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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fundamentalist coalition denounces Jeffs, child sex abuse

I read where this had been put in a comment, but worth putting up so no one misses it. Robyn, aren't you a part of that coalition? No wonder the other girls were smart enough to keep their mouths shut.

A group of fundamentalist Mormon communities on Thursday issued a statement denouncing polygamist leader Warren Jeffs, who is on trial in Texas for child sex abuse.
Jeffs — the self-proclaimed prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints — was found guilty Thursday of sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl and a 14-year-old girl after taking them for plural wives.
The Principle Rights Coalition (PRC) — representing five polygamous churches, along with others who practice polygamy but are unaffiliated with any church — called the sexual abuse of children “reprehensible.”
“As new evidence has surfaced in Texas ... we are alarmed that such depravity could have been perpetrated by anyone,” according to the statement.
“While we understand that horrific abuse can occur in any part of society, it is especially devastating to discover that sexual assault of young children may have occurred behind the false pretense of a religious ideology,” the statement says. “Those who commit such crimes must be held accountable. If any members of our communities are in fact guilty, we fully support their being brought to justice.”
The PRC added that the reports of abuse “illustrate the necessity of decriminalizing plural, consenting-adult relationships, while convicting those specific individuals who have victimized children.”
“In some cases, years of isolation and secrecy may have cultivated and concealed abuse, since those who might ordinarily have come forward feared the threat of prosecution should their plural family arrangement be disclosed,” the PRC statement says.
An accompanying statement by the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB) said they were “shocked and horrified” by what has been revealed during Jeffs’ trial.
“While we share common religious origins and history with the FLDS, we are and have been keenly aware of many of Warren Jeffs’ radical religious deviations and abuses of power under the false pretense of priesthood authority,” the AUB release says.
”We repudiate and denounce Warren Jeffs’ inappropriate actions in linking his despicable and unconscionable acts to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to Joseph Smith Jr. and Mormonism,” the statement continues. “Such acts and so-called ordinances are not and never have been condoned by the Gospel as it was established and restored by Joseph Smith.”
Source: SL Tribune, Stephen Hunt)


  1. Someone finally listed the groups in an article!

    The coalition represents five polygamous groups - the Apostolic United Brethren, Centennial Park, the Davis County Cooperative Society, the Neilson-Naylor community - and a network of so-called "independents" who practice polygamy but do not affiliate with any specific church.

    TY Seattle Times!

  2. Abunch of Judasas! They will see their revenge one day!

  3. The 5 groups talked about in the previous segment from the Principal Voices page are"
    1. FLDS
    2. AUB
    3. Centennial Park
    4. Independent Fundamentalist Mormons
    5. Kingston
    6. Others (less than 300)

  4. Esther Ruth, What group are you in, FLDS?

  5. Better late than never, although I'm betting they're praying really hard that nobody looks too deep into their pasts.

  6. The Harmston Group is not included in the list above - also known as the True and Living Church of Manti, Utah.
    The Kingstons, the Harmstons, and the FLDS all have coercive or arranged marriages. AUB and Centennial Park require permission of the church leadership to date someone or marry someone. Centennial Park members often receive recommendations or are informed that someone has had a revelation that they are to be someone's spouse. The FLDS, the Kingstons and the Harmstons have definitely engaged in underage marriage.

  7. Now Esther, who will see revenge? We didn't see Jeffs making it flood the courtroom. Avenge the innocent men and women that were called by the law to make a decsision based on facts? Do you watch TV? Casey Anthony got off without a scratch because of lack of evidence. This evidence spoke for itself. I'm sorry you feel that way honey, but his war is not your war.

  8. I thought this was a very good article about why polygamist groups naturally lead to incest and rape. http://forumonpublicpolicy.com/archive06/bennion.pdf

  9. Can anyone teach me how to convert PDF to MS Word?
    I've seen several articles that I would like to put on here, but can't switch over.

  10. One wonders why a coalition which wants to portray a squeaky clean image would associate itself with the Kingston group. The Kingstons practice incest, with men married to their half sisters and girls married to their uncles. As a result, children are frequently stillborn or they have deformities.

