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Friday, November 30, 2012

Discussion Page 1 for Review: S05Ep02 - Kody Begs For An Answer



Sister Wives Sneak Peek: There's a New Polygamist Family in Town—Meet the Dargers!

It's not every day that a group of teenagers meet up to discuss their polygamist families over milkshakes!

The Brown family children will do exactly that in Sunday's all-new episode of TLC's hit series Sister Wives, when they catch up with their polygamist friends the Dargers, who are finally making their first appearance on the show.

You can read the rest of the article and view a short video of the Brown kids and the Darger kids here:


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Review: S05Ep02 - Kody Begs For An Answer

Last week, we learned  that despite Robyn's really bad credit, her visit to the Harry the credit repair guy was successful and all the Kodettes qualified for financing of their McMansions.

This week, we get to see Kody and his Kodettes finalizing their McMansion floorplans, meeting their bonus children's teachers, attend Logan's high school graduation, and finally, Kody's ultimate ultimatum to his "lover", Meri.

But I just have a couple of things to get off my chest.

Kody before the home videos
First - why was the continuity so screwed up in this episode? In the first 5 minutes, Kody goes from a Hamill Wedge (1970's chic at its best) directly to Kody's old surfer dude with ugly stringy hair. It boggles my mind that production didn't catch this not so subtle change in Kody's appearance.

Second - It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure out how stupid it is to intentionally leave late for a venue when you apparently have no idea where you're going. Four guesses which of the Kodettes was more than fashionably late to Logan's graduation ceremony.

Kody after the home videos

Since this episode sort of showcases the teenage Bonus children, it begins with old videos of Kody and his baby krew. Okay, I'll admit it was cute, and how darling was it when Aspyn (?) took her pacifier out of her mouth to kiss her daddy, then quickly put it back into her mouth when done. And the picture of the kiddies in a tub was so precious. Seeing this kind of drove home just how much the Brown family has changed for the worse since the move to Vegas. Gone are the close sibling relationships the children enjoyed in Lehi. And no matter how Kody tries to justify living in 4 separate houses in Las Vegas, you realize even in a cul-de-sac, the children will never have that closeness they enjoyed in the Lehi big house.

Back to the present, we find the Brown Parental Units preparing to meet their teen's teachers. As Kody frets about his appearance, he decides to wear an out of season jacket because he is determined not to be out-dressed by mere teachers. Earth to Kody: You may be wearing a jacket, but I bet the teachers have BETTER HAIR!!!

Soon the BPU's are seated in one of their many vehicles, on the road to their parent-teacher conference. Of course in the kouch interview, Kody has to make it all about him (Hey, I'm a polygamist and you're not). When he asks "How many times does a polygamist family come into your school and all the mothers of the children actually go in?" You just want to scream at him - I don't know - it depends on how many cameras are there filming you walking around like some kind of rock star. Let's be real, would Kody still go to a parent-teacher conference if there were no cameras? Something tells me...Hell no!

The Browns are a unique breed...even Christine feels that they are probably the only polygamist family these teachers would ever meet. Well, being that Robyn's mid-wife said she had plural wives that attended her birthing classes, you might be wrong about that, Christine.

As the Kody and the Kodettes walk through the building, something is wrong. Where are the people? The campus was empty. And it didn't help to hear Meri's monotone voice recite "...whenever I go into a public thing like this with all of us, I still am a little bit hesitant." Hell yeah, especially when it looks like zombies are lurking in the cafeteria, ready to EAT YOUR BRAINS! Now if you follow twitter you  know that the reason the school was totally empty was because the principal at Centennial High School had ixnay the Browns from filming on campus. The school scenes were actually filmed at another school - the Las Vegas Day School to be exact.

So much for reality. I still want the zombies...

You are probably thinking the Browns will meet with ALL of their teenager's teachers. Well, that wasn't the case. Only four of the teachers were present. So rather than bore you with a blow by blow, in depth version like was on the show, in honor of high school dayz, you are going to get the Jinx' Cliff Notes version.

First teacher up was Ms Hess, who is Mariah's (Amarilla) and Maddie's (Zorro) Spanish teacher. It's funny how Meri mentioned in her talking head that she thought Ms. Hess didn't know where to look. From what I saw, the teacher focused her attention on the person who was talking. That's how people carry out conversion in polite society. And poor Christine looked like she had never been in a classroom before, let alone a Spanish class. !Ay Caramba!

