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Friday, September 30, 2011

Sister Wives: Dating Guidelines

New Videos to talk about!
Kody and the wives establish dating guidelines for the kids. Rules and expectations are firmly set in place.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Taylor Armstrong Is A Big Fat Liar - The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

For those that like Real City of Beverly Hills and Haven't seen this....

Thanks realcityhousewife!

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I've said this about 5 times, but feel the need to do so again, since we have so many new people on our blog!
This is a place to talk about the show and different ideas.
You can be pro, you can be con, and tell us what you think. Don't assume you know what we or others; feel or think.
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Anderson and "Sister Wives" with FLDS children.

Did you watch today? Thoughts? If you did, tell us, 'cause I didn't see it!

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Any comments for the rest of this week., MISC. may go here.

Any comments, on anything, something we missed, something new, etc. may go here for thes rest of the week!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sister Wives: New Season Sneak Peek

Anderson Tomorrow, Sister Wives and Former FLDS Teens

Sister Wives: My World Is Upside Down

Janelle struggles with her new life in Las Vegas, leaving her career, and the changing dynamics within her family. What did you think of this segment?

Dr. Phil this week.....Thoughts??

Monday he talked to the Dargers- held nothing back!
Tuesday about Warren Jeffs
Wed.  (today) Willie Jessop
If you caught the shows, What did you think??
Pretty interesting, don't you think?
Dr. Phil's got good timing, you've got to admit, he's riding the Sister Wives train a bit!

"Sister Wives" Season 3 opener rules the ratings!

--TLC'S SISTER WIVES is #1 among W25-55, W18-49 and W18-34 --
(Silver Spring, Md.) - TLC's hit series SISTER WIVES premiered its third season delivering huge ratings for the network on Sunday night at 9PM/ET making the show the #1 primetime program among ad-supported cable with women 25-54 and 18-49 - even beating out CBS' The Good Wife among women 18-34. The season three premiere delivered the network's highest ratings in nearly two years among W25-54 and W18-49 garnering a 2.3 HH, a 2.4 W25-54/18-49 and a 2.3 W18-34 rating. This marks the highest W18-49 rating for the series to date.
SISTER WIVES was watched by 2.8 million viewers P2+. The episode titled "The Announcement" delivered TLC's highest ratings in 2011 among HH W18-49/18-34. With the help of the SISTER WIVES premiere, TLC scored its best Sunday prime performance in over a year.
On last night's premiere of SISTER WIVES, tensions continued to build as the Browns had a difficult time adjusting to the move to Las Vegas. A nervous Robyn finally announced her new pregnancy to the family. Meanwhile, the older teens discontent over their new life started to bubble to the surface.
SISTER WIVES returns this Sunday at 9PM/ET with an all-new episode.
Source: Nielsen, 9/25/11. Highest 2 years since 11/23/09. Best Sunday = 6/6/10. Prime = 8-11p. Cov Rtg/(000s)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Season Premiere - Sister Wives Episode 1: The Situation With Meri

Yippee! The new season has begun and we start out the episode with Robyn arriving at Meri's house to tell her the good news. But first, a recitative from Robyn.

A baby is a physical manifestation that there is an intimate relationship between a husband and wife...

Well, Robyn kind of garbled it, but that's about what she said. Nice, real nice. Did you really mean to say wife or was it wives. Work on it for next time, OK? Oh how sweet, you make Meri go into her messy spare bedroom AND sit on the damn floor so you can tell her you're pregnant. Nice work, Robyn. As we will see later, Robyn is all about making people feel comfortable and valued. Especially if the people are teenagers with underdeveloped frontal lobes. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

...We Are Permanently Bonded Now- Robyn

Geez, I cannot stand Robyn. She has to be in control, even when at Meri's house.

"Do you want me to leave so you can kiss - Hi? says Robyn to Meri and Kody. Hell no, Meri can kiss Kody when she damn well pleases, especially since she was in her own kitchen. And she does!

Meri: She's not looking! (quickly kisses Kody while Robyn's back is turned)
Kody: (mumbles something)

Finally, it's time to make the announcement!

Kody: We are all gathered here for a special occasion...In 7 1/2 months Truely will not be the littlest one. (Kody points an accusatory finger at poor hairless Truley)

Say whut? What's going to happen to Truely? Hey, it's not her fault she's bald - I mean, look at your own head Kody. She's got half your genes - and 100% of your bald ones. SHE'S JUST A BABY, damn it! Have some compassion!

Kody: (sensing three quarters of the family doesn't know what the hell he's talking about, leans forward and yells at Gwendlyn) Robyn's going to have a baby!

Oh, OK, well then. So everyone is happy, right?

Ummm....not quite.

Aspyn, Madison (who looks spectacular, by the way), Mariah and Janelle look shocked. Hunter just looks like he's bored. Mariah eventually leaves the table and runs upstairs to her bathroom. Meri follows, along with Kody. Now it would have been nice if Kody would have reached over and just shut the bathroom door. I mean, that's what Bethenny Frankel did when she had a crying breakdown on her Bravo show. But this isn't Bravo, and Kody definitely doesn't have Bethenny's class. Which shows how awful this is if I can use the words Bethenny and class in the same sentence. And then Kody sends Robyn upstairs - to "comfort" Mariah. Hells bells, just leave the kid alone and OFF CAMERA, ya freaks!

For the record, via voiceover, Meri explained that Mariah wasn't upset that Robyn was preggers; Mariah was upset for her mother's inability to conceive. I'm going to call this the "Helga, I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at the dirt" excuse from my favorite film, Mommie Dearest. I have another favorite saying from this movie but it has to do with a sex act and a rodeo and may not be appropriate for all audiences.

My World Is Upside Down- Janelle

As Janelle explained it, she was in "in a bad place" the day of the announcement. Not because of Robyn, but because she was struggling with this new life in Vegas. Apparently, she was the only one who realized how little they have - what she described as the family's "finite resources". She no longer had a job and a career and felt she was without a big part of her identity. As she puts it, "I'm struggling. It's very hard on me and it's hard on our family." She looked very pale, worn out and unhappy.

The episode immediately segued to Hunter and his issues. As I feel very strongly about this, and have already commented on a previous posting, I won't repeat it here. However, I do feel Kody or Janelle should have stepped in and STOPPED THE DAMN CAMERAS. It was uncomfortable for me to watch, and I'm sure, it wasn't very comfortable for Hunter, either. Hunter, if you read this, I'm with ya, Hang in there!

Dad, I Have A Moral Issue...-Mykelti

Oh my gosh, another rebellious teenager. Only this time, it plays out OFF CAMERA! You see, Mykelti feels it's wrong to have cameras filming her father's "church" service, and therefore, regrets she will not be in attendance that morning. Kody talks to her on speakerphone and she refuses to budge. Now, Kody doesn't agree, but says she did a good job selling her position to him. Mykelti can stay home. Bravo Mykelti!

Now about that service. I think Mykelti was right. Two of Kody's youngest daughters looked like they were having a fight pulling each other's hair - and they were in the front row! Robyn alternated between looking enraptured by Kody's presence to looking like she needed to puke. Christine and Meri looked like they were statues. Janelle sat next to Madison, who looked like she would rather be somewhere else. Yep, Kody should have listened to Mykelti on this one.

