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Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Sister Wives" - Could Another "Kody" be on the Way?

sister wives TLC family 1 Sister Wives: Is Now REALLY a Good Time to Add Another Baby Into the Family?
Another baby for Sister Wives

Now most, when planning a family, try to find a good time that would be appropriate for the addition of a new baby. They would want to make sure they had a home, all the other siblings were situated and they weren’t on the lam from the law. But not Kody Brown and his Sister Wives family.

Right after they had to escape from being arrested in Utah for being a polygamist family and moving to Nevada (where they won’t be busted for their plural marriage), the older kids showed their obvious disdain for being uprooted, and after they all squeezed into a vacation rental (all 21 of them), it was announced that Robyn is pregnant.

Now? Really? But the Brown’s aren’t like most. They have a different calling. Being old school Mormon with polygamist leaning they believe that “Ambitious Mormon men must beget many children with as many wives as possible, for “their glory (in heaven) is in proportion to the number of their wives and children ”(Snowden 141)” So it isn’t an issue of being practical but rather following their ‘calling.’

I have friends who call poo poo on Robyn saying she got pregnant in Nevada. Here's why. She's due Oct. 12. That means she conceived around Jan 19th. conceive mean you actually got pregnant 2 weeks earlier.  Either way, she got pregnant in Utah, or on the TRIP! 

But, a baby is on the way and we wish her a healthy delivery.
Home Births scare me, do they you?
What do you think it is? I say a BOY, named KODY, What's your guess? (a girl, Kodeen?)

Do you think they should have waited just for the sake of the family as a whole?

Pic courtesy of TLC, parts of story Babble

Monday, June 27, 2011

Chelsea Lately: "Sister Wives"

Just in case you missed this little gem... I loved it!


"Sister Wives" DISCUSSION TIME.......

Discussion Time!

Here we have the Browns.  They are 5 adults, who are all of age.  Robin is in her 30s at the time she chose to join this polyamorous marriage.  The other wives were in their early 20s when they decided to join the relationship.  So yeah, maybe they were young, but certainly old enough to know their own mind.  

The wives openly admit to struggling with jealousy and bitterness and anger and all those feelings that everyone wishes they could rise above.  Meri stated in the first season that working through negative feelings makes them a better person.  Polygamy is their “normal” and they try to grow and thrive just like everyone else.   

I like to think I’m a live and let live kind of person.  I don’t think I could do it, and I think a religion that dictates it is misogynistic and damaging to women.  In modern society it just seems odd to me.  Honestly, so long as there’s no abuse, and no fraud, I see nothing wrong with it.  I don't see any legal reason for there to be more than 2 people in a marriage though.  

So, to take the AUB at face value and assume that everything is love and light and no one is excommunicated and no one has children they can’t afford and no fraud is committed and no abuse is permitted and everyone is happy…then,  my curiosity is piqued.  Other than religious reasons, what are your objections to polygamists like the Browns?  (To repeat: I don’t mean the creepy, sign-14-year-old-girls-over-to- their-uncle/daddy/husbands-like-they’re-a-1987-Ford-Thunderbird type polygamists.)  I really had to think about it too.   Let's discuss!

Written by Maraschino5
Thank you Maraschino5~~ 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Makes You Go HMMMMMMM.....

I'll admit something. Part of the fun for me to look at the Las Vegas area is that my husband is thinking of accepting a job there. We've got time to think about it, and coming from a town with 2 stop lights -it can be intimating. I had to admit, I like the school system the Brown children are in. The family lives in a 'burb called "Lone Mountain." I like the condo you see, hubby will hate it. Such is life! Today, as I was scouring the city blogs where one can ask questions about each area, something struck me as VERY ODD. Remember how Kody blabbed on an on about how they would be the lone Polygamy family? Well, I don't think so.... Look at this post from 2009, A poster was asking about LONE MOUNTAIN, Buzz is answering about the area.
"04-15-2009, 03:07 PM"

The area is highly populated with LARGE Mormon families, and LARGE Mormon homes. Kind of quiet. Not a lot of crime. However, even in our quiet, gated, community, we have had a couple of burglaries, but only two in seven years. They think it was people hired to do some outside work in here and were actually casing houses. Over all, it's about the nicest part of town.
(taken from Las Vegas City Forum)

Well, now that doesn't sound like The Brown's are the Lone Rangers in Lone Mountain!!
See, there's so much they don't tell us. Comments?   

