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Friday, August 26, 2011

"Sister Wives " RMNBelle and I visit again - Kody treats the wives different, Will Robyn get her way with the kids?

I really enjoyed your page and was very entertained and impressed by your persistence to get the information you wanted! I think it's wonderful to read a website written by someone that provides information that has been checked out and researched to the best of the their ability, not just information that you "think" is right. These are people’s lives and it would be terrible to add to all the lies and judgment they already deal with, especially the kids. The reader interaction is great as well. It's always fun as a reader when you get to interact with the writer and other readers and actually know that you are being heard. 
We all thank you, I couldn't do it without Cynical, Pretty, and Terrasola, we all add a different flavor, which is nice!
What city are you currently living in if you don’t mind me asking? (I'll NEVER TELL!!ahah) I’m guessing you would have enjoyed Vegas if life would have guided you here. I grew up in a little city just north of Detroit, MI and moved to Vegas (for health reasons) the day after I graduated high school. I HATED the idea of moving here and vowed I would move back to Michigan when I saved up some money. After about a year of living here and even now, you could not pay me to go back Michigan or anywhere else in the mid west/East Coast in fact. I love it here. About a week after I moved here I met someone who 5 years later to the day, became my husband, so I'm sure that helped ease my anger from the move, LoL.  It most certainly is hot for about 3-3.5 months of the year, however, the rest of the year is perfect. I love not having to dig my car out of 3 feet of snow almost 7 months out of the year it seemed, LoL. People tend to live here for about 6 months and leave or they never leave. I tell anyone moving here to give it a year, especially if you are coming from the mid west or east coast because it is a VERY different lifestyle. It is a better life in my opinion though. To the surprise of most people Vegas is a very family oriented city (which is great for the Browns), especially the smaller areas (like those I mentioned in my previous letter) to the North as well as the West. The Browns are in the NW area. 
I'm really curious how they have adapted to the move now that they have been here for a while. I'm sure we will see lots of drama on the new season! This most certainly isn't Utah and the kids are going to be exposed to many other lifestyles and thoughts on life. Considering some of the kids already say they have no desire to live a polygamist lifestyle I wonder if their feelings have changed at all. It seems from the previews shown at the end of last season that the family is struggling a lot with having to live apart, finances as well as Robin's pregnancy. There was a part in the preview that showed Kody and Robin talking and her very sternly stating "I want our kids to follow our religion and lifestyle".Yes, and I am going to have a piece on what the others said the very first show!! It will be interesting to see how her views change regarding how the kids are raised since she now has her own child with Kody. She didn't seem to have a problem during the courtship, when some of the older kids expressed that they didn't want to live a polygamist lifestyle, but now that she and Kody have their own child her feelings appear to have changed. Yes, and it irks us here to no end, she suddenly has an answer for EVERYTHING. She should let the other mothers decide that. This should be good!
From research I have done over the years, I have found that most of the stereotypical polygamist families do not allow for the kids to be claimed by their biological mother. The children are part of the group and all of the moms have equal say as if each child was theirs biologically. It is obvious with the Brown family that although all 4 moms participate in the raising of the kids, each mother seems more protective over their own biological kids. The children seem to treat the other "Moms" as if they were an Aunt that they were close too. Those are just some of my observations but I'm sure others may feel different. I see obvious differences in how Kody treats each wife and the attraction he has toward them. Oh yes, and in the comments, tell us your opinions!
I have wondered many times how many Fundamentalist Polygamists as well as those with more Modern beliefs actually live here in Las Vegas. Every now and then at Wal-Mart, you will see a HUGE group of the stereotypical polygamist family with 15 carts of food. I'm guessing they leave their communities elsewhere and come here and stock up.
 If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks again for replying and I look forward to contributing to one of your articles, it will certainly be fun! We love letters from viewers and would love pics of NV!
RMNBelle has raised some good questions, and it's interesting to hear about their weather.
How do you think the "All in AUB" will go with the other moms?
How do you see Kody treat the wives differently? in what way?
Let's Discuss! 
Thanks RMNBelle!


  1. I don't think that Robyn will win that battle. Meri and Janelle have spoken, as long as they raise healthy, productive, members of society who believe in what they believe in because they do, no one is leading them, they are happy. It is interesting that Christine never spoke on that subject.
    (just my views here)
    Yes, I see Kody treat the women differently, and it's sad.
    Meri- I do believe before Robyn she was the stronghold, the soul mate. He now sees her as an irritation.
    Christine, baby maker, teacher of the AUB; even she say they don't "talk" much.
    Janelle, best friend and business partner. i feel he has a great deal of respect for her, but no lust.
    Robyn, oh, she's the cheeze, for now.
    I can't wait for wife #5.

  2. I think the preview was a hype on one hand, and on the other, Robyn calling out Janelle on TV- hey babe, sorry, but you can't edit things you don't say. Seems she's really getting her knickers on tight. And, with it being the baby season, we'll see how differently Kody treats Robyn. When Christine was pregnant, Kody was off with Robyn, and I felt terrible for her, didn't you? She was ignored, with no pampering.
    We Heard about Truely, but it was sweet and not over the top- and defiantly not shoved in your face. I bet this one is. I think the best part of season one was when they filmed Truely in her crib. So sweet. I really don't know if I can stomach Robyn's non stop blabber. i hope Robyn surprises me and behaves well.
    Right now, I think Janelle and Meri on a verge of walking, and Christine is lost.

  3. I agree that Vegas is family oriented. Most families stay away from the strip all together. I live just a few minutes from the Brown's and it is a really good area. There are other polygamist families near here, one just a couple minutes from me. They all seem to shop at Walmart because there is only one Super Walmart close to both families that is worth visiting. By the way, Robyn's baby shower was a couple weeks ago at Meri's house. Forgot to mention that earlier... Sorry. Jenn S

  4. I see Kody treat them very differently.
    Meri - more like the "married" wife, yet, non producer.
    Janelle - partner, friend, family, not lustful
    Christine - baby maker
    Robyn - new toy, he may regret.

  5. Meri- I feel he HAD a deep love for her, but it's lowering. She knows she deserves better. I wish her happiness.
    Janelle and Christine - I think those two should go off and live together, they are so different, yet work together so well!!!.
    Robyn, the destruction of them all. Guys, she is not that pretty and not that young.