Christine reacting to Meri's "I'm not Christine!" comment
Next was Coach Alia, Aspyn's PE coach. OOPSY...seems Aspyn has been ditching PE class (so THAT'S how she can go to Disneyland all the time). Christine doesn't understand what the big deal is - Aspyn always makes up her work (snort, like how do you make up a PE class?). Now Meri doesn't like Christine's ummm...lack of parental guidance because Mariah sees Aspyn ditching and now she wants to ditch too. But Meri understands the value of education, and makes sure Mariah knows SHE IS NOT CHRISTINE! Well, she got that right....

And Kody just looks befuddled, as usual.

Dr. Guido is  next; he's the study skills teacher for Hunter and Madison. All the teens love Dr. Guido, who says  the Brown teens are respectful, and Logan maybe has said one or two words total for the whole year. Janelle let's Dr Guido know that Logan has picked up a few more words since the move to Vegas - curse words. Or as Christine puts it, he has excellent F-bomb dropping skills. Logan explains it this way: "This issue of what language I use is not a big deal in Vegas. Everyone swears. Everyone curses. I just happened to pick it up really easy." I have a feeling Logan is going to get along just find in the real world. To make Dr Guido feel a little better, Janelle tells him "You're like a rock star at our house."

The final teacher is Mrs. Reuel, who has Mykelti in her the Family Consumer Science class. I believe we use to call it Home Ec back in the day. Mrs. Reuel is Mykelti's favorite teacher. By the way, Mykelti wants to be a world famous fashion designer some day. Here's hoping Robyn hires her to design clothes for MSWC.

While Kody and his Kody-pendents pat each other on the back for a good parent-teacher conference (even though it was totally fake), Janelle mentions how it was kind of nerve racking for her to meet her children's teachers. Of course Robyn, the only mother present without a teen in high school chirps "I'd like to be a fly on the wall when they go home at night and talk to their wife or husband, though." Let's hope when Robyn metamorphosizes into a fly on a teacher's wall, that Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" is playing on the stereo while the teacher takes a shoe and ...well, you get the picture.

Oh dear, Mona just emailed Meri. Seems Meri will have to go with the 5th bedroom after all, if she wants the hobby room and the pantry. Just like Candy Spelling, Meri not only needs a wet bar, she has got to have a hobby room. And why does she pronounce it like hubby?

Look Meri, when Kody moves wife #10 into your house, guess who's gonna be sleeping in that hubby room? Yep, the 10th wife!

Of course we have to endure the umpteenth couch sessions where Kody and his wives rehash why Meri does or does not deserve a big house. I'm so glad this krew refrained from discussing this in front of the builders. Look, it's a cul-de-sac people, and the HOA has it standards! All houses must be at least 4200 square feet. No two bedroom 1100 sq ft. homes need apply. Meri loves to entertain, though I wonder exactly who she will be entertaining. At least Kody can be assured her guests will have room to roam around and admire her wet bar.

By the way, was it just me or did the builders have this tickled pink, thank god we just sold 4 houses at $450K each to these suckers, look on their faces?

It's now Logan's graduation day. Let me just say Kody is a fool, and Robyn is no Rocket Scientist.

Robyn, in her infinite wisdom, decided to leave late for Logan's graduation. That's right, on purpose she left late. She says it was because she thought the ceremony was going to last for 4 hours and she didn't want Super Sol to get super testy. Yeah, right. Anyway, she explains that she frantically drove around the UNLV campus, looking for the "auditorium". She couldn't find it, and the students she asked apparently didn't know what she was talking about. Could it be that the Thomas & Mack Center is a sports arena and not an auditorium?  How much you want to bet she went up to those students and asked "Where's the auditorium?"

Where's Waldo Kody?
While Robyn was frantically looking (split infinitive I know) for the biggest building on campus, Kody was fretting that his woman wife was MIA. I kind of wonder if he was really concerned for Robyn or was he concerned for baby Sol? How about Kody being concerned about making a spectacle of himself by rushing out of the Center to find the love of his life Robyn in a sea of cars in the parking lot. What a fool. He leaves Janelle and risks missing his first born son getting his diploma to find Robyn? What a complete fool he is. Did I mention Kody was a fool?

Somehow Kody comes to his senses and returns to his seat. As tears stream down Janelle's face, does Kody tenderly touch her hand, or give her a little kiss and say "You did good bringing our son into this world". Nope. He just sat there, looking preoccupied. Acting like nobody was paying enough attention to HIM.

