocked. Hunter just looks like he's bored. Mariah eventually leaves the table and runs upstairs to her bathroom. Meri follows, along with Kody. Now it would have been nice if Kody would have reached over and just shut the bathroom door. I mean, that's what Bethenny Frankel did when she had a crying breakdown on her Bravo show. But this isn't Bravo, and Kody definitely doesn't have Bethenny's class. Which shows how awful this is if I can use the words Bethenny and class in the same sentence. And then Kody sends Robyn upstairs - to "comfort" Mariah. Hells bells, just leave the kid alone and OFF CAMERA, ya freaks!

For the record, via voiceover, Meri explained that Mariah wasn't upset that Robyn was preggers; Mariah was upset for her mother's inability to conceive. I'm going to call this the "Helga, I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at the dirt" excuse from my favorite film, Mommie Dearest. I have another favorite saying from this movie but it has to do with a sex act and a rodeo and may not be appropriate for all audiences.

My World Is Upside Down- Janelle

As Janelle explained it, she was in "in a bad place" the day of the announcement. Not because of Robyn, but because she was struggling with this new life in Vegas. Apparently, she was the only one who realized how little they have - what she described as the family's "finite resources". She no longer had a job and a career and felt she was without a big part of her identity. As she puts it, "I'm struggling. It's very hard on me and it's hard on our family." She looked very pale, worn out and unhappy.

The episode immediately segued to Hunter and his issues. As I feel very strongly about this, and have already commented on a previous posting, I won't repeat it here. However, I do feel Kody or Janelle should have stepped in and STOPPED THE DAMN CAMERAS. It was uncomfortable for me to watch, and I'm sure, it wasn't very comfortable for Hunter, either. Hunter, if you read this, I'm with ya, Hang in there!

Dad, I Have A Moral Issue...-Mykelti

Oh my gosh, another rebellious teenager. Only this time, it plays out OFF CAMERA! You see, Mykelti feels it's wrong to have cameras filming her father's "church" service, and therefore, regrets she will not be in attendance that morning. Kody talks to her on speakerphone and she refuses to budge. Now, Kody doesn't agree, but says she did a good job selling her position to him. Mykelti can stay home. Bravo Mykelti!

Now about that service. I think Mykelti was right. Two of Kody's youngest daughters looked like they were having a fight pulling each other's hair - and they were in the front row! Robyn alternated between looking enraptured by Kody's presence to looking like she needed to puke. Christine and Meri looked like they were statues. Janelle sat next to Madison, who looked like she would rather be somewhere else. Yep, Kody should have listened to Mykelti on this one.

This Is Not Our Church...-Christine

Oh boy, now this was a major, excuse my language, WTF segment for me. You see, The Sister Wives and Kody travelled to a Presbyterian Church to discuss, possibly, having their children join their youth group for socialization purposes. As Janelle explained to Pastor Ray, they just wanted a place where the children could fellowship with children their own age and moral standards.

Unfortunately, Christine had a major fit during the meeting, totally embarrassing Janelle. Christine said she "doesn't feel right about this" and that "this isn't our church" and tells a story that basically calls Pastor Ray (and any church that isn't AUB or whatever they are at the moment) SHARKS and she doesn't want her children to swim with them. She kind of calmed down a bit, and further explained she wanted her children to find their friends on their own, and not through their parents hooking them up with a youth group from a different church. Janelle, sensing Pastor Ray's discomfort, asked her sisterwives and Kody if they could table this discussion for later. To the visible relief of Pastor Ray, Kody and his wives left to work out this situation in the privacy of their home/homes.

Your Pool Is Too Big...-Kody

What's that saying? Oh yes, 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions'. Christine is having problems with Gwendlyn. Seems the poor child misses her huge backyard in Lehi. Suffice it to say Christine can't (among other things) use a tape measure and ordered this huge wading pool whose diameter is a foot longer than the backyard. She tells a flustered Kody "Make it work!" and walks away. And there is something disconcerting about seeing Christine holding a power tool.

