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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

UPDATED!! Review S03Ep08: Another Wife

Love should be multiplied, not divided...Kody Brown

I'm confused. Really confused. First we have Kody, saying in the introduction, that Love should be multiplied, not divided...then later, we have his friend Andy saying if he enters the Principle of Plural marriage, he would be cutting his family in half. What's up with that?

Robyn as a Monet

You know, I've come to the conclusion that watching this episode was a lot like looking at a painting by Monet - from a distance it looks really good, but when you get real close, you see it's a mess. (Thank you Cher, from Clueless).

Yep, this is one mess of an episode, especially that Warren Jeffs bloviating by the Kodester. But before we get to that joyful piece of ministry, let's find out how two of the Brown teens are doing.

YAY! Hunter wants to play football again! Janelle is optimistic. " He might still be struggling," she says , "but at least there's gonna be this one thing that will be really awesome for him". And what's this? Madison has lightened her hair! Yes, according to Kody, she has tired of being grumpy so she's trying out a new attitude and a new 'do. "Yeah," Kody says, "It makes me wonder why you ever went black." Really Kody? Think about it, black hair in a sea of blonds. Who do you notice more? I rest my case...

Goody, goody! We get to meet more of the adult Browns' friends. I am simply beside myself to see some more friends - I just can't wait to hear what they have to say! So let's meet Andy and Nicole!

We find out that Andy and Nicole share the same faith as the Browns, the difference being their marriage is still monogamous. As described by Christine on the couch "...they are just wuuuunnnnnnnnnderrrrrfffffullllllll peeeeeeeppppllllllle." I kid you not, that's how Christine described them: They are just wuuuunnnnnnnnnderrrrrfffffullllllll peeeeeeeppppllllllle. Holy Toledo, Christine, could you sound more fake?

Oh, there's the knock on the door. Here they are!

Now at first, they seem like a nice enough couple. We find out they have six kids, and Andy wants to ask Kody "How do you date as a married man?" Now, I've heard through the grapevine that Andy's first choice to ask this question was Eddie Cibrian, but he was too busy. Second choice was Kelsey Grammer, but, well, Kelsey is just Kelsey. The others were either too old or dead, so Andy was stuck with asking Kody. Major bummage.

So the Brown's pack up the vehicles, and drive up to Mt Charleston for a picnic with their Lehi friends! Of course Kody leads the way in his 5th wife better known as his Lexus sports car (and don't you forget it) but that's not Robyn riding with him. Guess she rode her broomstick instead and let one of the Brown kids ride in her seat. Wait a minute, she's riding shotgun in that Honda van in FRONT of the Kodester sportster. Wow, Robyn is truly leading this group out of the darkness and into...well...the wilderness, yes, that's it!! This way to the food, fellas!

Yum Yum! That cookout is looking really good. Guess next time I should eat first before watching because all that food is making me really hungry. And while Andy talks about how bad he is at finding a second wife, all I can do is watch that yummy hamburger he's holding. Up, and down, and all around that burger goes as Andy talks and talks and talks. Finally, Meri says "Hold your nose and jump in with both feet!". So THAT'S how Robyn got to be the 4th wife, eh?

Holy Guacamole! Did I just hear what I thought I heard? Did Andy just say a polygamist living in separate homes is like a divorce? No way! My ears are lying to me....HIT THE REWIND!!

Meri was ...
Not Amused!!
Yep, he sure did. In front of Meri, and kids and Christine and whoever else was in earshot. He said "In Utah, you guys all lived together as a family, Now you don't. So whether anyone wants to admit it, or not, essentially you've got shared custody with Kody. So now its almost a divorce...Sorry if this is sensitive but this is on my mind..." Wowsers, I thought Kody was an insensitive jerk. This guy takes the cake. What is it with polygamist men. Are they all totally incapable of a modicum of human empathy? To say something like that in front of the wives of your supposed "friend" and their children. Wow, unbelievably crass. And Andy says "Our wives are our treasures", yeah, right. If I were you, Nicole, I'd hit the road before that arse has time to bring in his next brood mare.

