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Friday, December 30, 2011

UPDATED 12/31/11 !!: Is She or Isn't She?

OK, now a show of hands: who used to call people anonymously and ask "Is your refrigerator running?" Or called a store and asked if they had Prince Albert in a can? I don't know about y'all, but that was the highlight of my teenage years!

Seems like Aspyn has her own version of this teenage prank: She's tweeting that she and her best friend are going to be sisterwives - to each other! And her mom Christine tweeted she can't wait - not only will she be gaining a daughter, she'll have another cup to drink from  (as long as that cup doesn't contain Redbull, right Christine?).

So what do y'all think? New Year's Prank or Wishful thinking?

UPDATE!! 12/31/11

Looks like Robyn has to her say, of course.Tweeted by Mommie Dearest Robyn to a concerned fan:
"...Aspyn was just joking around. She is too smart for that. She wants to got to college. Jenny is her best buddy."
For some reason, I don't think MD Robyn was amused by Aspyn's prank.


Hold the phone !...Mama Christine just tweeted the following terse response regarding the twitter incident I prefer to call 'Aspyngate':
"@Aspyn and @Jenny are just joking about becoming Sisterwives. They are best friends. Our children will marry as adults, period. To be honest, I think it is awesome that they joke about becoming sisterwives. What a great way to express a close friendship."
So what do you think? Can Aspyngate finally be laid to rest as the last prank of 2011? What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

SisterWives Blog: A Year in Review - Update 12/29/11 !

As we come to the end of 2011, it seems appropriate that we take a second look at some of the articles published on SWB that offered a different perspective on polygamy than shown on TLC's Sister Wives.

First up, BBC's Inside Polygamy documentary featuring Randy Maudsley and family.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Part Five:

Here's an interesting follow-up article on Randy Maudsley:


TLC will have a MARATHON of this season's Sister Wives on January 2, 2012. If you're in need of a Kody Brown and Family fix, or need to refresh your memory of the Brown variety of polygamy,  be sure to check your local listings for airtimes !

Ballad of an Ex-Sister Wife

Ballad of an Ex-Sister Wife

I have been inspired by the stories of Flora Jessop, Free and Clear, Troy Bowles and all the other brave young folks who have escaped closed Mormon fundamentalist communities and/or Mormon fundamentalist indoctrination despite fear of the unknown and the threat of blood atonement and eternal damnation.  This song is for you, with many thanks to the Eagles.

Well, I heard my priesthood holder talking the other day
And he said he kept the power to himself.
Well, let me tell you I’ve got some news for you
And you’ll soon find out it’s true
And you’ll have to watch the kids all by your self

Because I’m already gone.
And I’m feeling strong.
And I’ll sing my victory song.
Woo hoo hoo.  I’m a person too.

The Prophet’s latest Statement made me stop and wonder why
I guess he felt that he had to “set things right.”
Just remember this  Sisters when you look up in the sky
You can see the stars and still not see the light.  Yes, that sure is right.

Now me, I’m already gone.
And I am feeling strong.
I will sing my victory song.
Woo hoo hoo.  I’m as worthy as you.

Well, now I know it wasn’t you who held me down.
And the Lord knows it wasn’t you who set me free.
It all too often happens that we live our lives in chains
And we never even know we have the key.  Desiree

But me, I am already gone.
I am feeling so strong.
 I will sing this victory song.
Because I’m already gone.
I am feeling strong.
As I sing my victory song.
Woo hoo hoo.  Now, who’ll be a slave to you?
Yes I’m already gone.
Already gone.

Alternate titles:
“Kiss My ... Feet; I Won’t Keep Sweet”
“Free and Clear is Free and Clear”

Written by Terrasola

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Scour the Internet: Update 12/22/11

LIV! International Update

What's more important? Making an appearance in a Utah court room or having a LIV! party?

For the Browns, the answer is simple: Party, Baby! And for good reason. Now, hold on to your hats.

In fact, you might want to sit down for this one. The Brown Family have made it to the (drum roll, please) SENIOR DIRECTOR LEVEL of the LIV! International Sales empire!

I'm not exactly sure what this means - do they now qualify for the Mercedes or just the Cruise trip? And if it's the cruise, which wife will Kody take? And why they are listed as the Brown Family instead of
Kody Brown or even the Kody Brown Family?

And why is there a faceless cartoon caricature instead of a picture next to their "company" name, The Brown Family?  Haven't these people heard of branding? AND NOT THE COW VARIETY!

Y'all better put down that beverage, because I got another surprise for you. MERI and her favorite
sister wife ROBYN both made it to the 5K Manager level! Guess having your bonus daughters shill
that stuff to their friends  was a successful business maneuver after all.

I'm telling you, THE BROWNS ARE ON FIRE! Today SENIOR DIRECTOR LEVEL, tomorrow OPERATION DETOX on a GLOBAL scale. Who needs to appear in court - that's what lawyers are for, right? See Utah? The Browns can be successful without you. So Mr. Judge, when you decide whether the Brown's lawsuit has any merit, you just remember how they snubbed the hearing, and partied to Senior Director Level instead!


