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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TLC Videos: Sister Wives: Christine's Jealousy

Christine opens up about her jealousy issues with Robyn.


  1. WTF?? I have to go sniff a smelly marker and think that little piece of footage over ! What in the biscuit?

  2. Wow!!! I am not an emotional person but that made me want to cry a tear or two for them. How sad that was to watch. There was so much said in that little blip that makes you realize how unhappy they all are underneath.

  3. They are SO DAMN DUMB! Didn't Kristine say "I didn't just want the man, I wanted the whole family too" She WANTED sister wives. She wanted those bitches as friends.

  4. I had to watch this twice - so is Christine happy or not in her own house? She said she is more in her comfort zone being in her own house than ever before but then said it's stagnant and it's more like a monogamous relationship. NO IT'S NOT CHRISTINE! In a monogamous marriage Kody would be there for you and your children 24/7 instead of every 4th day/night. I applaud her honesty about her feelings. And Robyn's comments about having to "survive" their family, their relationships etc....wow that said volumes. These women are settling for "surviving" their legal/illegal marriages. How does that make them better in the eyes of God?

  5. I would be difficult for me to get deep and open up with the women that my husband is banging too. Poor Christine.. She wants out so bad I can hear/ feel it.

  6. "In order to SURVIVE in this life and this faith in this family, we don't get to be in our comfort zone very much"......why? why? WHY?

    All the pro-polygamy people out there, explain it to me because I want to understand. I really do.

  7. Meri looks so pissed all the time especially when Christine or Janelle open their mouths!
    Just divorce already you dysfunctional little freaks!!! Seriously these are not normal trials and tribulations of a marriage.

  8. Seriously.
    What is the deal with Meri giving everyone the stink eye the whole episode.
    Also, when is Robyn's manual about "passive aggressive behaviors to get everyone to protect you while you do nothing" coming out?

    Looks like Meri got the first copy!

  9. hahahaha Anony 6:48- I must have been typing the same time as you!

  10. Ok...everyone...calm down...i assurred our "prophets" that we could handle something like this...while they are....well...nevermind...Heres a topic....This must be a rescue mission funded by TLC....FEMA is on the way ! Someone help these women!

  11. Obviously not having an AUB member with a degree in communications/publicity wasn't handy.
    (PS, their own church is unhappy with them for doing the show- for the new babes here)

    These poor women are horrible unhappy. They are completely making a point, yes, but not the one they wanted.

    BTW. My own 16 yr old announced for the first time in a huff he "hated me" when he got grounded. He's never in trouble, a Logan with less OCD AUB in him.

    ((We all know, this too shall pass, but he just dug his hole deeper, and so does he. We all know he's wrong and will apologize))
    (He's usually a great kid-having trouble with a girl)

    BUT If I told him his frontal lobes were not developed, and I was a "new" mom...... 9 months pregnant showing my screw manifestation.... OMG FORGET IT! HE'D BLOW!

    But I also thought...wow, these teens really stuff the old emotions down, don't they???? o wonder they are all getting obese.

    At least Mine gets the chance to say how he feels, learn from it, learn the art of communication. These poor kids nod yes ma'm, pray for a night with daddy, and I feel for them.

  12. The wives are all so much more themselves without Kody.

    I'm glad he wasn't sitting in between them and giving his $2 every five seconds. (Dollar sign intentional.)

  13. I think the only way to "survive" this religion is by stuffing your human emotions and feelings as far down as possible.

    Very sad.

  14. Pass the tray of fried fritos...........I need a night cap of Prozac after watching sad Chritine. I want to reach into the TV and bring her to safety, like the US Marshals Witness Protection Program. Where is my tee shirt? "Free Christine"..CHRISTINE, The Shade Tree Shelter in Vegas takes Moms with kids, call or google them for information.

  15. What do i know, I......thanks for my first wet pants tonight

  16. What I REALLY want Christine do, is take a queue from the Chappelle show, and pull a little something like this, on Robyn or Cody...

    What did the five fingers say to the face?


