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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

TLC Videos: Janelle under 250 and Kids Act Up

Here's  some video highlights from Sunday's show.

Janelle Under 250

Kids Act Up

Gabriel and Garrison have been going at each other since that Christmas episode when Gabe bloodied his older brother Garrison's nose. Almost two years later, and they are STILL going at each other, although it was kind of cute when one said " effing" and then the other upped the ante by using THE REAL WORD!

Boys will be boys I suppose...

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It's a good idea to scroll through all the comments to see the newest ones. To help everyone out, when we get to 200 comments, I'll put a short comment that says "If you can read this you've loaded 200+ comments!".

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Discussion Page Sister Wives S06Ep02: Four Lives of Kody's Wives


7/29/13  Good News! It appears Blogger no longer has the 200 comment limit, so please continue your discussion on this posting. To see the next page of comments, just click on the message to "Load more..." at the bottom of the webpage. (scroll down). Let me know if you're having problems.
Cynical Jinx

Friday, July 26, 2013

Review: Sister Wives S06Ep01: Picking Up the Pieces

Kody channeling the Geico Caveman...notice the balding!
I'm just going to say it. I've been spoiled by Polygamy, USA. I really miss that show.

For one thing, most of what we see in this episode was filmed ALMOST A YEAR AGO. I mean, c'mon, even Honey Boo Boo and Polygamy,USA had faster production turn around times.

And it doesn't help matters that the Browns have documented their lives in between seasons on their Twitter accounts.

Seriously, this episode was mostly a waste of time.

So I'm gonna start using a system to rate the story lines for this season of Sister Wives. If it is interesting or fun, I will give it a Hyrum.

If it is full of crap, I will give it an Uncle Art Raspie. I wanted to give it an Uncle Art Boot but he moved too fast and I couldn't capture the picture. Anyway, I kinda like his sexy blue lips.

Let's begin this journey, shall we?

First of all, this is to the producers, film editors, story writers...whoever was responsible for the first five minutes of the show. It was not necessary to rehash the previous seasons. I mean, you would have to be living under a very big rock not to know how and why the Browns relocated to Las Vegas. Especially since we all know Kody running away from Lehi like he stole something was all a gimmick for the show. Showing Meri packing up that moving van while fake police sirens blared in the background was extremely dumb. And what gives with those apparently over entitled Brown teens complaining about having to live in rental housing? They should be thankful it wasn't a homeless shelter.

Yep, I'm giving the ridiculous rehash the first  Raspie ever given. Enjoy!

Next up was the adult Browns doing an obligatory framing walk through of the McMansions. This walk through took place in October of 2012. I know this because it said "60 Days Before Christmas" across the bottom of my TV screen. Now, I've never had a home built from scratch, but I've always imagined it would be something like that wonderful old film, "Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House". Unfortunately, Kody is no Cary Grant, but the scenes where his wives start noticing discrepancies in the floor plans reminded me of when Mrs Blandings (Myrna Loy) walked through her house and noticed some problems, just like Meri, Robyn and Christine did. Hey, you don't think...oh noes! You mean those krazy producers scripted out the whole "these builders are too incompetent to follow a blueprint" scene for DRAMA?

Well, if it ain't WHAM, it ain't HAM! (Or something like that.). I'm gonna give my own self a Hyrum for that one!

Meri looking like she's enjoyed a lot of WHAM last year
That kind of explained why  Danny, the VP of Pinnacle Homes (you know, the builders) was so nonchalant about misplaced doorways. If I were the VP, I would have been mortified that 1) the construction crew couldn't read the blueprints correctly and 2) IT WAS ALL BEING DOCUMENTED ON FILM! But he just smiled and said something like "Oh yeah, we'll take care of it. Thanks for noticing it." Holy cow, what does THAT say about their customer service?

And does anyone understand why Robyn was so concerned about the lack of sunlight coming into a bedroom? Hey Robyn, you live in the desert. When it's 120 degrees outside, you do NOT want a lot of sunlight pouring into a room because it will take a lot of refrigeration to cool it down. And that means an electric bill the size of Kody's ego.