OMG, they aren't done with the Presbyterian youth group yet! Kody puts his foot down, and tells Janelle that nope, they will not be sending their children to the Presbyterians for socialization. Janelle throws in the towel, saying she has been out-voted. The discussion is closed. Christine has a particularly smug look on her face. Robyn just looks like she's going to puke, again. Kody, probably realizing Janelle holds the family pursestrings, eventually agrees to Janelle's suggestion to let the older teenagers decide. Good call, Kody.

Choose Your Church When You Are An Adult...-Robyn

Yes! Robyn finally shows her true colors to the teenagers, not that they didn't already see through her earlier. This shall be known forever as the "Frontal Lobes" incident.

You see, the teenagers and parental units sat together and tried to hash out their need to socialize. When Kody asked them "Are you guys making friends at school" they all said yes. Well, maybe Hunter didn't. Robyn, looking like she just blew chunks behind Meri's couch then asked "Do they have the same values as you?" which Kody quickly rephrased to "Do they have the same values your parents want you to have?". Now to me, where the hell does Robyn get off opening her fool mouth when SHE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE TEENAGERS, YET. And the teens in the family don't belong to her! The situation went swiftly downhill.

Mykelti said she was fine with going to another church. Meri says "We have always taught our kids to be open..." and then Robyn tried to interrupt and Meri spoke over her saying "I get your point" and then all hell broke loose. Yes, Robyn not only put her foot in her mouth, she single handedly alienated every teenager in the room with the statement "At a certain age when they actually have their frontal lobes completely grown". Like, what the hell is that supposed to mean? The teens looked puzzled, and Meri said, "That's true, that's true" I suppose it's polyg talk for when you're all grown up, but the teens weren't buying it. And Madison, sweet dear Madison, showed she's no pushover when she asked, looking in the direction of where Janelle was seated, "But you always told us we could choose our church and we could be what we want". Thrap upside Robyn's pointy chin. Robyn then tried to tell her "Choose your church when you are an adult and your brain..." and Madison interrupted and said "Well I hate the church we have right now...I don't hate it, I just don't like it. I would prefer not to live it". Double thrap and Ouch! When Kody said to Madison "You look like you checked out. Is that because you don't like this subject?" , Janelle defends her daughter by saying "She's giving her opinion". Madison needs no help, she tells Kody how it is. "I want to go hangout with youth kids from another church". Period. Sorry Robyn, Christine and Kody, you lost this round.

I really don't understand what the big deal is. When I was in college, every Friday night my dorm friends and I attended the Campus Crusade for Christ meeting off campus. It was fun, we met a lot of interesting if not zealous people, and they had good snacks. The meeting place was also less than 5 minutes walking time to our favorite bar. But lets get back on topic, shall we?

Once alone without the teenagers present, Robyn attempted to explain where she is coming from, after all she feels "...we are killing ourselves basically to live this life, to live this faith, we believe it!"

Now to me, I just don't understand how a woman, who's first marriage was monogamous (even though its been said it was going to be polygamous, eventually) could have the audacity to prop herself up as queen bee in a family that was working just fine until she showed up. I do hope she explains eventually how they are killing themselves for their faith, being they chose to go public with their lifestyle and to run like thieves in the night to Las Vegas. Oh yeah, Kody decreed there will be no Presbyterian youth group for the Brown kids! BOO!! YAY!!

The rest of the episode rather pales to the "Frontal Lobes" incident. Pool party for the younger kids. Gwendlyn gets her yard, Vegas subdivision style. Pool party for the teenagers. Logan hangs out with the girls. Hunter hangs out with Truely. Whatever. I can't wait to see what new adventures are in store for us, next week!

'Til then, your thoughts?


  1. My My Cynical, Standing ovation!!! I don't know when I've laughed so hard. GREAT!!!!!
    You are a scream.
    You know c c is right, we need to make a page with Robynisms on it, and maybe start one with CJ's 'cause you come up with some 'funny shit girl.