This Is Not Our Church...-Christine

Oh boy, now this was a major, excuse my language, WTF segment for me. You see, The Sister Wives and Kody travelled to a Presbyterian Church to discuss, possibly, having their children join their youth group for socialization purposes. As Janelle explained to Pastor Ray, they just wanted a place where the children could fellowship with children their own age and moral standards.

Unfortunately, Christine had a major fit during the meeting, totally embarrassing Janelle. Christine said she "doesn't feel right about this" and that "this isn't our church" and tells a story that basically calls Pastor Ray (and any church that isn't AUB or whatever they are at the moment) SHARKS and she doesn't want her children to swim with them. She kind of calmed down a bit, and further explained she wanted her children to find their friends on their own, and not through their parents hooking them up with a youth group from a different church. Janelle, sensing Pastor Ray's discomfort, asked her sisterwives and Kody if they could table this discussion for later. To the visible relief of Pastor Ray, Kody and his wives left to work out this situation in the privacy of their home/homes.

Your Pool Is Too Big...-Kody

What's that saying? Oh yes, 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions'. Christine is having problems with Gwendlyn. Seems the poor child misses her huge backyard in Lehi. Suffice it to say Christine can't (among other things) use a tape measure and ordered this huge wading pool whose diameter is a foot longer than the backyard. She tells a flustered Kody "Make it work!" and walks away. And there is something disconcerting about seeing Christine holding a power tool.

OMG, they aren't done with the Presbyterian youth group yet! Kody puts his foot down, and tells Janelle that nope, they will not be sending their children to the Presbyterians for socialization. Janelle throws in the towel, saying she has been out-voted. The discussion is closed. Christine has a particularly smug look on her face. Robyn just looks like she's going to puke, again. Kody, probably realizing Janelle holds the family pursestrings, eventually agrees to Janelle's suggestion to let the older teenagers decide. Good call, Kody.

Choose Your Church When You Are An Adult...-Robyn

Yes! Robyn finally shows her true colors to the teenagers, not that they didn't already see through her earlier. This shall be known forever as the "Frontal Lobes" incident.

You see, the teenagers and parental units sat together and tried to hash out their need to socialize. When Kody asked them "Are you guys making friends at school" they all said yes. Well, maybe Hunter didn't. Robyn, looking like she just blew chunks behind Meri's couch then asked "Do they have the same values as you?" which Kody quickly rephrased to "Do they have the same values your parents want you to have?". Now to me, where the hell does Robyn get off opening her fool mouth when SHE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE TEENAGERS, YET. And the teens in the family don't belong to her! The situation went swiftly downhill.

Mykelti said she was fine with going to another church. Meri says "We have always taught our kids to be open..." and then Robyn tried to interrupt and Meri spoke over her saying "I get your point" and then all hell broke loose. Yes, Robyn not only put her foot in her mouth, she single handedly alienated every teenager in the room with the statement "At a certain age when they actually have their frontal lobes completely grown". Like, what the hell is that supposed to mean? The teens looked puzzled, and Meri said, "That's true, that's true" I suppose it's polyg talk for when you're all grown up, but the teens weren't buying it. And Madison, sweet dear Madison, showed she's no pushover when she asked, looking in the direction of where Janelle was seated, "But you always told us we could choose our church and we could be what we want". Thrap upside Robyn's pointy chin. Robyn then tried to tell her "Choose your church when you are an adult and your brain..." and Madison interrupted and said "Well I hate the church we have right now...I don't hate it, I just don't like it. I would prefer not to live it". Double thrap and Ouch! When Kody said to Madison "You look like you checked out. Is that because you don't like this subject?" , Janelle defends her daughter by saying "She's giving her opinion". Madison needs no help, she tells Kody how it is. "I want to go hangout with youth kids from another church". Period. Sorry Robyn, Christine and Kody, you lost this round.

I really don't understand what the big deal is. When I was in college, every Friday night my dorm friends and I attended the Campus Crusade for Christ meeting off campus. It was fun, we met a lot of interesting if not zealous people, and they had good snacks. The meeting place was also less than 5 minutes walking time to our favorite bar. But lets get back on topic, shall we?

Once alone without the teenagers present, Robyn attempted to explain where she is coming from, after all she feels "...we are killing ourselves basically to live this life, to live this faith, we believe it!"

Now to me, I just don't understand how a woman, who's first marriage was monogamous (even though its been said it was going to be polygamous, eventually) could have the audacity to prop herself up as queen bee in a family that was working just fine until she showed up. I do hope she explains eventually how they are killing themselves for their faith, being they chose to go public with their lifestyle and to run like thieves in the night to Las Vegas. Oh yeah, Kody decreed there will be no Presbyterian youth group for the Brown kids! BOO!! YAY!!

The rest of the episode rather pales to the "Frontal Lobes" incident. Pool party for the younger kids. Gwendlyn gets her yard, Vegas subdivision style. Pool party for the teenagers. Logan hangs out with the girls. Hunter hangs out with Truely. Whatever. I can't wait to see what new adventures are in store for us, next week!

'Til then, your thoughts?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Sister Wives " Discussion for now on S3E1 Comments

       Put all your comments about the show here!!! Let's talk!!

Be sure and check back for Cynical's Review

Be Sure and Check back for Cynical Jinx's Review of "Sister Wives, S3E1 and 2 I am sure it will be a hoot!!!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sister Wives: Hunter Withdrawn "Sister Wives" S3E2

Poor Hunter! Hunter does not want to get involved in new activities in Las Vegas. He is fighting the change and doesn't want to try new things. Kody is trying to talk him into starting football and getting involved in new things. He just wants to hang out in his room and seems to be shutting down. The other older kids in the family have noticed it too. They want him to go back to being normal, but it doesn't seem to be happening so far.Makes me think of Terrasola's Aug. 6th - "THE BROWN FAMILY, Polygamists, Utah, and Depression"and grl2 who kept trying to tell us HUNTER! You go girl~
What do you think?

"The X Factor" Fishnet Shirt-Wearing Contestant Shopping Polyamorist TV Show

FROM TMZ - This is funny!

Siameze Floyd -- who exploded on the "X Factor" stage this week in a fishnet t-shirt -- has two huge secrets he didn't share on the show ... 1) he was raised in a polyamorist family, 2) he and his FIVE parents are putting together a reality show.

If you were lucky enough to catch Siameze's "X Factor" audition Wednesday night (below), it's probably not surprising ... but the promo for his family's new show -- tentatively titled "The Fabulous Floyds" -- is hilarious.

Christine Cooks for the Family (season 1)

As you can see from the Pool Party post (and comments), eating a lot of starches cannot be good for your figure. Meri appears to agree, preferring to eat healthy brown and green food groups. Let's just say the color scheme for this meal was autumn, and consisted of tan tater tots, tan breaded fish sticks, orange processed cheese, starchy corn tortillas and kernel corn for a "vegetable". I can't imagine what the goopy stuff in the bowls were, but I believe it was more starch. Enjoy!

Your Thoughts?

Courtesy TLC Channel/YouTube

Friday, September 23, 2011

'Sister Wives' Husband Kody Brown Invites Brad Pitt To Join Family OH GOOD GRIEF!!!

