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Friday, November 11, 2011

UPDATE 11/11/11 !: I Scour the Internet!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Lourdes Ritz-Carlton, and I will be scouring the Internet for Sister Wives news so you don't have to!

Yes, my mission is to bring to you the sordid, the bleak, all the crap...I mean stories that most reporters refuse to touch with a ten foot pole. I will go to places that even Cynical Jinx refuses to enter! And my intrepid comrade, Antoinette La Taupe, will infiltrate even lower. So you're covered. If there is a story, we will find it. It doesn't matter how banal, how ludicrous, how downright stupid and juvenile - WE WILL NOT LEAVE ONE INTERNET PAGE UNCLICKED. Be it on Twitter, or Facebook, or even Sister Wives Blog itself, we will report it! All for you. Don't you feel special?

November 8, 2011

Major Robyn Twitter Faux Pas making the news! Brown Family public relations/security/village idiot cleaning up the mess.

Yes folks, you got it. Apparently SOMEBODY allowed Missy Robyn to start tweeting again, and what happens? Well, let's put it this way...Sister Wives Blog isn't the only place on this planet that reports on twitter tweets!

As initially reported by that juggernaut of news, E! Online, the Brown family has not been exactly the one big happy family they want to portray on TV. In fact, bullying (as revealed in a recent episode) of Robyn's dear children has left Mommie Dearest Robyn at her wit's end. I know, that can't be possible, but listen to this - Mommie Dearest actually tweeted that "Just to clarify, I do not tolerate my kids getting bullied. I ended my first marriage because of abuse. My kids come first ALWAYS."
Oh dear, Mommie Dearest, I hope no one else remembers that you have allowed your children to visit your former (abusive) husband this summer. Not to mention your "crying" that when your kids reach the age of 13 (and presumably before their frontal lobes will be fully developed) they may decide to live with their father if the other Brown children won't start accepting them.

LMAO, looks like somebody did remember, because another intrepid blogger (no relation to Antoinette by the way) at Gather.com asked the question "...Would they really be allowed to stay with someone who was abusive?" And even some of our own resident commenters posed the very same question! What say you now, Mommie Dearest?

Guess we will never know - well not from the Brown Gang. You see, the tweet has MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED from Mommie Dearest 's timeline. How convenient. Probably for "security" reasons.

Read more: http://www.eonline.com/news/sister_wives_robyn_brown_i_ended_my/274044#ixzz1dFkhMtcT



Does anyone think it's kind of creepy that a thirty something adult woman befriends a 16 year old girl? And sends said teenager tweets way late in the evening? Isn't it enough to have the teen shill that diet stuff to her friends, but to encourage her to do so late into the night, on a school night? Where's that teen's mother? (We already know where the father is and it ain't where he needs to be that's for damn sure). Wouldn't she be concerned? Would you be concerned? Hint: The teen isn't one of Janelle's.

And now here's the latest from Antoinette La Taupe, reporting deep behind enemy lines.

Antoinette here. Well, last night was kind of crazy on the Facebook Official By Invitation Only And Only Good Positive Thoughts About Kody Brown Family fanpage. Seems Facebook is not big enough for two Brown Family fanpages. And if you make the foolish mistake and say anything CLOSE to the words I LIKE BROWN you get attacked. I mean really attacked, to the point of one fanpage (yep the hoity toity We are close friends of the Browns one) commandeering their mighty troops to get the other fanpage taken down by Facebook for "violations". Get this, even though the "Official" fanpage has an admin masquerading under the moniker "Kody Brown" they want to bring down the other fanpage for having a rude admin,who had the audacity to delete inflammatory comments left by the minions of the "Official" fanpage. And they have SCREEN PRINTS to prove just how rude that admin was. Mon Dieu.

Thank you Antoinette! Maybe next time you can tell us if they ever found that pesty rodent they had. Sounds like it's still a bit nasty from droppings over there!

Many thanks to Caramel Brownie and Crazy Cookie!!

11/11/11 (Do you know this only happens once every 100 years?)

