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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Inside Story Polygamy - part 1 of 5 (Video)

"Randy Maudsley, Jim Harmston, and the Kingston Group"

Let me precede this: the two groups you will see, Harmston and the Kingston groups, are NOT affiliated with the Browns – they are in the Allred Group.

I am in the kindergarten stage of learning about all these different groups. So those of you that know far more than me, please pipe in and teach us.

I laughed as I watched the beginning of this video. Roundy Randy, looking so proud of his harem, smiling from ear to fat hairy ear.  And they were lookers, no? Randy Maudsley, his wife of 20+ years, Sam, their son Josh, and the Supremes of the group: Gladdel, Angel, and Patty Cake. If Gladdel left 11 children to be with this bear, they must be better off! Her decision making processes must have gotten lost in childbirth. 

My favorite part is when Randy says there are women out in the community so suppressed wishing they could have the “freedom” that his ladies do. Yeah. I’d want freedom, too, from him, Patty Cake and Angel Melt can have him all they want! Gladdel, she looks like she’s has been rode around the block. Now poor Sam, the wife, looks nice, and must be miserable.  Randy is an apostle of the TLC Harmston group. Josh later left the Harmston group, and sadly committed suicide, his mother quoted as saying, “he didn’t know what to believe”. How tragic.

This is my first real lesson on the Harmston and the Kingston groups, and it’s not pretty. You will just have to watch. But to know that your Mom and Dad are ½ siblings, and they make you marry your uncle, well that pretty well leads into what all Friend of Flora and k.Dee have discussed about the babies. How tragic.  The beating of the 16 yr old Mary Etta Kingston blew the lid off of the Kingston’s little secrets. Which made me ponder, you cannot marry your 1/2 sibling in the US legally, so much goes on with this F.M. groups that are secrets it is really unfair the states keep allowing the polygamists to live, as "long as there's peace". Well, have siblings as parents, even if peaceful, is going to bring on all kinds of genetic disorders.  (Hence, discussions from FOF and k.Dee of the outcomes). If we are not allowed to do that to our children, why are they?

 Beating Mary Etta took at 16 for leaving her marriage to her uncle, from her father.

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(Video Courtesy of youtube)


  1. What a creepy little video. Starting off with grizzly bear and in between beatings. Wasn't that lady at about 8 min somebody we've seen before?
    NO Man of god is coming out of that Kingston group. period. That poor child.
    I am at a loss for words.

  2. The Kingston Group now calls itself the Davis County Co-operative.

    They are part of the group of fundamentalists that condemned Warren Jeffs after his conviction. It makes me very suspicious of "Principle Voices" and all other so-called progressive polygamist groups and committees.

    In my personal opinion, just window dressing and people who have become more media-savvy, knowing that their practices are not acceptable to the majority of citizens.

  3. I saw a post when I was looking on another page, shoot, about the principle voices, where someone put that it wasn't just polygamists running it.
    I remember seeing this long ago, Randy struck me as funny, but I wonder if they are all still together. It's ironic all these men hit 20 years in a marriage and then find the "calling" - we've seen that many a time now, haven't we.
    What I want to know is this. UTAH condemns the FM's and even says they are not Mormons, then why do they let all this go on right under their noses. Is it Political money? what?
    WHO marries their 1/2 sister? CRIPES!
    Those poor children. What a brave little girl to get out. didn't they take her back the first time? I just DO NOT UNDERSTAND UTAH.

  4. Terrasola, thanks for pointing that out. The incestuous and violent Kingstons are part of the Polygamist Coalition formed by Anne Wilde and Mary Batchelor of Principle Voices. (Ann Wilde is also spokesperson for Utah AG Mark Shurtleff's Safety Net Committee.) This same coalition (which includes the Browns' group - AUB) recently adopted a public position of righteous indignation and condemned Warren Jeffs' abuses. How ironic is that? If groups like AUB don't know better than to link hands with people like this, how on the ball are they with abuses within their own group? (I'll tell you the answer to that question- not at all.)

