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Monday, October 29, 2012

UPDATED!!: I Scour the Internet: The New Season of Sister Wives begins November 18th - Edition for 10/29/12

Well, thank goodness, finally, FINALLY, TLC provided an answer for all those comments on all those Facebook fanpages and twitter messages asking when...Sister Wives WILL BE BACK ON NOVEMBER 18TH....by running a couple of commercial teasers advertising the return of SW during the Breaking Amish show last night.

What I don't understand is why the Browns, particularly those actual sister wives the show's about, passed the buck (and STILL are passing the buck) on the announcement. It just doesn't make any sense. If anything, it shows how this Krew kould kare less about their fans. That they have better things to do, like attend a craft fair women's expo in St George. Or send children off to Disneyland for the upteenth time. The lamebrained, flat out ignoring of their fans was just distasteful. And then telling the fans to contact TLC direct, what is wrong with these people? Don't tell me they haven't figured out that it's those fans that pay money to buy that overpriced jewelry and fans that buy into that green koolaid MLM, and FANS that WATCH their show making it a success! Would it have hurt to say something like hey, we'll be back in November. Check your local listings for showtimes. OK, Robyn did have that one comment saying just that on the regular facebook fanpage, but it quickly got buried. After that one comment, this krew just ignored their fans, and when they could no longer ignore the hundreds of tweets and facebook comments, they had one wife send one tweet to her followers  to contact TLC for details about their show. WTH??? Like, at least ACT like you're halfway interested in your fans! Sheesh...

The cost to put up sticky messages on their fan pages of the approximate return date of the show? 10 minutes.

The cost of lost fans tired of being ignored ?: PRICELESS !

Now let's get to the tweets of the week, arrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!

Baby Sol celebrated his 1 year birthday so the Brown Krew wasted no time in tweeting about the  healthy looking fella. Robyn also tweeted about her mini me Breanna and even attended a school fundraiser. And  Truely got some quality tweet time! Everyone, including the teens, seemed to be working overtime showing their love for each other...hmmmm.....

Robyn apparently has gotten back into the sisterwife mood. For the second week in a row, she has not tweeted a 'woe is me' tweet. This week, she's extolling on the fabulousity of her life in a plural marriage...you may want to take some insulin before you read her tweet...

Gosh! I gotta say you sound like you just learned that big TLC check is in the mail !!!

Wow...it's not what I expected. I mean, when you said Christmas ornament I thought it was going to be a glass ornament globe with the sister wives logo and some snow and maybe a reindeer or two with a chubby Santa. You know, something warm and sweet and Christmassy...But that piece of stamped metal? I've seen that Christmas tree design before, and just how small is it? Something tells me this little trinket is going to cost somebody at least $75 for the honor of hanging it on their tree.

And ladies, please get this item in your online store BEFORE Christmas, OK???? (Geez...they are always a day late and a dollar short) ARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!

 So what has Meri tweeted about this week?

Yeah, Mariah! But it's the SATs that's a killer. Like Meri said, Rock it, Girl and just remember you can always take it over!

Obviously, one of the Brown wives is not burdened with a lot of debts.

What does Janelle have to say? What's been on her mind lately?

Oh, so sorry! Looks like you couldn't get out of appearing at the women's expo. Maybe next time, 'K???

Well, let's check out the definition of bigotry, shall we?

From Wikipedia:

Bigotry is the state of mind of a bigot, defined by Merriam-Webster as "a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially: one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance".[1] Bigotry may be based on real or perceived characteristics, including age, disability, dissension from popular opinions, economic status, ethnicity, gender identity, language, nationality, political alignment, race, region, religious or spiritual belief, sex, or sexual orientation. Bigotry is sometimes developed into an ideology or world view.


I suppose you are speaking of people who are intolerant of your lifestyle. Couldn't your religion be considered a form of bigotry being that it believes African-Americans bear the "mark of Cain", and therefore are not allowed to practice your religion? Wouldn't that be an example of intolerance of a group of people because of their race? How about when Christine was talking about not wanting her children associating with "sharks" in that discussion with the Presbyterian minister?  Wouldn't that be an example of intolerance of a group because their religion is not hers? I don't expect an answer, but ponder on that for a while.

Well, I'm almost afraid to see what Kody's been tweeting this week. Normally he's quiet, but let's take a look...

Ok, ok, Kody's just showing how selective he is when it comes to wife material...

All right...I think we can all agree to each his own...

Sounds like Kody is on a roll...go Kody! Go Kody! Go Kody!