Couldn't find a Big Home in Las Vegas? Easy!

For all that talk, you would think there's not a home in Las Vegas with 10+ bedrooms. Well, guess again. And I didn't even dig DEEP. These are a few I found, just waitng for the ole man to come to bed! 15 bdrms, 15 poopers. Their own South Fork!
The Tom Ford World Champion Equestrian Ranch is Turnkey with most furnishings & equipment included!. The list goes on and it's truly unique and spectacular. The purchase of this luxury equestrian ranch estate is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a single use owner or a developer. The property is presently five legal parcels and has 30.035 Acres of Water Rights.
 THIS HOME IS THE BOMB! And it's been on the market for 3 yrs, and Zillow estimates it would go for 2.5 mil., probably easily rental-able.  So I am guessing they'd be real happy to lease it. Furniture included. AND, check it out! I found them a job! Horse breeders! that Time in Wyoming wasn't wasted. Also, a mini bed and breakfast. Oh, but only one kitchen. bummer. Heck, If I could live there, I might even let my drunken Uncle Paul or my evil step sister live in.
Bedrooms: 15                                       
Bathrooms: 15.5
Sqft: 9,850
Lot size: 479,160 sq ft / 11.00 acres
Property type: Single Family
Year built: 1997
Parking type: Garage - Detached, Carport
Cooling system: Central
Heating system: Forced air
Fireplace: Yes
Days on Zillow: 651This homes also has two other homes on the property!

 I say They should look a little harder.....I did find them a job to go with it! Isn't it beautiful?  I call FAKE on not finding a home with more bdrms.

Friday, June 24, 2011

"Sister Wives" - MERI BARBER – The Sad Loss of Her Sister, Teresa Barber Kunz.

In both seasons, a teary eyed Meri mentions her sister, Teresa, who died of colon cancer at 32 in 2006. Meri brought up something that we all should think about …getting tested for Colon Cancer. It’s the third leading cause of death in America. Our family has dealt with this horrible cancer, and it pleased me to see Meri bring this tender subject up and having a colonoscopy for all to see. I’ve had one, they are not that bad. But, when you’ve lost someone to the cancer, watched their pain and suffering, it’s a different matter. It can be terrifying. After the death of her sister, Meri’s entire siblings have gotten a colonoscopy. They all had found polyps. These polyps, if taken out early, may prevent cancer. Meri had them, too. The colonoscopies they had may have saved every sibling!     

Every time she speaks of her, tears well up in her eyes. They were obviously close, loving sisters, a connection that Meri really needs right now and misses. Teresa had stage 4 cancer, and succumbed to it a short 11 months after being diagnosed.  It’s also a lesson on polygamy. Teresa was the second wife, and her loving sister wife would be raising her kids. “She loves them and they love her.” Meri tells us. Robyn and Meri both explained in different episodes that it was an unspoken rule among polygamists that a sister wife would take the kids and raise them. They see this as a comforting bonus of the lifestyle.

The thing that bothers me is the terminology. Sadly, Teresa wasn’t a wife in the eyes of the law. These women aren’t her “sisters.” Why not just call it what it is? Or come up with a better name for the different people “in the lifestyle.” Teresa was listed, as one would assume, as Teresa Barber, on the Social Security Death index.