And it is really dumb how Kody keeps piping up in the couch interview "We don't own those houses, yet." Yeah, yeah, yeah. I believe that as much as I believe Christine wants a library.

Oh yeah, this segment is definitely deserving of a Raspie.

Good grief.  The next segment was about Robyn taking her hobby online business to the What Women Want Expo in St George. It started out with the family business meeting from Hell (in which Christine showed Robyn exactly what kind of polygamist mettle she was made of) and ended with a defeated Robyn licking her wounds in St. George.

So let's start with the family meeting.

Robyn has absolutely no business sense at all. Her jewelry is overpriced, and ugly. Even though Meri has a commitment elsewhere, Robyn wanted Meri to drive 4 hours to St George, stay for half an hour then turn around and drive back to Vegas. That just doesn't make any sense, and makes me wonder what other harebrained business decisions this woman has made.  At least it looked like she's made it to page 3 of her 200 page MSWC idea sketchbook. Wow, and it only took her a year to do it.

When Christine and Janelle made it clear to Robyn that her "hobby" business already cost them a lot of money, not only did Robyn act as if they had stabbed her in the back, she literally crumbled when Christine and Janelle announced they were going to pursue real estate in order to pay their bills. Okay, okay, so Christine's and Janelle's real estate jobs are kind of like, well, only for appearances purposes, at least they were thinking rationally and truthfully about the situation. Like when Christine said " I never intended to do more than this" meaning she supported Robyn's business by attending MSWC meetings and not walking out of them in disgust. Whether Robyn wants to admit it or not, MSWC was solely her idea, and it wasn't fair to demand her sister wives give 100% in an endeavor they believed won't amount to a hill of beans.

And here is where the irony of reality rears it's ugly head. Remember Robyn's tweets last year about getting her manicures and hair done because she works so darn hard she deserved to take a break? And don't forget her bringing in sister Taralyce to watch her kids while she  'worked'. In my book, girlfriend needs to work a little bit harder. She needs an Uncle Art throwing his boot at her silly head because all she really wanted was someone to boss around and do work while she enjoyed getting her nails and hair done, acting like the businesswoman she isn't.

To quote Christine: I'm sorry, but Robyn you deserve this Raspie.

I think Christine and Janelle deserve to enjoy a shared Hyrum for standing up to Robyn. I think it's ok because they are polygamists, so they're  use to sharing a man, right?

By the time the Kody Krew (sans Meri who defied Robyn by not driving to St George until the next day) arrived in St George, Robyn was all aflutter. You see, she's from St George, and she knows just how mean those non-polygamist people can be. So, if you know St George doesn't like polygamists, why would you go there to sell your polygamist branded overpriced, ugly jewelry with a big old sign announcing the name of your "store" as My Sister Wife's Closet? Even the plygs of Centennial Park had the good sense to call their restaurant business located just outside of Colorado City the 'Merry Wives Cafe'. Maybe she should have called her business Robyn's Closet after all?

Robyn gets a Raspie for not knowing who her customers are, and poor branding.

And Kody is no better at being a business mastermind. When the expo opened and people were milling around their booth, Kody's main concern was for the crowd to show him their wallet. Needless to say, due to the utter lack of salesmanship of the Kody Krew (like, isn't that Kody's real 'job'?) - they needed to sell over 120 pieces of jewelry by Janelle's accounting to break even - by the end of the expo they only sold 19 pieces. Now, if I remember correctly, the 2012 Christmas Ornament (for $19.95) was introduced at the expo and apparently sold out. Does it take a rocket scientist to realize maybe the jewelry is overpriced? Christine came to that conclusion by scoping out the other booths that were selling jewelry, but Robyn couldn't figure it out. And Kody, also without a clue, just wanted people (their FANS) to open up their wallets and give the Browns all their money for some expensive crap because he thinks it's "iconic". And when their fan base didn't come through, Kody placed the blame on those bible thumping anti-polygamists. Really Kody, if polygamists are not liked in St George, perhaps you shouldn't rub St George citizen's faces in the fact you're a polygamist. Either stand proud or stand down, Kody. And Janelle, enough with the Stand by Your Man admiration of your 7th child.

