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Monday, August 15, 2011

Canadian FLDS leader warned of Jeffs and secret recordings 5 years ago (Winston Blackmore)

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - The jurors in the Warren Jeffs case have made one thing very clear: Jeffs' own recordings helped convict him.

ABC 4 first brought you news of these recordings 5 years ago in an interview with a Canadian FLDS leader.

Winston Blackmore used to be the third most important FLDS leader.

But then the bishop of Canada's FLDS group had a falling out with Warren Jeffs.

Which may be why, not too long ago, Blackmore shared a secret with ABC 4 News.

When Winston Blackmore said it 6 years ago, it didn't seem like a big deal,

"He was recording people's conversations."

Yes, you heard right.

Warren Jeffs was recording people's conversations.

Little did Blackmore or Jeffs know that secret recordings would one day help put the FLDS leader behind bars for life.

Five years ago, Blackmore made clear,

"We are not him and he does not represent the fundamentals of our faith."

The split between Blackmore and Jeffs divided the FLDS community of Bountiful, Canada.

Many went with Jeffs, others with Blackmore,

As Blackmore told ABC 4 in 2006,

"We are not him (Jeffs) and he does not represent the fundamentals of our faith."

Blackmore was charged with polygamy in Canada, but not convicted.

In case you have any doubts, Blackmore does not like Warren Jeffs.

He also told ABC 4 in 2006 that Jeffs was not a true prophet and that he considered Jeffs to be a, “terrorist.”

And the Canadian FLDS connection is still in the news.

Canadian Mounties are now, reportedly, planning to travel to Utah and Texas to investigate the alleged sex trafficking of underage FLDS girls.

(Source:: http://www.abc4.com/content/news/state/story/Canadian-FLDS-leader-warned-of-Jeffs-and-secret/ri0I_VJwNUyU9AlUzq74hw.cspx)


  1. So why didn't they try to go after the tapes then? the law amazes me. What exactly does Blackmore have against him besides being a polygamist?
    Canada- Beautiful Countryside in the video!

  2. You know, don't know much about Winston, but he doesn't look crazed like Jeffs.
    Loved the word "Terrorist"

  3. Big boy tattled - revenge

  4. But he said on the other "Man with 80 Wives" that he wouldn't tell where he was, so he wouldn't become a Martyr. Which is sort of true. Boy, I bet there's a story behind him.