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Sunday, August 7, 2011

FLDS Polygamists Aid and Abet Sexual Predators

In cultures where a segment of the population has no rights, the percentage of abuse is always in direct proportion to the division between those of entitlement and those without rights. Polygamist cultures are based on an imbalance of power, inequality and submission of women. When men aspire to Godhood and women are reduced to breeding stock, as in the FLDS polygamist groups, the gap of inequality expands with the crimes against the disempowered. Child brides, child molest and abuse masquerade as religious rights. Currently Canada seeks court intervention on the legality of polygamy. Many assume the degree of child abuse,  child brides and human rights violations are confined to the FLDS polygamists in the Canadian court battle, but these polygamists are not unusual. They are typical.

Among blood line polygamists’ child brides were a reality that has always produced a promise to stop it when the law was involved and always continued secretly with the justification that God’s laws are higher than man’s. I am a product of polygamy. These cults from Canada to Mexico traffic women who are my relatives. I grew up in the AUB ( Allred) polygamist group.  
The AUB polygamist group noted several members accused of child molest: Joseph Thompson in 1994, (my brother in law), George Maycock in 1998 and Shevroll Palacios in 2002.

The Apostolic United Brethren "released" (formally let them go from their positions or affiliation) those accused of child molestation. They "released" others who may bring down their name. They DID NOT report them; send them away OR INFORM THEIR FAMILIES. My sister, who complained about the molestation, was "released" from Joe and given to another cult member. My sister was devastated that SHE was ousted from her sister wives BECAUSE SHE TOLD, and nothing was done to Joe. These men and others like them STAYED RIGHT WERE THEY WERE and continued too affiliate themselves heavily with the FLDS leaders. My sister remains loyal and dependent on those who subordinate her. The price of truth is very high, especially when you family, your home and your survival depends on your loyalty.  AUB web sites were created for AUB protection, not the protection of the women and children, but they are a good source of information on how they handle the criminals who are discovered in all types’ crime.
 After the polygamist raids in 1953, Life Magazine featured polygamist Clyde Mackert as the “poster child” of wonderful religious polygamy. The title was “Heroes of the 1953 Raid”. Clyde Mackert’s wives included two of my sisters. His daughters have gone public about the incest in the family. Kathleen Mackert, one of Clyde Mackert’s daughters shares her reality.
Also Rowena Mackert’s words, “My father had been molesting me,” and “Two of the threats came from Warren Jeffs”.  
Laurene Jessup and twelve of her sisters reported being molested by her FLDS polygamist father Jack Cook. Sara Hannon (includes sexual abuse). See Girl fourteen fled abuse, title; Mind Control of Polygamy  Warren Jeff’s and ten others- wed children. Title Records Show More Texas Sect Members Wed Minors

Tom Green; polygamist. Find him on any web search. He took his 13 year old step daughter as one of his wives. (My niece). My brother was infuriated, but would do nothing because he himself had been polygamist and he feared the outcome if he spoke out. Linda was born to my brother’s plural wife, Beth, before she married Tom. Tom Greene ‘s plural wife Karen had two daughters Tom also took to wife, Carli Bjorkman age 15 and her younger sister Hannah Leigh Bjorkman age 14. Tom had another plural wife, June Johnson ( a half sister to Beth). June was the mother of Shirley and LeeAnn Bagley. Tom took young Shirley to wife when she was 16 and LeeAnn when she was 14. Allison Ryan became Tom’s wife when she was 16.
When Beth Cook, my sister in law, was 12 years old, Roy Johnson, the leader of Short Creek ( now Colorado City), gave Beth as a plural wife to a man old enough to be her grandfather. He also gave Beth’s nine year old sister to the same man. These facts and the mind set of these people can be found in “Polygamy Under Attack” by John R. Llewellyn  pages 68 through 73. 
If crimes against children are hidden in an illegal society, do they hide other crimes as well? Consider welfare fraud.
These are a few peeks inside of fundamentalist polygamy. Justification for this sick behavior is blamed on;King David of the Bible (thousands of years ago)Mormon Pioneers (a hundred and fifty years ago)A church they admit they don’t belong to.  Any one everyone except themselves.  Adults are responsible for THEIR behavior.  When will we stop ignoring abuse, trafficking of child brides and government fraud in the name of religion? When will we stop the slavery in our own country?

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Submitted by RAYNE (THANK YOU!!!)
Let's Discuss!

(By Rebecca Kimbel  Mscd  CEO  DTM


  1. Ok so u have polygamy in the family. Close. So you blog about it.

    I will join in. I think I would like that if you don't mind.

  2. Dear Patricia, Join right in! If you ever want to write a post about your experiences, let me know!

    Please don't let certain things on here offend you. If they do, just tell us a different side to the story!

  3. I am utterly lost. In paragraph 3, the author says that the AUB released this girl who was then given to another man. I thought the AUB didn't do that. THEN she goes on to say "These men and others like them STAYED RIGHT WERE THEY WERE and continued too affiliate themselves heavily with the FLDS leaders."
    So, was she talking about the AUB or the FLDS?
    this stuff gets so complicated, I don't know how they even know themselves what's going on.

  4. The AUB currently has a policy against child brides and arranged marriages. That was not so in the past - the founder of the AUB had two 15 year old brides. The author of this post is Rebecca Kimbel, an ex AUB member who is currently 70 - 80 yrs old or more. She is speaking about the AUB at the time she grew up. She was molested by her stepfather in the AUB as a young girl, and the AUB did NOTHING about it.