Kody, Robyn and Janelle all share an Uncle Art Raspie. Christine and Meri lucked out this time.

Once it was all over, it was so painfully obvious Robyn had no clue what women wanted, and the lack of sales clearly demonstrated the women at the expo did not want to waste any money on the "iconic" crapfest known as MSWC. And I don't care how much Robyn sobs that the four families need MSWC in order to stay together. No, Robyn, the four families needs the 5 adults to get off their collective fat asses and GET REAL JOBS!

And what episode would be complete without the continuing saga of Meri and whether she has decided to take Robyn up on her offer to be a surrogate for her. Meri tells Robyn she doesn't know what she wants. Robyn tells Meri she doesn't want to pressure her because she wants Meri to be free to have a choice of having a baby. Meri tells Robyn she doesn't know what she wants. Robyn tells Meri she wants her to have a choice because Meri gave Robyn the choice to marry Kody. Meri feels guilty. Robyn cries. Poor Sol ages another year. And Meri still doesn't make a decision. What the HELL!!!

Yep, these two "ladies" share a Raspie for wasting viewers time having to watch this nonsense!

Thank goodness, the final minutes of the episode was focused on Sol's first birthday party. I'd give it a Hyrum, but I don't think releasing balloons into the air is an environmentally sound practice.

Sol's balloons inside Meri's house before being released outside

As the balloons celebrating Sol's birthday slowly lift off into the upper atmosphere, we are left to ponder - wouldn't that many balloons be a threat to airliners flying in the vicinity?
The Happy Birthday Boy, King Sol (the one with the pointed hat)

Sol's birthday balloons about to be set free

Please continue the discussion HERE.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Discussion Page: Tweets from Robyn and the Dargers (Oh My!!)

As I labor to give birth to my first review of the new season of Sister Wives, I found some interesting tweets on Twitter.

The first one is of our "favorite" sister wife Robyn. Now, what surprises me is that this twitter conversation is still visible. If this had been a few years ago, the tweet would have been exiled to Twitter Hell faster than you can say My Sister Wife's Closet. But here it is, three days later and still visible to all.

Does this mean the Kody Brown and his Kodettes have turned over a new leaf and no longer delete tweets that aren't exactly complimentary?

Or is it simply a case that they didn't know it was there...

You be the judge.

OUCH!! No love lost there! Anyway, if this exchange from @plygs  suddenly goes 'POOF', we might have proof that if the Browns aren't reading SWB, SOMEBODY in their camp sure is.

Next up, a surprising tweet apparently from Vickie Darger concerning the death of family friend Wendell Owen. This discussion began HERE on SWB, but I thought it would be beneficial to learn from other sources exactly what the Kingston Group is all about. And it is NOT pretty. 

Now, I'm not surprised that the Dargers have a lot of "connections" to different polygamist groups. But to tweet about a friendship  with an apparently morally bankrupt group is, for want of a better word...dumb. Some things are best left in private, particularly if you want the monogamists of the World (you know, those harlots that Mike Cawley preached against) to think polygamists are just like regular folks. Well, regular folks that allow uncles to marry their nieces, that is.

Here is a recent video from the What Love is This website, where Doris Hanson (who escaped from the Kingston Group) interviews two young ladies who also escaped from the group.

Here's an early article from SWB: The Kingston Group - Now this group, you could say, "goes weird"!

And here's an article from old standby, Wikipedia: Latter Day Church of Christ

Your Thoughts?

Monday, July 22, 2013

UPDATE!! Discussion Page for Season Premiere Sister Wives 7/21/13

The Continuing Saga of My Sister Wife's Closet


Just file this one under idle gossip...