TERESA BARBER KUNZ 1973 ~ 2006; TERESA BARBER KUNZ, age 32, passed away February 6, 2006 at her home in Rocky Ridge, Utah. She was born May 2, 1973 in Alameda, California to WILLIAM JAMES BARBER, JR. and BONNIE AHLSTROM BARBER. She married JEFFERY KUNZ Feb. 24, 1996 in Bluffdale, Utah. Survived by her husband JEFF; children, JESSIKA LAUREN KUNZ, VIONA JUSTYNE KUNZ, WILLIAM JOSEPH KUNZ, and MYKENNA JOYCE KUNZ; parents, WILLIAM and BONNIE BARBER; many brothers, sisters, and extended family. Graveside services will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday, February 11, 2006 at the Rocky Ridge Cemetery, Rocky Ridge, Utah. A memorial service and luncheon will be held at the Rocky Ridge Chapel following the interment. Funeral Directors, Anderson Funeral Home, Nephi, UT. (Source: Deseret News, Thurs. 9 Feb 2006)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Buzz is....Sister Wives Lost.

Buzz on the net is that TLC's Sister Wives lost the Critic's Choice Television Award for "Best Reality Series" to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Hoarders who shared the Award. I will update if I find any pictures.
Did you really think they would win? I didn't. I love the ladies from Beverly Hills, too!

Monday, June 20, 2011

"Sister Wives" Why choose Plural Marriage?

Photo: Dr. Rulon Clark Allred With His Wives and Children. Rulon Clark Allred is the Grandfather of both Christine Brown, Robyn's ex-husband David Preston Jessop, and he is also Kody Brown's 2nd Cousin once removed. Yes, the tree we're working on is gonna be good! I would assume Christine's grandmother and father are in the picture.

What Makes Women Want to Share the Same Husband?

The Brown family belongs to the Apostolic United Brethren Church, a Mormon fundamentalist church that believes in plural marriage. 

Being raised in a two parent home as well as having been married to one man, compels me to ask this question. Why would women want to share the same husband? Unless you have been raised in this belief, there probably won't be any rhyme or reason to this mentality. I have never entertained the idea of my husband "making the rounds" whenever he feels the need for a different woman. I find it pretty one-sided when a man feels that he can have any amount of wives, but a woman cannot have more than one husband. I really do not want more than one and can’t imagine living this way, or what the logical or moral reason is for doing so. It is disturbing to think that one man started this belief based on "messages" he received from stone reflections and an angel who visited him.

I do understand the fact that three of these wives were raised in polygamy and yet, all of them find it totally acceptable and normal. According to an essay from an anonymous plural wife excerpt from "Voices in Harmony: Contemporary Women Celebrate Plural Marriage", these are the religious reasons for a women to participate in polygamy.

She believes it is the non-option, high law of God that brings blessing upon her and her husband.
She believes that it is essential to live in a plural marriage in this life, not just in the future life, to obtain the promised rewards for doing so.
She believes that her plural marriage is the only kind of marriage that will continue on in eternity and that God and her sister wives require the same commitment.
She believes that a monogamous marriage falls short of the promised rewards and that God has granted her legitimate priesthood authority to practice plural marriage now.
She believes plural marriage is pure and holy, and that only persons with high moral standards can live it before God.
She believes plural marriage is one of the laws of God designed to help her achieve her full potential, including her rightful status as a goddess in conjunction with her husband as a god.
She believes that plural marriage is an eternal and necessary component of the religion established by the Prophet Joseph Smith and that it exists within a framework of personal covenants with God which bind individuals and families into a covenant people. Therefore, complying with the law of plural marriage will help prepare and qualify her to assist in the perpetuation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the establishment of God's Kingdom on the earth.
She believes that the rewards for living plural marriage within the above context are immense and worth the effort.
She believes that she is entitled to divine, personal direction throughout her life, and that such guidance is necessary to learn whether she is approved of God to live plural marriage and to help her select a husband. Each of these beliefs can be said to constitute the general operating foundation for most Fundamentalist Mormon women who embrace plural marriage.

The Fundamentalist Mormons consider plural procreation as sacred, not sinful, within marriage. Mutual affection and the desire for children are the focal points of intimacy. Each marriage is regarded as a separate, private relationship. Couple's intimacy is not to be shared in any way with other wives or with anyone else is considered inappropriate.