Controversial "Sister Wives" patriarch Kody Brown, who is no stranger to media criticism, is feeling Brad Pitt’s pain after his strange remarks regarding ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. In fact, Brown likes Pitt so much he's welcoming him to join his family of four wives and 16 children.

“If there was going to be a brother husband, I would ask Brad to join the family,” Brown tells me backstage at "New York Live," his wives standing close by. “I’m an Angie guy. She is weird but she's genuine. She was married to Billy Bob, come on. It’s not a matter of Jen being dull, but I think Angelina Jolie is a real humanitarian. I see her as a mother. Jen could do it well, but Brad and Angie are good parents.”   HE'S Judging Jennifer Anniston's child rearing skills?

And although Brown would be happy to welcome the actor into his crew, he is sure that he will not be welcoming any more ladies to join the modern family anytime soon. “No more wives because I feel maxed out,” Brown tells me. “I want to give them all that I’ve got. I think that I can manage it. I do want to ... No, maybe I don’t think I can manage it.”

And with another child on the way, Brown encourages his bromance brother to have more children too.  “Angie and Brad should have more children ... They are good parents,” Brown says. “I like them. They are involved. I think Angelina Jolie has got a heart of gold.” 

(Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/09/23/sister-wives-husband-kody-brown-brad-pitt-family_n_978148.html)

Sister Wives: Co-ed Pool Party VIDEO

What do you all think? I'll keep my mouth shut this time!

Sister Wives: Season 3, episode 1 Preview

Blonde, tousle-haired Kody Brown, 43, is the husband of four wives and the father of 16 children and, as the second half of Season Two opens, viewers learn that another child is on the way. The offspring of Kody, an advertising salesman, and his most recently acquired wife Robyn, 32, will be the first “Nevada baby” for the Brown clan. “A baby is a physical manifestation that there is an intimate relationship between a husband and his wife… one of his wives,” states Robyn, quickly correcting herself.
The Browns left Utah where Sister Wives was first filmed to escape possible prosecution by Utah authorities who investigated them for violating state bigamy laws. Kody’s only legal marriage is to first wife Meri, 40, and the other three are described as “spiritual wives”. But in Utah, it is a felony “to marry or cohabitate with more than one person”. The last time Utah prosecuted a polygamist for bigamy was in 2003.
But Las Vegas may not be all that the Browns had hoped. Despite the exciting new baby news, the premiere show, entitled “The Kids Aren’t Happy, reveals the family’s concerns with leaving Utah. The teenaged Browns don’t seem to be socializing adequately so Kody and the wives meet with a Presbyterian minister about including the kids in his church’s youth group activities.
Wife Christine, 39, begins to unravel in the meeting because the Presbyterian Church “is not our church”. She’s concerned that the children will be judged by the Presbyterians, who won’t be able to embrace “the weirdness of our lifestyles” - as another wife describes it.
The religion of the Browns is a murky area. Even though some in the clan believe that it would be better for the children to reconnect with the LDS church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) in Nevada, they also voice concerns about being discriminated against - as they were by the Mormons in Utah. It seems conclusive though that when Kody talks about “our faith”, he’s referring to polygamy.
In the new Las Vegas setting, each wife and her children has her own house and two have swimming pools. Throughout the episode we get to watch the families cooking, eating, doing home construction, and playing together. And of course, holding church services in one of the houses. One teen girl vehemently objects to this, telling Kody that worship is “sacred and personal and God would not want us to film it”. Go tell that to the TLC producers, honey.
One of the problems with Sister Wives is that once you get over the plural marriages, it’s pretty boring. All of the wives seem to get along and Kody, himself, is something of a pussy cat. One does wonder who’s footing the bill for four separate residences but, hey, this is American television.
So, it’s no wonder that the focus in this premiere has shifted to the children of the terrible teen years. By the episode’s end the families have organized a pool party for the teens and some invited friends. Kody wants to make sure that the youngsters are hanging out with people who understand the Browns’ “conservative” values.


One Man, Four Wives, Sixteen Kids

HLN's Dr Drew talks to polygamist Kody Brown and his wives about their faith and how they handle such a large family.

I particularly liked when Kody was answering a question and Janelle shot him a WTH Kody, that's the same damn answer you gave to that George guy this morning! look. I don't think I'd want to get on her bad side.

Your thoughts?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

ADDED Jane Velez Mitchell Today and Bankruptcies Analysis of the Sister Wives and

Update 9/21/2011 VERY interesting folks....Bankruptcy brought up.....HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell talks to a panel about the controversial polygamist show "Sister Wives." MUST WATCH!!! They hold no punches! Laurie Allen is one tough cookie!

Created and Written By: TERRASOLA
Bankruptcies Analysis

THOUGHTS ON POLYGAMISTS ON GOVERMENT ASSISTANCE, Aug 5,  http://sisterwivesblog.blogspot.com/2011/08/discussion-time-thoughts-polygamists-on.html

SISTER WIVES - USED THE WELFARE SYSTEM (Original Docs) In top 10 on rt.


Anderson - FLDS - Daytime show and Tonight on CNN "Sister Wives"

DID ANYONE WATCH THIS TODAY? THOUGHTS? If you catch it tonight, write it up for us!

Also, Anderson is going to have more on CNN tonight- this piece is from the UK Daily Mail.

I cried so much during my wedding my dress was soaked: Horrifying ordeal of Warren Jeffs' child bride 'forced to marry her cousin'
-Elissa's mother held her hand during underage marriage ceremony
-Parents so brainwashed they were 'unable to protect' their children
A woman who was forced into marriage at the age of 14 while under the control of paedophile Mormon polygamist Warren Jeffs's cult has recounted her harrowing ordeal.
The woman, Elissa Wall, revealed how her own mother resorted to holding her daughter's hand at the altar in a bid to calm her down as she was forced to marry her 19-year-old cousin, whom she despised.
In a CNN interview, which is to be aired tonight, Elissa describes how she cried so much during the ceremony that her wedding dress was soaked with her own tears.
Traumatic: Elissa recalls the harrowing experience of being forced to marry a 19-year-old Warren Jeffs when she was only 14 on the Anderson Cooper CNN TV show
She told broadcaster Anderson Cooper: 'It was so devastating that even in the ceremony itself I'm crying to such a level that my wedding dress is soaked.
'They had my mother stand next to me and hold my hand just to get me to take my vows.'
Elissa is a former member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), a sect led by polygamist paedophile Warren Jeffs.
She left the church and divorced her cousin husband, with whom she had no children but endured repeated miscarriages.
Jeffs was jailed last month for life after a jury found him guilty of sexually assaulting two FLDS girls - aged 12 and 15 - who he married in FLDS religious ceremonies.
As Jeffs begins his life sentence in a Texas, former members of the church have come forward to speak about the appalling abuse carried out within the sect, an extreme splinter group of the Mormon faith which believes in polygamy.
In tonight's interview, Elissa lifts the lid on the appalling abuse suffered by young members of the church - and the seemingly powerless position of their parents and other adults.
'They had my mother stand next to me and hold my hand just to get me to take my vows'
She explained that women - like her mother - were so brainwashed by the church's indoctrination they were unable to protect their own children.
When asked by Cooper whether anyone tried to stop the arranged marriage or help her, Elissa said: 'Before my marriage had been commanded, we had been taken away from [my father] and he didn't fight for us.
'We were given to another man's children. My mother was resold to another man, and my mother didn't have the ability to say no.
'The women, especially my mother in the position she was in, they don't have the ability to protect their children.
'I was a representation of that. She couldn't step up and say, "no, my daughter is 14". She had been trained and indoctrinated her entire life.'
She has written a memoir called Stolen Innocence, which chronicles her ordeal at the hands of the extremist group.