Looks like one of the wives is improving her McMansion...possibly a cement pad for the backyard, but hopefully something more fun for the family like a "cement pond"...

Please continue the discussion HERE

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Today.com : 'Sister Wives' husband to critics: We're not 'pushing' polygamy on others

Ree Hines
TODAY contributor

July 20, 2013 at 10:43 AM ET

The fourth season of TLC's "Sister Wives" is about to kick off, and that means there's more drama on the way for the Brown family.

Even though Kody Brown and his four wives — Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn — have been open about how they live their lives for some time now, there are still those who have big problems with the polygamous family and aren't shy about saying so. In fact, on the upcoming season premiere, the family travels to St. George, Utah, and find themselves in the midst of some of those unwelcoming faces.

It's no surprise that there are some in St. George who have a particular problem when the topic of polygamy comes up. The community is located close the FLDS headquarters, a base for a group of Mormon Fundamentalists who embrace polygamy and have been embroiled in many scandals involving child marriages, child abuse and incest. St. George is also the town in which FLDS president Warren Jeffs was once tried and convicted of being an accomplice to the rape (a conviction later overturned) before going on to be convicted of two counts of sexual assault of a child in Texas. (Jeffs is currently serving a life sentence for his crimes.)

While the Brown family practices a very different sort of polygamy than that seen in Jeffs' church, it's a difference that's lost on some. That's why Robyn felt so much trepidation about returning to the area, as she explains in this clip from the "Sister Wives" premiere that TLC shared exclusively with TODAY.com.

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
"I remember in high school, actually, teachers would make derogatory comments about polygamists," she said. "I kept my nose down and I hid who I was because of this." The family actually encountered a wide range of reactions on the trip, as the full episode will reveal on Sunday night, including one very negative reaction. TODAY.com recently spoke to Browns about that and asked them how they felt about encountering such rejection. "I just feel like we live in a world of diversity, and we've chosen how to structure our family," Kody explained. "And we are not pushing it on other people. We don’t even push it on our children." It's a live-and-let-live attitude he'd like to see from others. "We kind of anticipate that we'd really appreciate the same kind of tolerance," Kody said. Things are much different back in their new hometown of Las Vegas. There, the family has found tolerance. Read the rest of the article HERE.
How not to run an online business...
Hey Robyn, if people can't get into your site they can't buy your "iconic", overpriced, costume jewelry!
I'm finding this hard to believe. Well, maybe not if she bought the servers from the same company that supplied the Budget Boutique trinkets that look like they are the cheap prizes in one of those claw vending machines.

Please continue your discussion HERE

Friday, July 19, 2013

UPDATE!! New Season of Sister Wives Start On July 21st on TLC, but ....

watch it NOW on Amazon.com for $1.99 ($2.99 for HD), TLC OnDemand (check your cable provider) and FREE on ITunes.

That said, this morning I went searching on TLC's website for the two previews that are available on TLC OnDemand. I came up empty handed.

I mean, this show's new season premieres in less than a week, and the two previews aren't on their website? What gives?

Now, I wasn't shocked to see a plethora (Thanks, Meri) of stuff on Honey BooBoo, after all her show does premiere 7/17/13 on TLC. But nothing except old crap for the Browns...well, OK there was a video of the younger kids wishing their moms Happy Mother's Day. But nada on anything more recent.

So what am I supposed to do about this? Well, for the peeps who haven't seen the first episode yet, I will show you a few pictures of what you'll see.

The intervening months (heck, we are talking almost a year!) have not been kind to the sister wives.

Kody's looking kind of ragged, too.

Christine and Janelle look like they are only half-interested...(wink, wink)
The McMansions: Meri's and Janelle's (to the right)

A construction worker on top of Christine's McMansion

Kody and his Kodettes (plus Mona the real estate lady) taking a tour of one of the McMansions. Since no construction was going on, they didn't need their hard hats. Kody's hard hat couldn't fit on his big ol' head, anyway.