But Nicole just sits there, drinking her water. Listening to her husband bloviate (I like that word) about how hard it is for him. To see a good looking single girl and wonder if she's his next wife. And how he would have to leave Nicole to go to bed alone while he's with the other wife, cutting his family in half. He feels every single woman is a potential wife when he goes to church. He has to look down a lot and carry a big notebook (Thank you Michelle and Romy's High School Reunion!) Don't know what to tell you big guy, but it sounds like you've got bigger issues that Kody can't possible help you with. My suggestion? Find a religion that better suits your entire family and WON'T hurt your relationship with your six kids and Nicole. Now, that will be $300.00 please, and use the back door to leave. NEXT!

Like I said, it's like a Monet painting...

Oh no, not another Kody Brown Sunday Service. Those kids look soooo excited to be there, especially Mykelti.

Is it just me or does Christine have a condescending way of speaking during this episode?

"Now there is someone we can talk to alllllll offfffff thaaa tyyyyyyyyyme and we actually have his number!"

Hate to break it to ya, but those are letters - not numbers on that little  poster you created.

Next time, use PowerPoint. And numbers. Thank you.

Andy is asked to speak, and he likes to wing it. So he talks about how when he was a child, they had to hide, and how evil can flourish when people are hiding things. He sees the Browns as leading their people out of the darkness, and into the light. Actually my high school American Government teacher use to say that but it sounds good here.

Ugh....Kody's turn to bloviate. All about the evil known as Warren Jeffs, and that he was like King Noah ben Zeniff from the Book of Mormon who was evil just like Jeffs. Jeffs was a bully, who married young girls and was just plain evil. Kody, what does Kingship mean? Anyway, although Warren Jeffs is probably his first or second cousin, Kody intones Jeffs should have been stopped by his own people. Instead, he was stopped by the state of Texas. Now Christine feels they should not discuss the FLDS at all, so that the poor sheeple will come out of hiding and into the glaring light of the "good" polygamy their faith shines on the world. She is quite the activist. She over spoke Kody several times. Andy admits when he was young he was a thug (and I think he still acts like one, too). I kind of lost why Andy mentioned this - perhaps it was to illustrate how he wouldn't change until he knew he was no longer being judged and that's what the American public must do - stop judging the poor sheeple of FLDS. I'm just not buying this stuff. Whose idea was this to talk about the FLDS and that Kody's religion is different? WE GET IT! THANK YOU!

YIPPEE!! - DINNER CRUISE TIME! Yes, although the Browns have no jobs, and are living on 'finite resources' they have GOT to take their Lehi friends on a Lake Mead Dinner Cruise. Now I let my fingers do the googling and found the Dinner cruise website. For seven people, without wine (plus gratuity)the cost was about $378.00. Approximately the cost of one week food for one family all spent in one night entertaining friends. And we don't get to see them eating. Yeah, no pictures of Robyn turning her nose up at the food smells, or shoveling the food into her mouth. What a waste.

Nicole looking relieved that Kody married Robyn before Andy could
But what we do see, is a very uncomfortable looking Nicole fielding questions from Kody and his Sisterwives. It is painfully obvious this lady is not ready for a sisterwife. You can see it in her eyes. When she says "We're sacrificing our relationship for [the Principle] but its worth it to us..." I want to scream DON'T DO IT! But it's their life, and like Meri said "You won't know the benefits fully until you live it..."

So it goes. (Thank you Kurt Vonnegut!)

Your Thoughts?


  1. That was so funny! I loved it!
    Now I have a new word to throw around.
    I thought Robyn was singing along to Madonna's VOGUE and kinda doing the gestures. ha ha

    Now I personally liked the guy, he seemed sincere to me, and I loved it when he talked of it being like a divorce-I saw that in a totally different light. I felt that he did a nice job preaching, compared to...what did Kody preach?

    What irks me is that the Browns themselves didn't have any great reasons to live the lifestyle, well, except Kody who said he would do it anyway. (duhhaa huhaa for the LOVE)
    I thought Nichole had more answers than the ladies did. That picture you put up... whoa! the teens like to put things on proud display. All that talk about modesty...hm..

    I was glad to see Janelle act happier.

    THANKS! I can't wait to discuss this at work now, they all read your reviews, too.

  2. oops... and I LOVED YOUR PICTURE of Nicole and "Nicole looking relieved that Kody married Robyn before Andy could" What a good one!