SCREEEEEEECCCCCHHHH!!!  Oops, I think Kody may have gone too far...

I think....what we have here....
....is a failure to communicate...

So what does Christine have to say about all this silliness?

Well, Christine is  keeping it "real" by retweeting Aspyn,  her bonus kid Mariah, and Nia Vardalos ??!!??.


And this just in...Kody tries to make a joke (not realizing he's already one) and offends. When I saw the picture I thought of  "Off with his head!" or a simple "Oopsy, my bad!" But it will be interesting to see how long the comment stays without being deleted. Bets anyone?

Kody tells his fans to chill out...it's a joke, son!

Obviously, Kody has no idea what the slang meaning of Queen of Spades is...
But Robyn looks like she does!!!! You go, girl!

But where's Christine?

They're drinking green kool-aid! Hope no one swallows a bit of dry ice!

I guess there won't be a picture of Christine...oh well, 2 out of 4 wives is par for the Kody Kourse!

Oh wait! Kody did post a picture. Oh yeah, I can see the rainbows all right...NOT. But even with that paint on her face, you can tell she's got a beautiful face.

Here are the tweets showing Kody's new hairstyles...

and  here's the frontal view...careful, this picture may shock you...


That's all for now. Keep safe from Hurricane Sandy, Happy Halloween, get out and vote, and remember ....

I Scour the Internet, So You Don't Have to, OK?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Las Vegas Review Journal: Interest in plural marriage studies on the rise

By Tom Ragan
Posted: Oct. 25, 2012 | 3:45 p.m.

There are the famous three R's: reading, writing and arithmetic. That's old school.

Inside University of Nevada, Las Vegas's human sexuality class, it's about the three P's: polygamy, polyandry and polygyny. That's new school.

On Thursday, 150 students not only learned the concepts of plural marriage in the classroom, they played a reproductive game in the quad that demonstrated how women choose potential mates.

The numbers 1 through 15 attached to the men's backs on sticky notes, represented their virility. A high number meant he was very virile; the low number meant he wasn't exactly in his reproductive prime.

In the end, the men with high numbers had multiple women wanting to be his partner. Meanwhile, the men with the low numbers had few women approach them, with the exception of one.

Please read the entire article at:

So what are your thoughts? Do you believe this class has merit, or is it just the 21st century version of the so-called basketweaving/easy credit classes ?

Let's discuss!

Monday, October 22, 2012

I Scour the Internet: The Pre Halloween Edition 10/22/12

Is it just me, but reading the tweets coming from the Browns I can't figure out exactly where in the world the Browns are at any one moment in time.

One day they are in Vegas. Then there's a bonus child's tweet from Disneyland. Then there's a tweet about a sister wife (with her super babe in tow) from Utah. Then there's a tweet from Kody in Utah. Then there's a tweet from the legal wife asking her fandom whether if she should go to Utah or stay.

I am sooooo confused....

But then we see a tweet that literally makes life worth living -- that is so wickedly good, so wickedly ripe for SWB snark. But you know what? I, Lourdes Ritz-Carlton, have decided to take the high road this time. I refuse to snark on this tweet.

So here it is, feast your eyes on....

Robyn... in a purple witch's hat... flashing a Peace sign ( or a V for Victory, depending on your generation). Enjoy!!!

Oh my, now I'm in a quandary. Do I reply to this tweet or maintain my new found dignity and resist the need to snark? Nope, I won't bend. And anyway, that's a very flattering photo angle for her. Now if this had been a profile, YIKES!  OOPS, My bad! ;)

Looks like the Browns (at least Robyn and Janelle) have taken an interest against bullying. If we can remember back a few seasons, Robyn's little one was bullied by Christine's boy, which necessitated an intervention by Meri (the Big Bear camping episode). And who could forget Janelle's youngest son taking matters into his own anti bullying fists by bloodying the nose of his bullying older brother? (the Christmas tree on Mt Charleston episode) And where was Kody doing these incidents? Why, standing in the background doing nothing, of course.

Here's Janelle, showing off her purple ...

Oh my, looks like Kody was in Utah. I wonder if he alerted the media? Also, seems Kody was not alone in St George; his boss tweeted separately about seeing Robyn and baby Sol. No wonder there were no "woe is me" tweets from Robyn.

And  Kody even allowed usage of his MLMobile... so what happened to the Lexus? WHO'S GOT THE LEXUS?????

Of course, we have Meri tweeting:

But wait... isn't Kody up there with Robyn  and Sol? Where will you sleep? And with whom?