  5. Terrasola; the Kingstons were always known as the Davis Co cooperative that is their official name, the Kingston clan is a bit of a nickname. incdientally the Kingstons, FLDS and AUB were all part of the same group but split off in around the 1930s. The Kingstons were also the main inspiration for the Greenes (Hollis Greene et al) in Big Love

  6. Really this film should of been in two parts. Why they combined randy with the Kingstons, not sure. What kind of horrible, horrible man would marry his 1/2 sister? Are there not enough women? that's the craziest thing I've heard of. And that group still keeps going? AND they a a part of the coalition that the Allreds are in? Everyday I come here with an open mind, and am utterly shocked at the dysfunction of this entire cult. That's why it doesn't work. It's not a religion.

  7. The Kingstons, or Davis County Co-operative, believe in insest?
    no wonder Christine is always like, "oh, we're not like them", yeah it's so much better not to be marrying your brother, that makes it all ok.

  8. God willing I will come back. I have been busy this week with the end of Ramadan.

    I like your blog. Glad to be here.

  9. Patricia! It's so good to see you'll be back with all of us!

  10. Yes it is Patricia! We Were worried about you!

  11. Still disturbed by this video. I know I am ten years beind the times, BUT, it still is unreal a father would beat his daughter for leaving his brother. No protection there. My dad was my ALL protecter. I miss him everyday. To see this, how could you have ANY self esteem.

  12. I don't know a thing about any of these groups, and I am sure this is the worst of the worst, but still, they seems horrible.

  13. Ladies, if you can hear me, and I think you can, can say your husband hasn't been with another woman?
    THIS is the best representation they've got? Ponder this Randy...a Christian can usually TRUST their husbands. Oh, none are perfect, but, one affair often does not destroy a marriage, kids, etc. It may hurt and take time, but often a marriage CAN be stronger for it if the couple works hard. I'm not condoning affairs. In fact, I don't even know anyone that is having one!
    I'm just saying, what a putrid way to start your propaganda for polygamy.
    I'm glad your putting these up. I want to see what this is all about.
    So, Kingston = Davis Co-op = child incest.
    TLC, Jim Harmston, what's the deal on them????

  14. This is the scariest thing in the world. Surely they still don't get away with incest?

  15. Hey Sneedville, from what I have read I am starting to think that some have the mindset of "it is only illegal if you get caught" and that the "some" may be influential parties within some of the various polygamist groups.

  16. Incest. Can't wrap my head around it. Is there ANY other religion that condones that? ANYWHERE?


  17. Si it took this little girl 2 times of running away to actually get away. Those police are so in on it. So sad.
    Randy wants to be a God? Sorry, there's only one G O D, and there will never be another.
    Learning so much from these little films.

  18. So that's TLC and Davis. When you've never heard of them, it's good to relate them to something.

  19. I did a Google search on our friend Randy here, and for those of you who were wondering......all of his wives did eventually leave him.


    This is an article from this year in which a reporter went to the town where he lives and did a report on Polygamy. This little tidbit is at the bottom of the post -

    "Randy Maudsley and his four young wives have broken up."

    The rest of the article is actually quite interesting and shows how this lifestyle or b.s. religion cannot be managed long-term.

  20. THANK YOU! I had looked, and even saw that page, but must of overlooked it, I will post it. thanks anonymous!

  21. As I posted under the article on Maudsley, with the exception of the last wife, who does not appear on the video because she was not yet a "wife", all of the wives except for her left Maudsley. And with the exception of the last wife (not Patty Cake), none of the wives was young. All were in their 40s and 50s.

  22. I do agree ,the thing that gets me is that the browns try and act like this is a normal way of life, and their is nothing normal about a man havivg all those wives no matter how they pretend it is okay, what woman in their right frame of mind would want her husband sleeping with another woman and pretending to be married to them really something is truly wrong with those people that is just another way for that man to do what he wants and hide behind religion doing it ,do anybody remember when kody was ask by his legal wife meri what if she wanted to take on a another husband the look that came on his face his whole color chaged like he had seen a ghost and he could not stand the thought of her doing that ,if they had any sense they would have walked out of that mess then and never looked back something is wrong with those women really.