    1. ME TOO!

      And also the comment "Find a religion that better suits your entire family and WON'T hurt your relationship with your six kids and Nicole. Now, that will be $300.00 please, and use the back door to leave. NEXT!"

      You are dead on. Seemed like a nice enough couple to me, hope they decide to be bad Mormons and stick with 'just' the two of them and their 6 kids.

  3. Hi all,

    I always love the reviews, and this one was great too, but I have to disagree about Andy. He indicated many times how uncomfortable or perverted the idea of looking at other women as potential spouses made him feel. He sounded very worried about the idea of leaving his wife to sleep alone many nights while he is with someone else.

    I thought he sounded like he was stuck between a rock, his religious beliefs, and a hard place, ruining his happy marriage. Now to all us it seems obvious that a religion that requires you to mess up your wife and kids and send the whole family into therapy is not a good one to follow. But he really believes his eternity hangs on this and doesn't know what to do.
    I'm a very religious person myself and feel a little guilty dumping on someone else's religion, but somebody get Andy out fast. Get him interested in Buddhism or something.

  4. I agree will the other posters...love Cynical's reviews (including this one) but my take on Andy is that he is just really struggling with what he KNOWS is right and what he BELIEVES is right.

    Also, the way he was portrayed in this episode had me believing that he really is IN LOVE with his wife. Amazing how I got that feeling about him in only 20 short minutes, yet I have been watching Kody interact with his wives for 3 seasons now and still has not made me feel like he's in love with any of his wives (definitely in LUST with Robyn, but that's about it)

  5. I´m with Mono4Life on the Lovepoint.
    Kody never gave me the "in Love vibe" but Andy did.

    Also Christines way of talking was even more anoying in this episode then in the episodes before.
    She also looks like she hasn´t showered in a week and she looks kind of worn out.
    But hey, that must be the happy lifestyle, right?

    I loved how Robyn was nodding her head when Andy spoke about the divorce thingy.
    I could almost hear the voices in her head screaming: SEE! Thats why Kody should only be with me! ME! ME! ME!

  6. LOL! LOVED the Eddie Cibrain comment.

    Also, is it just me or did Robyn seem to fishing for compliments when she asked Nicole if she saw/knew the benefits of having sisterwives.Like she expected/wanted her to say that after watching the Brown women interact or how they all get along so well that she kinda wants one now, etc....

  7. oh, yeah, always fishing for the compliment.

    Here's my take.
    Christine is worse very week. I forgot to comment on the week where she answered everything Kody said with "Yes, my love", this week she was especially annoying!

    Kody has ESP because he KNEW why they were coming! How amazing was that!

    I guess the scenario was to be that the Brown's would convince Nicole and Andy to get on with polygamy. However, I didn't see any convincing going on. The wives certainly didn't carry on about any benefits. Meri said she wouldn't of done it if it wasn't mandated; only Kody said he would even if it was religiously mandated.
    To me it was a sad representation of what this religion does to a normal family-Adam seems so in love with his wife and TORN about doing this.

    Why are all the shows about the religion they won't talk about?
    If you were a reader back in the beginning of this blog, as I was, there was a poster that warned us they had a political agenda. And by golly they were right. Out it popped.
    And now, every show is just that.
    IT is starting to be sad.
    A religion they can't Talk about? Must be a good one. (snark)

  8. Is it sad that I am now getting more entertainment out of this blog than actually watching the show. The show feels so scripted to me and I want to see more of the real dynamics of the wives interacting. Oh well, guess i will just have to keep checking in here for the actual entertainment factor of the show.

  9. I agree that Robyn seemed to be fishing for compliments. Also, did you guys also catch Robyn's comment at the end of the episode about how it can take up to 2 years to adjust???? Hmmm, how long has Robyn been with the family now?? lol

  10. Yeah, I caught that one!
    Guess the first year wasn't so fun?

    Wasn't it sad to watch that couple and realize they were in love, but thought they HAD to go polygamy?