So nice to see Meri reminiscing about Kody in the olden days, when there weren't any sisterwives around to... ummm... cramp one's style....hmmmmm....

Do these people ever stay in Las Vegas? It seems they spend more time in Utah now than when they lived there!

So why all the trips to Utah? I can understand (sort of) the LIV stuff, but a 5K run, and now a convention? You would think they could find a bigger market for their green koolaid and costume (just in time for Halloween) jewelry in Las Vegas. Oh wait, Las Vegas residents are too sophisticated ( so sorry if I just insulted the many fine folks in St George) to buy in to the hype. And didn't Robyn use to live in St George? Hmmmmm.....


All right, that's all for now. And remember, I scour the internet, so you don't have to!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Las Vegas Sun: Q&A with Kody Brown and his ‘Sister Wives’

I dunno. If I made the effort to see Kody and Krew in person, I would  definitely want to hear them answer some tough questions. These questions were no different from previous questions asked in their other interviews. If you read the book and watched the show you'd pretty much know how the Krew would answer. But there were some surprising (not to mention interesting) answers, at least for me. Who would've thunk that living in a patriarchal family unit would allow Christine to feel like a "Princess"? Not a Queen, just a Princess. She needs to stop selling herself short!

Frankly, I am more interested in a dead link to an Las Vegas Sun "Related Story" article (also dated 10/16/12) titled 'Sister Wives' clan finds accepting home in Las Vegas. I wonder what that is about and I just can't wait until it's available, if ever.*

Anyway, here's the first part of a transcript of the panel discussion. Read the complete transcript at Q&A with Kody Brown and his 'Sister Wives'.

Oh yes, interesting placement of Robyn, don't you think? Christine may consider herself a "Princess" but Robyn looks like some kind of Queen, right there between Meri and Kody. All she needs is a crown. Or a really ornate tiara. Hey Robyn, why not try designing ornate tiaras for your online store...for all those polygamous    plural family  sister  plural wives out there!

By Paul Takahashi

Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012 | 11 a.m.

The following is an excerpt from the UNLV panel discussion with the Kody Brown family from TLC's reality show "Sister Wives." The discussion, which was Monday, Oct. 15, has been edited for clarity and brevity:

How were you raised?

Janelle: I grew up in a traditional Church of Latter-day Saints home and didn't know polygamy existed until I was 18. But in my early 20s, I began to consider the Fundamentalist Mormon faith and realized this is where I belonged. When I left the LDS church, my family had a lot of trauma. It severed relationships. Through the years, we've been able to mend those bonds, but it took time.

Meri: My family was in the LDS faith, but converted when I was about 6 or 7 years old, so I grew up in a plural family with five mothers and 25 brothers and sisters. My parents never pushed me into this lifestyle though.

Christine: I was raised in a plural family and had two moms. My grandmother lived a plural marriage as well. So I wanted to have sister wives, more than a husband actually. I didn't want to be married to one guy because I thought it would be a lot of work. (Audience laughs.) I'm a third wife and I love it.

Robyn: I was born into a plural family, but I always had a choice. I decided this was what I wanted to do. My first marriage, which was monogamous, ended in divorce. I had three children from that marriage, so our family is plural but also blended. It's been a growing experience, but a love and life experience as well. This was the family I was meant to be in.

Kody: My parents were struggling with the dichotomy within the Mormon faith over plural marriage. When I got married at age 22, this was a choice we came by out of true conviction and seeking knowledge from the All Mighty.

Is there a certain characteristic or personality it takes to be in a plural marriage?

Christine: It's very much a faith-based decision. You need a firm connection with God.

Meri: It's not for everyone. It's not an experiment. … Not to be tried at home. (Audience laughs.) We couldn't do this if we didn't have our own conviction.

Roby: You have to know the rules and boundaries. You have to respect the other wives and value them just as much as my relationship with Kody. But a guy who has a lot of wives can't be a wuss either.

Kody: We don't want to make this seem easy, because it's not. You can't trifle with other people's hearts. You need two things in a plural marriage: conviction and commitment.

Are most people out like you are?

Kody: Almost all of our friends who are in plural marriage are closeted to some level. People are careful not to flaunt it, even in small and remote towns.

Meri: We did keep very quiet before we went extremely public. There was a time when some co-workers and friends knew, but there were some co-workers who never knew.

Why did you go public?

Kody: I felt like there were so many stereotypes about plural marriages, with Warren Jeffs and the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-day Saints. There was so much negative press – child brides and abuse on the compound – that I hated being identified that way. Warren Jeffs is not our poster child. When I talked with my children about doing the show, I said we have an opportunity to not only change our world, but to change the world for everyone else.

