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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sister Wives: Parenting Styles

Janelle, Christine, and Meri compare notes on their rather different parenting styles.


  1. Well, everyone is different, but I say GO MERI!
    Rules are good! Seems like she's oh, I don't know... THINKING!

  2. With 17 kids you need rules.
    Perhaps at least one person in this family is actually caring about the children.

  3. REALLY! that's what I thought, you CARE enough to think things out first, Meri. That's a good thing. Christine is too bubble headed to do it.

  4. I just lost respect for Janelle.
    She doesn't think about it at all?

    Come on, you need to THINK about your children,and PLAN accordingly.

  5. Guys, check out the next clip-"The kids are on board."

    "The kids are on board"-Not.

  6. It's pretty obvious after this clips to why Janelle's kids are lost....

  7. Meri, you are the best mom. Moms plan.
    Janelle, you are getting too lazy for me.
    Christine you may know about your religion, but you are dumb about everything else!

  8. Good grief. Until now the general consensus has been that Janelle's kids are the most normal/ adjusted. Now after this video Janelle is a bad parent?

    Normal implies that they're like other kids. So if Janelle's doing a bad job parenting, the rest of the world apparently is too.

  9. I don´t think that Janelles Kids are actually raised by Janelle. Before they moved to Vegas she was working all the time (at least she told so).
    Wasn´t Christine the stay at home mom?

  10. I'm not sure from a 1:22 clip that you can really get a good feel for parenting styles. Yes, Meri has rules and rules are good, but Meri has one child. If Meri had multiple children and had to contend with different personalities and issues, would she still have so many rules. And Meri never really says what her rules are.

    I'm sure that Janelle and Christine have rules too. They would have to or at some point we would have begun to see a "Lord of the Flies" or in maybe in their case a "Children of the Corn" scenario begin to play out.

    I think relatively speaking their children appear pretty normal. But, normal is a relative term.

  11. Janelle has made it clear from day one she enjoys being at work, has she not?!? What does that do to her kids?
    Janelle didn't get off her butt to take Hunter and the kids going fishing when they wanted, instead she allowed him to blame others. Who by the way, were not even going to the same location. Yet, she only had a problem with the way he spoke of other adults, instead of clarifying the reason why they hadn't gone yet. What Janelle truly misses is Christine raising her kids..... she doesn't know how to parent, she hasn't helped the kids adjust to the move, she just leaves them to work it all out on their own. Personally, I think she enjoys her kids being angry with the Robyn situation is instigating the issue rather than getting her kids to realize this is life accept it, Robyn isn't going anywhere.

  12. I don't know. I just see a lot of fli flopping with the viewers lately, at the drop of a hat--or a 1-minute video. I'm not pointing out anything specific, and it probably includes me.

    One minute we love Janelle. Then, after a short video clip, we don't like Janelle anymore. One minute we love Logan to pieces. After another short video clip, he's irritating.

    I think we're falling prey to the editors' too much. I'm not usually one to defend reality show "stars" because of editing, but they are going for a knee-jerk reaction. I think we should remember that.

  13. girl 2 - I see it more like this-
    It's not so much what this clip said, but what we had already surmised.
    Yes, many of us want to like them all, but, one by one, we can't deny that they are really totally screwed up to even be in this situation.
    Therefore, the walls come down.

  14. To me it´s not who I like the most, it´s who I dislike the less.
    In my opinion, Kody is a big selfish child who does not really care about anything but himself.
    Robyn is a whiny, manipulative homewrecker. Yes, I know, they consider themselves "married", but I don´t care about that point.
    Janelle seems to be depressed all the time and also seems to have no personality or interests besides her work.
    Christine acts whiny and bitter, and although she tells otherwise, she is blaming Robyn and is jealous of her. I would bet that she is the next to get pregnant again, beside the fact that she worries about her age and all the other stuff she said. That seems to be the only way to get Kodys Attention.
    Meri kind of annoys me the most, because I used to like her in the first season. She is the most powerful of the wives but she never uses her power! How can anyone be so passive? She was clearly unhappy with Kody courting Robyn (I recall this "mexican dinner thing" when she asked Kody how he would like it if she would have another husband) but instead of stepping up and saying "No!" to that mess, she now claims it was here Idea and acts to be totally happy with it.

    The only likeable people in this are the kids, I feel really sorry for them.

  15. I mean, a mom of 6 says she has no rules?

  16. Guys- just came back to tell you Troy has been writing back, lots of useful knowledge on the 2 posts of his!

  17. I'm not saying they're not scewed up. The whole mess is screwed up. But some of the video clips are vague.

    In this video for instance, Janelle says she has no rules. But obviously, she has to have some kind of rules or her kids would be a lot worse off than they are now. They didn't spend 24 hours a day with Christine, after all. It just seems like she couldn't think of any off-hand.