November 11, 2011

Ashton Kutcher: My Tweets Will Now Be Monitored

Poor Ashton. In the heat of the moment, he let loose an "ill-considered pro-Joe Paterno tweet" and has now decided to let his production company do the tweeting on his Twitter account.
Perhaps Robyn the Mommie Dearest should take note and learn from Ashton's example? We're just saying...

Read more about Ashton's aha moment here: http://www.eonline.com/news/ashton_kutcher_my_tweets_will_now_be/274426


Has our favorite rottweiler from hell  fallen from favor with the #1 sisterwives twit-ter?. Scanning casually through their following list, that crackiswhack entermnt personality is not listed, and plaintive public tweets go unanswered. Maybe the #1 sisterwives twit-ter prefers the color pink after all. Hey - sending you a DM....LOL!

And on the topic of tweets: Seems Meri and Mommie Dearest have joined forces and will be having a - you better sit down - a Pampered Chef party!

I do love Pampered Chef crapola. In fact, on top of my fridge in an unopened box, is the Pampered Chef Easy Accent Decorator I purchased in 1998! So make sure you scurry on over to twitter, and order up some useless, overpriced kitchen gadgets and help our Sister Wives gals get those fantastic hostess gifts!

Many thanks to Joanne!

Antoinette La Taupe here. Well, a major skirmish is over, with the Facebook Official By Invitation Only And Only Good Positive Thoughts About Kody Brown Family fanpage reigning supreme over an upstart fanpage that dared to challenge their monopoly.

Facebook was apparently not big enough to handle both, and the upstart is no more. That's right, the fanpage has disappeared into Facebook hell. But not to worry, we hear there is another upstart rising on the horizon. I will monitor for tell-tale signs (mainly comments from KB demanding WHO ARE YOU?) that another pissing war - oops I mean turf skirmish is in the making!

Many thanks to Caramel Brownie

Well, that's all for now. This is Lourdes Ritz-Carlton signing out. Remember, I scour the Internet for Sisterwives news so you don't have to!


  1. OH MY.......

    That was F$%^& HYSTERICAL!!!!
    You just made my Day! (I work nights sometimes, so my days are nights)

    This is going to be so much fun!! Can't wait!

  2. Ahhh. The libations of banter and lampoonery.
    How REFRESHING in this day and age of seriousness of the concoctions of TLC!

  3. Yes, bring on the crap!

  4. HAHA! Great This should be enlightening!
    You know, it BURNS me up that Robyn says she was abused. Where's the evidence? IF it was shown she was abused, would the attorney give her husband the trailer and her all the BILLS?
    Would the kids get to go on extended visits with their dad for weeks?
    Was there ever any supervised visits for the kids?
    NO NO NO
    I know that she used that as a reason to get divorced in the church, but I believe it was hogwash.

    I was an abused wife and although sometimes the court system is not used-still, you would NEVER send you kids out of state at that young of age.
    She took it down I am sure b?c of fear of ex's lawsuits. What do you think Antionette?
    Hey, can we have a "Ask Antionette" or a "Lourdes Logic" where we can ask her the latest questions abound? LOL LOL

  5. oh, this is going to be fun!

  6. Well, Well, Well. I figured you ladies would show up sooner or later. Behave now!!!

  7. LOVE this post!! Can't wait for the next installment :) You guys crack me up!! And yes, I DO feel special!!! LMAO

  8. Wow... Now this is entertainment! Take notes TLC.

  9. Welcome and many thanks to the baked goods!!

  10. Giving Robyn a Twitter account is the equivalent of giving a third grader a driver's permit.

  11. HAHAHAHA! Loves the picture! What a great post.

    If you are going to go around crying abuse, you better be able to BACK IT UP. Especially when you shove national camera in your kids' faces all the time, which I consider terrible parenting, at best.

    Honestly, I think that custody battle would be AWESOME. Unemployed, pregnant single mom sleeping with married man fighting for custody. Oh, and wants to use her kids on national TV once a week to legitimize her criminal lifestyle. Plus, she's an admitted felon and claims she can't go back to Utah to argue this. Oopsies!

    I'd love to hear from Baby Daddy. Sounds like he should be able to shut down this freak show with his kids easy. Maybe he is getting paid too?