  5. This sounds so much like slavery, as Ms. Kimball herself alludes to. With statements like "was given to", how can anyone think otherwise.

    I know that the AUB today does not condone underage marriage, but how can you be free to choose your own path in life: if you are told that there is no other way to achieve salvation; if you go to church school where everyone else lives this lifestyle; if you constantly and consistently receive the message that everyone who does not practice your lifestyle / religion is bad / misguided / wrong; etc.

  6. Or do they, T?
    Seems like what she's saying is that they are more savvy to the media, so they say what's needed to be said, and on they go.....
    Funny, Kody couldn't re-marry before when asked, and suddenly, now he could, with no better finances. I must be cynical today.

  7. But, is she talking about which group? Or does she consider them the same in secret?

  8. Polly,
    The AUB is an offshoot of the FLDS.
    Rebecca Kimbel speaks of the AUB in paragraph 2 and the first half of paragraph 3. When she refers to Clyde Mackert, she is referring to the FLDS and the FLDS raid which took place in 1953. Clyde Mackert and his FLDS family were interviewed by Life Magazine and they presented themselves as a wholesome, all American family. This turned the tide against the Arizona governor who ordered the 1953 FLDS raid who was later voted out of office. It was later discovered that Clyde Mackert (FLDS member in Life magazine, 1953) was molesting three of his daughters. Members of the AUB and the FLDS are frequently related, as Rebecca Kimbel was an AUB member with relatives in the FLDS.

  9. My suspicion is that the celestial marriage between Kody and Robyn was not approved by the AUB. Perhaps this is the reason the Browns now refer to themselves as "Independent Fundamentalists."

    Those poor Brown kids. Imagine growing up and finding out all these things about your parents ("too impoverished to be able to court / take another wife", etc., etc., etc.). With the advent of the Internet you can't hide anything; nothing is private anymore. Regardless of what they say now, some kids WILL break away from the family when they find out the real truth.

    What would you do if you were a Brown kid?

  10. I would need to go back and watch the actual wedding episode, but I believe the actual wedding took place in an AUB structure and was private...perhaps the AUB endowment house in Bluffdale, which is only about 11 miles away from Lehi.

  11. You know, I think it was, that "anonymous" told us he couldn't do it before,he wanted to marry but the church wouldn't allow it, said he was too poor. Once he had the show, he magically got the Ok. And, I'd say the picked Robyn out for him to take care of, so they wouldn't have to. AND TO SAY THEY DON'T TELL YOU WHO YOU CAN OR CAN'T MARRY.
    That's another pretty myth. Seems the AUB got some good pr people. I could be totally wrong. But it's what as it appears. If they'd just tell the truth, then it would end all this.
    To hide you religion is weird.

  12. It makes me wonder, WHY? Is it because unlike most religions, the man is to respect and honor his wife, and the Mormon region has serious problems with treating women like property, in some cases, treat their dogs better?
    Is it some sort of contest who can bang the most? And the insect, lord have mercy, WHY? is 10 wives not enough? I DO NOT understand this. I need a psychiatrist to tell me. ALL those men have some serious generational issues.

  13. Bunsterj - correct, they had a Temple ceremony.

  14. Is the family that the Sister Wives show portrays part of this same sect? I watched their show and altho don't agree with their philosophy, didn't feel they fell into the same category as Warren Jeffs and his sect. Am I wrong? Are they also FLDS? If so, how come they live outside a commune?

  15. Linda, they are in the same community of Independent Fundamental Mormons.The Brown's belong to the AUB Sect., Jeffs in FLDS. (Sorta like two kinds of Baptists)
    There is a chart down in favorites that explains some of it.
    The AUB doesn't require living on a commune, the dress, and discourages underage brides. However, the main core of their religions are the same.
    A Wife can not get into heaven, which is a planet, unless her husband calls her. It is based on many Mason rituals, come occult, and when they get to the planet, the wives are perpetually pregnant to fill the planet, and the man is G-D (I can't even say it.) There are many great articles on here about their beliefs.
    It is based on writings of Joseph Smith, they believe they descended from Jesus and are the one true church.
    3 wives - decent planet
    5 - better 7 best.
    (that's just it in a nutshell)

  16. The Browns are members of AUB (not Independents). Independents are not affiliated with any group. Robyn and Kody would have been "sealed" in a private ceremony in the 'ordinance building' in Bluffdale Utah (no outsiders allowed in). They do get to choose their marriage partners, but the leadership may say no on occasion when men ask for more wives. As Kody says at the very beginning of the first show, his religion "rewards" men for good behavior by allowing them another wife (yuck). AUB considers that the FLDS broke away from them. Although there are not "assigned" marriages in general, I do know that one of the 15 year old girls who 'married' Rulon Allred, was told by her father to marry Rulon, and the ceremony took place the night before Rulon Allred went to prison for polygamy. Incidentally he signed an agreement to get out of prison that entailed not not living or teaching polygamy. He immediately broke the agreement, so basically he just lied to get out, as did a whole group of AUB men. The article above is accurate about the council members that were sexual abusers. One man who went to Owen Allred about his daughter being abused was berated for accusing a 'righteous man.' It all came out later as true.

  17. So, the AUB are just more savvy with the press. Right?
    PLEASE tell us more about the AUB.