    Cold blooded...

    Bang! Bang!

    I'm Rick James, bitch!

    Everybody! King Kong ain't got shit on me!

  17. Anyone notice that Christine hasn't been made up for the past couple episodes? In this video her nose is red and looks like she has been crying (that may be me being overly empathetic).

    She seemed genuinely happy before Robyn and the show were folded in to the picture. It's upsetting to see her depressed and making excuses for her feelings (ie,, jealousy, depression/anxiety). She does not need to justify them!

  18. Rubber Tree, peeing myself reading your post! All I can add is "unity"!

  19. ...Just call me "Amused" until I can figure out to officially sign with it......

    Okayyyy...where to start with this piece of *sharing* SW-style !!

    First off, Meri either had one too many Xanax's or her jeans were way too tight and she wanted to bolt to go loosen them. She surely DID NOT look in her "comfort zone" !!
    Whatever the problem, she had obviously checked out of the whole discussion from the get go.
    She just wasn't *there*...except to glare.

    Janelle looked equally bored or distracted. I was wondering if she was listening for the oven timer to go off to signal that the next batch of fritos was ready. Whatever..Janelle and Meri, were essentially there to be stoic bookends for the two *star sisters.*

    Not so with Christine and Robbing.....they were certainly up for it.
    As probably scripted, Christine was charged with opening up the "talk" with her admission that she was jealous and therefore didn't see Robbing as a person. What !!!???
    Well, then Christine, what did you see...??
    A mannequin, a troll, a chin-challenged usurper?? DO tell??

    And she dreaded the luncheons?? Which must mean that other than the *recent* luncheons (that is what was said this week, that they just recently started doing that, right) are we to assume that you and your sister galpals really don't spend any time together other then when the TLC media crew shows up and you are given your *staged* events and dialogue.
    Hmmm.....so was all the rainbows, lollipops, and love between you all that we have watched and listened to all season 1 and 2 just...BS??
    Say it ain't so!!!

    You hate to open up.....What??!!
    You agree to go on national TV, even international now, for 3 years and you don't like to open up??

    But Chrissy-sista, I do feel for you because you are being made the poster child of discontent and *normal* human reactions for the other two mutes.
    You may be the *fun* one, but sweetie, this is obviously not much fun, is it?

    Let's move onto to *concerned* ever furled-brow Robbing.
    She is a master of passive-aggressive moves. She has it down pact. Her coo-coo way of speaking (never to be heard as offensive or threatening) is so annoying and cunning.

    Perhaps that was Meri and Janelle's problem. They knew it was to be the Chrissy & Robbing show for that clip and they knew they would have to sufffer through listening to both of them.
    Hence the bored and pissy expressions.

    Robbing has positioned herself to be the *explainer* for the wives. She is who tells the camera how it is with the Sista wives. She reports how they all get along...while her 3 predecessors *by almost 20 years of being together* sit by...staring silently.

    Fascinating....Just fascinating !!

  20. So now that Christine has come clean about all that jealousy toward Robyn that supposedly is in the past, how about taking us from jealousy to just loving Robyn? How you overcame all of that negativity?

    Isn't that what you and rest of the Brown adults promised to show us?
    Because this is exactly the part of polygamy that you, the Browns, claim is so awesome and makes you so much better. Just saying.

    IMO, Kadouche is head over heels in love with Robyn and Christine, Meri, and Janelle are the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th wheels in this mess.

    How sad that Christine doesn't know that is normal and maybe God's way of telling her it is time to move on.

  21. So, the Browns came out of the woodwork to show the world what 'normal' polygamy looked like. Do we think that another family might come out of the woodwork and say hey- it's not as sad as the Browns show either?

  22. One piece being missed.
    All babies were born in unison to 3 moms.

    JMO - but, I don't think Janelle and Christine EVER got along. Meri was jealous of the fact Kody went to her for all important decisions; she had the upper hand with her mom married to Winn...(ok, that is just plain weird). More pieces we simply don't know.