Wallace Jeffs - the half-brother of Warren - will also appear in tonight's show. Wallace left the church and has three of his daughters living with him - but he is worried about those left behind.
He told Cooper: 'I'm very concerned. Very concerned about them getting married underage, being abused. I believe in the faith, but I don't believe in Warren Jeffs as the prophet. He's a fraud.'
Earlier this month it was revealed that sect leader Jeffs filed a handwritten motion seeking a new trial in Texas following his conviction.

Jeffs, who headed the Utah-based FLDS, has claimed his religious freedoms were violated by the courts – a defence put forward during his trial.
In his motion, the 55-year-old said: 'The Constitutional protection for religious faith and freedom of practice not being of full protection in previous trial ... is legal grounds sufficient to rule in favor of defendant allowed a new trial.'
Scrawled on one page in a lined notebook, Jeffs's self-penned motion was dated August 23 - two weeks after his conviction.
Jeffs' filing also seeks a new hearing on the suppression of evidence from a 2008 raid on the FLDS's Yearning for Zion ranch in Eldorado. Church and family records gathered in the raid were the basis for the case against Jeffs and other male members of the sect.
An appeal filed by Michael Emack, the first of the sect men to be prosecuted by Texas authorities, was upheld by the state's 3rd District Court of Appeals last month.
Emack, who is serving a seven-year sentence for assaulting a 16-year-old girl, argued the raid was unconstitutional.
A three-judge panel in Austin, Texas, said authorities had sufficient grounds for probable cause.
Jeffs had been held in a prison in Huntsville, Texas, immediately after his trial, but became ill after days of fasting.
He was taken to a hospital and was said to be in a medically-induced coma prior to being moved to Galveston.
Jason Clark, Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman, said Jeffs remained at a prison hospital in Galveston and was listed in stable condition.
Jeffs won't be eligible for parole until he is 100.

VIDEO ONLINE NOW Sister Wives: Robyn's Pregnancy Causes a Stir on Season Premiere

Kody Brown and his four wives already have 16 children. But it's news about the 17th that shakes up the household on the new season of Sister Wives, which premieres Sunday (9 p.m. ET) on TLC. A new preview of season 3 shows Brown revealing to the family that his fourth wife, Robyn Sullivan, is pregnant. But not everyone seems thrilled at the announcement.  Later, Sullivan – the first new wife to enter the family in 16 years – breaks down as she recalls the somewhat chilly reception to her news by some of the family's older children. "I was looking for a reaction from everybody," she says. "And it stung a little bit, because I wasn't really sure at the time, you know, what to think."

That's not the only drama the family will face this season. The Browns, including other wives Meri, Janelle and Christine, also have to adjust to their new life in Las Vegas, where they moved this past January, saying they were forced to leave Utah in order to avoid  prosecution for felony bigamy.
Source: People Magazine-Thanks to Anonymous for finding this!

Oh good grief, are we going to start this season off with her BAWLING! Isn't it bad enough the whole season will be about her anyway? HOW did she think those kids would react? Does she really think Christine is happy, or just a good faker for the cause? What do you think?
The Girl knows how to suck the air out of the room. And Janelle was smiling at first, then they made her look unhappy.  Nope. Those kids don't have any pressure on them. Not at all. Thoughts?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back to School with the Brown Family "Sister Wives"

Janelle is Kody Brown's second wife. They have been married since 1993 and have six children: Logan, Madison, Hunter, Garrison, Gabriel, and Savanah.Their lives in a plural family are featured in TLC’s popular program Sister Wives.
The kids have started school again.  Fall in Las Vegas seems a little foreign to our family.  It was still over 100 degrees on the first day of school and my kids have opted to dress, not so much in their newest school clothes, but in clothes that will keep them cool.
This will be the last year my Logan has his “first day of school.”  He will graduate this spring and is already planning out which colleges to apply to and making note of their application and scholarship guidelines.   I wonder how it will be to have one go away to college.  Each summer I have a small taste of an empty nest as my children make their annual pilgrimage to the family ranch to work for the summer.  I am so melancholy those first few weeks as I adjust to the silence in the house.  Now, with Logan close to leaving and spreading his wings, I feel the time coming soon when the house will become quieter on long term basis.   I try to remember though, the great thing about my family, is even though my older children begin to leave the nest, there are younger children in the family besides my two who will help fill the void I am anticipating.  The birth of Robyn’s baby this fall is kind of a manifestation to me - that for people who have made their life’s work their family , we will still have work to do for many years – both parenting our young adults out in the world and our newest little ones.

(Source: Janelle and Kody Brown. Image credit: DCL Story TLC)

Good Morning America Sofia Vergara; Mick Jagger; Kody Brown; Daphne Oz. (N) 7 a.m.

Good Morning America Sofia Vergara; Mick Jagger; Kody Brown; Daphne Oz. (N) 7 a.m.

Somebody catch and write for us! Cynical or T, are you around?Let's hope someone gets it!

This is what was on the GMA site:

Kody Brown and His Four 'Sister Wives' Return to TV


(Slideshow of pictures)

Comparing the fallout of two polygamous raids, 50 years apart

The Polygamy Blog - Lindsay Whitehurst Delves into the issue.

Last night I attended this Weber State lecture about both the 1953 raid on the Short Creek polygamous group along the Utah-Arizona border and the 2008 raid on the Yearning for Zion Ranch in Eldorado, Texas (story should be online soon, and is set to run this weekend).

It got me thinking about the consequences of each raid - for the authorities and for the polygamists.

In both cases, images of anguish caused by the raid were published and helped turn public opinion against authorities, historian Craig Foster said last night.

But the tide didn't turn only one way, nor did it turn uniformly. Here's my short, far-from-exaustive comparison.

1953: Arizona Gov. Howard Pyle was voted out of office after the raid became a PR disaster.

2008: Three years later, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is the front runner to become the Republican presidential nominee. Unlike Pyle, Perry has never been as politically associated with the raid as  Attorney General Gregg Abbott, who appeared at a few of the trials, including that of leader Warren Jeffs. It remains to be seen what the effect on Abbott's political fortunes might be, but after the damning evidence that came out in the Jeffs trial, I can't imagine it's going to hurt him.

1953: Women and children spent two years as wards of the state of Arizona, and I've been told it took some much longer to put their families back together.

2008: Following a Texas Supreme Court ruling, most of the more-than 400 children taken into state custody during the raid were back with their parents within a couple of months.

1953: As for polygamous men, most were back home within the year after promising to renounce polygamy.

2008: Though most men weren't arrested, 12 were indicted on charges that include sexual assault of a child and bigamy. All who have come to trial so far have been convicted and sentenced to prison, including Jeffs, who will be 100 before he's eligible for parole. So far, their court appeals haven't been successful.