Can you guess what this business meeting was about?
 Robyn: It's called My Sister Wives' Closet, not Robyn's Closet! This is for our fammmleeeeesssss! (sniff, sniff).

Christine: I'm sorry, but this isn't what I signed up for.

Janelle: I'm sticking with real estate...thank you very much.

Meri: Robyn, I guess it's just me, you and Kody...

Kody: Ah....this sounds like work, count me OUT!

Meri and Robyn working on the MSWC sign at the Women's Expo

The family celebrating Sol's 1st birthday...I wonder if Truley got the same kind of celebration on her birthday?

And now from the ridiculous, to the outright nasty, I HAD to include some videos I found front and center on TLC's YouTube channel.

Warning, watch at your own risk, especially if you sensitive to sugar and butter overloads. I think even Christine can cook healthier than Mama June! Oh look, Mama June's kitchen is just as big as Meri's McMansion kitchen!

UPDATE 7/19/13

A few days ago, an anonymous Sister Wives Blog aficionado wrote:

...I am obsessed with Sobbins watch in the scene where she tried to sell the whole necklace set to a girl who (wisely) never came back. If anyone can identify it's make/model. I'd be appreciative. Also if anyone has a good screen shot of what I suspect is Koduchy Rolly I'd love to see that as well.............Thanks

Well, I used to have an eye for Rolex watches, but now my powers are kinda rusty. But I do agree with you that the watch Robyn is wearing is impressively big.

Here's some pictures:

So does anyone care to comment on the makes of these fine watches Kody and Robyn are wearing? And for the record, Meri, Janelle and Christine also were sporting some rather nice gold watches, too, so maybe Kody invested in some gold bling for all the wives.

Needless to say, those watches will not be making an appearance in the MSWC online catalog any time soon...

We are getting close to 200 comments, so please continue your discussion HERE.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

HuffPost LIVE: "Sister Wives" Interview 7/15/13

I'm 8 minutes into watching this video...so far it's the same old same old. In fact, even Christine has reverted back to that weird "too happy, too loud" personality we haven't seen for a while. Robyn is still Robyn and Kody is Kody. I like how Meri claimed her spot sitting next to Kody on the loveseat.

So here it is. I've got a stove to finish cleaning.


Friday, July 12, 2013

SPOILER!! Discussion Page for Sister Wives New Season S06Ep01: Picking Up the Pieces

The first episode is looking like there won't be any earth shattering events this season. For instance, who really believed Robyn's vanity online store was going to be an immediate success? Besides Kody, Meri and Robyn, that is. My advice? LOWER THOSE OUTRAGEOUS PRICES AND HAVE SOME SALES AND INCENTIVES LIKE 10 - 25% OFF FOR HOLIDAYS. And Robyn, if you think of your sister wives as free labor for your business, think again. You have the business acumen of a Kody Brown.

And who still doesn't know that Kody and his Ko-dypendents moved into those overpriced McMansions in the cul-de-sac?

Oh...and Janelle said that MSWC has to be successful because they can't afford another loss. We know about their past bad business ventures, but this sounds more recent. Hmmm...I wonder what it is <cough> LIV <cough><cough>....

Okay, that's all I'm gonna say until my review. Except that Christine's comments were BRUTAL!

This discussion area IS ONLY  for those who have watched Episode 1 of the new season on On Demand, or don't mind being spoiled. Please stay on topic! Comments comparing Polygamy USA with this episode of Sister Wives are OK.




Now closed for comments but you can leave your comment HERE.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

"Polygamy USA" Some Family Trees from Centennial Park to the Dargers

A Little Genealogy of Centennial Park: 
A little bird's been helping with the genealogy. I hope to have a complete one soon. As with all genealogies, they may be errors, but this is to the best of our knowledge.

**Do you know that ISAIAH THOMPSON is actually ISAIAH BARLOW?
**"Wife" BECCA or REBBECA is REBECCA TIMPSON, father RAY TIMPSON, which would of some relation to JOHN W. TIMPSON, one of CP's leaders.