Oldies But Goodies

This is a tweet from Christine in November. Hey, I was busy, OK?

Christine giving the evil eye to Bram Stoker
 Christine tweeted:  Tried to read Bram Stokers Dracula, why?? Worse...I watched the movie...aahh! At least I don't have to finish the book...way to scary for me

Oh dear, Christine honey. Let me introduce you to my little friend (y'all get your minds out of the gutter!)  Stephen King...so, now that we're in the 21st century, why don't you update your reading list? You into vampires? How about 'Salem's Lot? I think I might even have a cassette of the TV movie, too!

Oh wait, here's one that Stephen wrote and the title is guess what? CHRISTINE! Here ya go, honey, you can borrow my copy. But I have to have it back, it's a first edition. Enjoy!

The Official  By Invitation Only And Only Good Positive Thoughts About Kody Brown and Family Facebook Fanpage

Now my intrepid undercover friend Antoinette had to temporarily "go dark" behind enemy lines but before she pulled the plug (for security reasons, of course) she sent me this.

I think he saw a mole...
Seems the minions over at the Kody Brown-Family Facebook page complained on Twitter about the 1000 friend requests they have pending. In fact, they figure they can only approve 10 requests a day.


Well, almost a month later, the friendship numbers are still lingering around the 1450 mark - and sinking. I guess if the minions don't like you, they wish you into the cornfield. <shudder>

Jezebel.com makes a boo-boo

Now this is funny!

Jezebel.com got PUNKED. Seems they ran a story entitled "Kody Brown's Precious Seeds Require Neverending Supply of Wombs". Now, Sister Wives Blog is not alone in reading tweets from the Browns. However, we are savvy enough to know that the twitter account @kodybrown is actually an imposter. Poor Jezebel.com thought he was the real deal and wrote a whole story about his...um...questionable tweets.

Then they found out he was a fake! How embarrassing! I mean they should have know @kodybrown was fake - he sound too intelligent to be the real Kody Brown!

Perhaps Kody should have claimed his name on twitter earlier...

Read the article here:

Well, that's all for now. Happy Holidays Everyone, and remember: I Scour the Internet So You Don't Have To !!

Behaviour of the Brown Family - Narcissistic in Nature?

I have thought for a long time that certain Brown family parents display tendencies that could be considered narcissistic in nature.  Apparently, many posters agree with me if you read the comments we receive here at SWB.  This “theme” of narcissism really stuck out to me when I read what happened in court on Friday, December 16 and learned that the investigation into the Browns wasn’t only about polygamy.  If the Browns knew this they certainly hid it well.

I am not a medical or mental health professional and I don’t play one on TV.  However, I know quite a bit about narcissistic behaviour and Narcissistic Personality Disorder because of family experiences.  But that is another story for another time and another blog.  Let’s just say I know enough to discuss this subject.  

Narcissists generally have a sense of self-importance and an unusually strong (and often unfounded) idea that they are super-special – and you better think so, too.  So that is what I saw when I read about this lawsuit and the investigation:  the Browns thinking that, of course Utah would pursue them solely for the crime of polygamy when that state says it does not do that, and in recent times it only prosecutes for polygamy when other, specific, crimes are also involved.  I thought, how special do they think they are that Utah would not only prosecute them but also persecute them?

Then I realized, they DO think they are special.  They specifically sought out a TV show to display their super-specialness to the world and to receive the respect and esteem they felt they deserved.  By the way, an excessive need for admiration is a a type of behaviour that can be considered narcissistic.  In their thought process did the Browns  believe they were so special that people would overlook their “financial indiscretions” and less than stellar interpersonal relationships?  Did they believe that they have the right to do those things because of their “specialness”?  The lack of a mature conscience that understands whether what one is doing is right / wrong is typical of narcissist-type behaviour.

Their interpersonal relationships bring me to another characteristic that is typical of narcissists:  interpersonal exploitation.  Strongly narcissistic people treat others as tools, utensils for their own personal gain like a chair or a pencil (or a baby-maker); they are useful while they are useful and are put down without another thought when that use has ended.  Narcissists don’t think about the feelings, needs and dreams of these “utensils”; they don’t even realize that anyone other than them might have those things because they lack empathy (yet another narcissistic trait). 

This goes along with narcissistic cruelty toward others.  In my observation this cruelty is casual, because narcissists don’t see their behaviour as cruel.  How can you be cruel to someone who has no feelings?  That is how narcissists see their interactions with others (e.g. hormonal monster-gate; Logan-prospective-sitter leaving-gate).  Narcissists often pretend to understand emotions or emotional cues to “fit in”, but when listening to them speak it becomes apparent that there is a disconnect; discussions with them are strange and uncomfortable. 

