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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sister Wives: Head of the Household Video Blast FT Past

"Who is in charge? And, do they consider themselves a "normal" family? The Browns dish the plural dirt." This is one of the first video clips, way back in September 2010. Let's see if times have changed. Well, Kody's hair is brown, not blonde for one. And, they are talking about having to lie about who each other are. Kody says he's "hen picked" - Do you think he is? Or is he the Boss?


  1. The interesting aspect at looking at the old clips for me, is to see, what I call "early TV innocence" - before they get savvy and learn to manipulate more.
    Interesting, only Janelle called Kody the head of the household. Isn't that what he SHOULD BE?
    the rest blow it off, but, Christine wasn't blowing it off when Kody gave her the ultimatum about moving.
    You see this often in polygamists, trying to act like they are the hen picked husband, when in reality, they hold ALL the power, even the keys to heaven. Isn't that sad?

  2. They all seem so much happier and relaxed here.

  3. And Ro-BUN isn't there in the Discussion hogging mode yet! How pleasant!

  4. The only thing Kody Brown is the "head" of is chasing the golden goose.

  5. It does take you back to a time of innocence, where they certainly were, and I certainly was totally unaware they wanted to be gods and all the other cult activities that go on!

  6. Sadly, they knew straight where they were headed. This wasn't a simple, pick me up show, they'd been involved in politics for a long time, esp. Christina. They had a purpose, they knew they'd get "looked at" and not charged but they made that into a lawsuit, sadly, it was only simple to us.