    I just don't get it. Do they really expect everyone they hang with to be clones of them?
    Aren't you to learn everyone is different, and if someone doesn't have the values inherited, maybe, even as a teen, you can help them? My house was a haven for teens. Did I have the same "moral fiber" (OBrother) as their parents?
    Don't know, don't care. they were safe with me.
    You have to trust your kids, and that's where they are having trouble. THEY DON'T TRUST THE KIDS WILL CHOOSE POLYGAMY IF THEY ARE CUT LOOSE! THEY WANT THEM MARRIED AND IT BE TOO LATE!
    Frontal lobe my ass.

  2. "Robyn is all about making people feel comfortable and valued."

  3. My bet is that most if not all the children will leave the AUB. This family is very dysfunctional, and rapidly becoming more dysfunctional and the cameras need to stop rolling before the facade falls apart.

  4. Amazing summary. I completely agree. This was a lot more fun when we were making fun of idiotic sister wives. It just feels cruel to go after the poor teenagers...

    Can't they just stick to the adult drama? Like how can we afford the AC on all these houses on "finite resources"?

  5. Bravo! Your review cracked me up!

    I think Mariah is the only kid who seems interested in the AUB polyg lifestyle.

    And poor Hunter-- get the kid some help!

    Have you all read the tweets this morning? Robyn and Aspen have a little exchange about that scene where Robyn said "none of the teenagers would look at me" after the announcement.

    By the way, does anyone know what Christine was talking about when she said she'd be in her house for a year and a half?

  6. Yes, Aspen says she so Stinking excited about the baby. And it made me think, these kids do need so sort of entertainment other than to watch babies pop out every few years. At this age, most teens would be going on vacations with their family, taking friends, etc. Kody and Co. seem terrified for their kids to make a friend. Is this why so many get married just to get away? I am upset over this freedom of choice thing. They are making a big deal out of nothings. I want to run in and scream SHARKS and TOASTERS!!!!!! WAATTCCHH OUT!

  7. Great recap. The part that drove me nuts was the pool party and how they wanted to check out the other families to make sure they were good enough for their kids. Bwah! I would never let my kids, especially my daughters, go over to a some polygs guy's house. Never.

  8. GREAT REVIEW Cynical Jinx! I just wish it was longer, you could go on for days about how silly this whole episode was. What did you think about all this stress over the kids? Don't you think that this family overspends? What on earth are they going to do when this is their last season? And the Dargers or someone else gets a show?

  9. I suspect that Robyn and Kody's overzealous response to the news of Robyn's pregnancy may be the reason Christine is rendered disillusioned in their lifestyle; did Kody have tears POURING down his face when Christine told Kody she was pregnant with Truley?

  10. Oohh, good one.
    And, I bet there be so much more to come on this.....

  11. Oh, Cynical, you made my morning! What a funny piece!
    You are a master!

    Seriously, how do you all think Robyn looked? To me, she came off as needy and arrogant. Esp. with the teens. then, I see this in the Examiner (sorry, I didn't bookmark it, I was too busy clipping)
    Robyn has revealed that she is against forcing their children in their religion and beliefs saying.

    "They have a right choose" how they live. They didn't choose to be in a plural marriage family," added Robyn.

    What did I miss, when in the heck did she say that?

  12. Great recap! I felt like we were watching together and giving each other WTF looks during the whole thing.

    What's with Robyn trying to talk like the Professor on Gilligan's Island? Frontal lobes, manifestations?!

    Robyn- Shut-up!, please. Let the parents of the kids make the decisions. You just back them up. You have only been raising your kids in a poly family for only a year. In that time you managed to completely screw up what they had built over 17 years without YOU! The other kids see this even if their dad doesn't.

  13. I'm thinking the Presbyterian Pastor felt like he dodged a bullet when the 'family' decided NOT to have their kids come for youth group.

    No, not the teens, but the 'rents.

    I think Robyn better tred carefully. She seems to be in a 'favored' position. And those that are favored, can be disfavored.

  14. It seems to me that each mother (I'm only talking original recipe here) has parented in a slightly different way over the course of raising them; and now, after years of each MOM making the decisions, trying to pretend that Kody is the big choice maker is hilarious! He messes it up every time, makes these decisions based on what? 'cause he's not taking the time to KNOW his kids, nor think of the consequences of both choices.