Yet, narcissists are VERY sensitive to any perceived criticism.  They tend to overreact because they believe that, being the super-special beings they are, they must be perfect and superior or else they are worthless failures.  They often attack others to prevent people criticizing them.  The best defence is a good offence, right?  This psychological quirk also tends to make them paranoid (e.g. of sharks) and to avoid initiative because if you don’t start / finish something you can’t fail at it.  But boy, oh boy, do they talk a good game (because they are super-special).

They don’t let others get close for fear of revealing their true selves.  They are masters of the superficial.  This also makes them naive and vulnerable.  Because humor and time are both contextual, narcissists tend not to have a good sense of either (or typically have a strange sense of humour). 

Paradoxically, narcissists who are always working to project this false image of specialness and perfection need other people to view that image and tell them that they are special.  So they need others around them; they can’t stand to live alone.  They, of course, like to pick people to live with who will feed into that image of super-specialness.  One name for the folks narcissists tend to pick as partners is “co-dependents”, or emotionally needy people (rhymes with “Jeri” and “Manelle” perhaps?).

What other evidence do I have to think that some of the Brown parents display behaviours that could be considered narcissistic in nature?  I watched interviews with them.  Narcissists lie and contradict themselves very frequently, even when it would be easier to tell the truth and they ALWAYS deny that they have lied and contradicted themselves.

By now you know which Brown parent(s) I think display behavior that could be considered narcissistic in nature, if you are/were a faithful “Sister Wives” viewer.  But this is just my opinion.  What is yours?

Written by: Terrasola

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Scour the Internet! : A PSA for 12/21/11

I was wandering through the nightmare known as Twitter, and came across the latest twitterings of advice from Christine Brown, AKA rosecolored6.

One twit tweeted to Christine: "Sometimes when making toast I recall an early episode of SW and wonder, what does Christine know about toasters that I don't??"

Evil toaster about to BLOW
Good point, twit. I for one know that one shouldn't use metal like a fork or knife to retrieve that errant piece of toast if the toaster is still plugged in the wall socket. Also, one should always unplug the toaster when not in use. Oh yeah, and keep the toaster away from the kitchen sink and running water. And if it's smoking...RUN LIKE HELL CUZ ITS GOING TO BLOW!

Well, Christine's tweet back to the twit was "...access google.com and type in toaster dangers and then you will see it all. Raising toaster danger awareness!"

So that's what I did, and guess what I found out?

From the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) website, we learn about "The Danger of Electrical Shock" which apparently is more important to know because there are many appliances in the modern home that uses that old demon ELECTRICITY to run, rather than sharks.

Electric power does a tremendous amount of work. But because it’s such a powerful force, we need to be very careful with it.

People are injured or killed every year by electricity. The reasons are almost always carelessness, a faulty appliance or tool, or a lack of knowledge about how electricity works.
You can reduce electrical injuries and death by doing three things:
  1. Understanding how electricity works
  2. Recognizing potential electrical hazards
  3. Learning about safety devices that prevent shock.
In the kitchen. An ungrounded faulty appliance, such as an electric toaster, used near a grounded kitchen sink can be dangerous. Do not handle or operate appliances when your hands are wet or when the appliances are on wet surfaces, such as a countertop that has water on it. Receptacles within six feet of a kitchen sink must have a ground fault circuit interrupter.

Not a good idea
Well, duh!! But Christine made it seem like the toaster was like a shark, slowly circling its victim before taking a tasty chunk out of an arm or leg.

I mean, who in their right mind would knowingly handle a toaster with wet hands? Or use a toaster near a sink of water?

And Christine, did you know that there are hazards associated with any electrical appliance? Like ironing clothes with your right hand and reaching into the washer with your left hand? I didn't even know about that, but in reality, my washer is in this small closet and even if I wanted to plug my iron in, there are no electrical outlets for me to use...ummmm...do you think that was done on purpose?

 So, dearest Christine, not only are toasters dangerous, so are toaster ovens! And irons! And hair dryers! Any appliance that uses E-L-E-C-T-R-I-C-I-T-Y is, in fact, dangerous if not used properly.

 So next time you start spouting off that there are more people killed by toasters than by sharks, why not follow your own advice and google for the FACTS about using ALL electrical appliances safely?

PSA courtesy http://www.tva.gov/power/homesafety.htm

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Looking Back at the Browns.... Sister Wives

Blast from the Past!
After coming out to the world on national television, the Browns share their intentions.

Boy, they seemed so honest and sincere in the first few shows....
Why is Robyn talking here, when she's new to polygamy? We should have see the writing on the wall then...
Do you see differences in the Browns since they have become reality show stars? Like so many before them, have they gotten cocky? spoiled? unspoiled? the same? I don't think any of their intentions were this pure and simple. Do you think their intentions were this pure and simple after seeing the lawsuit, move, pimping of products and endorsements, as they proclaimed in the beginning?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fans.....

RHOA fans.... I found this interesting video on MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon, the CEO of MMRF who updates information about the Armstrong lawsuit and refers to the defendants as "the Bonnie & Clyde of reality TV."

Also, two MUST READ articles here!!!