  12. Did they get the "Sister Wives Fan Site" shut down? The one that was always posting on the TLC page and "liking" stuff? That was run by Chloe Kelly and I'd swear she claims to know Robyn and be writing a book about the FLDS.

    The KBF facebook page is actually a friend request thing instead of a page to "like", right? So it seems like they should both be allowed to exist.

  13. Here's the thing, what kind of freak show is Robyns ex husband gonna put the kids through. At least we know what SHE is doing, because it's monitored by national TV.

    By law, he would have been given some sort of visitation through the courts. Robyn may legitimately have concerns, but her hands are tied. She has to let them see their dad.

    Good thing is, if he is some sort of lonatic, he's probably watching his P's and Q's since ex wifey is in the spotlight.

  14. This doesn't add up. If my ex were abusive, he would get unsupervised visits over my dead body. Then again, I would never put my kids on national TV.

    These are really serious accusations. She should complain where it matters, which isn't Twitter. If Baby Daddy was abusive, she should deal with it, as the mom. Lawyer up where it matters! Wouldn't that make great reality TV, anyway?

    I'm Team Baby Daddy

  15. McNutt--I would dare say Robyn is the one to keep an eye on. The ex left the "faith", meaning he isn't a plyg. I have more hope in the kids having a good upbringing with him vs. Robyn (hi welcome to my manipulative whining and crying and 14 other siblings with a "dad" who you see 7 days a month.)

  16. My step-sons still have to go see their bio "mom". They have experienced extreme abuse and neglect, but they still have to see her every other weekend. We have fought tooth and nail, there is nothing we can do except make sure they have a cell to call police when something happens.

  17. I don't understand Baby Daddy either. Why would he let his kids become the face of polygamy?

    If my ex wanted to put my kid's life on the local news, I'd drag him into court the next day. I can't imagine why Baby Daddy would let his kids on national TV.

    Still Team Baby Daddy

  18. Can we get shirts made that say Team Baby Daddy? It has a nice ring to it. :)

  19. Robyn's abuse claim may have some merit based on the fact that the men are brought up in an envirornment to be abusive to begin with. Kody wasn't raised in that environment but he's clueless as to how emotionally abusive (mostly absent) he is in his relationships w/wives as well his kids.

  20. Having said that, Robyn definitely is a passive/aggressive button pusher so....

    i'm not defending abuse in any way but just understanding how she could be just given the circumstances and her personality.

  21. Thank you all for your wonderful comments!

    If you have a burning question to ask me, please see your doctor first, then go to my profile and send me an email! I will answer your question on a future installment of I Scour the Internet - but as I value your privacy, I will not use your real names. Sorry, but due to "security" concerns, I can't accept attachments!

    I have a feeling we are going to have lots of fun!

  22. Robyn's custody issues could interfere with the master plan lawsuit to legalize polygamy. You watching, Utah AG?

    If she is willing to show up in a Utah court, ship her kids off to Utah, and probably go to Utah to do a kid exchange, and deal with some kind of Utah child support, it really undermines her felon-in-hiding-in Vegas lawsuit.

    Wouldn' t it be great if they just arrested her at the kid exchange for the polygamy violations! Then the Browns would really get what they asked for.

  23. Just because he was abusive to her doesn't mean he was abusive to the kids. Unlikely, but possible.

    For a parent to get sole custody with supervised visitation only, takes a tremendous amount of corroborating evidence.

    He could have also been emotionally or verbally abusive. There are no physical bruises from that.

    I am no fan of Robyn's, but why rush to judgement that she's lying?

  24. Type,

    I think people are judging Robyn because she has an awfully convenient set of ethics on her which change with the wind.

    If Robyn's kids come first, then why move them in with a family where they spend less time with her, no time with Kody and not much with their bio-dad? Why move them to Vegas, particularly the autistic one, when none of them really face arrest in Utah? The priority here seems to be clinging to Kody, not her children.

    If her husband was so abusive, why will the kids have the choice to live with him at a certain age? Abusive men with visitation rights aren't allowed full custody through child choice.

    Nothing adds up. It's impossible to examine Robyn's statements and form a complete picture

    I get the feeling Robyn was sick of living in a beat up trailer on welfare. When Kody and TLC can provide a house, everything else can be re-configured to make it happen.

