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Monday, August 15, 2011


Same as last week, it worked great!!
Aug 15 -  Aug 21.
Keep 'em coming!


  1. http://www.examiner.com/tv-in-oklahoma-city/sister-wives-season-3-coming-this-fall-premiere-video-here

    I realize there is a lot of editing for dramatic effect here. Just to lure the viewers in. I was saddened though to see Logan being filmed in regards to his struggles. I find that to be shameless.

  2. We have that Video in our June Section, under Sister Wives Previews. Looks like Robyn and Janelle are going to go at it! I am going to put it up again prob. the first of Sept for us to talk about! Thanks Anne!
    I can't wait to see what that's all about. Meri looked like she was mad at Janelle. I hope not!
    Robyn=shit stirrer

    1. Well it seems that your prediction that Robin will be the downfall of the Brown family was eerily correct. especially for poor Christine. It appears as though Robin has little concern for how her presence in the family has negatively affected Cody and Christine's marriage. Shame, shame...

  3. Sorry. I didn't recall seeing it in June, but there has been so much new great postings since. This video popped up as a new article this morning - I guess because they will start promoting the show. Again, I know there is editing from drama, but I have to tell you - I was intrigued.

    First - Kody voice overs about "loving the kids" basically addressing what posters have been saying about his lack of individual attention to the kids.

    Second - I did find it interesting when Janelle said "there has been more honesty" - um, haven't they all been honest this whole time??? Wasn't that one of their big selling points.

    Third - I was giggling when Robyn said "I want all our children to follow in our faith" - or something like that. I think multiple times the older children have expressed that they simply don't know what they will do. I just see this being ramped up for drama.

    I so agree. Robyn = shit stirrer. She will be the downfall of this family. It's sad in it's own way.

  4. It is the same preview from TLC it is coming out in articles now that are discussing the the show returning in the fall.

    Things I saw on the web today:

    Twitter Publicist/Friend Tweeted that she is open for questions about Sister Wives and challenging to change any negative views.

    Spoiler Alert?

    A man tweeted that he is appearing in an episode of Sister Wives that is being filmed in the couples birthing class in Las Vegas tonight.

    "Appearing on an episode of #sisterwives tomorrow night at birthing class. #onlyinlasvegas"

  5. Can't find your email submit anywhere now. I am just not seeing it on the new design I guess. Where can I send you something?

  6. More from Nat Geo on Bountiful not sure if its the same one already posted this was for the UK it looks

    The man with 121 Children and 24 wives.


  7. Yes, please put it up again, time to talk Sister Wives!

  8. http://www.stgeorgeutah.com/news/archive/2011/08/15/freedom-of-religion-carte-blanche-unless-you-are-warren-jeffs/

    St. George Utah Opinion Piece
    Freedom of Religion Carte Blanche, Unless You are Warren Jeffs?

    Gather has a write up on the return season, too. Same TLC video.

    "The unspoken tension between the "Sister Wives" is clear and forces many to wonder if they can all work it out or will they become victim to the effects of reality television?"

    "Sister Wives" returns to TLC this fall.

  9. Anderson Cooper 360 is doing a follow up on the trial interviewing members on location but I cant get the page to load at cnn! It might be on tonight or later this week I don't know.