Robyn contemplating her error in judgment
We learned that Robyn showed up 15 minutes after Logan got his diploma. We can only hope that she has learned her lesson about leaving late, and will make it on time for her own children's graduation.

We are now at the point of the show where Kody begs Meri for an answer - Is she or is she not going to try to get pregnant.

I'll make this short. Watching Kody badger that poor woman was obscene. Kody was acting as if he was some big bad sales motivator - like Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross. I expected him to pull out a pair of brass balls while reciting the ABC's of making a sale (Always Be Closing for those of you who never saw the movie).

Kody you are no Alec Baldwin, that's for damn sure. Anyway, Kody let Meri know that he WILL have more children, so if she wants to add one of hers to the bunch, she better get on the ball. And she's got til the end of the year to make her decision. Which means, another cliffhanger, folks!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

VIDEO: monstersandcritics.com Kody Brown 'Sister Wives' sideshow to Jeff Probst

Just a short tidbit, but Kody, his Kodettes and teens Mariah, Aspyn, Mykelti and Madison will make an appearance on the Jeff Probst Show Thursday, Nov. 29th.

Some interesting quotes from the article:

  • The family that sleeps together apparently swells together too. Even the new wife is getting bigger.

  • "They think that we're weak willed women," says Christine. "They also think Kody has this great life and he honestly is in the dog house pretty much most of time with somebody," jokes Janelle.

Read the rest here:


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Meri Brown confirms the religion of the stars of 'Sister Wives'/ Continued Discussion

Feel free to continue to discuss the show here also. Really? I didn't hear a SPECIFIC church!

(Courtesy of:  http://www.examiner.com/slideshow/sister-wives-7)

'Sister Wives'

The stars of "Sister Wives" are polygamist and they always say that they chose this life for religious reasons. On Nov. 24, Meri Brown, the first wife of Kody, confirmed what kind of religion they are to clear up any confusion.
It sounds like a lot of people were asking Meri their religion. She went to Twitter to answer them. She said: "For those asking for clarification, yes we are fundamentalist Mormons. No we are not in the FLDS church which is also a group of Fundamentalist Mormons. Don't worry, I don't think you're rude for asking. We like it to be clear. :) I feel blessed that I am free to choose my family, and that I have control over my own life and destiny."  please read the rest at: http://www.examiner.com/article/meri-brown-confirms-the-religion-of-the-stars-of-sister-wives

Monday, November 26, 2012

Discussion Page 3 for S05Ep02 "Kody Begs For An Answer"

Kody's version of the Hamill Wedge.

Here's a panorama of the kitchen/great room showing the position of the wet bar to the kitchen area.


Discussion Page 2 for S05Ep2 "Kody Begs For An Answer"

Is this the latest picture of  Robyn?
From the UNLV discussion event in October.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Discussion P1 for s05e2 "Kody Begs For An Answer"

Oh boy, the Browns sure didn't disappoint on this show! Bafoonery all around!
I think the Vegas heat has hit their noggins a little to hard. What are your thoughts?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Review: S05 Ep01 - Polygamist Debt Threat

Kody doing what he does best...
When we last saw the Browns, they had just plopped down $20,000 earnest money on 4 plots of land in a gated cul-de-sac. The developer gave the Kody and his Kodettes only 30 days to come up with "affordable" financing. Because he is a total idiot, Kody decides to tell the younger children the Kodettes put down the money to hold the plots.

Considering Kody's track record of disappointing his family with those pie in the sky dreams of his, it was not surprising that the kids were unimpressed.

In this episode it's now two weeks later, and  the Browns are still mucking around, trying to get their financial ducks in a row so they can present a letter of financing to the developer. But there's a glitch. They find out Robyn's credit is really, really bad.

Poor, poor Robyn. It has now come to her new family's attention that Robyn doesn't have good credit. Now, I wonder why that is such a surprise, being that Kody and his original Kodettes have all filed bankruptcy (in 1997, 2005,and 2010). And now they find out that Robyn's credit is even worse than theirs? Poor dears. They thought they were getting a trophy wife, but she turned out to be a booby prize instead.

So like any self respecting deadbeat, she heads on over to a lawyer (!), whose practice specializes in bankruptcy, to find out what her options are. What a surprise when Robyn used the name Sullivan instead of Brown with the receptionist. Really, what was the point of that when she's a Brown on twitter and facebook. Guess she wanted to use her legal name with someone in the legal profession.