Christine: We have a story that needs to be heard. We're a normal, healthy and happy family. That's why we decided to show you our family.

Meri: The decision to go on the show wasn't that quick and easy for us. It took time for all of us to get on board.

What did you hope the show would do for plural marriages?

Christine: We're looking to be normal – when the ratings go down, and we become just another normal family.

Kody: When our peers can be public – not as public as we are – but can send a wedding announcement when they get married and claim all their children as theirs. We thought if we open up, other fundamentalist families could open up.

Meri: And for all the moms to be able to go to a high school graduation, instead of Kody and a mom and the rest of us sitting elsewhere, trying not to be seen. For so many years, we couldn't even do that.

How do you like Las Vegas? How is it different from Utah, where you lived before?

Janelle: We've been in Las Vegas two years and we've really enjoyed it. We've had no issues really. When you're living right next to a stripper, what's it to live right next to a polygamous family? (Audience laughs.)

Kody: But that's also a stereotype. We've found grace in Sin City, where there's a lowering of hypocrisy. In Las Vegas, you feel like you can own who you are. (Audience applauds.)

Are there many plural families in Las Vegas?

Kody: I haven't met any plural families in Las Vegas. We've associated with plural families in Wyoming and Utah.

What's it like having sister wives?

Janelle: In many ways, they're like sisters.

Robyn: Which means, we fight sometimes. But having a sister to gripe with about your husband or to celebrate the triumphs is great.

Janelle: We're very sensitive to emotional relationships in the family. We've very much cheerleading of each other, because tension in the family very much affects me. Especially now that all five of us are in business together.

What are your views of patriarchy and feminism? Polygamy is often seen as a patriarchy and bad for women.

Janelle: Patriarchy has a very negative connotation for me. It's true that Kody is the glue that holds us together, but I definitely have my voice. I feel very liberated. I have a career, my independence and freedom. I've never had to stay at home with sick kids or worry too much about what's for dinner. I can have my cake, and eat it too.

Meri: I agree. I've become so independent in some ways.

Christine, a homemaker: I feel our family is very patriarchal, but it's exactly what I wanted. I just want to be a princess in life.

There are negative stereotypes about polygamy. How are you different from Warren Jeffs and FLDS?

Kody: We are Fundamentalist Mormons, not the LDS or FLDS. Jeffs – who was the leader of the FLDS – built up a fiefdom around him. He took the voice away from his wives and children. My belief is that my wives should have their voice and should be able to make choices. As a family, we make choices together.

Janelle: I was able to choose my family. In some Mormon sects, marriages are arranged. In our community, we don't assign spouses. We also wait to get married after we turn 18 years old. The only common thing is we worship from the same scripture as the LDS.

Christine: We also have access to the outside world, the Internet and TV. We want the world for our children, for them to go to college and travel.

Meri: I recently ran a 5K in Utah to get people out of the FLDS. (Audience applauds.)

Janelle: Secrecy is bad, because it allowed people like Warren Jeffs to abuse. That abuse persists, because people were more afraid of the government than Jeffs.

Kody: We're don't mean to criticize the FLDS. That is a community that needs our empathy and support. We can save our criticism for their leadership.

What are your views on gay marriage? The gay and lesbian community face similar struggles when it comes to marriage.

Kody: I believe that I was able to choose our family structure. It should be the right of every citizen in this country to be able to choose their family structure. (Audience applauds.)

Janelle: We want people to openly live their truth without repercussion.

Robyn: I have a gay friend. We talk about this often, how he doesn't have legal rights if his partner is on life support. His partner's family has more power than he does.

Meri: I'm the legal wife, so I have the power to pull the plug. But I take into account what my sister wives have to say. I don't see me having any more power than they do.

Christine: We don't see her having any more power, either. (Audience laughs.)

Read the rest at Q&A with Kody Brown and his 'Sister Wives'.

Here's a post panel interview by a local Las Vegas TV station:

FOX5 Vegas - KVVU

And from twitter we have another picture of Kody and Krew...

And finally (maybe)

*Here's  the article I mentioned above....

Sister Wives’ clan finds accepting home in Las Vegas

Plural-marriage family made famous by TLC leads forum at UNLV
 By Paul Takahashi
Published Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012 | 11 a.m.


Plural marriage is not for everyone, but it can be a healthy and happy one, according to the Kody Brown family, stars of the TLC reality show "Sister Wives."