  11. Hmmm... Someone want to write a post about the Kingston group? Time to learn something new!

  12. I got some creepy tidbits to gossip in re Davis County Cooperative Society (remember the Kingston's?) Their belief and goal is to bring back the "Pure Seed of Christ" via incest (albeit c'mon folks it's only occasional incest from the true bloodline of Christ and we won't admit to bringing back the Christ child unless prosecuted and needed as an excuse to our incestuous ways) and the kicker is, people are starting to ask why in the world the Brown's Group , The AUB, would form a coalition with this nutty Davis Coop group in lieu of the Jeff's outcome!
    And I agree! WHY would they?

    It is getting harder and harder to believe the Brown family is so different, so removed , so independent when they keep holding hands with the freaks.

    We know creepy Anne Wilde is the co founder, but who is the founder, who is her co-pilot of this group? Takers anyone?


    The Latter Day Church of Christ claims to maintain the original beliefs and teachings of Joseph Smith Jr., viewing other sects in the Latter Day Saint movement as incorrect. The Latter Day Church of Christ has continued the practice of polygamy since inception; additionally it practices close—occasionally incestuous—marriage to maintain "pure bloodlines" that they claim to trace to Jesus Christ.[8][9] The Latter Day Church of Christ also practices the Law of Consecration, the United Order, and the "Law of Satisfaction."


  13. Anne wilde is not creepy - she is a nice person. I've enjoyed some aspects of this blog but when people attack nice people like anne who is a a sweet grandma (I have known her through sunstone for years) and don't distinguish them from pedophiles like Jeffs, then that is wrong. She never abused anyone in her life. Furthermore, I know she and this coalition raised $2000 for a domestic violence hotline last year. I imagine there are very good people in these communities who abhor abuse just like they say, and there are bad apples, and I'm sure that is as hard for them to deal with as it is for us - have you seen your neighborhood on the we offender registry to see how many of your neighbors are dangerous to your kids! I have and I'm more worried about them than most of these polygamists. Kody brown is nothing!!

  14. Friend of the BlogAugust 6, 2011 at 7:04 PM

    Did you look at the POST? Was she attacked by the writer? The bloggers here can't control what people think. Here's what they've said a 1000 times: This blog is for both prop and con. Instead of attacking someone's post you don't like, please write your thoughts, let us know how you feel in a positive way. Great that you put up how you felt, now maybe others might get a glimpse of her in another way. Don't get offended, just show a different side! No name calling is what they say. I'm sorry if some disturbed you. They say to say, Here's how I see it, then it's all good!

  15. WIKI says the FLDS does incest?yikes~
    What is the Law of Consecration, the United Order, and the "Law of Satisfaction." and do the Browns practice it?

  16. I don't think the other groups stick to such claims of true bloodlines to Christ nor do I think they admit to incest being necessary to keeping lines pure or reproducing the Christ child. Then again, time will be the truth teller I suppose.

    My opinion of Anne stands. I think she is creepy. Others, of course, are free to their own opinion. I respect that someone respects her for raising funds. I might even respect that action. However, over all, I do not respect Anne.

    I guess I would like to ask why Anne would allow this group to join a coalition that she is a co-founder of? And why wouldn't anyone else find that to be disturbing and a set back toward what their , the coalition's, goals are claimed to be?

    We see Warren sink under convictions for child sexual abuse. A coalition among FLDS independents forms to take a stand against FLDS, the likes of Warren, Warren's abusive actions. Yet, all the while they make this statement , they are holding hands with a group that admits to occasional incest to preserve their lineage?
    I am failing to see how that is a step forward for FLDS polygamist. Also, I did not like their political agenda being included in there statement. Sorry, there is a time and a place for every thing and I don't think the press release was the place to rally for decriminalization of polygamy.

    Color me silly, but my mind and heart were still with the child brides being abused on temple beds.

