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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Polygamy: It’s Not What You Think!

Polygamy includes both polygny (1 husband + multiple wives) and polyandry (1 wife + multiple husbands).  Both of these, and more, would be included if the Browns are successful in their crusade to legalize polygamy.  Here are some examples:

·      Charlie is married to Chelsea, and Mia and Rose (polygny);

·      Judith is married to Alan, and Herb and Charlie  (polyandry, or “Brother Husbands”);

·      Charlie is married to Chelsea and Mia.  Mia is also married to Lyndsey;

·      Charlie is married to Chelsea and Lyndsey and Alan.  Alan is married to Lyndsey and Charlie, but not to  Chelsea; 

·      Charlie is married to Chelsea and Lyndsey.  Alan is married to Lyndsey and also to Herb and Judith;

·      Group Marriage – multi-lateral marriage where all members of the marriage are considered to be married to all other members.  Group marriage is said to have existed in the past among the Sandwich Islanders, in Melanesia, among the Omahas, and among some Australian aborigines;

·      “Line Marriage” – a type of group marriage where the family unit continues to add spouses of both / alternating genders over time so that the marriage never ends.  This concept currently only exists in science fiction, including “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”; the “Starfarers” series; the novel “Worlds”; the “Heritage”, “Legacy” and “Inheritance” Trilogies; and the now-cancelled TV series “Caprica”;

·      Any other combination you can think of.

Some of the science fiction writing describes group marriages, specifically line marriages, having as a major goal avoiding inheritance and property rights issues by always having a living spouse.  However, wherever you have humans, you have human nature and human problems.  Issues of divorce and support payments, child custody and access cannot be avoided, only complicated, by these more complex relationships.

Is this the polygamy you thought you knew?

Written by TERRASOLA


  1. /End over end, that is so funny, heck why not us all just get married? The Brown's are trying to prove a point that's just plain wrong.
    AND, to add spice to it, a fake religion, a cult!
    Good job!

  2. Cute Article! It makes it all seem crazy, doesn't it? What it's not saying is the poor suckers not married to each other, ARE stuck with each other!LOL

  3. EWWW Bad thought, a bunch of guys with one woman, all sitting around watching sports!

  4. Isn't it interesting how different people live? Makes me happy to have my ole man, he's nothing special, but he sleeps only with me.

  5. It reminds me of a film a saw on the 60's Ashberry Street. A son that grew up there filmed it, talked about all the free love, and how his mom left, and his dad did it over and over and over, and had kids strung out everywhere. Except these guys just all stay together!

  6. I wonder if the Line marriages are great dancers -
    Why don't we all just get married?

  7. Sorry, but this is the way I think of polygamy. And the way people I know practice it.
    Won't Kody be thrilled if true polygamy becomes legal and his wives decide to add more husbands?

  8. That would be a blast, PJ!

  9. It sounds so strange, doesn't it?

  10. I think it's insane. I guess it's BETTER if the Mormon religion isn't involved, and just free will. the Religion is the creep for me, other than that, as long as people don't try to have 20 kids in a crazy life, do what they want.

  11. So interesting to see what people have to say here. I am enjoying the site so far.

    For my part, I am happy in my non-religious polgynous family. If it were legal we would certainly consider marriage for all of its benefits and protections, but until its acceptible enough to society I'll probably have to continue being in the closet, so that I can keep my successfuly career.

    I can't imagine why it would hurt anyone if people old enough to consent could just marry whoever they feel moved to. There seem to be so many bigger issues in the world to put energy into worrying about.

  12. Hello, Polygrrl,
    Now, I would be interested in your story. Here, I think what has people bothered is the RELIGION. Not the polygamy.
    Tell us about it, and welcome!

  13. I am in a relationship and we are thinking of adding another wife we are non religious poligamists and see no reason that you can't be with the ones you love as long as all parties are ok with it. We fervantly disagree with any form of abuse or control. Any involved and we are not interested in it for reproductive purpouses. We love each other and want to spend the rest of our lives togather. This is not to say it is without difficulties most of which are caused by other peoples immediate and hateful responces to finding out about us. We treat each other with respect and are all equals. How can you say you can't love more than one person?

  14. That is an entirely different example to us. I'd say we are looking at the Religion and the children end of it. Or I should say, I do. Very interesting. Try to stick with us, and give us your input.