**HYRUM "BURTON" TIMPSON recently married KELLIE. I have to say I thought the tree HYRUM made was really sweet. KELLIE is not KELLIE THOMPSON.
KELLIE is KELLIE BARLOW, the sister of ISAIAH "THOMPSON" BARLOW. The BARLOW name goes to JOHN YEATES BARLOW, who was a Mormon fundamentalist leader in Short Creek.


Which leads us to HYRUM's curious parentage.

Source say that HYRUM BURTON is actually HYRUM TIMPSON, son of Centennial Park leader JOHN W. TIMPSON. Also according to reports, SUSIE was not his mother, Sister wife mother, yes. Full Aunt yes. But we've been told his mother is actually another wife JOHN W. TIMPSON'S and SUSIE'S full blooded sister, Arthur Hammon's half sister. We will call her Mother HAMMON TIMPSON, which also would be ARTHUR HAMMON'S half sister. It wasn't his mother that passed, but his aunt, or other mother. That was a definite "white lie" on the show if this is true. We have been told that all the children were to call SUSIE mother, whether she was their actual mother in the home or not. 

HYRUM's grandfather hence is ALMA A. TIMPSON. His home was the initial Centennial Park group meeting place. He was an influential part of the group, and Centennial Park leader from 1988 until his death in 1997.

While we are speaking of Aunt Susie's passing, here is her obituary. One thing polygamists love to do is to leave out the names of their children!

Sep 13, 1946 - Nov 15, 2012

 Our beloved wife, mother, sister and friend, Susie (Hammon) Timpson, age 66, passed away peacefully in her home in Centennial Park, Arizona, surrounded by her family.  She was born September 13, 1946 in Hildale, Utah, the oldest daughter of J.M. Hammon and Alice (Barlow) Hammon.  She spent the early years of her life in Salt Lake City, UT and Farmington, UT, then moved to Colorado City, AZ in 1960.  She married John W. Timpson on September 7, 1964.

Susie graduated from the Colorado City Academy in 1964. She then attended Stevens Henager College of Business.  She spent the first years of her married life living and working in Salt Lake City, supporting her husband as he attended the University of Utah.  After he obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Physics, they moved to Colorado City, AZ, where they raised their family.  Again, she supported her husband as he completed his mission of educating the young teenagers of Colorado City Academy for 20 years.  She was employed several times over her life time, most notably at Polyseal in Salt Lake City.  She worked and interacted with many people she cared deeply about, and they loved her as a loyal friend and mentor. 

She then returned home to Colorado City and, together with her husband and family, built a home in Centennial Park, where she lived the remaining years of her life.  She was relied on to put her mind, heart and hands wherever she was asked to participate: in family life, in community life, in religious life.  She was intelligent, beautiful, strong, passionate, full of life and humor and compassion.  She loved administering to her husband, her family and her community.   She loved the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the opportunities and blessings it brought to her life.   She was a strong and valuable advocate for women, loving them and encouraging them to strive for a greater life and destiny.  She is a beloved friend and counselor to so many.

She is survived by her husband, John, her children and numerous grandchildren, and a large, loving extended family.  She is preceded in death by her parents and her husband's parents, who she loved deeply.

Funeral services will be held Wednesday, November 21, 2012, at 1:00 pm at the Centennial Park Chapel in Centennial Park, AZ.  There will be a family gathering from 7:30 to 9:30 pm on Monday, November 19th.  Friends and family are welcome to say goodbye to Susie on Tuesday, November 20th from 7:00 - 9:30 pm and again on the morning of Wednesday, November 21st from 10:00 am - 12:30 pm, prior to the service at 1:00 pm. Interment will be in the Centennial Park Cemetery, Centennial Park, AZ.

The family wishes to thank all those who assisted in the care of Susie over the last five years.  It is deeply appreciated.