    My teenager could problem solve a group better than him. He's good at spouting an opinion, and not having talked to anyone, have 16 people all over him for it.

    He really needs to step back, and think about WHAT THE SHOW is doing to the kids, much more than a few hrs at a different church.

    Christine totally freaked. That goes to show you how she can talk the open minded my kids have a choice talk, but can't walk the walk.

    They've not had to hit a lick in 9 months, all the parents, and all this dramz? If I had that freedom, I'd be zippitity do dahing out my ass.
    And my kids, my oh my what a wonderful day. They never are happy, are they.

  15. SissySickening --

    "They never are happy, are they."

    It seems they were until Robyn came along.

  16. Hilarious recap!!

    Anyone else notice Kody's hair looks even worse?! Someone get him a comb, a razor, anything!

  17. That's true, they seemed to have their own groove thing, until Robyn. And that hair! What is he doing?

    Fantastic Recap, Cynical! Keep talking, though, we want to hear more about what you thought!

  18. Logan should be the patriarch of the family. he's light years ahead of Kody. poor kid.

    i think Kody is destined for a meltdown. who does he have for a mentor? i doubt anyone and he definitely needs some critical input and help.

    same with Janelle. who can she really talk to that has the maturity and understanding of finances, etc? no one in that family.

  19. c c what did you think of Christine's stupid behavior at the church?

  20. also, i can't comment on their lack of taste in hairstyles and clothes. i'm hoping they realize that's the least of their worries and that's why it's all so uhm...different. apparently Kody likes his women to all have long hair but "Meri's body won't let hers."

    it did bother me tho how Robyn sat there through their family discussion fingering and playing with her hair the whole time. that body language was very telling.

  21. oops, forgot! great job CJ! and i'm enjoying everyone's posts here! lots of good observations.

    Sara - like is said before, the only thing Robyn has brought to the table is buckets of tears for all. she likes to share.

  22. Cynical --

    What about Kody's horrified reaction upon learning that two of his wives actually PREFER to live separate? LOL. I freaking loved that.

  23. What did her hair playing say to you? To me, it was like a witch watching her stew.

  24. I feel sorry for Mariah and Hunter the most. They didn't choose to go public, didn't choose to move, didn't choose to bring Robyn into the family to disrupt the stability of the wives, and didn't choose to have their emotions plastered all over television. Yet, they are the two who seem to have had the most disruptions in their lives. I think that's why Meri and Janelle are on the same side about getting their kids some type of socialization in the new community...it's their kids that's hurting the most. Kody needs to allow each wife to make decisions for her own children without the input of the others. For example, Kody and Meri need to have a talk about Mariah's choices for education...Kody and Janelle need to have a talk about what they can do to help Hunter. And I just love Logan...he just goes with the flow and deals with everyone the same...he's a good kid.

  25. anon - re:robyn's hair playing:

    1) i'm still the young, pretty, sexy one here.

    2) this reminds me of when Kody plays with my hair and tells me i'm his soulmate.

    3) this reminds me of when I play with Kody's hair and I tell him he's my soulmate.

    4) it doesn't matter what these women say here, when i'm alone with Kody, i'll change his mind to agree with what i think.

    5) this bores me as these aren't my kids but i'll put my two cents in when i'm ready to cause i'm the young, pretty, sexy one here but I will still have to remind everyone i exist and am a part of this family.

    6) i'd rather be baby clothes shopping with Meri right now.

    7) i don't give a rat's ass about any of this. i'm pregnant dammit and why aren't we talking about me and my joyous event?

    but yeah, i like your "witch watching her stew" vision.

  26. I loved how Robin said "I can't wait to go baby clothes shopping!" I had visions of her racking up a debt like she did at Victoria's Secret! If I were in that situation, I'd be happy that I could get hand-me-downs from Christine's kids. Not thrifty Robin though. I know Janelle was pissed at Robin. She didn't even smile. If you were happy for her, but worried about something else, you'd give her the courtesy of faking a smile. She was really pissed!