    Christine was the flaky, fun, Judy Jetson of the FLDS wife. She made him laugh, she was goofy and fun, which so is Kadouche if you like that sort. She got along with Meri, she formed a REAL marriage with Janelle.

    In their own minds -
    Meri may rule as legal wife, but she's got nothin on #2 or #3.

    They had the babies, one fed them, the other made the dough, it was a well oiled machine.

    THEN Christine, with her Allred blood gurgling with Kody's Allred blood, decided to get all involved in the politics of the AUB. That REALLY made her stand out to Kody, Janelle could care less, Meri, once again, pissed. Once the British filmmaker made that 2 minute segment (see old posts)- Kody was a STAR in his own MIND.
    After coming up with (or Meri, trying to get her brownie) a 4th wife, Christine really got a shock. Add that with the timing of a baby, and even in some AUB standards, that was cruel.

    I am not sympathizing, but she's had her apple cart turned over.
    EVERYONE but Janelle shit in her sandbox.

  23. New-er reader and I must be missing something. When were Christine and Kody involved in AUB politics?

  24. What is up with the spastic face Christine?

    My audio wasn't working well for this clip. Mostly, I watched Christine. My god. She is so contorted. Girl, get OUT! This is not working for you. Your "husband" doesn't love you.

    I am starting to really dislike Kody. He isn't just a con artist and an idiot. He has manipulated Christine into an untenable position in life and made her eat her own discomfort as a personal problem. He is holding salvation over these women. No celestial kingdom for them if they have a real human emotion and don't submerge it under layers of fat and dogma.

    This is so creepy.

  25. Amused....You hit the nail on the head! How do these fervent facebook supportors ignore all the lies and hypocrisy the Brown's continually shovel out. Direct opening sequence quote, "I didn't want just a man, I wanted a family" from Christine. But you are more comfortable and happier (in polyg talk happier=stagnant and not growing in your faith) in your own home, but you wanted to family. Stop lying to us and more importantly STOP BELIEVING THEM! Granted, the rainbows, lollipops and unicorn people never read my posts so it's pointless, but it makes me feel better lol.

  26. Ha-ha! to Anony 9:39! I was hoping someone would enjoy that. :*)

    Just trying to add some levity to a very depressing situation...

  27. Christine doesn't seem to understand the definitions of "comfort zone" and "monogamist". Her nose was red, like maybe she'd been crying. It's sad. They seem so confused and contradictory to their own statements, sometimes even in the same video clip these day!

  28. Amused

    I see your point, mister sister, about the murky blood ties between Kodouche and Christine. And her AUB opinions being a hook for Kodouche.

    But I think Janelle did shit in Christine's sandbox...by default.

    Since the other wives knew that Kodouche relied on Janelle for intelligent opinions... Assuming he did go to her first about the midnight move (and why) she must have agreed. He would have needed at least one ally.

    And we can now easily speculate that by then, Kodouche and surely Janelle too who was proclaimed as the family's money manager from the very beginning, knew that the TLC cash flow was going to be *plenty* and be continuous.
    They could get out of their cramped quarters in Utah.
    Which by the way, had NO ROOM for Queen Robbing and her kids. They could all get nice houses, Robbing included.

    And TLC then got to have some great scenes of the madcap move (remember the police sirens coming ever closer while Meri frantically was cramming stuff in the van ) and all their house hunting clips to film for Season 2's finale.

    Could be that all the filmed angst on Janelle's part about packing up in 3 days was crap..and so was her sobbing early into this season that she had to give up her job !? It was all part of the plan.
    Money was not going to be a problem. They knew that, they knew what the $$$ was going to be for each episode.
    The only finite part was if TLC pulled the plug.

    I think Christine was sold out by everyone.
    But then again..she was going to be a star too.

  29. I think the fame and easy money made all the Browns get a little starry eyed. I think that in the beginning it might have been about letting their story out, but after they began to shop and play it all got out of control and it is now beyond their control. When a person has no options - no money, no other chances, no idea that they can move on and have a better life their belief is that they had better just deal and love their lives because it is what it is and it is all they have. Which could explain why a woman would tolerate the "other woman" just living on the other side of that closed door.

