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Friday, November 4, 2011

Our America With Lisa Ling Modern Polygamy Part 2-3

Originally, this post had part 2 of the episode "Our America With Lisa Ling - Modern Polygamy.
The episode was split into 3 parts, which since have been taken down.
However, I have found the video in another place so I will be putting it up in a new post.
It is very interesting; the precedent to POLYGAMY USA, even to the point of hearing Arthur's crusty mantra - "Take it or leave it, we don't care!" 

If you would like to see this episode, check May 2013 posts.
Thank you!


  1. She got tired of having sex? needed help? PLEASE!

    I don't know if I believe the women have this much power. Joseph Smith didn't set it p for the women to have the power!

  2. Why was the 10 year old girl daydreaming in math class about marrying her married math teacher? WHAT do they teach them in those schools? Shouldn't they be thinking about college and NOT marrying their Math Teacher at age 19? Also I thought the bible said, Thou shalt not covet your neighbors wife? Does this only apply to the men? So the women CAN covet their neighbor's husband???

    Oh, and working with the lesbian activist? I don't buy it. These are the same people that want gay marriage to stay illegal.

  3. Do you notice how they still dance around their basic fundamentals because they know all Christians would be offended?

  4. So, this group has to wear long skirts, but, they can have short hair? Makes no sense.
    I used to feel sorry for the penecostal kids at my school that had to wear the long dresses. They would wear long jean skirts and tennis shoes. They seemed so out of whack.

  5. Hey guys,
    Isn't that the exact same table the Centennial wives sat down at for their TLC interview?