  25. i get the feeling that Robyn is used to lying and not being called on it. or when she is, she can turn the tears on and point the finger to someone else.

    she's already set herself up to be fragile and vulnerable and "the persecuted" to Kody and gang - whether it's from someone or something without or within their family. she's VERY manipulative and apparently it works for her.

  26. In all honesty, I bet her (only) husband is a simple man- no internet, not much TV.
    He probably doesn't want to raise them, knowing that a little 5 yr old girl is not going to leaver her mother.
    AND, you bet he's getting pd to be quiet to the press, otherwise, he could of made MILLIONS by talking

  27. ROLMAO (rolling on loor laughing my ass off)
    Luv it!! Oh snaps, hilarious creative genius blogger alert!!
    Glad to contribute :)....looking forward to your next scourN report!!

  28. I thought she was from Montana or WY (divorce docs shown someplace) and I thought that she separately said the abuse was sexual, funny positions or something.

  29. Hey everyone, I was going over some of Anderson360 past interviews & I came across the sugar coated Sister Wives interview...lol Actually there was a commenter, Rebecca K, who was born into Polygamy, but is no longer a part of it & she has tons of insight to offer!!
    "The glue that holds it together is fear & ignorance not love & faith.
    They are taught we would lose our salvation if we didn't submit to polygamy. I have known many women who advocated polygamy in public & cried themselves to sleep @night bc their husband is in another woman's bed.
    The larger a family grows, the less time each wife has w/ her husband & for the children of polygamy families, quality time with their fathers is comparatively uncommon. Emotional & psychological needs of polygamy children are notoriously unmet.
    .........Let's not overlook the ongoing lawsuits as narcissistic polygami men create court battles in the name of freedom of religion, where they claim their "holy right " to take freedom away from others. The men in the 'lime light ' of these cases seldom ever provide their own personal $$. Follow the $$ trail & prepare for another shock"

    Wow!! Sliterally shouted AMEN @ end of her comment bc I thought I was in church!!...lol hSe seems to know her stuff & hopefully she'll visit SWB & offer more insights :)

  30. To read her whole comment, visit
    http://www. andersoncooper .com/episodes/kody-brown-sister-wives-flds-teens/comments/2/#comments

  31. Was the the one we had a clip of on here in Sept?
    With the kids?
    Boy, they threw SW come curve balls. They weren't believing all the LUV crap!

  32. Love this, looking forward to new installments!

  33. Looks like the 2 battling KB fb sites will have to deal w/ a 3rd FB site, Team Brown, & yep I'm totally serious ..lol
    Seems fitting for their lifestyle anyways, the more the bitchier, I mean merrier...hehe

    @least on Team Brown, you don't have to send a friend request, U just have to LIKE them, if that's possible...lol

  34. Head over to twitter, Meri and Robyn are now hosting online kitchen crap parties. You just have to put their name in as host when you spend money and they get free stuff!! How convenient!

  35. I am a little dense and didn't understand this:

    Has our favorite rottweiler from hell fallen from favor with the #1 sisterwives twit-ter?. Scanning casually through their following list, that crackiswhack entermnt personality is not listed, and plaintive public tweets go unanswered. Maybe the #1 sisterwives twit-ter prefers the color pink after all. Hey - sending you a DM....LOL!"

    Can you name names?

  36. am i the only one wondering as to why so many updated posts plus they're all over the board just keep being added to the same one? that combined with all the responses re:the various topics here seems to be confusing and chaotic.

    are the new posts going to become separate in and of themselves or is this one going to just keep being added to and become even more erratic than it already is? just wondering out loud i guess.

  37. I could be wrong but a long time ago I had read somewhere that Robin's ex is actualy Meri's brother. Does anyone know?

  38. JANELLE's ex is Meri's brother which they clearly stated on the show first season.

  39. and second season, too.

  40. The Bargain Babe asked:
    ...Can you name names?

    For "security" reasons names are never used on blind items, but I can help you out a little!


    If you need more info on the 2nd party, drop me an email. My email address is on my profile and I promise to be discreet!

    Anony 11/11 11:25AM asked:
    ... are the new posts going to become separate in and of themselves or is this one going to just keep being added

    Yes. Bwahahahahahaha!