    But now, they have options and money and choices and are now seeing through fresh eyes and how things are not working as they want them to be. They no longer have to settle and now want more (more of a husband, more attention, and more fun, thus more tears and more complaining and more confusion). So what do they do? They either create story lines that keep us watching (and talking) so the money continues to come in or (as the song says) go on, take the money and run to find their own happiness and possibly hope for a spinoff series.

    And we will watch, because who can ever turn away from a train wreck without wondering how it all ends?

  30. I wonder if any of these ladies have asked themselves whether they want to spent eternity with a guy like Kody, rather than just accepting it.

  31. Robyn looks especially bad in this video. Whats wrong with her eye? Her shirt is kinda cute though.

    Christine. Ugh Christine. "I never wanted to be a monogamist"

    Janelle. She always looks the most put together. I'm so sick of tank tops with shirts underneath. I used to do that because of a deformity but after watching these women never again.

    Meri. Does her upper lip smell bad or something?

  32. Doesn't everyone find it interesting that in the Brown's pursuit of showing "real polygamy" hoping to show a positive perspective it completely validated all thoughts that the public have of polygamy...minus the prarie dresses. It's just wrong and unnatural. It is inherently abusive. Which is clearly why the narcissist Kody thrives in it.

  33. Sadly, not only that, they have lost the battle of keeping the Mormon "secrets" secret.

    Luckily blogs like this, the god lord, and some good Polygamy shows have taught me so much.

    I knew, obviously what polygamy was. I knew nothing about The Mormons/Fundy Mormons.
    THAT is the really scary part. For being so damn happy they are pretty damn sad. Heck, I disagree with some of the Duggars right wing beliefs; yet, I surely thing they are good christian ppl - and good parents. I think anyone who would not see that Joseph Smith was a false prophet, well, evil, I might make fun of, (my sin) but on the flip side, I certainly pray for them.

  34. I feel bad for them. The sooner they leave the happier they will be! BUT No one can see the picture when their inside the frame.

  35. Thanks everyone for all of the great posts. They are all so spot on! This blog is probably the only reason I may watch SW next season. They will, however, have to change that opening sequence because it's becoming clear that the three original "wives" not only don't love each other - they don't even like each other. They don't want to be together as a family. They may not have realized it when they taped that opening scene, but it was all a lie. They are no longer like sisters - They are just "wives".

    Initially, like everyone else, I was intrigued by this show because I was amazed that these three women who seemed typical, normal and happy were able to live in such close quarters for 18 years - sharing a house; sharing their children; sharing meals; sharing their incomes; and sharing their stud muffin Kody without getting the least bent out. When things started to unravel, I kept watching because, as others have so aptly stated, it's hard to walk away from a train wreck, especially one that's crashing in slow motion, and you're hoping that the people that you like, the ones who are not total jerks, will somehow be able (or willing) to jump off.

    The original three are unhappy, anxious and depressed. They are forced to have lunch together even though they don't want to. Even Robyn calls maintaining the relationship "a struggle". In a way, the the "wives" are in a good space in the sense that that they don't have to worry about working or paying bills right now because their income from TLC is taking care of that.It's like they are on a long vacation or retreat. Each one of them (not just Meri) has a lot of "me time" with her own house and her own biological kids and they get a break from Kody since they only see him once or twice a week.
    They have an opportunity to hear their own voices about how they really feel.They can learn to stop suppressing what they really think and that will help them decide what they really want from this relationship. Being on this show is allowing them to express their views, if they want to, with less fear. Being on the show is enabling.

    Yeah! Christine for being vocal about how you feel about Robyn and Kody.

    You too Meri- although I think your comments were mean-spirited and not very nice- especially to Truly. She is only a baby.

  36. Christine admits she doesn't do relationships well, so why do you enter a "family" where it depends on your ability to foster relationship? Maybe Christine needs to rethink the whole polygamy vs monogamy thing?