Ah...if only I could have been a fly on the wall at that first meeting, when the cameras were not present! I imagine it went like this:

Robyn: Is it too late to file for bankruptcy? I need to qualify for a mortgage loan in 2 weeks.
Lawyer: Are you serious?

But what we see instead is the lawyer asking trivial questions that basically boil down to why is Robyn sitting in her office wasting her time. The lawyer did mention possibly settling with Robyn's creditors, but its obvious Robyn's problems do not merit an attorney's expertise. Not in a 2 week time frame. So, as Robyn clumsily leaves the lawyer's office with baby Sol in his huge carrier, we hear her explain she's on her way to  a credit repair guy that the lawyer suggested (wink...wink) she see. Yep, someone who may be able to raise her abysmal CBR score sufficiently to make the mortgage lender happy.

While Robyn pondered how her lack of credit worthiness could prevent her sisterwives from getting their McMansions, Janelle is on yet another meeting with Mona the real estate lady in the model home to discuss keeping her costs down. Sorry, but I don't understand why this segment was necessary, however, it's interesting that Janelle still has a lot of resentment against Meri. Janelle pointed out that although she always was the main breadwinner for the family, she still had to share her income equally amongst her sisterwives - to the point where Janelle resented the fact Meri could spend money on a non essential item, where Janelle had to pay "a big chunk" of the household debt and couldn't. By the time they moved to Vegas, Meri was insisting that her rental house be just as large as the other wives, even though she only had one child and money was tight. I simply don't buy Janelle now claiming that she understands why Meri warrants having a big house, especially when Janelle says in a dry,  rather matter of fact manner " I don't care what she does." Janelle does care, and it still bothers her, but she has given up the fight. So, while Meri dreams of her wetbar, Janelle meets with Mona to see how she can reduce the cost of her home. And, of course, Kody is no where in sight. He must be 'working' hard with Robyn.

Now that My Sister Wife's Closet online store is now the official income source for the sisterwives, Kody and his Kodettes decide to get professional pictures shot for the MSWC website. But wait, Kody doesn't think it's appropriate for him to be included in the photo shoot. After all, he says, "...I don't have a sisterwife...Why do I need to be in the picture?" For once, Kody is right. But in typical Kody fashion, instead of leaving, he stays and hogs it up for the camera anyway. The most shocking aspect of this whole photo shoot was Christine's harebrained reason why Kody should stay. You see, in Christine's rather weirdly constructed world, successful business women always include their husbands on their websites. I've never seen that, but damn, that lady must be on some powerful stuff to hallucinate like that. And frankly, the whole discussion about Strong Women was ridiculous. Totally ridiculous. Let's hope the photographer comped this photo session considering all the free advertising he received. Although I do think he was getting just a little bit testy dealing with the idiocy, sending out a vibe that asked 'Why am I wasting my time photographing these people'.

Maddie had her turn on the couch between her parents Janelle and Kody. As suspected, Maddie marches to the beat of a different drum (I always loved that song). She doesn't want sisterwives. She doesn't want to share her husband. She IS NOT Mariah, who hangs around with Mormons, thank you very much! Although towards the end of the segment, Maddie did appear to be teary eyed and her body was leaning more towards Janelle than Kody.  All in all, Maddie seemed like a very normal, likable teen.

Moving on, the show turned it's focus on someone that's been talked about, Robyn has tweeted about, and even a few times, has appeared in pictures but no one knew for sure who she was. Turns out, she's Robyn's little sister, Taralyce Sullivan.

Now, I have a fairly good memory. When Robyn was pregnant, she tweeted about paying her sister to clean her house during the summer. I thought this was strange, being that Robyn had so many bonus children she could ask to help her out. Now we find out Tara's still with Robyn, but now as a live in babysitter while Robyn "works". And she will be living with Robyn when she moves oops, IF she moves into the cul-de-sac house. Was it just me or did Kody ogle Taralyce? This whole arrangement seems strange to me, I think we are looking at wife #5.

With Kody by her side with his eyes on Tara Sol, Robyn explains to her that she and Kody are off to see the credit repair guy.

As they enter the credit repair office Kody and Robyn meet Harry, who likes to wear shorts and bowling shirts. He tells Robyn the bad news that not only does her credit sucks, she's got a $4000 credit card balance that is sucking the life out of her credit score. Then Harry mentions the fact that Robyn's got three last names going on in her credit file - what's up with that. "Oh, that was an accident" she says. Yeah right, whatever. Harry does tell her he was able to settle the $4k bill, but doesn't mention for how much. Here is yet another business getting free advertisement on Sister Wives. Credit repair businesses are notoriously EXPENSIVE. Amazing how Robyn's new pal didn't mention how much this was going to cost her.