1953: Unlike the newspapers in Arizona, the Utah papers, including the Trib and the Desert News, downplayed the coverage, writing short stories or burying them in the back pages, Foster said.

2008: Yeah, not so much. The D-News published cell phone images women took of bad conditions in state custody, and we've spent many moons covering the story in Texas.
Source: http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/blogspolygblog/52616066-191/raid-1953-2008-arizona.html.csp

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Sister Wives" - old Show Girl interview I hadn't seen.

The Show Girl, Maggie Furlong, talks to the cast of the new reality TV show Sister Wives.
Obviously made either season one or two- I can't remember when they wore those outfits, but it seems they wore them to every interview - I'd say they had 5 or 6 that day.
Funny, once again, they say the lets their kids choose what they want. Thought you might want to check it out!

The Show Girl Interview With Sister Wives

(Courtesy: http://www.5min.com/Video/The-Show-Girl-Interview-With-Sister-Wives-Participants-517151898)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Should Polygamy or Bigamy Be Illegal?

This is a story abt. a man named "Tater" who is married in Florida, marries another gal in Nevada, and doesn't get prosecuted. Then they bring up the "Tater" twin, KODY BROWN and THE SISTER WIVES FAMILY, so we get to see our crew. I said I would always be fair, and these folks are pro-polygamy. Michael, Melissa, and Amy are the crazy folks. I agree on one point. Why doesn't Melissa just divorce the creep? BECAUSE SHE WANT REVENGE!!!!

"Sister Wives" Coming Sunday, are you excited?

I am! I can't wait to see the new show and what's going on! 
What's your thoughts?

Anyone that Catches Sister Wives on TV on a show this week...

Take some notes and write a blog! I stupidly cut my TV off too soon before I moved here, so be sure just to keep up informed!!! Take  some notes, send it in!

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New Court Dockets show Utah unlikely to press charges on 'Sister Wives' family

"Sister Wives" is now preparing to start airing the 3rd season on TLC. The premiere will air on Sunday September 25, 2011.New court documents are now saying that Utah will probably not press charges on Kody Brown and his four wives for living as polygamists.
One thing that the document said was:
"Were the Browns committing other crimes, such as spousal or child abuse, welfare fraud or the like, the chance of prosecution would be likely,"
The Brown family did not do anything illegal besides living as polygamists. There are no accusations against them for treating their children badly or anything else that the family could be charged with at this time. The court papers even say that since 1960 they have only filed charges 3 times in the state of Utah for polygamy and every single time they had other charges as well.
One other thing in the court dockets that is interesting is that it mentions over 30,000 polygamists live in Utah at this time. They are not trying to file charges on the other families in the area.

What do you think of Kody Brown and his wives not being charged? Are you excited to watch the new season of "Sister Wives"?

**I'm excited! I can't wait!!!!!

http://www.examiner.com/tv-in-oklahoma-city/new-court-dockets-show-utah-unlikely-to-press-charges-on-sister-wives-family/ Picture TLC

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A Follow up with Fawn and Fawn from the underground Railroad.

Although we couldn't show part 1, if you didn't  to you tube and watch it, I urge you to. It, to me, was one of the best, showing Flora Jessop rescuing two girls., Fawn and Fawn.
Here's the Link: the Polygamy Underground Railway Part 1

Dr. Phil did a follow up with the two girls, and here is the story. I'm so pleased he got involved and may provide more help for these girls. Keep in mind, one is a mother of 2. Thanks to Flora Jessop (our Hero) they got out.

He follows up with Fawn B. and Fawn H., who escaped from the sect in Colorado City. They live with Fawn H.'s brother, Carl, who escaped years ago, and his wife, Joni. Both girls' formal education stopped in elementary school where they were taught that man never landed on the moon and dinosaurs never existed.
"The two Fawns seem to be doing great," says Carl. "They're more assertive, more self-assured. They seem to have fun and joke around and they're a little giddier than they were before ... They've really learned that they're not there to serve someone else."

Joni agrees. "Just the way they carry themselves. Even the way they walk. They're not ashamed anymore," she says. "I am extremely proud of Fawn and Fawn. They both are striving really hard in school. They are actually going to finish four years of high school in two years." I'm happier," says Fawn B. "I'm making big steps in life. I feel like I can live my life the way I think is right."

They recently took a trip to Boston, where they met with a counselor and cult specialist. Fawn B. says she has learned a lot. "We watched these videos of different cults. And they have so much in common, like the women being lower than the men. There's always one person that's higher than all of them," she says. They also visited a science museum for the first time, but Fawn B. is still not sure dinosaurs ever existed.
"I feel like I'm just starting my life over," says Fawn H., who loved their trip to Boston. "That was really cool. I've never been anywhere else, besides Arizona and Utah. And to go out and see other cultures ..." Fawn wants to go to college and become a psychologist. "Now I have goals. I have things to live for," she says.
Carl and Joni are proud of the girls, but say it's still a slow process. "There's been a couple times that Fawn's brother has called and really raked her over the coals. It's really upset me," says Carl.
"He totally believes that her salvation lies in coming back and when he calls, he verbally beats her up," Joni explains.

But they are seeing progress. "Before, she'd just sit and take it and she'd feel bad for hours," says Carl. "But now she's standing up and saying, 'Well, that's not true and I don't have to listen to that.'

Fawn told her brother not to call her anymore. "I was so proud of myself," she says. "It made me feel I could conquer anything. I can stand up for what I believe in."
"You've really entered a new world," says Dr. Phil. "Has this been a fun blossoming for you, or has this been more scary and intimidating?"
"It's not as scary anymore. You learn about new things and it's a really nice experience," says Fawn B. "It was kind of scary at first," says Fawn H. "But after that, it got really fun. I wanted to learn more, I wanted to know what's going on."

Dr. Phil asks about their "lightbulb moment" when they were on the show last time. Both girls reported that it was when Dr. Phil told them that he didn't want to tell them what to do or else he'd be just like Warren Jeffs. "Why was that so important to you?"
"It was important to me because I don't want somebody to take over my life again," says Fawn B. "And I was waiting for you to say that because that's how I knew I could trust you."

Fawn H. agrees. "I didn't want anybody to tell me what to do anymore. And for you to say that, I was like, 'Holy cow, I don't have to do what they say.'"

Dr. Phil thanks Steve Hassan at the Freedom of Mind Center in Boston for working with the teens.

(Story Courtesy of the Dr. Phil Follow up blog)

Orson Pratts Rules for Successful Polygamous Families:

This is a piece for those interested in the beginnings of the Latter Day Saints- 
An AUB Member shared this with polygamists.  Kody is AUB so it is an interesting look into behind the scenes of how the family manages. I think Kody has even broken a few of these himself!
Orson Pratt, Sr. (September 19, 1811 – October 3, 1881) was a leader in the Latter Day Saints Movement and an original member of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles.Nothing is so much to be desired in families as peace, love, and union: they are essential to happiness here and hereafter. And, in order to promote these desirable objects, we would recommend the observance of the following rules.

Rule 1st.—Let that man who intends to become a husband, seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness, and learn to govern himself, according to the law of God: for he that cannot govern himself cannot govern others: let him dedicate his property, his talents, his time, and even his life to the service of God, holding all things at His disposal, to do with the same, according as He shall direct through the counsel that He has ordained.