  37. //Robbing has positioned herself to be the *explainer* for the wives. She is who tells the camera how it is with the Sista wives. She reports how they all get along...while her 3 predecessors *by almost 20 years of being together* sit by...staring silently.//Anon 9:45

    Lol, it's so strange. This is what is most irritating about Robyn on the show. Her relative newness to the family makes her look ridiculous when she speaks for others and tries to explain how things are. I'm always thinking 'would you shut the hell up.'

    But clearly there's a lot of unhappiness all around. The situation cannot be fixed, only accepted. I guess they are expecting or hoping that in time all the jealousies (and other issues) will smooth over. Really they are going to have to bury those emotions, which can't be healthy.... :/

  38. If Janelle and Christine would break away from the family and do a "tell all" book - heck, they'd probably do very well on the circuit.

    I'd love to see TLC do a series on "The Freeing of Janelle and Christine" lol!

  39. Janelle would never get a word in edgewise. Christine would want to talk ad nauseam to us all like we're 6. no thanks.

  40. Christine contradicts herself and makes no sense. I wonder if it's the meds talking there or if she's really that confused and doesn't even listen to herself.

  41. Too funny, Anon 9:33. I was singing something like that yesterday to the tune of Free Nelson Mandela - not really the same cause, sure, but hey, he went on to be president of his country. Someone could print t-shirts to raise money to buy buttons and bumper stickers. It could turn into a national movement. On the bottom of each item could be "made possible through the friends at SWB."

  42. I feel bad for poor Christine. It looks like someone in the family is following this blog and she's been forced to "keep sweet" again. Yesterday I posted about how she changed her twitter to only follow Janelle and none of the others and how Meri followed everyone except Christine. As of this morning Christine is following everyone except Kody and Meri still isn't following Christine. It seems to be some sort of sad mean girls life at the Brown homes.

  43. I'm Anonymous 9:33. I really think Christine is the important wife right now. You know, in all marriages one partner's needs may be more important than the other for whatever reason and that doesn't make it wrong. It usually balances itself out.

    In this case, we're talking about four wives and one insensitive jerk of a "husband". He's not even a daddy. He's certainly a father. It is possible that's due to TLC editing but I doubt it.

    For some reason I see Christine, an avowed polygamy fan is now questioning in her own mind the viability of polygamy. She is falling to pieces right before our eyes.

    Going on anti-depressants, xanax, talking the "party-line" with the face she is showing will destroy you.

    Janelle may (or may not be) thinking along these lines as well. I do feel with time - this family will implode, starting with Christine. She is ripe for a change.

    She's ready to quit drinking the Kody kool-aid but she has to be weaned off first. It won't happen overnight.

    I would love to see all of us start a "Save Christine and Janelle" campaign if only to make them think a bit...Meri and Robyn can use the sperminator however they choose but Christine and Janelle need rescuing lol. They need to know we do like them.

    At least I do.

  44. I agree Anonymous 2:25! OMG yes lets' SAVE Christine and Janelle!!! They are single mothers anyway and have way more to offer than the others...they just need encouragement!

  45. What I don´t understand in the relationship between Christine and Meri, they told us in the first Season that Christine was the "stay at home mom" to look after the children, and Meri was working (parttime?). So if you dislike someone that much, why do you let her watch your only child?
    I really dont understand the shift in the relationship between the first three wives.
    During the first season Meri was the one miserable all the time. I really dont get it. Afterall, shes the first wife, the one who could get a legal divorce. And she also insists that she has chosen Robyn, so its not a far fetch to guess that she also chose Janelle and Christine. Why has she done that, if she has not liked them in the first place?

  46. Kiera, I suspect Janelle and Christine outproduced Meri - all the children came from them. Janelle had the first child, remember? Then they (the babies) kept coming and coming.

    Mariah came later and she never had another. Plus we don't know why Janelle divorced her brother's wife and married Kody. There may have been pressure from Kody there and we all know how Kody gets what Kody wants. Then there's something about Kody's parents? Or is it Janelle' parents??