It is believed that if they practice enough loving devotion and obedience to all other laws of God, a plural family can become consistent, adaptable and nurturing environment that promotes fulfillment, security and growth. Because of this family environment, a plural marriage provides the best platform for development, enabling a woman to become the ultimate female: a wife, a mother, a queen, a priestess, a goddess, in every sense.

As the family learns to participate with God in the salvation of all His children, the wives are no longer mere recipients of blessings, but gradually become givers of blessings. To the Fundamentalist Mormon, the attainment of this type of faith is ultimate empowerment. It is interdependent patriarchy and matriarchy; one cannot exist without the other. It is a perfect union, a perfect balance of the eternal feminine and masculine.

Fundamentalist Mormons believe that the Prophet Joseph Smith's full religious intent was to establish a covenant society with plural marriages, but the modern Mormon church does not embrace this teaching and claim that the law was divinely repealed in 1890. The Mormon Church states there is no such thing as a "Mormon Fundamentalist."

Would you want to be in a plural marriage? Would you teach your daughters that is the only way to get into heaven? What do you think?

Photo and excerpts courtesy: http://www.squidoo.com/a-closer-look-at-sister-wives

Sunday, June 19, 2011

'Sister Wives' Fam — Not Together for Father's Day

'Sister Wives' Fam — Not Together for Father's Day
All any dad wants on Father”s Day is to gather round the house and celebrate the day with their four wives and 24 children — but that won”t be happening this year for Kody Brown of “Sister Wives.”
Sources close to the fam tell various scheduling conflicts made it impossible for the whole family to get together this year. We”re told the Browns had their Father”s Day last week over a giant breakfast — which included pancakes, eggs, bacon, fruit, french toast and cereal.
As for gifts, we”re told each of the wives gave Kody a “survival kit” — some of the basics he needs to have at each house — like cologne, Q-tips, and dental floss.
How romantic. Thoughts?????? ***What would you, if you were a wife, get Kody for Father's Day?

Courtesy of:ttp://we3d.net/sister-wives-fam-not-together-for-fathers-day/
Picture Courtesy of TLC

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Flipping Vegas - Flood House - Interesting Today!

Today I was watching A&E and a new show "Flipping Vegas" came on. Similar to the other shows about flipping houses, but one sentence stopped me in my tracks. After rehabbing a beautiful 4300 something sq. ft. home in a gated community in Las Vegas, they had a Open House.

A neighbor came through to see it, and said "You know, a polygamist lived here with his 17 (or so, can't remember the exact) kids and 3 wives!"

It's interesting that the Browns insinuated there were no polygamists in Vegas, but, we're learning, there are more than they let on. Annony. told us the Jessops ran a construction company there, and we learn they lived in this nice home. Looks like the Browns won't be alone after all. hmmmm 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Christine is Kody Brown's third wife. They have been married since 1994 and have six children: Aspyn, Mykelti, Paedon, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truely. Their lives in a plural family are featured in TLC's popular program sister Sister Wives.

I am at my brothers wedding. There are so many wonderful people in the world and it never ceases to amaze me how terrific my family is. My brother is from my other mom and it is strange to refer to him like that, he is just my brother. He has always been so adorable, even now, even though he is 6'4 and 28 years old. He has always been a positive, energizing person. He is the type that can light up a room with his energy. His fiancée is beautiful, sweet and loves him! She has a warm, caring, thoughtful family. It is a beautiful thing to see great people get together.
Our culture believes that sexual intimacy should only be after marriage and these two are beautiful examples of these standards. They keep their public display of affection at a minimum, so it is comfortable to be around them. Even though their marriage is tomorrow they are very honorable about their upbringing and keep and have kept themselves pure.
It will be a beautiful marriage ceremony filled with love, anticipation and wonder. A true celebration of life.
Courtesy of TLC

Christine just won't give it up that Kody kissed Robyn, will she! Is this much of a blog? Can't they do better? your thought? Comment below!!

Poll Results and a Big Thank You!!!