Kody Brown and his four wives – Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn – spoke frankly about their plural marriage, family and life in Las Vegas at a panel discussion Monday night at UNLV. About 300 people attended the event, which was co-sponsored by UNLV's Office of Civic Engagement and Diversity, and the Office of Diversity Initiatives.

The panel discussion was borne from a family and marriage counseling class taught by UNLV assistant professors Markie Blumer and Coreen Haym. The licensed therapists and teaching assistant Ashley Tybor invited the Brown family to speak to the larger UNLV community after they spoke to three psychology classes as part of a student project.

"Everyone's house is different," Blumer said, whether it's because of sexual orientation or cultural, economic and religious backgrounds. "We believe it is a community value to welcome diversity in all its forms."

There are more than 850 societies around the world that practice polygamy, and an estimated 30,000 or more plural families living in the United States, Blumer said. However, because of a negative cultural stigma and legal concerns, most plural families live largely in secrecy.

When the Brown family came out to their monogamous friends relatives some 20 years ago, it strained relationships and broke some bonds.

The Browns also suffered repercussions when their family made national headlines after "Sister Wives" first aired. Meri lost her job, Kody lost a couple of advertising clients and Robyn had a difficult time finding work.

For a couple of years, the family also faced legal prosecution. That was a major reason why the Browns relocated to Las Vegas, where they felt the diversity of the city would welcome them.

"We've found grace in Sin City, where there's a lowering of hypocrisy," Kody Brown said. "In Las Vegas, you feel like you can own who you are."

During the two-hour discussion, the Browns touched on a variety of topics, from what it's like to be a sister wife to differences between Fundamentalist Mormonism from other sects in the Mormon faith. The Browns also shared their views of what it means to be a feminist in a plural marriage and how they empathize with proponents for gay marriage.

"I believe that I was able to choose our family structure," Kody Brown said. "It should be the right of every citizen in this country to be able to choose their family structure."

The family also shared the decision to come out about their plural marriage.

"I felt like there were so many stereotypes about plural marriages," Kody Brown said. "When I talked with my children about doing the show, I said we have an opportunity to not only change our world, but to change the world for everyone else."

Monday night's discussion was taped by the producers of "Sister Wives," presumably for inclusion in a future episode. After the discussion, the family met with UNLV students and took pictures with audiences members.

Family members said they enjoyed coming to speak at UNLV, adding they were impressed with the caliber of questions asked. Monday night's event was the family's largest public speaking engagement and their first major one in Las Vegas.

"I liked how (the audience) was very open-minded and respectful," Christine Brown said. "It was wonderful."

The Brown family has spoken at universities before, primarily in Boston. It's a inviting environment for the family because of the open atmosphere, Janelle Brown said.

Many audience members seemed to enjoy the panel discussion as well, laughing and applauding with the Brown family. The student union ballroom, the event venue, was packed.

Las Vegas resident Tracy Enriquez, 47, watches "Sister Wives" regularly and said the show changed her views on plural marriage. Seeing the family in person solidified her views, she said.

"At first, I thought it was crazy, but when I saw how much they love each other, it kind of changed my views," she said. "If they don't force people into their lifestyle, I don't see anything wrong with it. I respect them."

UNLV senior Rebecca Koonce, 23, said the Brown family was relatable. As a part-time nanny, Koonce said she could see the benefits of having more than one mother around for childrearing.

"It takes a village to raise a family," she said. "This was a cool way to see the reality of how plural marriage works."

UNLV senior Megan Kolvenbach, 20, said she was a "huge fan" of the Browns and their show.

"Their family is really inspirational because they draw attention to the multiculturalism that exists in families," the psychology major said. "It makes you appreciate diversity more, that there are other forms of family as well. It was very insightful."

Kolvenbach added she appreciated how welcoming the UNLV community was to the Browns.

"That's what I love about UNLV, we're so diverse," she said. "I feel bad (the Browns) got kicked out of Utah, but I'm glad they came to Las Vegas and can make themselves feel comfortable here. I just think it's great."

Monday, October 15, 2012

News from Mister Sister !!

Some of you may have noticed the absence of Mister Sister this past month.

She has been dealing with major health issues and wants you all to know that she will be back to SWB as soon as she can.

Let's all keep her in our thoughts and prayers for a rapid recovery!


Friday, October 12, 2012

I Scour the Internet: The TGIF Edition 10/12/2012

All this talk about Honey Betty Boopsie has really tired me out. But I gotta say, it took me a while to figure out why HBB looks so different at home than when she's performing at a pageant. She uses a flipper so the judges can't see she doesn't have her permanent front teeth yet.