    The shift in the first three wives came from Robyn. It's a major shift, ermm...I mean rift.

  47. Anonymus 3:32

    I always thought the fact that Meri could not have (many) children was the reason why she agreed to do this plural marriage thing in the first place.
    I think she even said that in the first season. Something like "I always wanted to have a big family and that was the way to get it".
    So she should be kind of thankfull towards the other two.

    I think Kodys father has married Janelles Mother or something like that.
    The family tree of these people is a mess.

  48. This family is totally going mean-girls. They all take jabs at each other constantly, especially in the last two episodes.

    Robyn rubs her honeymoon experience and being the favorite wife in all the other's faces whenever possible.

    Janelle in the season finale, clearly tries to hurt Robyn's feelings when she said she wouldn't wake up to see Solomon be born TO ROBYNS FACE!!! super bitch!! (only to change her mind and be a good "sisterwife" and show up anyways).

    I thought it was rude of Christine to tell the other wives she "dreads" going to lunch with them. I think he excuse of "I don't do relationships" is sisterwiveish for "I don't give a sh it about you chicks."

    Then Meri blabs that she loves Robyn because she always wanted a bestie/sisterwife and never had a good friendship with Janelle and Christine. How can you live together and NOT be close after 16 years? I don't get it!

    total mean girls! meow!

  49. If im not mistaken...i have read here that Janelle still showed up....but...if you watch...bec of the pajama changes and questionable timeframes...its not like they all showed up in the middle of 3 am....which Janelle indicated.."look...ill come the rascal, but im not breaking my neck...i.e..in the middle of the night....they all took their time getting there....thats what i saw

  50. I really have to thank TLC here....This video that bares it all about the survival involved with this "lifestyle".....may keep me watching...im hoping Christine gets desperate enough to hold up a "HELP" sign in red crayon during a interview session

  51. Christine holding up a "HELP" sign in red crayon during an interview session ----
    ROTFLMAO!!! Bwwwaaaahhhhhhahaha!

  52. I seriously doubt Janelle showed up during the middle of the night. We all know how freaking long it takes to get the whole crew together and there's no way they all got there Johnny on the Spot like editing tried to make it appear. Remember she still had to deliver the placenta! eww!! and grandpa had to announce to her little kids, "you're dad's cuttin' the cord now!" Lord, it sounded so damn Larry the Cable Guy redneck! wth do they need to be in there for all that ?

    anyway, I'm sure Janelle gave explicit instructions to her teens to NOT wake her up if they got the call from Mariah during the night. Besides, I bet Mariah and Meri wanted their own time over there bonding over it all with Robyn before any of the rest of the clan were notified. Maybe they all were turning their phones off each night anyway as they day by day cared less and less.

  53. Since it was obvious they did a botched editing job my bet is that Janelle didn't get there till much later also.

    Just had a thought - Hunter called Logan "Johnny Appleseed" - Logan is most like Kody. Wasn't Johnny Appleseed known for spreading his "seed"? Just like his father? Just wonderin'.... If so, well done Hunter!

  54. Amused...

    3 wives fan said...
    "Hunter called Logan "Johnny Appleseed" - Logan is most like Kody. Wasn't Johnny Appleseed known for spreading his "seed"? Just like his father? Just wondering'.... If so, well done Hunter! "

    I was seriously impressed with Hunter's statement in that show. Quite poignant for a kid to think and say. He is obviously looking at it all and drawing his own conclusions at an early age.

    I wonder if he learned about Johnny Appleseed from his home school teacher, Christine, or was it after he finally went to public school???

  55. Dang I'm way behind but they changed the twitter following!?!?! They are 100% reading this crap and being like "oh dang, they noticed so we'd better fix it." My guess is it's not the Brown's themselves sifting through our comments. Someone else is reading them and reporting back the ideas that are easy to fix i.e. change who you are following on Twitter. So listen people! We want to you see you all working! Honest, real work! And start some coupon clipping! Here's another excellent TLC tie-in. Kody could also get pulled over for a DUI! I have more ideas for you! My rate is very reasonable and I live super far away so I'm unlikely to show up to help your kids with homework or hold babies. lol

  56. ^^Yeah yesterday after someone posted here I went and checked and ALL the wives are following ALL the other wives.