  17. Controversies

    [edit]Intra-family marriages
    The theories on genetics that could be used to "purify" the Kingston-family pedigree were reportedly developed at the Kingston Dairy, owned by the co-op in Woods Cross, Davis County, Utah.[3][12] Use of these theories encouraged incestuous marriages of close relatives in order to "perfect" the Kingston bloodline.[12] Those marriages, if proven, could be considered illegal under Utah's consanguinity laws.[13] Connie Rugg, formerly one of Ortell’s plural wives, stated: "Ortell Kingston experimented [with] inbreeding with his cattle, and then he turned to his children.”[3]
    Some examples include:
    Example of Intra-family Marriages within the Kingston Clan
    John O. Kingston
    Jeremy O. Kingston[a]
    LaDonna Peterson
    Lunna Kingston[b]
    Mary Gustafson
    Charles W. Kingston
    Joseph O. Kingston
    Clyde Gustafson
    Lunna Gustafson
    Mary Gustafson
    Marriage of Jeremy Ortell Kingstona and Aunt/Cousin LuAnn Kingstonb
    Kingston Clan member Jason Ortell Kingston married his half-sister, Andrea Johnson, who became pregnant in 1992. She suffered from preeclampsia (toxemia) before being brought in for medical treatment. A C-section was performed to save the baby, but Andrea died. Utah state officials believe that obstetrical care was withheld because of the possibility that the incestuous relationship would be discovered.[14]
    Jeremy Ortell Kingston was sentenced to a year in prison in 2004 for having taken LuAnn Kingston, who was his cousin and aunt, as his fourth wife in 1994.[15]
    Kingston Clan member David O. Kingston married 15-year-old Mary Ann Kingston, who attempted to run away but was apprehended by her father, who then beat her. He was arrested and pled “no contest” to the charge of child abuse and served seven months in jail. David O. Kingston was convicted of incest and unlawful sexual conduct and sentenced to a 10-year prison term, of which he only served 4 years. Mary Ann later filed a $110-million lawsuit against members of the Kingston Clan, alleging intentional sexual abuse of a child and intentional infliction of emotional distress.[16]

    Child marriage
    Latter Day Church of Christ also used to practice child marriage of girls just attaining puberty. Kingston Clan leaders having a "pure bloodline" have priority over almost any other members when choosing plural wives.[3] With this advantage, girls as young as 13 were coerced into marriage as new plural wives.[17]
    [edit]Financial fraud
    Despite the wealth of the Kingston Clan leaders, plural wives have been found living in almost inhuman conditions.[18] Often wives' homes consisted of only small rundown clapboard houses with peeling paint and broken windows.[6] Connie Rugg stated: "The men in the Kingston group do little or nothing to support their many wives and children".[6] Sometimes wives will "go gardening," scrounging through garbage cans to provide food for their children and themselves.[6]
    The Latter Day Church of Christ has also been accused of engaging in welfare fraud and tax evasion.[19] They have larger families which is typical of the older LDS teachings. John Ortell Kingston was accused of tax evasion and fraudulently obtained welfare by having his wives claim to be single mothers, claiming that he was not the father of their children. Ortell's holdings were estimated at $70 million. In 1983, the State of Utah sued Ortell Kingston for repayment of welfare subsidies his plural wives had received. While admitting no wrongdoing, Ortell paid the state $250,000 and the case was dropped.[20]


    It's only Wiki, but you can click on the resources below or do more research away from the site.

  18. Latter Day Church of Christ
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    For the church formally established by Joseph Smith, Jr. in 1830, see Church of Christ (Latter Day Saints).
    The Latter Day Church of Christ[1] is a Mormon fundamentalist denomination in the Latter Day Saint movement, and is also known as the Kingston Clan, the Kingston Group, The Order, the Davis County Cooperative, and The Co-op Society.[2] There are approximately 3,500 members of this group.[3]

    Notice the Davis County Cooperative?

  19. Anonymous, I am sorry if I offended you by not having a high opinion of Anne.

    However, it was not ME that failed to distinguish between a child sex abuser and Anne. IMO, Anne is the person that failed to distinguish herself from said types.

    She co-founded and formed a coalition with groups that are already noted for similar, if not the same, things Warren has been convicted of.

    So again, I am so sorry to offend you and please do not let my opinion of Anne turn you off of the blog. Please know that it is a personal, albeit informed, opinion coming from a reader and follower and not the blog itself.

    We just have to agree to disagree on this one. Peace.

  20. Anonymous Aug 6th. Sorry to disagree with you, but I don't care whether this coalition managed to raise $2000 for a domestic violence hotline - there is a word to describe this and it is 'hypocrisy', which is attempting to appear to be something you are not. If you hold hands with a group like the Kingstons who practice incest as part of their belief system (we're not talking about isolated incidents) and have used violence against recalcitrant members, then this coalition deserves to be roasted, and Ann Wilde needs to wake up. The Browns' polygamist group (AUB) is part of this unholy coalition.

  21. Hypocrisy is right.

  22. Mary Batchelor of Principle voices is a co-founder of the coalition, and I have just learned the Joe Darger (Kody Brown wannabee) and book promoter is the chairman.