    It just seems like the "least liked" person changes with every video.

  18. I don't base my opinions off of clips, I've been watching since Season 1 and try not to base my opinions just off of editing either.

  19. Just because Janelle says she doesn't have rules (ie, wash your hands before you come to the dinner table) doesn't mean that she doesn't have standards for her children (ie- come to the dinner table clean/groomed.) Likewise, not having rules per say, is not the same thing as not having expectations.

    The editors constantly emphasize how 'particular' Meri is- I think this clip was poorly edited, but trying to do the same thing.

    And Christine....well, Christine just talks a lot.

  20. EXACTLY, Anonymous. I didn't have rules, per se, but did have expectations. My parents had a lot of rules, which made for a lot of stress, and I was always walking on eggshells. My kids are grown now and thank me regularly for how they grew up. Honor societies, college graduates, no arrests, and they eat their vegetables. All with no rules.

    In an earlier episode Meri corrected one of the girls about something she was wearing. I remember thinking that her delivery was a lot harsher than was necessary. Her approach to the alleged hitting incident was just stupid, IMO. No questions, straight to raising hell in public. Nice. I'm beginning to think Meri is just not that smart. While I'm at it, does anyone else think the pajamas for Christmas thing is just goofy?

  21. When me and my best friend had 2 hell-raising little ones at the same time, we used to tell them that unless there was blood, we didn't want to hear it, or both would be in trouble

    Soon after, the tattling and fighting stopped.

    It sounds harsh, but it wasn't, and it worked!

    Stop for a whiney girl, with no red mark, uh, NO

  22. This is a bit off topic, but has anyone found Las Vegas review about Kodys Liv speaking debut 2 wks ago? I've Googled for days & came up w/ nothing :/ ...just curious bc today they have another Liv speaking event. I wonder if all them folks that attended bought into the bolgna they're selling & were generous w/ their $$ ..lol

  23. I don't think any one has reported here going to the event. I hope someone goes tomorrow and comes and tells us!

  24. These ladies need to be on TLC's What Not to Wear.

  25. Janelle has said before that she was never much of a disciplinarian because she worked so much. So pretty much Christine mothered them, and she was the workaholic father. Because you know Kody's involvement with them is superficial at best. Like a "fun uncle".

  26. I actually can't stand any of them. I think Meri is the "cult" leader, not Kody. Maybe it should be Meri & Co. This is just not a healthy relationship for any of the kids and why the authorities are letting this continue is beyond me. I've seen kids taken away from parents for a lot less than this mess.

  27. No one in particular seems to be at the helm of this ship.

    New Leader! I nominate either Hunter (the Johnny Appleseed comment is only the beginning) or that dark-haired girl that belongs to Janelle (I'm stuck here in hell-errrrr).
    Kody's hair is my second choice, followed by Christine's frying pan.

  28. I dunno, YouSillyAppleSeed, I wouldn't want to wish the responsibility of steering the HMS Kodouche, on those two kids. They don't deserve the eternal frustration of having to deal with 4 adults with Peter Pan Syndrome (never mind the actual children in this cluster-you-know-what).

    On the other hand, I don't think Kody's hair could handle it either. The way I see it is, if his hair had any sense, it would have jumped off his head like a bad toupee on fire, a long time ago.

    To that end, I nominate Christine's frying pan. After all, it can't do any worse of a job at caring for the Brown Brood than their so-called parents are doing already.

  29. Sorry, I meant 5 adults...oops! ;*)

  30. Watching this clip provides me with an excellent example of how each of the women uses a different defense mechanism to survive the hell they've chosen to live.

    Meri becomes extremely bossy and micromanaging, it makes her feel like she's in control of her life.

    Janelle basically shuts down emotionally. She puts on a face of someone who is 100% practical and unemotional. It provides her with a mask behind which to hide.

    Christine goes overboard with the chattering and over-friendly "dumb-blonde" type of persona. This too is a mask, although the opposite of Janelles.

    Bottom line, they all have rules, like Christine's about how her daughter should dress, and Janelle telling her son not to be disrespectful. It's just interesting to see how well they delude themselves.

  31. Anonymous, you were more accurate the first time. Robyn doesn't qualify as an adult. "Stunted adolescent" would be even be generous. I can't even begin to categorize the perv without profanity.

  32. I vote the frying pan to navigate this hot enjoyable mess, I salute Kody's hair and his increiabllly lackluster commentary, and silly delusions. I need more episodes.

  33. These comments crack me up. This is a loving family who just happens to be different from a "traditional" family. I have a bigger problem with these "career" parents who have children only to put them in daycare day after day after day. Who is raising THOSE kids? Strangers! At least in the Brown family the kids are surrounded by loving adults. Not too much different from the old tradition of having multi-generational families under 1 roof. You holier-than-thou posters need to think before you post!