Like, duh!!

Anyway, let's see what the Browns have been up to since the last time we met...

As I reported last week, it was Robyn's turn to accompany Kody on a LIV business trip to the lovely city of Mesa Arizona.

Not only did Robyn get to spend a lot of quality time with Kody,  it was also her birthday. Looks like Kody has made sure that Robyn carries on the Brown tradition of tweeting where they've eaten.

Wait a minute, according to Google Map, there isn't a street named Stanley in Mesa. Are you sure, Robyn?

Well, the name of the street is STAPLEY, and the business is Niki's Restaurant, but that's close enough I suppose. 
Sol is also the basic monetary unit of Peru, worth about 100 centavos. Or, if Kody asked me to buy his plane fare back to Vegas, I would look at him and say "Kody, you are soooo SOL."

Awwww....isn't that nice. But isn't it strange for Robyn to mention her sister and not her sister wives? Hmmmmm.....

Let's see what's happening with Meri, shall we?

Good grief. What kind of tweet is this? And made exactly one month to premiere of the new season of Sister Wives? So what decision do you have to make? WE WANT TO KNOW!!!

Well, I guess we'll just have to wait until the show to find out for sure. In the meantime, it looks like Meri decided to heed my advice and work on her social skills by acknowledging fan tweets. When Stormin Steve tweeted some sound advice, Meri actually tweeted a response:
And to the fan who must have watched the old Mounds/Almond Joy commercial way too much, Meri tweeted her preference:

Yep, I'd go for the nuts, too! And for those of you out there who wondered where Meri placed in the 5K run a couple of weeks ago, Meri tweeted the scoop to her good friend, Rev. Danielle:

I suppose on the subject of running, Meri tweeted the following:
Call me cynical (Ms Jinx if you're nasty) but does this mean Meri's gonna wash that rascally Kody Brown right out of her hair and send him on his way?

Probably not, because earlier she tweeted this advice:

Then there's Kody, who only seems to tweet when it behooves him to tweet.

I wonder how many fans in the metropolitan Phoenix area actually flew out of their houses into their cars and drove all the way to Chandler for a chance to say "Hi". I wonder if Robyn brought samples of her jewelry with her to show off and take some orders! That's what Big Love's Margene would have done, and she didn't even have a sister to help her out. C'mon Robyn, step up and start hustling that jewelry, it's not going to sell itself, ya know!

Funny, from the way he ran out of Utah, I would think just the opposite!

And then we have Janelle. Sounds like she's got a crush on somebody!

That's OK Janelle. When you have the choice between fantasizing over Viggo or Kody....well, Viggo wins hands down every time!

Oh yes, I had to include this tweet from the Brown Family Trainer...you know, I think Sean is on to something...excuse me while I throw out my scales and look in the mirror!
You know, Christine rarely tweets, but when she does it's usually about her kids. Here's a cute shot of her girls:

And on the subject of kids, Christine's bonus child Mariah took this lovely picture of Christine doing what she does best, cooking!

I also found a couple of articles about Sister Wives and polygamy you may find interesting.

Talking with one of the Sister Wives

Hmmm.... the person who wrote this article about the UNLV event coming up must not be a regular viewer of the show (if she watched it at all). Also, you would think that she would at least have asked for the second wife's name at some point in the interview. How rude!


Polygamy may be hot, but in marriage three's still a crowd

This was a better article, but it's sort of a dry read.


Extra! Extra! Extra! Extra! Extra!

Here's more pictures of Christine cooking:

Christine (pregnant with Truely) in her Utah kitchen

Christine in her Vegas kitchen

Well, that's all for now. And remember, I scour the internet, so you don't have to !!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Has Sister Wives Jumped the Shark?

From Wikipedia:
'Jumping the shark' is an idiom created by Jon Hein that is used to describe the moment in the evolution of a television show when it begins a decline in quality that is beyond recovery. The phrase is also used to refer to a particular scene, episode or aspect of a show in which the writers use some type of "gimmick" in a desperate attempt to keep viewers' interest. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jumping_the_shark

We've had a lot of discussion lately about the possibility that TLC's reality show Sister Wives officially has jumped the shark.

So let's discuss how you feel about the topic. I'll go first....

The background as to why I watch Sister Wives:

My mother went to high school in a city that was predominately Mormon. When I was young, she told me about an incident that happened when she was in high school. Two girls, who everyone thought were cousins, were found out to actually be half-sisters. Their mothers were sisters, and married to the same man. The family was shunned, and left town shortly thereafter. As a child, I tried to grasp how a man could believe it was OK to marry 2 sisters. Weird, but my curiosity was piqued.