  27. oops! i forgot one...

    "i'm glad my frontal lobes got developed and i make good decisions."

  28. God must hate women if this principle comes from God.

  29. which also reminds me that they need to clarify Kody's opening statement about how love should be multiplied and not divided. that's only from the MAN's perspective that it's multiplied.

    Kody gets 4 times the loving while the women each get only 1/4. so, yes, his love is multiplied but the women's is divided. go back to basic math 101 Kody.

  30. Wonderful Commentary, Cynical! I loved it! Makes watching that bunch of bore worthwhile!
    You should do a little with each of the clips, since they cut into 1/2 the show. What fun this season's gonna be!

    One of the things I took from it, and I'm not a psychologist, but it appears to me that they (the parents) are freaking now they have moved, because the church and the church school is not doing all the work for them. By work, I mean brainwashing. Now, these kids have the potential to go out and meet kids of different races, religions, and that scares the hell out of them. Why? They say they were free to choose. BIG deal about it in the very first episode. But they didn't mean it. Kody wanting to meet the parents, basically to see if they were good enough, etc., seems like they feel out of control of their little cult members.
    Unless this was staged, those kids are gonna bolt. I bet you they would not get to see the others like they said. Well, I guess whatever Robyn decides, anyway.
    CULT ACTIVITY is what I saw.

  31. c c , everyone, lovin all the comments!

  32. Nice, real nice. I love it!!!! Thanks for writing a delicious review!

    I wish that Maddie or Mariah had told off Robyn, telling her they may not have "complete" frontal lobes on everything, but they know more about a polygamous family in one little lobe than Robyn does with 2 grown ones!

  33. I really hope this season lays off the teenagers. Those poor kids...

    These kids have the worst male role model ever. He just lays around and mooches and then barks out orders while talking about how open-minded he is. Of course they don't want to be in this cult anymore. I bet some of the wives are fed up with this too.

    My Favorites from this post:
    "looks like she's blowing chunks"
    LOVE IT!

    I swear, my heart is broken for Hunter. And I'll leave it at that.

    I remember somewhere somebody got all hyper and said that Christine had given away her baby clothes. Babies grow so quick, a few new ones, and a great good will will do you when you've got TEENS that need new clothes MORE.

    I swear, Robyn doesn't know how to be frugal.
    If you recall, Christine wore the same clothes over and over pregnant, and one of her girls even had on a top she wore pregnant at Christmas.
    Meri and Mariah share some, I imagine.
    Janelle always looks nice but probably just had work clothes.
    Now, Robyn, well, she never did find a job, now did she?
    She's a little clothes horsie. She goes from a 1971 trailer and the VS charade, to this nice home and all this STUFF, new furniture, etc.
    She probably thinks she is a queen.

    AND This cracked me up!
    ...We Are Permanently Bonded Now
    - Robyn
    Really? Tell that to David Jessop. Things can change, my dear.
    Didn't I read on here somewhere that Kody said he might take another wife?

    TEENS! It's their time, and this lady is taking the spotlight away!

  35. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks this looks like cult behavior.

    Great Job, Cynical

  36. Maybe Robyn is a hottie in their community, but she's the most worn out old looking 31 year old I've ever seen. She looks 40.

    And the sores? What's up with the constant mouth sores? Herpes...

  37. I agree Mary, I have a 34 yr old Dtr., and she looks 10 yrs older.
    I just don't get why they think she's so hot? Skinny is not what makes the world go round, whiny doesn't help much either.
    It's us Big assed take charge women that get the world going in the right direction!

  38. old lady - yeah, like Janelle! (i mean that seriously, too.) it's just too bad Janelle can't really be in charge and not have to fight the others to do what needs to be done. she acts like she's given up.

  39. Mary - i agree with the sores. she's always got those going on. too much oral with Kody? (bad joke) i never noticed them when they were dating, tho.