Janelle was the clear winner of our Poll, with Christine a clear second- Who Is Your Favorite Wife?
Janelle 68
Meri 49
Kody 6
Christine 32

HAHA I bloopered on this, and put Kody instead of Robyn, but then corrected myself when a reader caught it, and told everyone Robyn was Kody. I think y'all got the drift, and it shows. I am no writer, and have never done a blog. Just wanted a place where we could talk Sister Wives, without being moderated. I appreciate all the great emails I've been getting, inside tips, help from a few who wish to remain anonymous(YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), and am thrilled with all the intelligent, thoughtful posts, we all have learned so much from sharing. Readers posts are GREAT and INFORMATIVE!

Polygamy Family Interview 4, w/ Christine talks in the group talks.

Watch for we will take a look at the religion, as well as present the differences between what believer of Joseph Smith followers and Christians believe over time. I didn't realize until I began studying this, that there is HUGE differences in the fundamental beliefs. I could use help, so anyone that would like to write a post on contrast of the two in some way, let me know!

Anyone well versed in the AUB? Would you like to write a post to explain to us the major differences in the AUB vs. Christian Church?  Private email me. We will be digging and learning together. I think the differences will shock some viewers and it will change the way you think.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The Drama! The Heartbreak! The KODSTER looking sad! All in 3:44 minutes!

KODY tells us that a week before the move to Vegas, MERI, ROBYN, and HE came down to Vegas to do some house hunting. They found 4 they loved. “The homes… and the proximity of these homes, was the hook.” KODY explains. “We felt very inspired when we found the homes.” “It was perfect, but unfortunately, it just didn’t work out” KODY tells us. The homes are very close in a little area. And, they seem much nicer than the ones they are renting. Man, his hair is really looking whack in these scenes. We get a glimpse of ROBYN’S profile.  Kody explains we they all came back, they still wanted to show JANELLE and CHRISTINE these 4 homes. CHRISTINE says she thought they were supposed to have them, so she wanted to see them. Keep in mind, they have already been told NO. Rose colored Glasses might fit here. And, didn’t she just file Bankruptcy?   Why does Kody think, after 3 bankruptcies total,  we know of, thousands of dollars ripped from businesses, and welfare, that they “deserve” such nice home! “I didn’t want to dwell on it when it happened” KODY Tells us as he’s laying on the sad looks and the melodramatic music is playing  “We lost this, and we feel like we’re supposed to be here, and just go on, and find something else.”

The Browns look and peek in the houses that weren’t meant to be.  Christine is looking like she’s lost some weight. You go girl! Christine is VERY excited. And they are beautiful homes, no doubt about it. We’re told how CHRISTINE bought the move based on these homes. Poor Christine! MERI, CHRISTINE, and ROBYN and a few kiddos are peeking through windows, lamenting about their beauty.  Poor MERI, she looks like she has gained weight. And I say that in sincere sadness.  It’s just more work to find to find more homes, Kody sad face says. “Let’s go to my mommy’s house!” one child squeals in excitement. Now why are they getting these kids all worked up over something they can’t have? Then more lamenting from KODY – be sure and check out everyone’s SAD faces in this couch interview! My favorite line…”It’s all….Heavy” Kody solemnly says. GEEZ! The Drama! The Tension! Will they find a home? Will they sleep in tents? Will TLC NOT BUY THESE?? I think that’s what they were rooting for. A freebie.

GARRISON says something to the effect he doesn’t want to see the homes yet, as to not spoil the surprise. GARRISON is taped looking forlorn or bored, as a boy, not sure which. KODY explains it’s “because he doesn’t want his dreams dashed.” Good to notice, KODY, why take them there to begin with?? GARRISON tells us a bit differently, that “I don’t want to spoil the fact of when you go in and chose the room you get,.and “I’m not gonna look until we actually move in.”  Seems they are saying two different things to me, but that’s just me. What do you think? I have a boy, and when we look at houses, he could care less, until we say bought, sold ours. KODY says it’s because he’s just like his mother. Well, good for GARRISON. Maybe he won’t grow up and try to get 4 houses after what they’ve done and expect everyone to feel sorry for you.  “Garrison would rather not hope for something he could lose, he’d rather hope for something that is absolutely attainable.” Says KODY about GARRISON. GARRISON says, “I’m not afraid we won’t get it, I just don’t want to see it right now” Hmmm….. Drummed up drama? He’s a BOY.  