Rule 2nd.—Let him next seek for wisdom to direct him in the choice of his wives. Let him seek for those whose qualifications will render him and themselves happy· Let him look not wholly at the beauty of the countenance, or the splendor of the apparel, or the great fortune, or the artful smiles, or the affected modesty of females; for all these, without the genuine virtues, are like the dew-drops which glitter for a moment in the sun, and dazzle the eye, but soon vanish away. But let him look for kind and amiable dispositions; for unaffected modesty; for industrious habits; for sterling virtue; for honesty, integrity, and truthfulness; for cleanliness in persons, in apparel, in cooking, and in every kind of domestic labor; for cheerfulness, patience, and stability of character; and above all, for genuine religion to control and govern their every thought and deed. When he has found those possessing these qualifications let him seek to obtain them lawfully through the counsel of him who holds the keys of the everlasting priesthood, that they may be married to him by the authority of Heaven, and thus be secured to him for time and for all eternity.

Rule 3rd.—When a man has obtained his wives, let him not suppose that they are already perfect in all things; for this cannot be expected in those who are young and inexperienced in the cares and vicissitudes of a married life. They, as weaker vessels, are given to him as the stronger, to nourish, cherish, and protect; to be their head, their patriarch, and their saviour; to teach, instruct, counsel, and perfect them in all things relating to family government, and the welfare and happiness of themselves and their children. Therefore, let him realize the weighty responsibility now placed upon him, as the head of a family; and also let him study diligently the disposition of his wives, that he may know how to instruct them in wisdom for their good.

Rule 4th.—Betray not the confidence of your wives. There are many ideas in an affectionate confiding wife which she would wish to communicate to her husband, and yet she would be very unwilling to have them communicated to others. Keep each of your wives' secrets from all the others, and from any one else, unless in cases where good will result by doing otherwise.

Rule 5th.—Speak not of the faults of your wives to others; for in so doing, you speak against yourself. If you speak to one of your wives of the imperfections of the others who may be absent, you not only injure them in her estimation, but she will expect that you will speak against her under like circumstances: this is calculated to weaken their confidence in you, and sow division in the family. Tell each one of her faults in private in a spirit of kindness and love, and she will most probably respect you for it, and endeavor to do better for the future; and thus the others will not, because of your reproof, take occasion to speak reproachfully of her. There may be circumstances, when reproof, given in the presence of the others, will produce asalutary influence upon all. Wisdom is profitable to direct, and should be sought for earnestly by those who have the responsibility of families.

Rule 6th.—Avoid anger and a fretful peevish disposition in your family. A hasty spirit, accompanied with harsh words, will most generally beget its own likeness, or, at least, it will, eventually, sour the feelings of your wives and children, and greatly weaken their affections for you. You should remember that harsh expressions against one of your wives, used in the hearing of the others, will more deeply wound her feelings, than if she alone heard them. Reproofs that are timely and otherwise good, may lose their good effect by being administered in a wrong spirit, indeed, they will most probably increase the evils which they were intended to remedy. Do not find fault with every trifling error that you may see; for this will discourage your family, and they will begin to think that it is impossible to please you; and, after a while, become indifferent as to whether they please you or not. How unhappy and extremely wretched is that family where nothing pleases—where scolding has become almost as natural as breathing!

Rule 7th.—Use impartiality in your family as far as circumstances will allow; and let your kindness and love abound towards them all. Use your own judgment, as the head of the family, in regard to your duties in relation to them, and be not swayed from that which is right, by your own feelings, nor by the feelings of others.

Rule 9th.—Call your wives and children together frequently, and instruct them in their duties towards God, towards yourself, and towards one another. Pray with them and for them often; and teach them to pray much, that the Holy Spirit may dwell in their midst, without which it is impossible to maintain that union, love, and oneness which are so necessary to happiness and salvation.

Rule 8th.—Suffer not your judgment to be biased against any one of your wives, by the accusations of the others, unless you have good grounds to believe that those accusations are just. Decide not hastily upon partial evidence, but weigh well all things, that your mind may not become unjustly prejudiced. When one of your wives complains of the imperfections of the others, and endeavors to set your mind against them, teach her that all have imperfections, and of the necessity of bearing one with another in patience, and of praying one for another.

Rule 10th.—Remember, that notwithstanding written rules will be of service in teaching you your duties, as the head of a family, yet without the Holy Ghost to teach and instruct you, it is impossible for you to govern a family in righteousness; therefore, seek after the Holy Ghost and he shall teach you all things, and sanctify you and your family, and make you one, that you may be perfected in Him and He in you, and eventually be exalted on high to dwell with God, where your joy will be full forever.

Rule 11th.—Let no woman unite herself in marriage with any man, unless she has fully resolved to submit herself wholly to his counsel, and to let him govern as the head. It is far better for her not to be united with him in the sacred bonds of eternal union, than to rebel against the divine order of family government, instituted for a higher salvation; for if she altogether turn therefrom, she will receive a greater condemnation.

Rule 12th.—Never seek to prejudice the mind of your husband against any of his other wives, for the purpose of exalting yourself in his estimation, lest the evil which you unjustly try to bring upon them, fall with double weight upon your own head. Strive to rise in favor and influence with your husband by your own merits, and not by magnifying the faults of others.

Rule 13th.—Seek to be a peacemaker in the family with whom you are associated. If you see the least appearance of division arising, use your utmost efforts to restore union and soothe the feelings of all. Soft and gentle words, spoken in season, will allay contention and strife; while a hasty spirit and harsh language add fuel to the fire already kindled which will rage with increasing violence.

Rule 14th.—Speak not evil of your husband unto any of the rest of the family for the purpose of prejudicing their minds against him; for if he be informed thereof, it will injure you in his estimation. Neither speak evil of any members of the family; for this will destroy their confidence in you. Avoid all hypocracy; for if you pretend to love your husband and to honor and respect his wives, when present, but speak disrespectful of them when absent, you will be looked upon as a hypocrite, as a tattler, and as a mischief-making woman, and be shunned as being more dangerous than an open enemy. And what is still more detestable, is to tattle out of the family, and endeavor to create enemies against those with whom you are connected. Such persons should not only be considered hypocrites, but traitors, and their conduct should be despised by every lover of righteousness. Remember also, that there are more ways than one to tattle; it is not always the case that those persons who are the boldest in their accusations that are the most dangerous slanderers; but such as hypocritically pretend that they do not wish to injure their friends, and at the same time, very piously insinuate in dark indirect sayings, something that is calculated to leave a very unfavorable prejudice against them. Shun such a spirit as you would the very gates of hell.

Rule 15th.—If you see any of your husband's wives sick or in trouble, use every effort to relieve them, and to administer kindness and consolations, remembering that you, yourself, under the same circumstances, would be thankful for their assistance. Endeavor to share each other's burdens, according to the health, ability, and strength which God has given you. Do not be afraid that you will do more than your share of the domestic labor, or that you will be more kind to them than they are to you.