    If your family 10 generations back were in polygamy, and that's all you knew, you would think so too, I imagine.
    What I see is a bunch of miserable people trying not to be miserable.
    I could of smacked Kody when Adam said something about ..didn't Kody feel bad leaving one wife to sleep with another?
    Kody just looked confused. Like in his head he had never in a million years thought that.
    I have never seen Kody show any of his wives that kind of thoughtfulness.
    Is it me, or does Meri seem to be buddy buddy with Robyn? Am I wrong?
    It seems the more unhappy Janelle and Christine are, the happier Meri is. Makes you wonder the dynamics of before, doesn't it?

    STRANGE Adam thought he only deserved a wife that was divorced....even in the Christian church, they don't exactly jump for joy over a divorced person.
    He really takes this serious.

  11. what a sad and joyless and stressful and anxious religion. does anyone ever see anyone truly happy and peaceful from it. (other than Christine's manic/bi-polar blips of "true" joy? lol)

    and your eternal "reward" you're going for is to be a sister wife and be impregnated with spirits for your own planet for ETERNITY?? wow, sign me up!

  12. Cry Me a Robyn RiverNovember 8, 2011 at 11:15 AM

    God's Letters for the Jesus # translates to 53787 for those like me who hate to try to figure out what button to press when someone gives you letters for a phone #.

    now, the fact that it's missing 2 #'s is not my problem. you might wanna just try adding two zeros at the end and see if that gets you through to God. and i have no earthly if we need an area code or not?

    forget it - this is all too complicated. i think i'll just go back to my childhood lesson and that's PRAYER is the direct line to God.

    but in all kindness for Christine, given the fact that she just loves that hopelessly immature Kody and that she can't handle an 8 year old, she really just needs to stick with her kindergarten level comfort zone which is what her SS lesson was geared to.

  13. LMAO @ Cry Me a River!!! Love it!!

  14. Seekerz and Polkadot you guys are right on!

    That's exactly how I see it too - this Adam guy TRULY believes his salvation depends on polygamy and is torn by what he feels - that he loves his wife and can't imagine not spending his life solely with her. Another woman would just absolutely devastate this family.

    I hope against all odds that they will choose to remain monogamous. That they will examine their religion's doctrines for themselves and not be afraid to think independently for once in their lives.

    I said this earlier but a religion whose followers advise that people should "close their eyes, hold their breath and jump in" is NOT the kind of religion a sane and rational God would be a part of. We were made intelligent and with freedom of choice for a reason.

    LOVED the review. Makes me laugh every time.

  15. A masterpiece, as usual! Bloviate: nice choice. I would like to suggest masticate. As in, “Robyn masticates like a cow.”

    With regards to the Monet reference (also nice), I would also like to suggest that SWs is like looking at a painting by the surrealist Salvador Dali:

    1. The objects you are seeing are recognizable (like clocks or faces), but they are warped.

    2. You are fairly certain that whatever you are seeing has a meaning; however, it is usually something creepy, obsessive, and Freudian in nature.

    3. You feel like you are in an alternate reality, where the usual laws of science and common sense do not apply, and you can never be absolutely sure of what the hell is going on.

  16. Great review!! I so appreciate it because I honestly fell asleep before the end of this scripted episode. And you guys all have wonderful comments as well.

    I have news for Andy. Jeffs wasn't successful because the polygamists are in hiding. He was able to lord over these people because their cult teaches them that he us a prophet. If they would put down their Mormon version of the bible and read a version of the Bible that has not been written for Joseph Smith followers, they would read that God says there will be no more prophets after Jesus (except false prophets). The dynamics if this cult are what set up the sheeple to blindly follow an evil man.

  17. if you know the history of Warren Jeffs (which obviously Kody doesn't) he was already a pedophile w/both little girls and little boys in his early teens. a product of his environment way back in the 60's.

    and if Robyn really DOES read "all these articles" about FLDS and knows anything AT ALL about them ike she claims to, she would know WHY THE MOTHERS "let them" do that to their daughters that has her so perplexed.

    Or maybe she's reading Christine's dumbed down kindergarten version of the FLDS articles. but somehow i think Robyn may just be lacking in reading comprehension and retention if she really reads at all.

  18. Great review, thanks. Love your caption of the picture "glad Kody married Robyn before her husband could" and the use of the word "sheeple."

    Modernwife, I think that was your name, a big DITTO to your post.