This tape is over the top. Janelle, being the smart one, didn’t bother to look at them. Why bother? Be looking at something you can get. Why is 4 trailers not good enough? It seems more and more to me that these people think they deserve handouts, that they are somewhat special for… being alive. Maybe I’m wrong. No jobs, their other house not sold, KODY irks me, b/c he rushed this mess. And to think he is making the kids wishing and wanting for something they can’t have is terrible. I know the kids will get some fun trips out of TLC, but to be used to make a point, like GARRISON, saddens me. Enough of my blabbering. WHAT DO YOU THINK!!! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this!  

Monday, June 13, 2011

How You May Post with a "Name" if Your Not on Google.

Many do not have a gmail acct., so they don't have a google acct. to post from. If you would like to post and don't have gmail,you can easily do this:
Comment As: Choose NAME/URL (You don't need a URL)
Pick any name you choose to blog with.

If you like, choose Anonymous, although several are doing that, so readers aren't sure if it's the same person, or several.  
Hope This Helps!!!
Be sure and spread the word about our website!!!

Sister Wives Answer Your Questions

Sister Wives Answer Your Questions

How are you dealing with the dating issues now that some of the kids are getting to that age? - Patti S.

CHRISTINE: My dad gave me the best idea and I actually have not talked to my family about it yet. They can only go on one date per person until after college. Keeps them focused on their education and keeping up their communication with their family, because I am sure several arguments will follow from the teenagers about this concept.

MERI: On dealing with dating, so far it’s not something I've really had to deal with. MARIAH will be 16 in July (wow!) but that just doesn't seem to be something that interests her right now. Honestly, MARIAH is the type to spend time "hanging out" with all her friends, boys & girls, rather than spend one-on-one time with just one of them. I'm sure that will change, however, when someone special catches her eye.

JANELLE: It amazes me that I am old enough to have kids to be dating. LOGAN thankfully has several just really good friends and he keeps himself busy with his school work. But they have begun to go out a little. It is amazing the perspective difference between being the teen and being the parent. All the things I thought were perfectly fine and even desirable as a teen - make me as a parent nervous. I really push group dating and keeping in mind long term life goals with my teens to hopefully help them keep a perspective. I talk frankly and openly with my teens about choice and consequence in relationship issues, often to the point that they roll their eyes at me!

ROBYN: For me the dating issue is just a place where I can influence. I get the kids to talk to me about who they like and how their dates are going. Not all of them are dating though. I give suggestions and give feedback. I stress a lot the importance of waiting until you are older to get serious, going to college and always keeping the bar high. I personally feel like our kids are awesome and they deserve to be in relationships with equally awesome people. It takes a lot of involvement. KODY is big on meeting all the kids friends and if possible their parents.

How do you see your family in the future - is Las Vegas a permanent move? - Dawn K.


CHRISTINE: I love it here, and my older children, ASPYN, MYKELTI, and PAEDON have all commented that they love living in Vegas and would really struggle if we decided to move back. They enjoy school, as well as can be expected. The elementary school the children attend have very high goals for their students and consequently pushed my children to excel.

MERI: Let's put it this way, I thought our move from Wyoming to Utah 5 years ago was permanent. There's just no telling what's in store for us down the road. In the meantime, however, I plan on living like its permanent, and I'm really enjoying it!

JANELLE: We are really working hard to establish our home in Las Vegas. Any time you move a family as large as ours it is an epic journey. We are really enjoying it here. The people have been so friendly, the weather is beautiful and our kids love the schools. I believe many of the older children have plans to return to Utah in the next few years to pursue their college educations.

ROBYN: Las Vegas better be permanent! I want to settle, put down some roots and make a nest for our family especially now that I am pregnant.