Rule 16th.—Let each mother correct her own children, and see that they do not dispute and quarrel with each other, nor with any others; let her not correct the children of the others without liberty so to do, lest it give offence. The husband should see that each mother maintains a wise and proper discipline over her children, especially in their younger years: and it is his duty to see that all of his children are obedient to himself and to their respective mothers. And it is also his duty to see that the children of one wife are not allowed to quarrel and abuse those of the others, neither to be disrespectful or impudent to any branch of his family.

Rule 17th.—It is the duty of parents to instruct their children, according to their capacities in every principle of the gospel, as revealed in the Book of Mormon and in the revelations which God has given, that they may grow up in righteousness, and in the fear of the Lord, and have faith in Him. Suffer no wickedness to have place among them, but teach them the right way, and see that they walk therein. And let the husband and his wives, and all of his children that have come to the years of understanding often bow before the Lord around the family altar, and pray vocally and unitedly for whatever blessings they stand in need of, remembering that where there are union and peace, there will also be faith, and hope, and the love of God, and every good work, and a multiplicity of blessings, imparting health and comfort to the body, and joy and life to the soul.

Rule 18th.—Let each mother commence with her children when young, not only to teach and instruct them, but to chasten and bring them into the most perfect subjection; for then is the time that they are the most easily conquered, and their tender minds are the most susceptible of influences and government. Many mothers from carelessness neglect their children, and only attempt to govern them at long intervals, when they most generally find their efforts of no lasting benefit; for the children having been accustomed to have their own way, do not easily yield; and if peradventure they do yield, it is only for the time being, until the mother relaxes again into carelessness, when they return again to their accustomed habits: and thus by habit they become more and more confirmed in disobedience, waxing worse and worse, until the mother becomes discouraged, and relinquishes all discipline, and complains that she cannot make her children mind. The fault is not so much in the children, as in the carelessness and neglect of the mother when the children were young; it is she that must answer, in a great degree, for the evil habits and disobedience of the children. She is more directly responsible than the father; for it cannot be expected that the father can always find time, apart from the laborious duties required of him, to correct and manage his little children who are at home with their mothers. It is frequently the case that the father is called to attend to duties in public life, and may be absent from home much of his time, when the whole duty of family government necessarily rests upon the respective mothers of his children; if they through carelessness, suffer their children to grow up in disobedience and ruin themselves, they must bear the shame and disgrace thereof. Some mothers, though not careless, and though they feel the greatest anxiety for the welfare of their children, yet, through a mistaken notion of love for them, forbear to punish them when they need punishment, or if they undertake to conquer them, their tenderness and pity are so great, that they prevail over the judgment, and the children are left unconquered, and become more determined to resist all future efforts of their mothers until, at length, they conclude that their children have a more stubborn disposition than others, and that it is impossible to subject them in obedience. In this case, as in that of neglect, the fault is the mother's. The stubbornness of the children, for the most part, is the effect of the mother's indulgence, arising from her mistaken idea of love. By that which she calls love, she ruins her children.
Children between one and two years of age are capable of being made to understand many things; then is the time to begin with them. How often we see children of that age manifest much anger. Frequently by crying through anger, they that are otherwise healthy, injure themselves: it is far better, in such instances, for a mother to correct her child in a gentle manner, though with decision and firmness, until she conquers it, and causes it to cease crying, than to suffer that habit to increase. When the child by gentle punishment has learned this one lesson from its mother, it is much more easily conquered and brought into subjection in other things, until finally, by a little perseverance on the part of the mother, it learns to be obedient to her voice in all things; and obedience becomes confirmed into a permanent habit. Such a child trained by a negligent or overindulgent mother, might have become confirmed in habits of stubbornness and disobedience. It is not so much in the original constitution of children as in their training, that causes such wide differences in their dispositions. It cannot be denied, that there is a difference in the constitution of children even from their birth; but this difference is mostly owing to the proper or improper conduct of parents, as before stated; therefore, even for this difference, parents are more or less responsible. If parents, through their own evil conduct entail hereditary dispositions upon their children which are calculated to ruin them, unless properly curtailed and overcome, they should realise, that for that evil they must render an account. If parents have been guilty in entailing upon their offspring unhappy dispositions, let them repent, by using all diligence to save them from the evil consequences which will naturally result by giving way to those dispositions. The greater the derangement, the greater must be the remedy, and the more skilful and thorough should be its application, until that which is sown in evil is overcome and completely subdued. In this way parents may save themselves and their children; but otherwise there is condemnation. Therefore, we repeat again, let mothers begin to discipline their children when young.

Rule 19th.—Do not correct children in anger; an angry parent is not as well prepared to judge of the amount of punishment which should be inflicted upon a child, as one that is more cool and exercised with reflection, reason, and judgment. Let your children, see that you punish them, not to gratify an angry disposition, but to reform them for their good, and it will have a salutary influence; they will not look upon you as a tyrant, swayed to and fro by turbulent and furious passions; but they will regard you as one that seeks their welfare, and that you only chasten them because you love them, and wish them to do well. Be deliberate and calm in your counsels and reproofs, but at the same time use earnestness and decision. Let your children know that your words must be respected and obeyed.

Rule 20th.—Never deceive your children by threatnings or promises. Be careful not to threaten them with a punishment which you have no intention of inflicting; for this will cause them to lose confidence in your word; besides, it will cause them to contract the habit of lying: when they perceive that their parents do not fulfil their threatenings or promises, they will consider that there is no harm in forfeiting their word. Think not that your precepts, concerning truthfulness, will have much weight upon the minds of your children, when they are contradicted by your examples. Be careful to fulfil your word in all things in righteousness, and your children will not only learn to be truthful from your example, but they will fear to disobey your word, knowing that you never fail to punish or reward according to your threatnings and promises. Let your laws, penalties, and rewards be founded upon the principles of justice and mercy, and adapted to the capacities of your children; for this is the way that our heavenly Father governs His children, giving to some a Celestial; to others a Terrestrial; and to others still a Telestial law, with penalties and promises annexed, according to the conditions, circumstances, and capacities of the individuals to be governed. Seek for wisdom and pattern after the heavenly order of government.

Rule 21st.—Do not be so stern and rigid in your family government as to render yourself an object of fear and dread. There are parents who only render themselves conspicuous in the attribute of Justice, while mercy and love are scarcely known in their families. Justice should be tempered with mercy, and love should be the great moving principle, interweaving itself in all your family administrations. When justice alone sits upon the throne, your children approach you with dread, or peradventure hide themselves from your presence, and long for your absence that they may be relieved from their fear; at the sound of your approaching foot-steps they flee as from an enemy, and tremble at your voice, and shrink from the gaze of your countenance, as though they expected some terrible punishment to be inflicted upon them. Be familiar with your children that they may delight themselves in your society, and look upon you as a kind and tender parent whom they delight to obey. Obedience inspired by love, and obedience inspired by fear, are entirely different in their nature; the former will be permanent and enduring, while the latter only waits to have the objects of fear removed, and it vanishes like a dream. Govern children as parents, and not as tyrants; for they will be parents in their turn, and will be very likely to adopt that form of government in which they have been educated. If you have been tyrants, they may be influenced to pattern after your example. If you are fretful and continually scolding, they will be very apt to be scolds too. If you are loving, kind, and merciful, these benign influences will be very certain to infuse themselves into their order of family government; and thus good and evil influences frequently extend themselves down for many generations and ages. How great, then, are the responsibilities of parents to their children! And how fearful the consequences of bad examples! Let love, therefore, predominate and control you, and your children will be sure to discover it, and will love you in return.