Okay, there's just a couple of things I need to get off my chest...

Robyn, please stop blaming your divorce for not paying your bills. You got divorced in 2008, but you married Kody in 2010...you've been living in Las Vegas (from Kody's own admission at the beginning of the episode) for 18 months. You had at least $5000 that you wrote as earnest money two weeks earlier...and you've used money to start the online store, so why didn't you use those funds to pay down what you owed instead? And now you're spending money to a credit repair company? While Janelle is trying to cut costs by giving up a bedroom or two, here's Robyn spending money to a credit repair company. Even if her fees were comped, it still shows how warped Robyn's and Kody's thinking really is. It's basically saying we don't have money to pay for these houses and our credit is so bad we can't qualify for normal financing BUT we can waste money going to an attorney and credit repair company to tell us, Hey you need to start paying some bills. And here's an FYI Browns, you don't need a credit repair person or an attorney to call a creditor and ask for a settlement balance. You could do that yourself, for FREE. You pay the settlement balance, the creditor sends the mortgage lender a letter. Done.

So enough with the stupid tears, OK? Show some responsibility for once.

I think they need one more bottle of that green kool-aid!!
Next, we have Mariah's segment. She's being inducted into the National Honor Society...for smart people she guesses (oy vey!) and thinks it's going to look good on her college application. Mariah wants to be a doctor, which is very similar to the Big Love character CaraLynn (who was 3rd wife Nicki Grant's daughter).  CaraLynn was very smart, and also aspired to be a doctor - one that would  treat animals as well as humans.  Another thing I noticed: Mariah's mother is a first wife, and her paternal and maternal grandmothers are both first wives. I wonder if Mariah also wants to be a first wife, because her family perspective has been different from her half-siblings being that she's never had to share her daddy time with a sibling. In fact, when has she ever shared anything? I pity the women who will be her sisterwives some day!

Back at Mona the real estate lady's office, Mona is handing out the "You Are Approved" letters to the wives. Robyn's letter is last, and of course, she puts on her best sad face. But wait! Robyn's Loan Was Approved! Yay! Happy smiles and tears, until they get the credit repair and attorney bill.

Call me cynical ( Ms Jinx if you're nasty) but I think this entire show was full of pure, unadulterated crap. If they got those houses, someone must have laid out some serious cash. Not with their slow pays, bankruptcies, and a reality show income to rely on, even with Harry the credit guy 'helping' Robyn. And for the record, I refuse to call My Sister Wife's Closet a real business. An online business whose website was down the night of the premiere? So long, all those potential customers! Major Fail!

Now, I know you might be thinking about the parts I left out, like the segment with Meri crying about whether to try for a baby or not. Mariah and Kody's insensitivity towards Meri's indecisiveness on whether to try to have another baby. Or Kody's insensitivity towards Christine when she admitted being late on her car payment and the water bill. The reason I left those items out is that I'm sick and tired of it. Almost every show we see this. Enough already. It's getting really really old.

Meri needs to put up or shut up, Kody needs to man up and get a real job, and Mariah just needs to grow up.

And what are your thoughts?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

etonline.com Video: 'Sister Wives' Fight Over House Size

And the product placement continues. This time it's Pinnacle Homes, the builders of the 'cuddle sac' homes. Some questions I'd like to ask the builder: Why was that cul-de-sac virtually dead for so many years and what kind of deal was arranged for the Browns to get those homes...Is this real or all make believe for the show.

And if the Browns do move into the cul-de-sac, I would ask Christine why did she imply they did not get the homes. Did she think her fans couldn't handle the truth? Or was she under a TLC imposed gag order and opened her mouth when she should have said "You'll have to wait and see..."

What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

Discussion Page for S05Ep01 Sister Wives 11/18/12, page 2

Just a note - What does everyone feel about Meri getting as large a house? Is it fair when Janelle's children are sharing rooms? Thoughts?  

Discussion Page for S05Ep01 Sister Wives 11/18/12

I'm only 15 minutes into the live show right now...Oh boy...anyway I think it would be a good idea to setup a separate discussion page for SWB readers who want to discuss the new episode freely without worrying about SPOILERS.

So feel free to discuss away, and to those who haven't seen the episode yet, be warned...

S P O I L E R  A L E R T !