Taylor Armstrong and husband defendants in lawsuit:

Sisters are our Eternal Friends

WOW! I couldn't believe it when I saw the copyright at 1998! Looked like something from the 60s to me. Imagine how much brainwashing those kids go through! Everything must be viewed and taught through manipulation eyes.

FLDS Polygamist Tract: Sisters are Eternal Friends

All Posts discussing Kody Brown and Family Lawsuits so far....

I'm putting together little "reviews" from our blog.
From time to time I will do listing like this to help you go through and find the posts pertaining to our discussion!
Here is a list of all posts - starting with the eldest - that pertain to The Browns and
the Lawsuits so far.......


Returning to Colorado City and Saying Goodbye to Polygamy

I came across this article (first pub. in 2009) and really enjoyed it, so I decided to share it on here. Really makes you think about how insulated these folks are.

By Shane Hensinger

I arrived in Denver today after a 2.5 day drive from San Francisco. I took a bit of a circuitous route because I wanted to stop and see my aunt, who is a member of the polygamous Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints (FLDS). I'd not been back to Colorado City for over 25 years. This is a personal story of that trip.

As many Kossacks are aware I at one point in my life lived with my aunt in Colorado City, who at that point was one of 5 sister wives living in a polygamous relationship. It had been a long, long time since I'd been back to Colorado City, a remote town of around 9,000 people which lies in the Arizona Strip - considered the most inaccessible part of the continental United States.
As I drove from Las Vegas on Thursday I pondered why I'd chosen to take the route I had and journey to Colorado City - it was miles out of the way of the shortest route to Denver and I was unsure how I'd be received, not by my aunt, but by the community at-large. In the e-mail I'd received from my aunt she'd asked that I "dress modestly" when I arrived and in deference to her wishes I'd set aside a set of clothes to change into before I arrived in Colorado City.
I'm a West Coast boy. Meaning during the summer my outfit generally consists of shorts, t-shirts and tank tops and flip flops. And when it's nice (as it's rare to be in San Francisco during the summer) I wear even less - just shorts. As I left the tall building of Las Vegas behind and the thermostat in my car showed the temperature outside at 110 degrees I stared with foreboding at the outfit I was going to have to change into - a pair of loose-fitting jeans and a denim shirt. The thought of putting these clothes on, again, after being forced to wear them during my visits as a child, literally made me feel sick.
See - as gentiles my brother, sister and myself didn't have to attend FLDS services. But we had to do everything else, including pray and wear the all-enveloping outfits that at some point become official FLDS wear. And for some reason that marked me as a child to the point that for years after leaving Colorado City I refused to bare my arms - it wasn't until half-way through my freshman year in high school that I ever wore a t-shirt without another long-sleeved shirt covering it up. Getting to the point where I could bare my shoulders and even my chest felt like a lifetime and having to go back to where I started filled me with a mixture of revulsion and curiously - of sadness.
Getting to Colorado City isn't easy - deliberately. When the founders of the settlement chose to continue to practice polygamy despite it being in violation of federal law they chose the most remote, inhospitable place they could find. Even today getting there takes work. You exit off the freeway, go through the business district of St. George, UT, wind your way through a residential neighborhood and then up a hill - and you're on your way. As a child we'd always come from the east, not the west, and I'd forgotten how remote the area was.
In St. George I stopped at a gas station, went in the bathroom and changed into long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. I left on my flip flops because my suitcase containing my shoes was in the bottom of my trunk and I didn't feel like digging for them. In hindsight - I should have made the extra effort. I also left the top three buttons on my shirt undone (it was over 100 degrees) reminding myself to button them before I showed up. Again - another mistake.
As I drove I realized I'd also forgotten how red the earth is on the Arizona Strip - deep, bloody red. Extraordinarily beautiful but also as if the earth was bleeding, profusely and continually.
The closer I got to Colorado City the tighter my stomach became - which was something I didn't expect. My memories of the place, of the time with my aunt's family, were not bad. All I could remember, after the chaos that was much of my childhood, was peace and order - regular prayer and work times. But as I got closer the feeling inside myself was anything but order - it was a mixture of fear and nervousness. As I drew closer I even turned off the music inside the car and drove in silence.
One of the few signs that tell you you're getting close to a polygamous community is a large billboard about 10 miles outside of the city which advertises a state-funded helpline for those to call "when family life gets to be too much."
As I pulled into Hildale, which is the Utah-part of the twin cities, I realized how dusty and dingy everything was in the town. The homes were all enormous and many of them were half-complete, more so in Colorado City but also prevalent in Hildale. Worse - I'd counted on using my iPhone to map the way to my aunt's house once I was in the city but there is no EDGE network in Colorado City, meaning the maps feature didn't work and I didn't recognize where I was, so I stopped at a store to ask directions.
The people of Hildale/Colorado City live what is called "the united effort." This is according to the early teachings of Joseph Smith that people were to contribute and work together for a greater good - an idea which for Mormons, some of the most Republican people in the United States, is quite close to socialism. The point of me telling you this is that the main grocery store in Colorado City is a co-op where only community members shop. I remembered this so I made sure to stop at a place close off the main road.
When I opened the door and walked in there were two teenage girls, one in a blue prairie dress and one in pink, sitting behind the counter and a boy wearing the same outfit as me talking to them. As a bell announced the door opening they stopped talking and turned to me - and that's when the fun began.