  19. I know it Frontal lobe. Andy implicates that it is society's fault that they are in hiding. Um nope ... Hiding and creating an " us against the world" culture that teaches if you leave you will burn in hell is what gave Warren Jeffs the power ... Along with the idea of prophet and their power, etc. Kody thinks he will be a god for eternity but says hey, I'd do the polygamy thing just for the group adoration I receive right here on this planet!

  20. I agree with those who had a more positive view of Andy. ModernWife - ditto!! It seemed like he really cherished his wife and was concerned about the effect of polygamy on her. (Kody's baffled look at this did seem telling!)

    I didn't see it as Andy was having fun checking other women out. I heard it as he was expressing that sometimes you might notice the surface fact that someone is good looking as a passing thing, without dwelling on it further in a lustful way. But he seemed, to me, to be conflicted because in his religion, he's actually supposed to notice other women physically/whatever and desire to add them to his family. But every time he tries to entertain the idea and let himself be open to another woman, he feels miserable because he loves his wife so much.

    I felt like I was really rooting for Andy and Nicole to be able to come to their own decision about what was really right for them. I think there's a difference between taking a step of faith and just "plugging your nose" and "eating your broccoli" to use expressions from Sunday's show. It must be so hard for them because it sounded like they grew up in polygamist families and it's what they know.

    I actually kind of liked Andy's "divorce" comment. I can definitely see how it would be upsetting to the family members to hear, but at the same time ... it's kind of true. It's got to be harder to live "as a family" when you're all in separate houses. It is not what they were accustomed to. It starts to look a lot like 4 separate families with one man, some group outings and a TV show in common.

  21. Love the recap!! I don't know how anyone in that family takes Kody seriously. I would be saying Idiot after everything he said.

    I am between on my opinion of Andy. I think he was a good guy, but I also got the feeling that he wanted something new. He was using his religion to justify it, but I think he does love his wife very much and doesn't want to spoil it. I think that was what was tearing him apart.

  22. I agree with the positives about Andy and his frank points and candid questions. However, I was also greatly bothered by the subtle message for all the Brown lovers out there watching during his little sermon. To say that the reason Warren jeffs was able to get away with his evil is because the members are afraid of the government is very misleading. Furthermore it buys into the notion that they are ALL persecuted and that is honestly making excuses for polygamists like Jeffs. There are other cults with leaders i.e. Jim Jones who carried out similar control tactics who weren't Mormon and hid from society as well.

    Otherwise, I enjoyed watching Andy make the SW squirm
    and honestly the Browns just looked ridiculous defending their lifestyle while they obviously have major problems

  23. Geeky...as I said in my earlier post, I truly believe Andy is torn and does sincerely love his wife.

    In my opinion, I think Andy came to Kody, seeking some "wise words" to try to make him feel better about going forward with courting another wife, since he obviously believes he has no choice but to do it eventually and is probably just trying to psych himself up. I think he was trying to get the Brown family to sell him on the idea.

    Fortunately, I think (based on the small part we saw) that the Browns failed miserably at selling them on principle of polygamy.

  24. The thing about his couple is that I don't see how they'd get the true benefits from plural marriage, since they're an established family and obviously have been for awhile, since they have 6 kids. I think it would be like a divorce for the kids and Nicole, since they'd now have a part time dad and husband. Also, I don't know their financial situation, but they'd also have to sacrifice to add another family, at least I'd imagine..

  25. Wow, great review, Cynical!!!

    Kody always looks like a confused German shepherd. And that divorce comment, whew! Fearless leader wasn't doing much.

    Kody's church was pretty painful. At least if Kody is in charge of your brainwashing, you won't get very washed.

  26. OK, tell me if I'm crazy but who else besides me thinks that maybe TLC deliberately devoted an episode to Andy & Nicole because they are considering them for a spin off??? Definitely a whole new angle on the polygamy issue!

  27. Sorry if I accidentally posted this twice, but who else thinks maybe TLC devoted an entire episode to Andy and Nicole because they're considering them for a spinoff? Definitely a whole new angle on polygamy!

  28. well, if Andy and Nicole were raised in it why are they coming to Kody Klueless for advice? aren't their two dads and all their moms around to ask advice? don't they have siblings in polygamy? aren't their local church leaders polygamous and able to advise them?

    yeah, it was just a stupid made-up "reality" script.

    and i'm sure Nicole was laughing inwardly at poor Andy's dilemma w/his confessed guilty temptation thoughts.