Much later, I watched a reality show called "My Husband's Three Wives". This show was about non religion based polygamy. The husband was horrible, the women were not happy (funny how he 'married' wife #2 while wife #1 was on active duty overseas) and when he decided to bring in wife #3 ( who it turned out had used her own money to prevent foreclosure of the family home as well as money for food and gas for the other wives and their children) the  2 wives had had enough and said NO. The husband then basically patted the devastated 3rd wife candidate on the head, and threw her out of the house. When the show was repeated (on TLC I think) we learned that wife #1 divorced him and remarried. Wife #2 also left, and the would be wife #3 refused any further contact with the man. The man got his doctorate in Psychology, wrote a book and married again, and no longer believes in polygamy. Now THAT show was a train wreck. So of course, when Sister Wives appeared on TLC, I had to watch it.

The most troubling scene for me was:

Right after Robyn gave birth to Solomon. For some unknown reason, Robyn, sitting on a throne-like rocking chair holding a newly born baby Sol, took aim and fired her shot directly at one of her bonus children for 'snubbing' her. According to Robyn, this disrespectful bonus teen refused to acknowledge her position as Kody's wife. He didn't even try to pick up baby Sol. Being that this bonus teen's 'storyline' had been he was not adjusting well to the sudden move to Vegas, it just seemed so cruel to see a supposedly mature adult try to strike down a teenager with such passive-aggressive venom. It got me thinking why would Kody and Janelle allow Robyn's soft-spoken but deadly serious speech against their child?  What kind of parent would allow that type of behavior? Yep, apparently the Browns. From Meri's dissing of Christine's youngest to Robyn's dissing of Janelle's son, no wonder Janelle initially said she wasn't going miss sleeping just to see Robyn's baby being born. And though Janelle did show up to see the baby, she made sure Robyn heard her say that Sol looked like all the other Brown kids when they were born. Nothing special about him at all.

Sister Wives jumped the shark:
For me, Sister Wives jumped the shark on the episode when Kody, with way too much breathless enthusiasm, announced that Robyn was pregnant and Mariah ran out of the room crying.  Even though Meri tried to explain that Mariah was feeling sad for her infertility, that one scene of Mariah feeling so sad (not to mention the sad faces of the rest of the teens) set up the remaining season, leading up to the episode when Robyn gave birth. Robyn's offer to surrogate for Meri was nothing more than a ploy (most likely the idea of the producers) for a future storyline next season. Will Meri or won't Meri accept Robyn's offer. WHO CARES? The downward spiral begins. And the best the producers could muster up for the next season was 6 weeks of forgettable episodes including the one showing Kody dissing Christine's family tradition for a Jewish one,  and Kody unforgivably announcing to the world how so disgusted he was with her eating nachos that he almost didn't marry her. Too bad about Christine's feelings.

From watching Sister Wives, I now know that there is no such thing as 'good' polygamy. It's all bad. Sister Wives has shown the world that love IS divided in a family that practices polygamy, and that cruelty, pain, jealousy and suffering most definitely is multiplied for the women who chose this lifestyle and their children who had no choice.

So let's discuss this. Do you feel Sister Wives has jumped the shark???

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Update 10/5/12 !!! I Scour the Internet: The October 2, 2012 Edition

Oh my gosh, what is happening to the reality TV world? TLC is under fire for their newest reality show Breaking Amish that was suppose to show 5 Amish youths being thrown into the wilds of New York City from the safety of their Amish hometowns and family. Turns out, the 5 have been living in the 'English' world for a couple of years now, so they are just play acting about being all wild eyed and innocent about ATM machines and Chinese food. And Here Comes Honey Boo Boo welcomed the birth of another mouth to feed 'sketti, and found out  she has an extra thumb, which really isn't all that surprising. And then we have the dueling Real Housewives of New York and New Jersey shows proving to us that money can't buy you class, a good film editor, story writer, makeup artist, clothing stylist or anger management counseling.

It's been a rough couple of weeks, let me tell ya.

But we still have the Browns, right?

Well, I'm beginning to wonder if we do. Last month, for about 48 hours, the official TLC facebook fanpage for the Browns changed their banner to show the new season starts on November 11th. Then, it was inexplicably changed back to the original banner, with no date.