The girls looked at me like I was the most incredible, exotic creature they'd ever seen. I tell you they could not have been more shocked had I been an alien. I think I'm a good-looking guy but I've never had that kind of reaction in any gay bar I'd walked into. It was as if a bomb had gone off as I stood there.
The boy's reaction was different. His eyes swept me from top to bottom, lingering with disgust on my unbuttoned shirt and then staring with a mixture of complete shock at the tops of my feet, which were bare.
"Uhhh" I began. "Can you tell me where XXXX is?"
No response from either of them.
Again, I asked the question this time adding "my aunt lives here and I've come to visit her."
"Who's asking" the boy asked - which was shockingly rude considering I'd just told him I had a relative in the town.
And then I got pissed. Who were these three twits to be questioning me? I'd lived there before they were born and they were gonna issue demands of me? "Oh heeeeeelllllll no" I thought.
One of the girls started saying something and I cut her off and said "you two need to keep sweet!" This shocked the shit out of them - their mouths literally fell open. "Keep sweet" is something FLDS members say to women and girls - it literally means "to submit" and "be Christ-like" and by using it I signaled to them that I wasn't someone who stumbled in off the street. To the boy I said "I'm calling my aunt, who is married to XXXX (who happens to be on the priesthood council of the FLDS - which are the elders in the community and the ones running the town now that "The Prophet" Warren Jeffs is in the slammer)" which shut him up too.
I then pulled out my cell phone and called my aunt, something I should have done earlier. Within two minutes she and her husband pulled up to the store (on a four wheeler - something I also don't remember from before). When they pulled up I walked outside and told them how rude the kids were and my aunt's husband went inside while we stayed outside. I could see him shaking his finger and then, one by one, the kids came outside and apologized to me. That's one thing you can say for the FLDS - they take community child-raising seriously and discipline is never questioned.
Then I followed my aunt and her husband to her house, which was just blocks away. Did I mention how wide the streets are in the town? They're enormous. School must have just gotten out because I passed multitudes of adorable little kids wearing Indian-style "Tonto" feathers. Kids everywhere - as I child I remember there was never a lack of anyone to do things with and that certainly hasn't changed.
I'd forgotten, or maybe it just didn't seem the same when I was a child, how shabby everything is. The town is generally poor and it shows. There are numerous signs everywhere warning people not to drive through the streets when they're flooded - because the town has never installed a proper drainage/flood control system and when it rains in the desert it floods.
My aunt's house was bigger than I remembered - as one would expect. I was received with happiness and genuine curiosity by her sister-wives and their children. I asked them about the rudeness I'd experienced previously and they mentioned the raid on the YFZ Ranch last year and how that had everyone on edge. People felt that "outsiders" were probably spies and the state was readying another raid. This makes sense to them since FLDS interaction with non-FLDS people has generally been negative and their history is replete with anti-polygamy raids. As I've said here numerous times - I feel the raids on the FLDS are counter-productive and unconstitutional and that polygamy should be legal. Nothing has changed as far as my views on those issues.
But as I stood surrounded by all the children and the women began preparing "supper" (as they call it) a lot of memories came back to me. Memories of the alienation and sadness my brother and sister and I felt when we were there - not accepted as FLDS but called "plygs" by people driving through the town. I remember wanting to run after them and scream "but I'm not a plyg!" Like it would have made a difference.
I also remembered the sadness and fear we all felt being away from my mother who relinquished temporary custody of us because she felt she couldn't protect us from my sister's father - who had broken into out home twice, once while we were there and attempted to kidnap my sister by yanking her from my mother's arms - an act only thwarted when my grandfather (whose home were living behind) heard the commotion and rushed in with a pistol. In that time domestic violence wasn't taken seriously, so my mom hid us where she thought my sister's dad would never find us.
The longer I stayed there the more the memories came back and the more sadness I felt for the people trapped in this forlorn little town which sits on the edge of the Grand Canyon - the massive homes where there's never any feeling of privacy, the constant fear, the sense of desperation, the heat, the poverty. I remembered it - it's not that I felt differently about my time there as a child but I was returning as a man, seeing things through a man's eyes. The difference in perception was shocking - I felt staggered.
After eating "supper" I told them I had to leave, which was true. Staying there would have been out of the question and it was a long, long drive to where I was staying. I said goodbye and my aunt walked me out. She held my arms, looked in my eyes and said "you'll come again won't you Shane?" And I said yes but she knows I won't - there are too many memories, too much distance now. I love her but I won't be back. As I started my car she stood there, the blue of her dress magnified against the vermilion cliffs behind her, and she lifted her hand to me. And I felt a terrible sadness.
I had to stop for gas and there's one gas station in the whole town, in Colorado City. And when I pulled up I did the most shocking thing I could. I took off the shirt I was wearing so I was in nothing but pants and a tank top, and I turned up the electronic music I was listening too and left it playing and I exited the car to pump the gas. Again - it was as if everyone stopped what they were doing to stare at me but rather than feel angry I felt happy - because while they were all there I was leaving.
As I drove away from the town, around 10 miles outside of Colorado City, it started raining. One of those late-afternoon rainstorms which are famous in the southwest, sheets of pounding rain which came down so hard I could barely see. And as the rain ran through the red dust on my car, washing it away, I opened my window and put my left arm outside and let it course down my skin - washing away something from me too.