  29. Gosh, I hadn't thought of that...maybe testing the waters. I think they have a high likability factor. Thumbs up!

    Cynical we so appreciate the time and effort you take out of your free time to devote writing for us to have snarky joy in our lives!!! Thank you!

  30. @Anna Other than the felony part, you mean?

    Or do you mean the parts with the serial bankruptcies and government benefits?

    Remember, they came "cap in hand" on national TV for us to accept them as "normal."

  31. Unfortunately, Anna had to go b/c she was calling other commenters names.

  32. I don't see Nicole as being gregarious enough to have a reality show. And right now their life is not that interesting...a monogamous couple thinking about polygamy. Maybe if they actually did take that plunge it would be interesting, but probably it would just be depressing to watch a happy family fall apart.
    Anna Drie, it is Andy's choice, but people just feel bad to see a family destroyed. While this empathy is a a nicer side of human nature, the reason people here seem to care and use their mental energy on them is reflective of a lower part of human nature, the part that is fascinated by freak shows.
    By the way, that divorce comment was not tactful, but don't you guys think that the ladies did protest too much? It broke Christine's heart? Living their lifestyle out in public like this she must hear much more heartbreaking stuff that she shrugs off as mistaken. Janelle was probably thinking, "divorce, now that sounds like an idea.."

  33. Oh snaps!! Funny & good review C.J :)

    Great conversations from everyone too!!
    If I remember correctly, **Mole** mentioned in the previous discussion that Nicole & Andy were on the KB fb page for live chat w/ the fans. So I moseyed on over t ghere & yep, they are definitely entertaining the ides & looks like theyre gonna "take the plunge" , when God sendsthe right sister wife along.....
    Also in tweet world, someone tweeted to Robyn,
    basically asking her why she would choose her ew life over the well being of her kids.
    Robyn replied, she wont tolerate her kids being
    bullied bc she got divorced due to abuse. That her kids always come first.

    Really?? I seem to think otherwise, but thats just me..lol
    Hopefully Andy & Nicole will see what they have is genuine & will not tr&de it for discord & unhappiness!

  34. Caramel Brownie, you crack me up!

  35. Too bad Christine didn't "call" J-E-S-U-S for help getting along with her little 8 year old...nope, easier to just pack her off to another wife. These people are so sketchy I think TLC should find another family who will actually discuss religion and polygamy. I thought that was the point of the show- these folks are just crazy.

  36. boston corgi - i agree! i'll keep watching this train wreck until the day they start making sense and have convinced me they're normal. then i'll know i've overstayed and run away and get my brain back!

  37. SNAPS Caramel Brownie, Now E online ran an article about Robyn's twitter.... Did they see your comment on here! I swear! I think they do.

    FUNNY how Mariah said SW Blog had no life b/c they copied her tweets, MARIAH, E JUST COPIED ROBYN'S TWEETS, DOES THAT MEAN E HAS NO LIFE, TOO??????


  38. Catherine not always so greatNovember 8, 2011 at 8:22 PM

    The comment to "...jump right in" seems to me to be what teenagers might do - with no regard to how it will affect everyone involved or how much it will cost. I even think of the people in the my grandparents age where living simply on very little was the norm. They had large families -generally - and there weren't the options and "stuff" that most of us accumulate (not the mention the big houses we must have.) They had family to help take care of kids and even contribute financially. Not so today. For the Browns to say just do it... without financial consideration and perhaps counselling is immature and poor judgement.. but then look what they themselves have done. It is like they want the best of both worlds - living in the modern world with all the "stuff" and entertainment and flashy jobs...and having a large family of kids who should have chores and some of them perhaps jobs. I heard it takes $500,000 to raise a child to age 18...and then add college tuition, wedding assistance and substantial house warming gift (what a lot of us parents want to do for our kids.. and well, it's unrealistic for this family. (All of a sudden I see the attraction of the "commune" and their trailers...) - ha

  39. @Catherine, I totally agree. I felt like that statement Meri said, to jump right in with both feet was very immature, but truly reflective of the lifestyle and mentality of the Browns. In other words, just do it without regard for what your God-given feelings about loving your wife and not wanting to leave her alone every other night are telling you to do. Just jump right in even if you cannot afford two families, because you can always claim multiple bankruptcies and go on government assistance. Just jump right on in because it doesn't matter if your time between your six children will be even further stretched because you will be busy courting another woman and getting to know her children (if that's the case).

