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Friday, August 12, 2011

Sister Wives - Back When it was Innocent- Burnt Toast

"Toasters ruin lives. Ovens ruin toast."

Back when Sister Wives seemed like it was going to be innocent and fun. Oh, the good old days. I had a friend like this. She's a hoot! She was raised in a strict religious family with a mom that changed religions like you change cars. Luckily, my friend is super normal despite that- except her quirks. She wouldn't take an aspirin during labor, she refuse to use a microwave, or eat processed food. I have to say, she may not be ALL wrong. My Aunt who is 95 credits outliving 8 siblings younger than her to- living in the country, no processed foods, and having yogurt everyday. 
Here's Christine's Burnt Toast - hey, we have a commenter named that! Good choice!
Shouldn't they bought her a 4 - 6 hole one? 

(Video Courtesy of TLC)     


  1. Now here's my type of post!!!!
    I agree, In the beginning, we had no idea WHY they were polygamists. They kept telling us it was their choice, a lifestyle. I could of handled that a tad better than this Mormon anti Christ agenda.

    Little did we know, they had the whole agenda weaved into what we were watching. the arrest, (no to be) (OH! they wished it had!) the run, the whole thing. I feel betrayed. I'm no Duggar fan, but I don't think they had a huge agenda. And they pay their own bills.

    Hence, my name!!!

  2. ahh, but to then get a Cuisinart? How nice was that? smell a TLC rat!!! LOL

  3. I had a friend, poor thing, her mom was a religious zealot, changed Pentecostal churches all the times. She's like that. BUT, came out pretty normal! Just quirks!
    This is when I thought I'd love the show. And Christine didn't tell us she was pregnant every three minutes.

  4. I miss the funny innocence I thought Christine had. Having no idea she was one big political agenda.