Why did you choose Las Vegas? - Many Viewers


CHRISTINE: Because of the variety of backgrounds that exist in that area it seems like the culture would be very understanding or out diverse, large, loud family. I also hate being cold, I am cold for a constant 3 months and was ready for warmth. We discussed options of many other places, but in the end Vegas won. It has always been a vacation spot we have loved for our family and since we chose to move we really wanted somewhere that could be positive to our children.

MERI: The question is, why not Vegas! Ok, I have to admit, when KODY first brought up Las Vegas as an option, I thought he was out of his mind. It made no sense to me at all. Sometimes I still wonder why. But being a somewhat spiritual person, I have to just go back to the fact that someone bigger than me has had His hand in my life choices.

JANELLE: When we started thinking about the move we looked around for a close location that made sense. Vegas is only about 6 hours away from our friends and family in Utah. Also, it is easily accessible to those wishing to travel to see us. It is a big city, and even though it has been hurt in the economic downturn there is still a great deal going on here. We ultimately were looking for a relaxed place with an accepting attitude to build a life for ourselves.

ROBYN: Las Vegas is actually close to some of my family. I have been getting to see them pretty regularly. Las Vegas is also a great place for people to visit so we figured we would see friends and family more.

How are the kids adjusting to their new life in Las Vegas?


CHRISTINE: My children are adjusting very well. ASPYN has more friends here, MUKELTI’S best friend is in Utah but she is getting friends here too. PAEDON is confident in his school, GWENDYLN has realized that by pushing herself to excel she can accomplish many things and YSABEL just wishes she could go over to MERI’S whenever she wants.

MERI: The kids seem to be adjusting very well over all. Obviously, some better than others. As much as MARIAH didn't want to make the move to Las Vegas, she did it with a very decent attitude. She made a conscious decision that since she had to be anyway with the family, she was going to make the best of it and enjoy her time here. Although she still will go back to Utah any chance she gets to visit family & friends, she is making friends in Vegas and getting involved with school program and sports, and desperately wants to get a job.

JANELLE: Our youngest ones adjusted to the change very quickly. Our teens took a little while longer. Even then, there is a split in opinion. A few have really embraced life here and are very happy. To the point that they have no desire to return to Utah. Some of the other teens have an attitude of "we are here, might as well make the best of it, until we can move back for college." All and all we are still very close as a family and still spend a great deal of time just hanging out all together.

ROBYN: I think the younger kids have adjusted a lot better than some of the older kids, but that is to be expected. It is hard for teens to start over in a new school with a new life.

How did you decide which wife would get which house? 


CHRISTINE: We were all looking for different things, I really wanted 5 bedrooms, a close location to the other wives, a home in the school perimeter, affordability and comfort. And, that’s what I got. I feel very blessed and love my home. My older three children all have their own rooms and my younger 3 share the biggest room in the house. Great!

MERI: The way we decided which wife got which house was just each one of us choosing what we loved. Because of circumstances, it was important that ROBYN find a home first, so we looked for one she loved. After that, as we looked at the homes, we were able to choose the home that best fit each of our personalities and wants for a home.
JANELLE: We all chose our own houses!

ROBYN: My kids and I have moved 4 times in the last 2 years. I was very concerned when we decided to move. I struggled a lot because of the strain of never feeling settled and the stress of yet another move on my three kids specifically. Everyone was really great and agreed that because of this my kids and I would get the first house. After that it was just who liked what and who fit where.

Have the Browns ever met any of the other TLC families? 


CHRISTINE: We haven’t, however I watch TLC’s What Not To Wear. I try to follow Clinton And Stacy’s advice

MERI: No, as of yet we have not had the opportunity to meet other TLC families. I think it would be awesome to be able to, though! MARIAH loves the Duggars and I know she would love to meet them. Wouldn't it be fun to get a good game of kick ball going between the Brown's and the Duggar's! 

JANELLE: We have not had that pleasure as of yet.