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Child Passenger Safety: NTSB Recommendations

On the SWB article New Season Sister Wives Nov 18 2012 - Discussion Page and Some Odds and Ends, there was a discussion concerning the picture of Sol Brown belted into a regular seat on an airliner. I spent some time researching this on the internet and feel that the information I found should be shared with everyone...hopefully the Browns will see this too.

This video is from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) youtube channel and concerns the importance of using proper child restraints while traveling by air.

Here's a link to the longer video that includes motor vehicle travel along with airline travel.

Child Passenger Safety (Full Version) 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Slowly but shirley, I am back!

Dear Friends,
I am happy to be feeling well enough to be back on the blogging scene. Luckily, my illness seems to be better, and I thank many of you who Sent prayers and private emais, they meant alot. Now on to the infamous Browns.  A few posts back, Cynical described her reasons for watching the show and some of her beliefs, which I thought it was a brilliant and interesting post. 
I have to decided to do the same. The wonderful thing about us is that often, we see things differently, yet, respect each other and often decide what is the best thing to do here on the blog is a middle of the two.  
 I will be shocked if this train wreck of a show lasts another season. Therefore, I've decided that we should both just say it like it is, no holding back.  The Browns certainly don't hold back on their fame whoring tactics, so our opinions will certainly be a bit more.... Blunt.
I started watching the show because I like family shows. I have never been near polygamist families, but was taught to be open minded and loving.  I am of the christian faith. Soon after starting this blog, I was warned that the Browns were up to much more than just a family show, with grand Political ambitions. Was that certainly was true!  
The bible certainly does not condemn polygamy, although any reasonable adult would also not that it was used in early times to populate. Also a study will show that most polygamy situations did not turn out well in the old testament.  
 Joseph Smith to me is a man who got caught cheating and turned it into a religion.  Sorry, thats how I feel. 
I also believe there are many that were born into this religion and may work and live very hard to do God's will as good people.
The Browns have made a mockery of it. Their greed, laziness, seemingly uncaring of what it is doing to their children is... Sad. How hypocritical is it to tweet all summer umpteen trips to Disneyland..... And our first clip of the new season is boo hoos over past debt and bad credit?   HOW much more of their crocodile tears are left?  TLC, you need to come up with something besides their debt or we might revolt.  GO back to the home you have or shut up!

My one ounce of sympathy goes to Christine. she probably doesn't even know what to do at this point.  I find that this is a very dysfunctional family.  Where did their religion go?  I see nothing of it.  If it is the total basis of living this way,    I am afraid they have lost their way, and Kody the head of the mess with his own wants and needs.  This should be interesting. And we will not be holding back! Glad to be back some, and thankful for Cynical.   my mouth is watering for the first review!!

New Season Sister Wives Nov 18 2012 - Discussion Page and Some Odds and Ends

Just three more days until the premiere of the new season of Sister Wives!

From the land of tweet, Meri sends out a message that she didn't travel alone to Chicago. Also she made sure to mention going to Los Angeles next, but neglected to inform on which TV talk show (if any) she and her traveling companions would be making their appearances. Par for the course...

Kody trying to decide if he needs to holler for more than a dollar
By the way, I ventured over to Honey Boo Boo's TLC facebook page as well as the HBB OFFICIAL fanpage that's run by her mother June (and a friend).

Now, I'm not saying that Kody needs to yell that a dollar makes him holler but...damn...June and HBB look like marketing geniuses in comparison to the Brown Klowns.

If Kody wants to be rich, maybe he should be yelling that a dollar makes him holler...just saying cuz those McMansions don't come cheap!

Now, they just need to get that online store stocked with those holiday ornaments they've been talking about for the past month.

Well,  surprise! surprise! Meri retweeted this to her adoring fans...

Only problem is...I don't get Access Hollywood Live, only Access Hollywood. It's probably the same show. Maybe Kody will scream how a dollar...oh nevermind!

Of course Meri had to thank the Dargers for appearing on Sister Wives this season...

Even Kody got into the tweeting - must have been a bored or something...

And of course, Meri's much too busy to tweet when the show will air. But there's always time to tweet a pic of Sol...

I'll keep checking the Access Hollywood Live website to see if they will have video of the Browns  interview today.

There's an interesting article on radaronline.com. Titled Kody Brown Insists Any One Of His Sister Wives Is Free To Leave Polygamy Whenever They Want, Kody now claims he is committed to helping women leave the "bad" polygamy of the FLDS if they want. In fact, he claims when he married his wives, he told them they were free to leave him and get a divorce at any time. That must of gone over like a lead balloon. One question Kody, did you say that before or after the marriage was consummated?

