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Monday, August 15, 2011


Thanks Girl2, Now we can watch them and discuss all in one place!
The Man with 80 Wives......


  1. Things that struck me:
    Uses women as commodities.
    Perfect obedience produces perfect faith.

    Excommunicated people all the time? Isn't that where sinners need to be?

    How can one man know what to do with 10,000 people?
    This whole marriage thing is CRAZY.

    He probably kicked the man out to get his MONEY!!!!

    UEB - nuts.

    no music, Tv, magazines, but TAPES of him.

    BLACK RACE on tape 3.

    Prepared to killed for him!!! (Warren Jeffs)
    (of course, for Righteous reasons)

    People hostile in Short Creek - I'm sure! a Black journalist!
    In Bountiful, different scene.

    GREAT So far! Got to watch 4/5 later!

  2. These are amazing!

  3. Immoral filthy people..... and 10,000 people follow and give him all their money?
    He doesn't blow my mind as much as the followers!

    I put on the abusers post about Brent Jeffs brother. How horrible.

    It really appears like no one wanted to find or bring in Jeffs- doesn't it? If the police had been watching his areas, they could of easily got him much sooner. Do you think they were scared to, for their own life?

    Interesting what Blackmore said, let him go, then he's not a Martyr to the people. In one way, yes, but how many got abused along the way?

  4. I watched this before. Funny, the reporter had it all wrapped up in no time. They didn't really want to catch him.

  5. I didn't follow this before. Why were the police so lax about catching him in SL/Utah and in Texas?

  6. from what I gathered, in TX they were a tad afraid of another Waco. He bought the land under false premises. So, he was barley there, what 2 yrs before he was on the run. Utah, I am beginning to wonder if that's not all who pays the most money to the politicians.