ROBYN: We haven't met any of the other families on TLC. I think it would be fun someday.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sister Wives on Twitter

Sister Wives on Twitter!
 I am not a Twitter fanatic. In fact, it annoys me to only see part of a conversation at times. HOWEVER, I know a lot of people love it, and I thought you'd like to get a feels of what our favorite Sister Wives family was doing on there. Here’s my lowdown on the Brown family tweets and what I think about them! Hopefully soon I will have an up and running the newest tweets on this site to the right.

MADISON, ASPYN, and MARIAH have the usual teen stuff- although I was surprised Aspyn was tweeting from school “4 hrs left!”. My kids can’t even turn on their phones at school. But you can tell they are very careful about what they say- most 15 yrs old aren’t tweeting how much they love their family, more like they love Lady Gaga.

 Even GARRISON has one post  - he sums it up best! Hee hee, MARIAH has 5 

ASPYN seems like your average teen, loving Glee, and it appears Mom has been on vacation. Here’s one of her philosophical ones.

MADISON - MADDIE - (one of my favs)

 You can tell she's still stuggling with the move, going to visit Utah, and has mixed feelings. I just love her and am waiting for her to Bust OUTTA There! 

The kids all have between 340-360 followers – really no more than most HS kids. They remind us how they have an amazing life and love their family. (Ho-Hum). Moving on….
 JANELLE! How glad we were to see you on Twitter. She’s new to the game, but YEAH!! JANELLE seems to be trying not to give out anything before it airs - although she seems real, asking for recipes and saying she is doing better, even praying for a fan that almost lost their child. She’s only done 40 tweets and has 1202 followers! I will be more interested in hers than any of the others. Here’s a cute on from her:

 CHRISTINE is also new to the tweet world; you know she wasn’t going to let Ro-BUN (ROBYN) do it alone!! Interestingly, her nickname is “rose colored glasses”– an idiom for “Seeing things with an attitude that things are better than they really are.” Hmm ..Is she trying to clue us in? She’s done a big 16 tweets and has 1, 136 followers. Of course, her tweets are a bit daffy-a reminder of the toaster incident. She’s kinda the Polygamist Lucy Ball. She clues us that she’s been away to Disneyworld with an adult only…Wonder who she went with, Logan? Surely she doesn’t mean Kody! Of course, she gives us this helpful hint:

 AND then we finish with ROBYN. UGH. Love her smaller picture? She doesn't rate equal size with me! She annoys me even more. I try to like her, I can’t.She’s been on since Jan 4th, and has sent out 636 tweets! I haven’t had 636 interesting things to say in my whole life. She has 1576 followers so you know what that means - friends, go over on Twitter and follow all the others but her wether you read them or not (they’ll be on here) but it will boost our other girls.
ROBYN (RO-BUN) as in "bun in the oven" heehee. She seems to think she needs to talk about EVERYTHING. She is such a witch.  She, back in Jan was reporting on them moving, no secrets here…except, of course, questions about religion. I find it strange that they are secretive about their religion.  I would never deny my god or church. She does let us in on more things, of course, being a blabbermouth. According to Robyn, they are planning on building a new home, Christine’s wallet got stolen, her and Meri have been furniture shopping, haircuts, movies, etc., Kody loves Ed Hardy perfume (!);  She LOVES to shop and seems to be getting goodies from some, happy to tell you what she likes. She’s having a home birth on the show; beween shopping she is always sick. Baby baby baby. Really exciting, aren’t you glad I’m sifting through it for you? Here’s some of Robyn’s to see for yourself. Of course, the ones that irked me or I loved, depending on if she got snarked. From Robyn’s posts you can certainly see they are spending money like crazy – not worried about it at all. Trips to Disneyland, Tickets to see Brett Michaels and the Blue Men Group, with all that shopping adds up to people not worried about money.

(Double Gag)……

(I’m hip, they’re not, the others are on here now..BULLCRAP!LOL) 

 (PLEASE KODY, ONE MORE WIFE!! Just for fun, and while she's preggers, Karma baby!!!!!)

(Yes, ROBYN, you love MERI so much, why don’t you be a surrogate?) I wish someone would ask her that!


(Tell me, How Can You Believe in the Bible, and be Morman, putting man before God?) We WILL be writing about this soon......