Rule 22nd.—Let each mother teach her children to honor and love their father, and to respect his teachings and counsels. How frequently it is the case, when fathers undertake to correct their children, mothers will interfere in the presence of the children: this has a very evil tendency in many respects: first, it destroys the oneness of feeling which should exist between husband and wife; secondly, it weakens the confidence of the children in the father, and emboldens them to disobedience; thirdly, it creates strife and discord; and lastly, it is rebelling against the order of family government, established by divine wisdom. If the mother supposes the father too severe, let her not mention this in the presence of the children, but she can express her feelings to him while alone by themselves, and thus the children will not see any division between them. For husband and wives to be disagreed, and to contend, and quarrel, is a great evil; and to do these things in the presence of their children, is a still greater evil. Therefore, if a husband and his wives will quarrel and destroy their own happiness, let them have pity upon their children, and not destroy them by their pernicious examples.

Rule 23rd.—Suffer not children of different mothers to be haughty and abusive to each other; for they are own brothers and sisters the same as the children of the patriarch Jacob; and one has no claim above another, only as his conduct merits it. Should you discover contentions or differences arising, do not justify your own children and condemn the others in their presence; for this will encourage them in their quarrels: even if you consider that your children are not so much in the fault as the others, it is far better to teach them of the evils of strife, than to speak against the others. To speak against them, not only alienates their affections, but has a tendency to offend their mothers, and create unpleasant feelings between you and them. Always speak well of each of your husband's wives in the presence of your children; for children generally form their judgment concerning others, by the sayings of their parents: they are very apt to respect those whom their parents respect; and hate those whom they hate. If you consider that some of the mothers are too lenient with their children and too negligent in correcting them, do not be offended, but strive, by the wise and prudent management of your own, to set a worthy example before them, that they, by seeing your judicious and wise course, may be led to go and do likewise. Examples will sometimes reform, when precepts fail.

Rule 24th.—Be industrious in your habits: this is important as fulfilling the law of God: it is also important for those who are in low circumstances, that they may acquire food, and raiment, and the necessary comforts of life: it is also important for the rich as well as the poor, that they may be able more abundantly to supply the wants of the needy, and be in circumstances to help the unfortunate and administer to the sick and afflicted; for in this way, it is possible even for the rich to enter into the kingdom of heaven. A family whose time is occupied in the useful and lawful avocations of life, will find no time to go from house to house, tattling and injuring one another and their neighbors; neither will they be so apt to quarrel among themselves.

Rule 25th.—When your children are from three to five years of age, send them to school, and keep them there year after year until they receive a thorough education in all the rudiments of useful science, and in their manners, and morals. In this manner, they will avoid many evils, arising from indolence, and form habits that will render them beneficial to society in after life. Let mothers educate their daughters in all kinds of domestic labor: teach them to wash and iron, to bake and do all kinds of cooking, to knit and sew, to spin and weave, and to do all other things that will qualify them to be good and efficient housewives. Let fathers educate their sons in whatever branch or branches of business, they intend them respectively to follow. Despise that false delicacy which is exhibited by the sons and daughters of the rich, who consider it a dishonor to labor at the common avocations of live. Such notions of high-life, should be frowned out of the territory, as too contemptible to be harbored, for one moment, by a civilized community. Some of these bogus gentlemen and ladies have such grand ideas, concerning gentility, that they would let their poor old father and mother slave themselves to death, to support them in their idleness, or at some useless fanciful employment. The daughter will sit down in the parlour at her painting or music, arrayed in silks and fineries, and let her mother wash and cook until, through fatigue she is ready to fall into her grave: this they call gentility, and the distinctions between the low and the high. But such daughters are not worthy of husbands, and should not be admitted into any respectable society: they are contemptible drones, that would be a curse to any husband who should be so unfortunate as to be connected with such nuisances. Painting, music, and all the fine arts, should be cherished, and cultivated, as accomplishments which serve to adorn and embellish an enlightened civilized people, and render life agreeable and happy; but when these are cultivated, to the exclusion of the more necessary duties and qualifications, it is like adorning swine with costly jewels and pearls to make them appear more respectable: these embellishments, only render such characters a hundred fold more odious and disgustful than they would otherwise appear.

Rule 26th.—Use economy and avoid wastefulness. How discouraging it would be to a husband who has a large family, depending mostly upon his labor for a support, to see his wives and children carelessly, thoughtlessly, and unnecessarily, waste his hard earnings. Let not one wife, for fear that she shall not obtain her share of the income, destroy, give away, and otherwise foolishly dispose of what is given to her, thinking that her husband will furnish her with more. Those who economize and wisely use that which is given to them, should be counted worthy to receive more abundantly than those who pursue a contrary course. Each wife should feel interested in saving and preserving that with which the Lord has entrusted her, and should rejoice, not only in her prosperity, but in the prosperity of all the others: her eyes should not be full of greediness to grasp every thing herself, but she should feel equally interested in the welfare of the whole family. By pursuing this course she will be beloved: by taking a contrary course, she will be considered selfish and little minded.

Rule 27th.—Let husbands, wives, sons, and daughters, continually realize that their relationships do not end with this short life, but will continue in eternity without end. Every qualification and disposition therefore, which will render them happy here, should be nourished, cherished, enlarged, and perfected, that their union may be indissoluble, and their happiness secured both for this world and for that which is to come.
Let these rules be observed, and all others that are good and righteous, and peace will be the result: husbands will be patriarchs and saviours; wives will be like fruitful vines, bringing forth precious fruits in their seasons: their sons will be like plants of renown, and their daughters like the polished stones of a palace. Then the saints shall flourish upon the hills and rejoice upon the mountains, and become a great people and strong, whose goings forth shall be with strength that is everlasting. Arise, O Zion! clothe thyself with light! shine forth with clearness and brilliancy! illuminate the nations and the dark corners of the earth, for their light is gone out—their sun is set—gross darkness covers them! let thy light be seen upon the high places of the earth; let it shine in glorious splendour; for then shall the wicked see, and be confounded, and lay their hands upon their mouths in shame; then shall kings arise and come forth to the light, and rejoice in the greatness of thy glory! Fear not, O Zion, nor let thine hands be slack, for great is the Holy One in the amidst of thee! a cloud shall be over thee by day for a defense, and at night thy dwellings shall be encircled with glory! God is thine everlasting light, and shall be a Tower of strength against thine enemies; at the sound of His voice they shall melt away, and terrors shall seize upon them. In that day thou shalt be beautiful and glorious, and the reproach of the Gentiles shall no more come into thine ears; in that day, shall the sons of them that afflicted thee come bending unto thee and bow themselves down at the soles of thy feet; and the daughters of them that reproached thee, shall come saying, We will eat our own bread and wear our own apparel, only let us be joined in the patriarchal order of marriage with the husbands and patriarchs in Zion to take away our reproach: then shall they highly esteem, far above riches, that which their wicked fathers ridiculed under the name of Polygamy. Amen

This was sent to me by a very wise kind person trying to help be catch up on all things Polygamy. I'll just nickname them - "The Encourager", for the encouragement for me to learn.