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Friday, August 19, 2011

FLDS power struggle, town gvt indictments and a random dose of cute

The news never stops in the world of polygamy.

Colorado City town manager David Darger has been indicted on 13 felonies related to the misuse of public money in the polygamous town's fire district — two days after the charges against fire chief Jake Barlow came out. (story here)

They're the only two named in the April 2010 search warrant, so that's probably it. We know something about the details of the accusations based on the search warrant (Lava Hot Springs, Costco — download the PDF here) but it'll be interesting to see exactly what the charges are based on.

We'll probably find out within the month after their first court appearance, scheduled for Aug. 23.

Also today, I wrote up a story on William E. Jessop, the rival FLDS prophet, signing and distributing a letter condemning Warren Jeffs. (read the letter here, via Fox 13 reporter Ben Winslow).
Erstwhile FLDS spokesman Willie R. Jessop (same name, different guy) signed the letter too, marking the first time he's denounced Jeffs to the FLDS directly — though he was out in the media doing so immediately after the trial.

On a completely different note, this week I got to write about puppies! Well, technically service dogs to the disabled in-training. The story doesn't run for a few days, but check out the blog dedicated to the main pooch I wrote about, Balsa.

Because sometimes you need a dose of cute.
New Press Release & Search Warrant Colorado City

(Source: http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/blogspolygblog/52415447-185/flds-letter-town-based.html.csp)


  1. Seems like the FLDS just has troubles galore. That's what not letting your crew get educated does for you.

  2. So much to read! I'll have to copy and take with me. Seems to me for a CHURCH they got a lota lota troubles. Hopefully it's crumbling. Sad thing is, people do not realize that the LDS believes in the same philosophy.

  3. Just a bunch of jackin off money freaks!