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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lifting the Veil of Polygamy

Anonymous (Why is everyone Annony?) reminded me of this great movie. Take the time to watch it sometime and comment on it.

This show that presents the video is on a local Utah channel. They have a few interesting videos at their website. You might like to check them out. See our lovely Flora make a brief response on original LDS and Warren. Hear about Nauvoo, Illinois, where Robyn's family leads back to and much more. Interesting.

This documentary examines the roots of Joseph Smith's legacy, and its modern-day fruit. We follow the compelling testimonies of nine former fundamentalists, who shed light on this practice and lifestyle which has been shrouded in secrecy since the earliest days of Mormonism; but more importantly, they share the true freedom they have found in the Jesus Christ of the Bible.


  1. What I am doing is listening to this, as I look over the other pages, great idea!! REALLY worth listening to, or even watching if your not ADHD like me.

  2. Living Hope Ministries -

    Living Hope was founded in 1989 by a seminary student who was secretly wrestling with questions of faith and sexuality. He knew his questions must be honestly addressed in order for him to become a healthy minister or husband, but his church and seminary did not provide a safe space for him to share. He began meeting with a small group of godly men who were experiencing the same tension between their faith and sexuality. They would support each other through prayer and a continual reliance on the Word of God. Over two decades later, Living Hope continues to be a refuge for men and women who are searching for a place of healing and wholeness through a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

    As homosexuality and sexual and relational brokenness continues to rise in our culture, Living Hope Ministries also serves as support for local congregations throughout the world who desire to journey with men, women, youth, wives, and families as they seek to align their lives with the truths of God’s Word. Our desire is both to equip churches with a deeper understanding of sexual and relational issues, and offer specific support to men and women who are directly affected by homosexuality.

    We believe sexual and relational struggles are developed through deficient relationships, and are likewise restored through vibrant relationships. Our hope is that men and women will honestly confront their questions and fears with us in order to move forward into a life of ongoing freedom and active
    participation in their local churches and the Kingdom of God.

    Well good for them, I believe in tolerance. My preacher used to say, where better for a prostitute, a drunkard, a gay man, a drug addict to be than right here in our pews. And, That's what I believe. God loves us all we all have faults. Call someone a queer, say their going to hell, but you cheat on you taxes every year, and bilk your company out of money, which is worse? Because you upstanding member of society that lies, your better?

  3. 1. Say what they want, they all go back to JOSEPH SMITH. And, there lies the PROBLEM. A FALSE IDOL. With made up books and rules. They only use the bible to confuse and manipulate. Doesn't matter if your AUB, FLDS, Kingston, even LDS, it's all the same. Don't be fooled.

    2. Off the subject - but I've always had a problem celebrating Easter and Christmas, seems against god, based on evil.

    3. I agree, the Independent Mormon polygamists,
    actually follow Mormonism more faithfully than the LDS. I think there's a post on this called something like, Who can be called a Mormon. They all fight over it, but the polygamists are more true, it was the basis of the whole religion.

    4. Brigham Young - YOU WILL BE DAMNED if you don't practice polygamy. Funny, LDS were just chickens, face it.

    5. GOD and Jesus were both polygamists? SHOW ME THAT IN THE BIBLE. BLASPHEMY@

    6. EVEN though the LDS denounces the IMF, isn't like them being a Judas to the IMF?

    7. Warren Jeffs is not a good example - maybe they should of chose another groups leader?
    Warren Jeffs wasn't crucified for polygamy, but for sexual misconduct.

    8. NOT SOCIAL REFORM to take care of needy women, nor a LIFESTYLE - it's to get to the celestial heaven, which is the SCARY issue.


    10. To give a living form to spirit babies? They think you were spirit babies in heaven before you got here? hmmmm, well, why can't Meri just have babies, then they wouldn't need to be conceived.

    11. "The idea of becoming a god was intoxicating" THAT'S WHY KODY WENT FOR IT!!!!

    12. Polygamy solves the situation of getting all those spirit babies down to earth. UGH!

    Whew! I'm only at 22 mins. Taking a break! This is great!

  4. Very interesting film. The Mackert woman said that when her husband was in the next room with another wife, it was abuse, emotional abuse, and torture. She said that when she was 17 she was sent to marry a man who was 50 and she prayed that she would die that day, as she was sitting in her car with her parents. How could they do that? How can husbands emotionally abuse their wives this way? How can we listen to these woman cry about the abuse, and then sit back and believe the lies that Robyn, Meri, Christine and Janelle tell about how happy they are? What would Meri say if she were to talk honestly about how she felt when Janelle first started having sex with her husband? How do we know that Janelle didn't just get pregnant and then Kody and Janelle got "married"? There are no marriage records, only their word as to the date of the second "marriage". All we know is that Janelle's son was Kody's first child and they couldn't lie about that. All the men and women on this film say that they believed they would go to hell if they left polygamy, but they were already in hell, so they left anyway. What kind of religion is that?

  5. WOW! They all flocked to celebrate Joseph Smiths birthday?

    False Idol.

  6. I noticed how much Mary Mackert in this video resembles Christine. Putting together info from the video and from the Allred Family genealogy, this is what I found:
    Christine and Mary Mackert are second cousins. Dr. Rulon Clark Allred was their grandfather. Ezra Draper (the young man that Warren Jeffs molested as a child), is Mary Mackert's son.
    So, Mary Mackert is from the Allred group and was forced to marry at age 17 into the Jeffs group. In the video, her half-brother said that when she had gone to be married, no one knew her whereabouts for several years. Also, Mary Mackert said in the video that she was on Warren Jeffs hit list.

  7. Another link in this spider-web of polygamy. Big Surprise! (Not.)