Speaking of JOHN W. TIMPSON, on of the leaders of Centennial Park, we found an interesting relationship between him and Creepy Crawly MICHAEL CAWLEY.
Remember when poor ROSE was talking with the Brethern, *Cough* Grandpa CLAUDE TOMKINS CAWLEY? Buckle you seatblet, 'cause he we go again!!

Brethern CLAUDE T. CAWLEY is the father of MICHAEL CAWLEY.
CLAUDE T. CAWLEY has a number of wives, one being another sister of ARTHUR HAMMON. One of ARTHUR'S unnamed sister is another wife of JOHN W. TIMPSON. Boy, ole ARTHUR has sisters everywhere!

Now here comes the connection between Brethern CLAUDE T. CAWLEY and Brethern JOHN W. TIMPSON....they are brothers from the same mother!!
Meet  GUINEVERE CAWLEY TIMPSON, mother of both CLAUDE T. CAWLEY and JOHN W. TIMPSON. They are brothers from the same mother.

Born: 20 Jan 1914-Died: 17 Mar 2012
**First wife of Cawley, not of Timpson.
Guinevere Woolley Timpson was born on January 20, 1914 in Ogden, Utah, and died on March 17, 2012, in Colorado City, Arizona. She was the daughter of Franklin Benjamin and Ellie Seegmiller Woolley, the youngest of their 12 children, all of whom she survived. Her early years were spent in Ogden, where she married John C. Cawley, who was tragically killed in an automobile accident in December, 1937. She married Alma Adelbert Timpson on April 25, 1944, leaving Ogden to live with him in Salt Lake City, Utah. During subsequent years, she operated the True Method Reducing business in Salt Lake. She has lived briefly in Los Angeles, California, Boise, Idaho, and Riverside, California, returning to Salt Lake City in 1956, where she resided until her move to Colorado City, Arizona by 1970.

Her life was marked distinctively by her loyalty to the priesthood authority she recognized as presiding over her, under whose guidance she performed ordinance work during most years of her long life for hundreds of young women. They and many others of her extended family and acquaintances came to love her as a wise counselor and dear friend.

She is survived by her two sons, CLAUDE T. CAWLEY and JOHN W. TIMPSON, and numerous grandsons and granddaughters.

Funeral services will be held at 12:00 noon in the chapel at Centennial Park, Arizona, on March 25, 2012, and a viewing open to the general public from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. March 24, as well as 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on the day of the funeral. (Source: Deseret News, Mar 2012)

Which makes JOHN W. TIMPSON an uncle to MICHAEL CAWLEY, and HYRUM "BURTON TIMPSON" and MICHAEL CAWLEY first cousins.

MICHAEL CAWLEY is married to TERESA KNUDSON, who is a sibling to ROB KNUDSON, husband of AMANDA DARGER, daughter of JOE DARGER. See how this ferris wheel rides? It gets interesting.  TERESA KNUDSON'S parents are KENNETH C. KNUDSON and unnamed HAMMON. There's that HAMMON surname again. The KNUDSON family have that HUGE home in Centennial Park.

Before we leave the DARGER'S - here's JOE DARGER'S Father's obit:

 Our friend, brother and loving father, Joseph Lynn Darger, passed away December 13, 1995, at his home in Herriman, Utah.

Lynn was born December 24, 1946, in Salt Lake City, Utah, to David Brigham Darger and Virginia Beth McDaniel Darger. His mother died in 1958. Lynn's life was the gospel of Jesus Christ, and he lived and loved it to the very end. His selflessness and sacrifice blessed him with many friends and a large family who love him and will miss him.He is survived by his wives, Shauna, Melinda, Brenda and Debbie; children, Joseph, Jason, Danielle, Dustin, Rachel, Levi, Lucas, Moroni, Kristina, Eliza, Shauna, Brigham, Melinda, Rebekah, Ethen, Heber and Heleman; sons-in-law, Matthew Jessop and Ryan Jessop; daughters-in-law, Cindy, Vicki, Alina, and Rhonda; other mothers, Celesta, Violet, Deborah; brothers, Ronald, Brigham, David, Allan and Richard Darger; sisters, Dawn Boss, Janet Williams and Kaylene Barlow; and 29 other brothers and sisters. Preceded in death by his father and mother; special mother, Aldora ("Lizey") Darger; brother, Lee Darger, and sister, Ann Kelsch.