(Source:   http://www.dailykos.com/story/2009/09/04/777199/-Returning-to-Colorado-City-and-Saying-Goodbye-to-Polygamy)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

KODY BROWN on TWITTER: If you don’t like what they say, BLOCK em!

Let’s take a look at Kody’s recent tweets.  Solomon is trying to talk at 5 weeks? The kids a genius!  I wonder if Kody only sees him about once every 4 days like poor Truly. Hmmmm…

That makes my blood boil that Kody and Meri were at the concert instead of a Logan’s championship! I guess date night was too important. There’s the sad thing about this “polygamy” jive. They want you to believe that they are this all for one family, yet, why aren’t ALL of them there? Or at least the Moms that could go? So many parents can’t afford to go to all the school functions, and this one can’t because of a date?  I am glad I am that part of America where the whole dang family drags out for every game. We all love it, too.  Kody, that just makes me sad for you. It’s the kids’ senior year! They call them “moms” so why weren’t all the other “moms” watching Logan? In our area, even aunts, uncles, cousins, friends come to hang out at kids’ games and talk. They make such a BIG DEAL about family, I am not seeing the support, Take a kid out of his school his JUNIOR year, and 1 parent out of 5 go? I CALL BULLCRAP!~ (and I am slapping my leg and tearing up) I would feel much different if I heard all the others went.WOW, GREAT Concert for such FINITE resources. Let’s see, in less than a year, how many concerts, trips, eating out, etc have we been to now? 

Here's a view of the last tweet when a fan responded, before she got deleted:

And the last tweet. Mixing business with your Doc, Kody? 

A fan of Kody’s read this and got concerned for HIM.  Let’s call this fan “BETSY”. BETSY decided to “tweet” him back, sincerely asking him a question about the Ethics. BETSY asked him if it was unethical for a chiropractor to enter a professional relationship with a current patient.  And, you know what KODY did? He DELETED her post and BLOCKED HER. No answer, no private message. BAM! 

It hurt BETSY’S feelings, because she was actually trying to help Kody Brown. BETSY was actually questioning Dr. Wright's ethics, not KODY'S. It hurt her feelings and somewhat shocked her. The lady was trying to help! She wondered if she had done something wrong. She wasn't used to adults behaving in such a manner.

Sadly, it didn’t shock us. First of all, let’s face it. KODY is only interested in those who love and worship him, he just saw someone questioning ethics and RAN! Too bad he didn’t see she wasn’t questioning his. 

I wasn’t sure what to make of it, so I passed her email on to a physician friend of mine.  She said that A Physician DOES NOT enter into a business relationship with a patient; however, she wasn’t sure of a Chiropractor’s standard’s were.  COMMON sense tells you that an ethical health provider of any kind would not enter into a business venture with a patient, but, as my friend says, it’s a “gray” area.  So here KODY has, by flying off the handle, hurt the feelings of a woman who was looking out for him! Go figure. 

KODY’S behavior is so predictable. If he doesn't like what someone has to say he bans them. He only wants to hear happy news. And if he doesn't know how to CONTROL it, he gets rid of it (so long, youtube...for now). Frankly KODY wouldn't know ethics if it bit him on his polygamous ass! And he calls himself a businessman…….bwahahahahaha!!!  KODY should not have mentioned the business meeting. But that's KODY. It's like he believes EVERYONE loves him and what he does. But he can't handle the truth many people DO NOT love him. Now, he's opened up this Dr. Wright to people questioning the Dr's judgment and ethics for being in business with an idiot.  If I were Dr. Wright, I’d choose my business partners more carefully. Let's hope the good "Dr" says thanks but no thanks (yeah right) to a business venture.

In other words, KODY… read carefully before you fly off and hurt a FAN’S feelings. Be rational. Its actions just like this that makes bad business. Just sayin. Oh, and don’t bite the hand that feeds ya…. Viewers, fans, are those hands!

'Sister Wives' stars fight for the right to... polygamy: Is America ready?