Update 11/16/12

Even though the adults Browns have made a sort of media blitz trip to advertise the return of their show Sister Wives, I'm just not feeling the love. In fact, I'd bet that when you look up 'half-assed' in the dictionary, you'll find a picture of Kody and his Kodettes smiling at the camera.

It's obvious they are not trying to drum up new viewers. To tell you the truth, I don't even think they are trying to keep their loyal viewers.

It's like they just.don't.care.

And this latest media blitz of sorts leaves more questions than answers. Just when will that interview on Steve Harvey Show appear?  Doesn't make sense to advertise the return of Sister Wives after the season premiere, does it? And this Access Hollywood Live interview they did. What stations carries this show, because it's not on my cable system.

Now, the Huffington Post has an article titled 'Sister Wives' Star Kody Brown Reveals Housing Difficulties that has a quote from Kody, and 2 quotes from Janelle that basically repeats what we already know from TLC's commercial. It was obviously phoned in. The quote from Christine was from a previous interview.  And that exclusive video? It's from the episode when Kody called Hunter a hormonal monster when they first moved to Vegas. It's on the TLC website, and not exclusive at all!

It looks like TLC doesn't want to spend a penny more than it has to on Sister Wives.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen...

Friday, November 9, 2012

New Season Sister Wives Premieres Nov 18th! New VIDEO on eonline.com!

Something weird is going on...

Well, when talking about Kody Brown and his Ko-dependent Kodettes, that's an understatement. But something weird is definitely going on with this show.

In less than 2 weeks, the season premieres, but all we have seen are a few random commercials that cryptically show clips that sort of makes you think the Browns may be falling apart.

So what's really happening on this show?

From TLC's website, here is a description of Nov. 18th show:

Desperate to get their family back together, the Browns put money down to hold land in order to build homes altogether on one cul de sac. But the shockingly bad credit of one wife could hold back the entire family.

Doesn't this seem rather contrived? Surely Robyn's credit can't suck as much as her other sisterwive's, can it? I'm going to leave Janelle out of this mess because she did >cough< qualify >cough cough< for a home loan back in Lehi. And wouldn't Robyn's credit problems have been apparent to Kody before he snuck his family out Utah to the safety of his own personal Plymouth Rock in Las Vegas?

Obviously, Kody must have blinded by the lights of Vegas and his lust love for Robyn; after all, it was no secret she had bills. In fact, there was an episode where she passed her bills on to Janelle to pay for her.  So getting back to the present, why the sudden realization that  this so-called trophy wife was carrying a whole lot of baggage in the form of bad debts? Why is all the blame being put on Robyn now?

Sorry, I'm just not buying all this drama. It's got to have been manufactured for the show, especially when you take into consideration all those happy go lucky tweets the Browns have been making all summer. And all those road trips.

Gee, Robyn's bad credit screwed us out of 4 McMansions. Let's go to Disneyland! Watch out for ghetto Wal-Marts, we want only Wal-Marts in the best neighborhoods! With lots of gated cul-de-sacs, too!

Here's a link to an article (including a very long video) on eonline.com offering an EXCLUSIVE  'sneak peak' of the new season. (What happened to Starcasm? Moving on up I guess....hmmmm)


So what do you think? Are the developments mentioned in the eonline.com article real or just drama for the show?

Let's discuss !!!

Hey wait! I'm not finished yet!

I just happened to look at Robyn's twitter tweets and found some real gems!

Yep, that looks like a classic Robyn oopsie to me, too! So sorry Janelle and Christine, but you just don't cut the sisterwife's mustard with Robyn... 

And the next tweet confirms it. Let's just file this one under DAMAGE CONTROL #3,249,766

Still waiting for the Janelle pic, but I'm not holding my breath for that one!

You know, someone really needs to start monitoring Robyn's tweets...they are getting to be like when she was pregnant with Sol.  Hey, y'all don't think Robyn could be preggers again?

Oh no, she's tweeting again!

Whoa!!! Not only is Robyn "working", she's got her sister (who if you look real close you can spot her a couple of times standing in the background last season...) Sounds like Robyn's got a 'nanny'.... just like all those rich Real Housewives. But Robyn, I thought you said a perk of having sisterwives was that they could step in and be a mommy for you?   Guess we were wrong on that one! Nice going, Robyn! You've now insulted all your sisterwives...they are not worthy! And why did you exclude Sol from the rest of your children?  Exactly who does Sol belong to, and why is he so special that you would exclude him from your other 3 children?