Hmmm....I wonder why? And the fans are left to wonder when Sister Wives will be returning to the airwaves. And the Browns are remaining absolutely mum about the return date on their own fanpages. Even Mama June of the Honey BooBoo franchise tells their facebook fans not only will there be 3 holiday specials, but they have signed up for season 2 and filming starts on the 17th. Can someone tell me why one TLC family is totally upfront and the other is so not giving up any information?

My thoughts? Maybe Sister Wives won't be back on November 11th. Maybe the announcement was premature. Maybe the Browns are holding out, for some reason.

Well, while we wait for the Browns to come back on the airwaves, let's check out what they have been tweeting about, shall we?

Thanks Meri. It's good to know that even though you have time to send out endless tweets  advertising this place and that, and soliciting for your MLM and jewelry businesses, you simply don't have the time to respond to those thousands and thousands of tweets you get asking WHEN IS YOUR SHOW COMING BACK.

Ha! Let's see if we get a response from lonely heart Robyn....

What a nice picture...Were you on your way to pick up another copy of Becoming Sister Wives, perhaps?

Hmm... is right. And Meri, you didn't open that umbrella INSIDE your house, did you?

Say WHUT??? What happened to Trainer Bill? Does this mean Trainer Bill, former business partner in the now defunct Fundamental Fitness business scheme venture has officially left the Brown's clubhouse for good? Hope he didn't lose too much in that partnership.

OK, so now we know that 1)Kody's brother Curtis and wife dropped into Vegas on or about September 29th, and 2)Janelle flew out for a family reunion on the same day. That leaves wives Christine and Robyn unaccounted for, tweet-wise.

Isn't it amazing how Janelle takes the time to actually tweet back to her fans, whereas, Meri just gives her fans the "so sorry but I'm too busy" routine. Tsk tsk, Meri. Maybe you can take a few lessons from your sister wife Janelle on fan management.

I hope it's Kody's favorite, too. But then again, you probably don't see him that much, so why should it matter, right?

Wow, can't wait to see the results of this collaboration. But tell us Robyn, will the final results be reasonably priced or just priced to gouge?
Robyn, Robyn, Robyn...why are you answering a fan's question with another question? Frankly, that makes me wonder if you have Mock Tapioca for brains, or what?  Do you understand how condescending it is to answer like that? As if you have another network that broadcasts your show. Why can't you folks just tell your fans when the show starts?

I included this tweet because you can see Janelle in the background. Is it me or does Janelle look rather pensive?

You know Robyn, I knew you just wouldn't be able to resist tweeting about how lonely you are whenever Meri tweets about being with Kody. Your behavior has become way too predictable.

I love the fall, too. Does Kody love the fall? How about Breanna, Dayton, Aurora and Mighty Sol? Do they love the fall?

So THAT'S why you're going bald! It's those damn NAYSAYERS in your head!

Somehow, I just don't see Kody reading to Gwen and Ysabel. Maybe Kody's practicing his public speaking. Makes you wonder when was the last time he actually interacted with Christine's girls, if he thinks he still needs to read to them. Talk about being a captive audience, but at least they got precious time with their father...I suppose.



Looks like Kody and Robyn will be in Mesa AZ tonight (Thursday 10/4/12) for a LIV business meeting thingy. I bet she'll bring samples of her My Sister Wife's Closet jewelry to show her business partners during the break...Guess she won't be tweeting for a while. Can't wait for those Kody and Robyn sightings to begin!

And then on 10/15/12 Kody and Krew will be at UNLV for a panel discussion!

Hmmm....I wonder if they will be taping this discussion, and if Logan will be participating, too.


This just in...Over on the Facebook Like fanpage, there's a well-hidden posting from Robyn (under the Recent Posts by Others section See All)....here's a screencap:

( Kody-Brown-Family Facebook Like fanpage )

So Robyn says she knows that the season starts in November, but is not allowed to say anything until it's made public by TLC. This wasn't tweeted, and does not appear on the friend-only Facebook page, just the Like one. Perhaps Robyn was trying to post this message on the friend-only page and got confused? TLC still hasn't put the banner back up on their TLC Sister Wives Facebook fanpage...but if you scroll down down down...

And now someone's posting on the TLC Sister Wives Facebook fanpage that Sister Wives has been cancelled with HBB taking over their time-slot on Sundays! Perhaps some housecleaning is needed so  fans will know there will be another season ???

( TLC Sister Wives Facebook fanpage )

Mon Dieu, what a mess! It's all HBB's fault!

Thoughts, anyone????

Well that's all for now. And remember that I Scour the Internet so YOU don't have to, ya'll !!