Get your fill of the Sister Wives court proceedings yesterday right here! Not that anything...um...happened...or they showed up. Browns can't mess with court when they have a LIV party going on!!!
oday Kody Brown — star of polygamist reality show Sister Wives — reported to court with his four wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, intending to prove their challenge Utah’s polygamy laws. Nearly two years after Big Love‘s Bill Henrickson ran for Senate expressly to take “The Principle” (a.k.a. polygamy) mainstream, it seems a curious case of life imitating art. We know how things ended for poor Bill, but what of the Browns, whose own series was spun off of Love‘s popularity? Do they have a chance that their love might be one day accepted by the public?
Said the Browns’ lawyer, Professor Jonathan Turley, “We believe that this case represents the strongest factual and legal basis for a challenge to the de ever filed in the federal courts. We are not demanding the recognition of polygamous marriage. We are only challenging the right of the state to prosecute people for their private relations and demanding equal treatment with other citizens in living their lives according to their own beliefs.”
It’s a tricky topic. Polygamy, as of now, certainly falls under the delightfully dismissive (and very large) umbrella of “alternative lifestyle” for the vast majority of Americans. The notion that a man would want to legally marry more than one woman makes people squeamish to say the least. And yet, clearly there is an appetite for this kind of content. Big Love ran for five critically acclaimed seasons (picking up a Golden Globe for ChloĆ« Sevigny along the way), and Sister Wives is on TLC — a network that skews toward the apple pie demographic. Is this a case of reality television subtly, slowly shifting reality, or is it simply an instance of America wanting to objectify a novel curiosity on the boob tube, but no more?
U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups has yet to announce his decision on today’s hearing. “The court gave us a fair hearing and we will await his decision,” Turley told reporters. “We are committed to pursuing these claims on behalf of the Brown family wherever they take us in the legal system.”
(Source:  http://popwatch.ew.com/2011/12/16/sister-wives-stars-fight-for-the-right-to-polygamy-is-america-ready/)

 Judge hears 'Sister Wives' challenge of Utah law
 By JENNIFER DOBNER, Associated Press 
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Attorneys for a polygamous family made famous on a reality television show on Friday asked a Utah federal judge not to block their challenge of the state's bigamy law.
Kody Brown and wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn filed a lawsuit in Salt Lake City's U.S. District Court in July.
The stars of the TLC show "Sister Wives" contend the law is unconstitutional because it violates their right to privacy — prohibiting them from living together and criminalizing their private sexual relationships.
Under Utah law, people are guilty of bigamy if they have multiple marriage licenses, or if they cohabitate with another consenting adult in a marriage-like relationship. Any couple of any sex living together in an intimate relationship is considered marriage-like under the law, and such a living arrangement would be considered a felony. Any couple of any sex living together in an intimate relationship could be considered guilty of a felony under the law.
Formerly of Lehi, the Browns and their 17 children moved to Nevada in January after police launched a bigamy investigation. The Browns practice polygamy as part of their religious beliefs.
U.S. District Court Judge Clark Waddoups heard oral arguments in the case on Friday in Salt Lake City and took the matter under advisement. It's not clear when he will rule.
For the case to go forward, the judge must decide the Browns have been harmed by the bigamy law.
In court, the Browns' Washington-based attorney, Jonathan Turley, said the family has suffered losses of income and been forced to move out of state because they were under investigation for bigamy.
They've also suffered "reputational harm" because the law labels the Browns' family a "criminal association," and because some Utah County prosecutors have said publicly that it would be easy for authorities bring charges because the Browns have already acknowledged felonies on national TV.
"This family was fearful of arrest ... they still are," Turley said. "It's why they are not here (in court) today."
Assistant Utah Attorney General Jerrold Jensen called the Browns' lawsuit "great TV drama" but said there's no real threat to the family, which has neither been arrested or charged with any crime.
Jensen said it's more likely the Browns were harmed by publicizing their lifestyle on television, not by actions taken by the state.
"The Browns have perceived that they will be prosecuted," Jensen said. "That is a misperception, at least at this point."
Jenson also said the Browns assume that an ongoing investigation by Utah County authorities is related to allegations of bigamy.
"It's over something else," Jensen said.
Utah County Attorney Jeff Buhman has not disclosed the nature of their investigation publicly and a message left for him Friday was not immediately returned.
Buhman's office has no stated policy related to the prosecution of polygamists.
On Friday, Jensen said the attorney general's office policy is to only file bigamy charges against a polygamist in connection with other crimes, such as underage marriages, child abuse or welfare fraud. A straight bigamy prosecution hasn't been filed in Utah for more than 50 years, Jensen said.
A check of state court records by The Associated Press, however, found at least two cases.
Bob Foster had three wives when he was arrested and charged with bigamy in 1974. He pleaded no contest and was sentenced to six months in jail. He was released after 21 days and ordered to serve five years of probation. A judge also said Foster was not allowed to live with his families. Foster died from cancer in 2008. He was still married to all three women.
Mark Easterday was arrested and charged with bigamy in 1999. Authorities were alerted to Easterday's multiple marriage as part of a custody battle during his divorce from his first wife. He ultimately pleaded no contest to adultery because the divorce was finalized before the bigamy case went to trial. Easterday was sentenced to probation.
Easterday, who left Utah and is currently married to two women, told The Associated Press he believes the Browns are right to fear a bigamy prosecution.
"I know from experience that they do prosecute," Easterday said. I think they should change the law over the entire country. Why it is that in some places a woman and a woman can be married, but a man can't have another wife?"
Polygamy in Utah and across much of the Intermountain West is a legacy of 19th century Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mormons abandoned the practice of plural marriage in the 1890s as a condition of Utah's statehood and now excommunicates members found engaging in polygamy.
An estimated 38,000 self-described Mormon fundamentalists continue the practice, believing it brings exaltation in heaven. Most keep their way of life a secret.
Typically, polygamous men are legally married to their first wives and wed subsequent brides only in religious ceremonies. The couples consider themselves "spiritually married."
(Source:  http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5jMDHarOyYP1xyUcsdKpN13-0Sfbw?docId=ac03b7d719d64eb2acf02b463f0015ca)