I don't think  tweeting each day to honor Thanksgiving is working out for Robyn.

But just when you think it couldn't get worse...here's Robyn's thankful tweet for today, 11/10/12

Words simply cannot describe the utter shallowness of that preceding statement. People are out of work (except for Robyn's nail tech ), without homes because of Hurricane Sandy, and all this woman can think about is herself? How busy she is??? And that she's thankful for her quiet time with her nail tech?


Sounds to me like she's going for the Marie Antoinette The People are Hungry so Let Them Eat Cake Award for being an utter shallow fool.

And for those of you out there still wondering what this shallow idjit works so hard at that she needs quiet time for those overworked hands of hers...

YEAH, RIGHT! And I'm a rocket scientist working on the replacement for the space shuttle! To quote my BFF, that b**** has definitely gone cuckooly bird!

PS...Marie Antoinette didn't really say let them eat cake, but you get my drift.

November 11, 2012 VETERAN'S DAY

Today I'm thankful that Janelle Brown has twitter and knows what to say so she doesn't look like a shallow self-indulgent mindless twit...

Okay, I'm finished now!

Monday, November 5, 2012

I Scour the Internet: The Pre Presidential Election Edition 11/5/12

While scouring the internet (yes, on my knees) I happened to come across an idle rumor. Now, I can't vouch for this rumor (which would be soooo funny in a "how far the mighty has fallen" kind of way if it were actually true) but it appears the Browns may be relocating to a rather small town north of where they currently live.

Now, this place is stuck in the middle of a sand infused no mans land that looks like a - excuse my giggling - double wide heaven. But wait, from Google maps I can actually see a rather large CUDDLE SAC! Is this the cul de sac mentioned by the Kody kids so many months ago? Will Kody be building his McMansions there, or will he just plop down 4 triple wides (he IS a reality star after all) and call it a day?

We won't know for sure until the season starts...in 13 days. I'm getting excited now!

PS, to protect the innocent residents of this town, I will not divulge its name, but it does appear to have 1 large government facility and what appears to be a rather large school within its town limits. Just down the road is another huge government facility. Could this mean our boy Kody has finally hooked himself a real job? Or maybe, a wife is finally getting her 'dream' job. Well, we will have to wait and see!!

I know Cynical Jinx has already posted the two tweets showing that twit Kody with his hair pulled back. You know Kody, if you could make that plyg tail into a side pony, Andy Cohen might invite you on his WWHL show. And I think he pays for appearances!

Is it just me or does Kody always look like he's got a chaw of tobacco in his mouth? Anyway, Kody without his signature hairdo IS embarrassing. Just cut it all off and go bald!

Oh dear, looks like Robyn trying out a new  attention getting tactic...Now it's the things she's thankful for tweets until THANKSGIVING.

Every night? Even on Kody's night? I can't wait to read what Robyn has to say about Kody when it's his turn.

Each time I read this tweet, I wonder why doesn't Robyn know this answer? I mean, isn't she getting a cut from amazon.com and itunes?

Leave it to Robyn to get a picture of the Las Vegas Strip instead of Hunter at his first varsity game. Nice touch, but couldn't you have said "Go Hunter" instead of "Go Bulldogs"?

You know, if y'all had been forward thinking businesswomen, My Sister Wife's Closet would have been the perfect answer to that question...By the way, is that 'exclusive' Sisterwives Christmas tree ornament available in the online store yet? You know, I'm beginning to think that's why the ornament says Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas...that way your customers can still use it for New Years if it arrives late from the store.

Ah....the perks of being a sisterwife...at least for Janelle, Christine and Robyn!

What a pity, no new philosophical tweets from Kody "Dogma? I don't need no stinkin' dogmas" Brown. He's probably looking up some new words, so we'll see him after Christmas.

On the subject of Christmas, I just had a thought. Are the Browns going to rent another McMansion for Christmas? I have a novel idea, how about the Browns save money and just celebrate in their own homes for a change? You know, like the regular folks do.

Hey DakotaJustice! Janelle likes Kody's new look, too!

I hope Janelle wasn't depending on Robyn to take photos of Hunter playing football. She did, however, get a shot of downtown Vegas though...

Here's an article that asks the provocative question : Are Browns Succeeding as Ambassadors of Modern Polygamy?

So on this note, we bid adieu until next time... and remember, I Scour the Internet, so you don't have to, y'all.