Funeral services will be held Saturday, December 16, 1995, 2 p.m. at Larkin Mortuary, 260 East South Temple. Friends may call Friday evening from 6 to 8 p.m. and one hour prior to services. Interment Elysian Burial Gardens. (Source: Deseret News)

Remember how JOE DARGER said "Big Love" was based on his family?
Here's an interesting artile I came across about JOE'S father JOSEPH LYNN DARGER'S wife SHAUNA:
Seems like the ole Mother of the Year award scenario really happened!

As Gov. Mike Leavitt and his wife Jacalyn honored 24 Utah women as "great examples
and symbols of motherhood," another nominee quietly slipped out the back door of the
Governor's Mansion because her polygamous past had become known by ceremony
Shauna Lynne Darger -- nominated by her son for the award -- arrived for Saturday's
ceremony along with two dozen of "Utah's Remarkable Mothers" from around the state.
But the Riverton mother of 10 never stepped up to accept her tribute.
Informed that Darger had been a polygamist, ceremony organizers confronted her.
Darger acknowledged having a past polygamous relationship, then left the mansion with
three grown children who had accompanied her, said the governor's spokesperson, VickiVarela.
"I'm declining the award," Darger tolda Salt Lake Tribune reporter, refusing comment
about whether she currently is in a polygamous relationship.
Darger was one of four wives of Joseph Lynn Darger, of Herriman, until he died in
The woman was pictured along with the 24 other nominees in a full-page ZCMI
department store ad in Saturday's Tribune.The governor learned of the controversy only after the ceremony, Varela said. "He
respected this as the best choice for this person to make under the circumstances," Varela
Organizers did not try to persuade Darger to stay.
"It was clear she was choosing to leave the event," Varela said, adding Darger did not
want to attract negative attention to the ceremony, nor to herself.
Varela said the focus on polygamy was unfortunate for the other mothers "and for this
mother's mothering which,
have no doubt, is honorable."
Family and friends nominated Darger by submitting letters to ZCMI
and the Governor's Initiative on Families Today.
Criminal background checks were run on the nominees, Varela said, "but there is
nothing that would have brought this to our attention."
Laura Chapman, a former member of the anti-polygamy group Tapestry of Polygamy,
said: "There are some good mothers in polygamy. I don't think that should exclude her
from an award. But if she's indoctrinating her children to break the law, that's not a good mom."
Polygamy was renounced by The Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1890, and six years later outlawed
by the Utah Constitution. Darger won a place among the list of 25 women,
in part, for starting a successful catering
business after her husband died. The business has allowed Darger to support and nurture
her children at home, according to a son's nomination letter.
Added the son: "Her daily heroism both inspires me and epitomizes the high office of motherhood."  (Source: Salt Lake Tribune: 2 May 1999. pg. C.1)

Now Back to the Polygamy USA Bunch!

MICHAEL CAWLEY had a great grandmother named FAWNETTA JESSOP. That leads his family into the ALLREDS, JESSOPS, BARLOWS and past leader JOHN YEATES BARLOW.

ROSE CAWLEY probably has to do a lot of genealogy before finding that inspiration about a husband! 

I'll stop there for now. We will go into the HAMMON family tree next.

The same names keep popping up over and over in this small town. When another generation is added, you can connect about anyone-from the Browns, Dargers, Jessops Allreds. This is one interconnected group!  Some information is left out to protect those not on the show. If you'd like to add information, please email us at the right!

Be sure and check back for a new post coming...a perspective of what it's like inside Centennial Park and other polygamist sects, from Ed Kociela, author of "Plygs" who was in a scene of Polygamy USA.  

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