  40. I think the union (NOT MARRIAGE) of Robyn threw Janelle more than the other two. She just worked too hard to have another one come in, and not work. And now pregnant?
    Oh, but she pays the bills remember that line from Robyn?
    I think to see Kody so mushy mushy on someone other than Meri seriously threw her. Between that and the move, she's about shot. I so wish Kody would take the TIME to nurture the wife that needs him right now, the one who's had his back all these years.

  41. They don't look like cold sores to me and she's had them since the beginning. Just sayin'

  42. I have a friend who had only had sex with her boyfriend, and had some kinds of VD I hadn't heard of, it was treatable, and they caught it early, but, it came from him, and he acknowledged it, I guess. Anyway, they still were in love and got married. Now she never got them, but he always had weird cold sores, and still gets them to this day. Do you think the same might be her problem? cc's right, seh's always had them

  43. It is one thing to believe in the lifestyle you are living, it is another to get upset because your kids don't have the same veiws or morales as they kept expressing. I can't believe Robyn got so upset because the kids don't want to be polygamist. They are living the life now. I think it is important that they grow as their own people make the decisions in life that will make them happy. Polygamy is not for everyoone.

  44. I think they look like cold sores. If it really is cold sores, its probably stress induced from pregnancy and the gallons of tears she sheds daily. Which is why she seems to be having continual outbreaks, or maybe its just a reaction from having an overly developed frontal lobe.

  45. You guys are hysterical today! do you think one of these days, one of the older teens will tell Robyn off?

  46. Cynical.... Best Line Ever!!!
    "As we will see later, Robyn is all about making people feel comfortable and valued. Especially if the people are teenagers with underdeveloped frontal lobes. But I'm getting ahead of myself."

  47. I missed it! but I luvvvvv the review!
    I'll catch it- oh, one of the 100 times it will be on. What was the Bullcrap about?

  48. I feel bad for Robyn. She seems to actually buy into all the cult-y components, and she must have had her first kid at, what, 17? She's just sad to me, like life has kicked her around too much.

    Looks like cold sores. Makes sense with that stress level. I guess they get to spread through the whole family now! Hooray!

  49. Interesting Better in Theory.
    Do you really think she buys into it, or wants Kody? I think she would of been at least 20 when she had Dayton. You don't see her as hurting the other women? Or is there something maybe you know, that we don't that would explain her obnoxious behavior? I am just curious, not arguing.

  50. "I really hope this season lays off the teenagers. Those poor kids...

    These kids have the worst male role model ever. He just lays around and mooches and then barks out orders while talking about how open-minded he is. Of course they don't want to be in this cult anymore. I bet some of the wives are fed up with this too."

    Now there you hit the problem! How True!

  51. These folks need to return to their home in Utah, get jobs, and turn the cameras off so that their children can have peace.

  52. Was I the only one that saw how mad Kody got at his daughter when she said that she was fine going to another church, not caring too much about the church they have now? If his eyes could kill, she would be on the floor.

    Christine is a hyprocrite, wanting everyone to accept their belief and lifestyle but had no problem insulting another church. Hell, she didn't even have the manners to shake the pastor's hand, just bolted out the door.

  53. What Great Comments! It's been great fun watching them come in on many posts.
    I've tried to like Robyn, I have tried, over and over. but, you can look at almost anything she says and think- hmmm. Esp. after all those tears about wanting to be accepted. I certainly wouldn't be pushing so many buttons if I were her.
    Maybe she doesn't mean to, but, let's be realistic. She would LOVE nothing more than for it to be just her and Kody.

    Examples from just this post!

    "Do you want me to leave so you can kiss - Hi?" says Robyn to Meri and Kody.
    Hmm... Wouldn't that ruffle you if you'd been married to the guy for 21 years?

    Kody: We are all gathered here for a special occasion...In 7 1/2 months Truely will not be the littlest one.
    Now why do I get the feeling Robyn came up with that one? Nothing to tick Christine off more, fake TV happy tears or not, that's wasn't the best way to put it.

    A baby is a physical manifestation that there is an intimate relationship between a husband and wife..'nuff said.