    Just jump right in ... yeah, Meri, great advice.

  40. Kody Does It 4 LuvvvNovember 8, 2011 at 8:35 PM

    Ok, time to just be plain snarky, but will SOMEBODY send Meri a new pattern for a shirt. The tank top (that she has in every color and pattern) over the long sleeve too tight shirt is just soooo last season.

  41. oh, as Caramel says, SNAP to Caramel and then E doing the same thing, to Kody Does It for Luvv's name and snark!

    I think it's funny they wear the double shirts, but ESP the teens, wear some really low cut top over it. Like reverse sexy! LMAO!

  42. No, I had not called anyone names. I had said that the writer was BEING insolent. Two very different things.
    From the comments I've read, I was the only person disagreeing with the writer, and I wonder if that's the real reason my comment was deleted.

  43. I'd like to remind everyone that this country was built on freedom- whether that be politics or religion, which we still hold today. So what right does anyone have to try and outlaw a religious believe that gives no harm to surrounding people?

  44. Anna, unfortunately you did state specifically how you felt commenters on this blog were...sorry, can't remember your exact words. Anyone here is free to comment, as long as they do not insult or name call another commenter or Crew.

    You have a good question below, but Troy Bowles is the one that should answer that for you. I am sure he will as time allows.

  45. Austin Mastiff (formerly cp)November 8, 2011 at 9:39 PM

    CJ - thank you again for pepping up my week. This one gets an A+!!! You are doing a public service for all of us!

    I agree on Meri's too tight white shirts. She should switch to a different color and a looser fit. It seems to me he is trying to dress/look like Robyn, but it isn't working for her.

    This season is such a snoozefest. I pre-paid for the season on iTunes but can only stand to watch about 5 mins of each episode and then fast forward through the rest. Glad Mr. Sister is adding All American Muslim. Sounds educational and interesting and very relevant to those of us with Muslim coworkers and friends.

    Think I'll go w the dog theme and change my name from cp to "Austin Mastiff" though we have 5 dogs, so it is hard to pick a favorite breed! Hope Border Collie wasnt scared off by those negative posters a few days ago and will come back. Boston Corgi - I do LOVE corgis, though my closest to that is a mini doxie.

  46. Well I'm glad to be of service...lol
    Maybe I'll go give E online a shout out!! :)
    Seriously, the Brown family & their following gotta know that SWB isn't the only site out there whose not really impressed with them or their religion/lifestyle. Sorry but they can go dump their garbage elsewhere...lol

  47. Caramel - Oscar might like it! Since Christine preaches like she's on Sesame Street, we might as well add him!

  48. Hahahahahahaha!! Oh double snaps!!!
    Oscar/ Sesame Street!! Now thats hilarious!!
    Hell, can U imagine Kody & the Count counting & of course the magic number would be #4....lol

  49. Blah. This episode was really boring and felt especially scripted.

    Christine did A LOT of talking in this episode, no? I was thinking about it (too much maybe?) and isn't she the only one of the Browns who has never lived in a monogamous marriage?

    Janelle looked so, so sad for this entire show. I just wanted to give her a hug. (I'm totally team Janelle-she and her kids are my favorite.)

  50. @Anna. I'm not sure what show you are watching.

    In this show, which this blog is about, there are admitted felons trying to legalize polygamy, who are habitually bankrupt and on government benefits.

  51. Figures that after E online does a story on Robyns tweets, she goes & DELETES them!! O yes, she did, unless my eyes are deceiving me, & they only do that on occasion when I frequent local watering holes & free the bottled spirits...lmao

  52. CJ, loved it, and love your screenshots.

    Why did we have to suffer thru TWO weeks (the other being priest Danielle) of hearing how Kody's Kult the AUB are different from the "other" plygs, namely the FLDS? C'mon, there have to be other storylines with all that strife and dysfunction going on.