  41. ooooh this is going to be fun! (rubbing hands together with an evil smile!)

  42. i feel like i'm trying to put a puzzle together now with all these different mysterious posts coming in. the season will be over in a couple of weeks and i still will probably be trying to figure it out. is there going to be a continuous FB fight between competing sites?

  43. Was invited to a Pearl Party: come dive for pearls. Like a Tupperware party but the catalog and samples are pearls, some in multiple strands, and gimmicks, getting your bill into the 100's. How many pearls can you wear ? And if you are selling like it is Tupperware? OMG. Pampered Chef was last week, as far as my recent invites. have declined, too many kids selling wrapping paper, no money for Pampered Chef or Pearls this month. :)

  44. I am lost. Which facebook what?
    I knew the one by her "friend" which I am not in, and what other one?

  45. Crazy Cookie asked: ...Which facebook what?
    I knew the one by her "friend" which I am not in, and what other one?

    From what I've been told, there are apparently TWO "official" fanpages run by the friend. One where you simply "like" the page and the other where you have to request to be a "friend". I hear the "friend" fanpage is the one that holds the after show chat with the Sisterwives.

    Why it has to be so complicated is beyond me! Looks to me like this family has an obsession with positive thoughts only and lots of rules.

  46. Anony 11/11 7:57 asked: ...is there going to be a continuous FB fight between competing sites?

    We can only hope!!! Bwahahahahaha!

  47. Vitamins, Pampered Chef, Pearls, whatever, oh my itching butt.
    Real friends don't invite you to this crap, ever. If they do, I cross them off my dog park playday list and figure that they are too dumb to be a friend of a BC, undoubtedly the smartest of dogs, but you don't need to be smart to avoid other dogs who impose on your time to steal your money.

  48. oops, that reply was for Anony 11/11 6:32 !

    But to Anony 11/11 7:57 - I feel your pain! However, one can never have too many pearls as Grandmama would say! Bwahahahahaha!

  49. But Border Collie, its all online! So you don't have to suffer with the awful stale nibbly snacky things and sugary bubbly drinks and that long drive home. You can just spend that paycheck in the comfort of your home and know that Meri and Mommie Dearest will think of only you when gazing at their many hostess gifts!

  50. I seriously would like to know how many poor, sad, lonely people, buy stuff from them, or goes to the LIV stuff, just to possible meet them or see them. Just like the gal here that was a bitch for so long they got rid of her. She went to LIV and bought a kit!
    I do wonder if they are laughing to the bank.
    Can you find out how much money they are making?

  51. Oh the parties are all on-line. That's different then. The poor usually are poor because they insist upon it. They have a block on critical thinking. "O polygamy, well that's cool. I'd like to do that.' "O kitchen shit, I'll be known to them then and get attention, put me down, I'll buy". Whatever.

    So protest against big business, complain about student loans. So many people insist on screwing themselves. Spend $40k at an on-line only college in lifestyle varieties. Get consumer debt for all your electronic and fancy washing machine needs. Then blame somebody else. Uhhu. Like I've warned people, but will they listen to the BC, no. Well, I end up with a home, food, and love, and they don't.

  52. I know what Sydney is sayin' - Many older esp. Women, lonely, get hooked on TV, or buying off QVC to fill that void.

  53. Brilliant! You could even add some gossip not Brown related! I'd love to see this 2-3 times a week!

  54. Come folks! This lady deserves more than a couple of check marks and google 1's! Get up there and commend her!

  55. Hoping there is another installment this week. :)

    Still working on this: Has our favorite rottweiler from hell fallen from favor with the #1 sisterwives twit-ter?. Scanning casually through their following list, that crackiswhack entermnt personality is not listed, and plaintive public tweets go unanswered. Maybe the #1 sisterwives twit-ter prefers the color pink after all. Hey - sending you a DM....LOL!"

    --guessing that #1 sister twit-ter is Robyn. Not sure who the crackiswhack person is, maybe the swfansite01 or whoever that follows them?

    I must be sooo dense. Even with the clues to old blog posts I am still struggling. lol

  56. I'm feeling your pain, Bargain Babe! So I sent you some info via email!