    ...and the whole frontal lobe thing. Is she saying this to be in conflict with Janelle? To impress Kody? 'Cause you know that gal is working an angle.
    That or she is the most antisocial person I know.
    I guess they have to drum up some conflict and drama.... so they can have that Kum Bah Ya Moment when the babies born. Anyone watch Modern Family? When they brought Lily home. Yeppers. I can see that here.

    That being said. It's been said before that Gene Simmons handled a situation with his dtr. in a totally different manner. He asked her if she wanted cameras off, she said yes, and they were cut.
    I don't pretend to be super mommy by any means, but there is no way in hell my children, emotionally upset, would have an upset on national tv. Why? Money is not important, they are. Do they really want that for the kids at school to see? Or later in college? I feel so bad for those teens. They all seem unhappy. And it's not the social events or not that's doing it. Like Hunter, he needs his dad. And there's no possible way Kody has time for him like he should, or, WILL MAKE THE TIME. The hell with rotations, if the others kids are good, stay at Janelle's for awhile. I couldn't BEAR to watch my child be that upset, I certainly wouldn't want them to have to re live it. It's just so not cool. I pray Hunter leaves the church. And Mariah-who I think will stay. Do shows on other things. Leave the poor kids alone.

    When you stop and think about it, Kody has to be more detached emotionally from the kids than the moms. He's used to leaving upset children, trotting to his next bed.

    Kody, honestly, stop at one with Robyn. Stop the madness!!!

    Question. Why couldn't Meri adopt a baby if she wanted to?

    Keep up the great conversation!

  54. @anon Think about it. Robyn has no skills, no money, no job, 3 kids. She didn't end up there because everything was peaches and cream. She was desperate. So desperate that she would "want" an unemployed loser she barely knows with three "wives."

    @Rayne -- I thought Christine's behavior to that pastor was disgusting. I really hope that was staged...

  55. The Sister Wives program is the best anti polygamy piece I have ever seen ! These people are the walking "poster children" for maintaining laws which outlaw polygamy just as they are !

  56. All I could think was of the famous quote from the late Lance Loud, "star" of the first reality TV show "An American Family" back in the 1970s:

    "Television ate my family."

    It was true then, it's still true almost 40 years later. (By the way, this first reality show was on PBS, if you can believe it. Yikes.)

  57. Whoa! Did anyone catch the Love x 3 on Dr. Phil! Talk about brainwashed. That was just so sad. Dr. Phil was a whole lot harsher than I expected, and harsher than they expected too, obviously.

    On the plus side, they actually had some media training because they knew the script, as opposed to Kody. Ugh.

  58. Joe Darger is from the Principle Rights Coalition / Principle Voices Committee and he is professionally trained to be a spokesman by them. He claimed at a recent book signing that polygamy should be accepted because we are a tolerant society and we have a black president - so someone in the audience asked him how he would feel about having a black woman as a wife or daughter in law. The Dargers could not give a straight answer and floundered... hahahahaha

  59. Better in Theory: was this the Dr Phil with Willie Jessop? It doesn't come on until later this afternoon for me, so I'd like to catch it!

    Mirele: I'm gonna date myself, but I watched "An American Family" when it first aired in 1973 ?? as a frosh in college. I remember saying to my mother those people must be nuts to put their lives on TV like that. As I recall, the show was interesting, but boring. How times have changed!

  60. The Dr Phil episode that "Better in Theory" was referring to was the episode with Joe Darger and his book "Love Times Three-The True Story of Our Polygamous Marriage"

  61. Wow! Cynical did you catch it? If so, please write a post on it. I missed it.

  62. Sister Wives Season 1 ep 3 moving Robyn.
    Robyn is talking about how Maddie doesn't want to be a polygamist. And she says.... "She does not want to live this lifestyle, which is fine, every child will have that choice, and we're gonna support them and love them through all of it."

    hmm... I guess she changed her mind on that. Ya think?

  63. Also interesting, she started dating Kody and knew they were getting ready to be on TV- so that had to be a BIG PLUS, to make such big money for her self and her kids. If she married him, she would be making in 6 episodes more than she probably ever had.