    BTW I googled Boston and the Browns and Yale I think and it led to a FB page "invitation" to the Browns' 9/9 appearance in Boston. It looks like it was through the Yale Women's Center. The title of the event was "Love should be multipled, not divided." PUH-LEEZ!! Priest Danielle has bought into King Kody hook, line, and sinker.

  53. Insolent Brown BS CallerNovember 9, 2011 at 6:26 AM

    Goji you are right! The show be titled, DIY Fame and Fortune ... Subtitle: All While Breaking the Law and Living on Food Stamps

  54. Here's the thing that bothers me the most about polygamy and where I think it defies the sancity of marriage. If your a polygamous man, then just because your married doesn't mean you can't openingly date other women. Like Andy said, every single girl is a potential new wife. Also, for single girls, just because a man is married doesn't mean he is off limits. So, what's the point of marriage then? Where is this "commitment"?

    Of course, married woman are off-limits. Heaven forbid they get any fun or fairness out of life.

  55. Also, didn't Robyn go to their church when she was single? Wonder if Andy ever saw Robyn has a potential new wife? Wonder if he thought about her that way.

  56. Andy was painfully awkward. I felt bad for his wife, having to deal with him constantly thinking about getting a second wife. Creep!

  57. Anna Drie instructed us:

    "I'd like to remind everyone that this country was built on freedom- whether that be politics or religion, which we still hold today. So what right does anyone have to try and outlaw a religious believe that gives no harm to surrounding people?"
    I've spent years explaining the harm of polygamy and why it should remain illegal. The arguments that oppose mine are totally impotent. Polygamy causes harm, if only indirectly. But indirect harm is still harm that we need to prevent. That's why we have legislation against polygamy. We wouldn't have religious rights if we didn't have human rights first. Our first obligation is to prevent harm. If we can manage that, then we can have some liberties. If you reverse this process, go ahead and strike the word "morality" from your dictionary.

    Nobody has the right to break the law in the name of religion. If we allowed that, there's no telling where it would end. And nobody needs a lecture about religious tolerance. If they do, get a professional like me. Don't attempt to do philosophy with no background, which is what you're doing here. You're a little late to the discussion.

  58. What Kody and the Sista's never ever discuss and should have with Andy is they have been dirt floor poor, that is until they fame whored (spelling, Is off I know) themselves out to tv. Always struggling with finances would suck, and not matter would the kooky haired Kody and his sista's say he doesn't have enough time with his kids, ever, teenagers sometimes need a dad there everyday to enforce the love so to speak, by nature they can be mouthy one minute and great the next, but a dad helps with those things, they are being raised liked divorced parents, a few days here and a few days there it's no different. The fact they were shocked or saddened by the couples view is a total farce, really? seriously?

  59. This stuff about love being multiplied and not divided is just blather. If you really think about it, that view could only be based on the most superfluous understanding of love. That topic goes a little deeper than seeing how many women your religion lets you get away with screwing.

    Take a minute and do a thought experiment. Imagine what Kody could possibly mean by this statement. But before you do that, shove a couple of corks in your ears to keep your brains from squirting out.

  60. We always have to keep an eye on religious leaders who rely on hyperbole, or extreme exaggeration, to prove their point.

    If love should be multiplied and not divided, as he puts it, then is monogamy bad? Brigham Young tried to take this approach, "blaming" the Romans for monogamy. But come on, folks. There aren't enough women for polygamy to be the ideal relationship. And it's never going to be a threat the other way around. It's not very often that we see groups of women getting together and concluding that the solution to problems is polygamy.

  61. I once made the grave mistake of saying,
    "I didn't lose a husband, I gained twice a man." What a distortion. It's hard to believe that women sell themselves, and their children short, not believing that they deserve a helpmeet in this life. Children deserve co-parenting, not to be raised by another husband's wife.

  62. This is really super late, but I am very much enjoying and appreciating the logical, thoughtful, intelligent comments by Mr. Bowles. Very thankful he's still stopping by.

  63. This was such an uncomfortable episode to watch. Nicole DO NOT get a sisterwife. You will be sharing your husband and your kids are going to loose their daddy and for what???Any religion that makes you tear your family apart isn't worth it. As for Nicole's husband he looks like a horn dog. Seems to be only about sex for him.