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Monday, August 29, 2011

Terrasola has her Magic Wand Out!

Our Sister Wives Season 3

*   Scenes where Kody spends time with his kids (they need their dad’s time)

*  A fantasy episode where Kody has brother husbands (and then apologizes to Meri for having been so insensitive)

*  A fantasy episode where Meri smiles, Janelle gets thin (because we know she’s gorgeous), and Robyn keeps the baby weight (she looks better with a fuller face – and needs to know how the other half lives)

*  A “Big Brother” episode where the kids live in one house and the adults in another, revealing how the adults really get along

*  The favorite wife is revealed

*  A make-over episode for the wives

*  Individual talking heads scenes where the wives tell their real opinions of Kody

*  Interviews with the neighbors and in-laws on what they think of the Browns

*  Candid scenes showing what Kody really does all day

*   The spouses are polygraphed, and answer viewer questions

*   Robyn’s ex-husband answers questions

*   The Browns relocate to 1 large house and wackiness ensues

*  Wife #5 arrives

*  More “Polygamy Game” questions – with penalties for Kody giving wrong answers

*  Heroine of Paris’s identity is revealed (It’s Lindsay Lohan ... or maybe my wacky aunt Mabel who adds butterscotch to her Tater Tot Casserole)

*  Robyn is banned for life from Twitter

*  Interviewing other polygamist husbands

* The Browns answer difficult questions about their bankruptcies

*  A crossover episode with a financial expert

*  Kody gets his hair cut

*  The wives explain their fashion sense

Written by TERRASOLA


  1. Is this not hysterical! Love it! thanks T!

  2. Terrasola, I look forward to your posts, they are so funny!

  3. Wouldn't this make a GREAT SHOW! Seriously, their rating would go through the roof!

  4. Robyn is banned from Twitter and gets fat bwahahahahhaha

  5. So cool, great writing! I love funny posts! Even if /I am pro Sister Wives, you gotta have fun! So many don't see that.

  6. I want to hear about their REAL financial life!

  7. Hysterical! Love it all. it would be ... the TRUTH! I want a 5th wife, darn it. I want him to go all the way, and piss off Robyn in the meantime. Do you guys realize that something was faked on the show?

    1. Christine would have gotten preggers right when they started dating.
    2. They had her move in Sept. Marked by the calender and school discussed, but Christine was very preggers when they moved her.
    3. She was not living in the home Belle told us about, in fact, it looked barely lived in, could it have been staged?

  8. You know, Princess, I think you may be right! Anyone else? I think she's spot on.
    T, great morning laugh!

  9. Sweet! See, they should really like this site, you guys promote them!

  10. You and Cj are the funniest little cahorts! Love it!

  11. Princess Layla, I am really stupid with a migraine today so could you connect the dots for me and explain what you mean. Sorry to be so thick-headed, but I am really not understanding what you mean and I REALLY want to because it sounds very interesting.

  12. Robyn cuts off all her hair, to accent her chin.
    Meri runs off with a hunk.
    Logan says he will not be a polygamist.

  13. Christine, Janelle, and Meri all get pregnant at the same time!

  14. I am so grateful to have T, CJ, and Pretty and Pink (Who's been busy) on my team, without them, well, it wouldn't be the blog it is!

  15. The wives get all excited at a 2 for 1 double sleeved shirt special. The need to make a sleeve thingy like a "dickie" and make a fortune!