    You BET they read here!

    *waves hi* to Janelle & Christine
    *shoots The Look* to Mer & Robyn

  57. *waves hi* to Janelle & Christine too - and a question, do you realize you two could have a viable anti-Kody career??? Books, the talk circuit, maybe even a TLC Show. I'd watch it - better yet, cancel the other show substitute the new "Janelle and Christine Show" about the wives who escaped the sperminator!

    Kodouche is NOT a catch but you two are. RoBUN and Meri can keep the douchebag. Let them do their own thing, actually they already are doing that.

    Why go down in flames with them?

  58. I'll join the Free Janelle and Christine club if you guys will include Hunter, too. He's the most articulate and honest person in that whole extended family. Not that he will get any praise for those qualities from his drive-by father...

    I even like Logan, for all his bowing and scraping to Kody and The Polygamy Principle. Poor kid. He's blindly trying to play the dad for all the little kids when he simply doesn't know how. It's not his job, dang it! But who else do those kids have?

    Of course they read this blog! It comes up third on any search for "Sister Wives". The links to this blog are growing.

  59. Amused says...

    Actually TLC could have a winner in a show, however short-seasoned it may prove to be, about two or even just one sister-wife in Kody World who chose to leave the circus.

    People would watch and most likely cheer on a woman trying to rebuild her life for her kids and detoxing from the Koolaid. And hey, even Kodouche would have to maybe be seen occasionally for his parental visits. Assuming he would trouble himself to do it. But what am I thinking...of course, if there was a camera rolling, he would.

    Kate Gosselin certainly had a chance for couple of years of a spin-off from TLC with Kate plus 8, but her chronic bitch-self just couldn't be quieted and it killed the ratings and interest.

    Christine or Janelle...think about it !!!!

  60. I think it would last far longer than Kody's gravy train. =p

    Can you imagine - a show on how these two wonderful women reclaim their identities (and their darling figures, you KNOW they can do it) and watch them take on Las Vegas (or Utah - their decision) with their kids? I'd love to see Hunter smile and be happy.

    They would really bloom. We'd get to watch them date. =) =) =)

    I know I'm drinking kool-aid now, they won't do it no matter what.

  61. Anon 4:19 -

    That would be such a cool idea. First, there is a genuine bond between J&C. How do they explain it to new men? Do they look for men who will take them both as sister wives? Do they all 3 go on dates? TLC would have to set them up with someone outside their faith, just because it would make great TV.

    What happens if they fall for different guys? How do they remain SWs?

    I'd like to see Christine enter the working world. So tough, but she can do it, and she might have some hilarious observations.

    Kodouche would have to show up ocassionally to make it all about him. He'd put on the big puppy eyes and ask if they miss him.

    The show could be really good.

  62. Save Christine and Janelle! I'll be part of the team. I love Janelle and feel completely sorry for her and Christine

  63. I think Hunter and Logan are both great in different ways. They take up different roles in the family in order to get by. It is like the older kids are the real parents of the younger kids. Kody talks about how much he loves his kids but all he did when the wives went out was complain and yell at the kids.

  64. There is a reason this is so difficult for Christine----for the first time she is experiencing what the other two wives had already experienced---the addition of a new sex partner for your husband. She willingly came into the family as the third wife. She accepted the sexual relationships Meri and Janelle already had with Kody. She came in as the younger, fun, cute wife. The other two had to stay home on Christine and Kody's wedding night knowing EXACTLY what their husband was doing that night with a new and different woman. Christine was all about this wonderful "lifestyle" until the younger, thinner, newer sexual partner for her husband arrived on the scene. Now the reality of your husband banging a new mistress while you are OBLIGATED to smile and be welcoming is hitting her hard.