All this going on - What are the Brown's doing? well. according to tweets, a LIV party!

Caramel Brownie sent me this:

Maybe this is real reason they didn't show up to court. Scared they were gonna miss out on LIV Party ...lol SMH
GGRRRRR ..they disgust me :/
-Caramel Brownie

"AspynBrown: @mizkylie Hey are you coming to the LIV party tonight?"

 Really? Browns got partying on their minds huh?...smh
-Caramel Brownie
"LuvgvsUwngs: @LuvgvsUwngs @MeriBrown1 @JanelleBrown117 @rosecolored6 Off to get a Christmas present for your party!"

What are YOUR thoughts?

Cult Leader Warren Jeffs Tells Followers To Throw Away Children’s Toys And Stop Having Sex With Wives

By Alexis Tereszcuk - Radar Senior Reporter

Even though he is serving a life sentence for child rape, cult leader Warren Jeffs is still controlling his followers from behind bars.

The leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has reportedly directed his cult member to continue following his directives in bizarre ways, ordering cult members that men cannot have sex with their wives, that parents must throw away their children’s toys and that teenage girls are not allowed to have cellphones.

He’s written a new book based on “revelations from God” and has sent copies to the members of his breakaway Mormon sect from the Texas prison where he is serving his life sentence.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, cult members are still following the word of their imprisoned leader, as toys like bikes, trampolines and all-terrain vehicles are being dumped by the roadside near FLDS bases in Colorado City, Arizona, and Hildale, Utah. 

Jeffs lived at the Colorado City compound which now has about 5,000 residents.  He was convicted of sexually assaulting two young girls he took as “spiritual brides” when they were 12 and 14 years old.

Hey! If he can't have any....NOBODY is getting any or having any fun!
What a freaking monster! They could not even release what he says or allow contact with the outside world.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Browns to be discussed in Utah Court today....


Jonathan Turley will be appearing in federal court in Salt Lake City, Utah to argue for standing in our challenge to the Utah statute criminalizing bigamy and cohabitation. read about it at the Attorney Jonathan Turley's Blog:

UPDATED 12/16/ Pm
(Al Hartmann | The Salt Lake Tribune) Utah Assistant Attorney General Jerrold Jensen speaks outside the Frank Moss Federal Courthouse Friday December 16 after a hearing in the "Sister Wives" family challenging Utah's bigamy law.

The "chilling effect" of an open investigation into the polygamous stars of a reality TV show should allow them to challenge Utah’s bigamy law, their attorney argued Friday in Salt Lake City’s federal court.
"Not only has the state defined them as a criminal association, you have prosecutors coming out and saying they are committing a crime every night on television," said Washington, D.C.-based constitutional law attorney Jonathan Turley. "If this doesn’t get them to come to federal court, what does, short of a federal indictment?"
U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups took Friday’s arguments under advisement and is expected to rule in about a month.
Kody Brown and his four wives — Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn — sued to strike down the bigamy law in July, nearly a year after police in their former hometown of Lehi opened an investigation following the debut of their TLC show "Sister Wives."
Though the case remains open, no charges have been filed, and without criminal charges the state says the Browns don’t have legal standing to challenge the law.
Assistant Attorney General Jerrold Jensen countered Turley’s arguments Friday with a new revelation: The investigation wasn’t only about polygamy.
"Officials in the state of Utah do not prosecute for just bigamy. It is brought up in conjunction with another crime. That other crime is being investigated by the Utah County Attorney," Jensen said, though he repeatedly declined to say what it is.
Jensen argued that the injuries claimed by the Browns — including spending their savings moving to Nevada and loss of entertainment-related income — were the result not of the county’s investigation but by their choice to publicize their lifestyle on cable television.
"The Browns have manufactured a case that doesn’t exist," Jensen said.
But Turley countered that the Browns have been careful to keep any mention of the lawsuit off the show.
"This family was singled out. Yeah, they were on TV. They have a right to be on TV. What are these statements [by prosecutors] about if not a chilling effect?" Turley said.
He said the Browns did not attend Friday’s hearing due to a fear of prosecution.

To read the rest of the story, please go to: