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Monday, November 28, 2011

UPDATED - s03e12 DISCUSSION PART 2 - Videos/Tweets...Kody Brown Family.

 UPDATED  Mon. Nov. 28th pm.

Here's some interesting tweets updated. BIG SHOUT OUT to Caramel Brownie for helping us this week. I don't have time to clip them, but here they are:

FYI- Karyn Thompson -TLC Editor has confirmed another new season in Spring 2012.

"LuvgvsUwngs: Watching #sisterwives with the family and our editor Karyn!"

 "MeriBrown1: Ok ladies, only 2 more days to order Pampered Chef if you want it! pamperedchef.biz/cindykreutz Hope you enjoy tonights episodes! :)"

 "MeriBrown1: Remember to put either my name or Robyn's name in the host box. Thanks everyone! Hope you all enjoy your stuff! Happy baking! :)"

 "MeriBrown1: Ok all, unexpected delay! If you still want to order Pampered Chef, you can! 

Today & tomorrow only! pamperedchef.biz/cindykreutz (cont)"

 "LuvgvsUwngs: Thank you everyone for watching last night and for all the kind words. We have a lot of wonderful things to look forward to this next year."

Any other tweets you all might just share here for the next couple of days. We are literally SWAMPED and won't have time to post them.   There is something odd about a family that probably makes $70-$,100,000 an episode pimping pampered chef.
THANKS to all that sent these in. I always put tweets up - just so much going on.

WHY WHY WHY do you think Kody took down the utube?
We wonder if it's because he couldn't control the comments? 

MANY of you all are going nuts over what was said on their facebook chat., how Christine and Janelle should be mad; 4 Hi! how are you? doesn't constitute a chat, etc.
abt 60 emails! I do not go to that site; I will not share anything that is sent. (We have SOME) ethics. However, you are FREE to discuss it here.

Also, to Kody and FAMILY--- Our blog stimulates conversation and excitement about your show.......prop or con. If you want more positive comments, show us something positive!

What are your thoughts? Discuss here!
Continued discussion from last nights show, also!
Thanks for helping us Caramel Brownie!!



  1. I realize their resources are "finite" but can they spring for a better quality video camera?

  2. Was Robyn getting too much air time for Kody? LOOK AT ME~!LOOK AT ME! I SHAVED MY BEARD!!!!

    Hell, you'd think he was worthy of TMZ news. What a immature, evil little spineless brat.

  3. I am simply amazed and dumbfounded at this episode. And, the Sister Wives (drank the Jim Jones Koolaid) Facebook page, they were literally FALLING OVER Robyn.
    Folks, PLEASE READ.
    Robyn is not doing this out of her love for Meri. This is a CLEAR Manipulation to be the prized possession of the Brown family that no one can touch. First of all, who knows what eggs she'd put in there. Second, who would be thinking that at the time of birth? This episode was shot/then set up again and RESHOT a few days later.
    Third. She wants no other wives, she wants no other responsibility; what a better way to lord over the rest of the Brown kids.... Can you hear her in 10 years? "I gave birth to you!!! Now get over here and mow my yard."
    Fourth. It's a storyline to catch your attention and keep you coming back for more.

    This is not Robyn being unselfish/quite the opposite. that is one scary, conniving woman.

  4. ANOTHER one for my post above.
    Fifth. If Robyn can get Meri saddled with another kid, then she's succeeded in taking away TIME.
    Meri will not be the one Kody runs to /// to get away from all the kids!!!!!!

  5. GagMe..you said it all! I"m like wow! What a martyr Robyn is..not..

  6. I wish I had a dollar every time someone on the show says 'awesome"

  7. As genuine as it may have felt I completely think the surrogacy was another show idea. I mean they need to up the ante and come up with something interesting for next year. If Meri is desperate for a baby this would be one great offer maybe that's why she was so keen on
    Robyn joining hmmmm...

  8. Religulous I KNOW! spot on!
    I want a dollar every time I hear "my love"!!!

  9. OMG. Love everyone's comments about the show. I am shocked no one said this so I will. Ro-Bun should have learned from the previous episode NOT to show her belly. I am sorry, but she has TERRIBLE stretch marks ad I don't care to see them!

  10. No one is thinking: I wana be your surrogate at their time of birth!

    I bet Meri doesn't accept! Why would she want another child when her's is a teen? Hell, she can borrow from the other THREE.

    These women are beyond stupid. What are they afraid of?

    GET OUT OF THERE AND GET A LIFE! aaaggghhh!!

  11. We need to go back to this fake birth concept.

    First...I tried to check the old posts but was having a rough time figuring out the actual dates of the kids' tweets etc....TLC showed us "Oct 25 10:30 pm (or some time, but the date is right)" with Kody taking the garbage out. Do the dates match? I'm sure they do because TLC couldn't make that blatant of an error, correct?

    But really though...They flopped out a grimy newborn child right? That's real right? Or did they turn the cameras on to show the flopping newborn child, clean Robyn up, and then redo the actual giving birth scene? But why would they need to do that?

    I'm a sap for babies and newborns, so I was getting emotional, but really the rest of the episode just killed that happy buzz. Meri really did say some AWFUL things. It's already been said, but how can they preach to me about the joy of this lifestyle and then turn around say that she's "never had a bond this close before"?!?!?!?! You people were living in one house and you couldn't form a close bond? Why? Because you are all jealous and hate each other. That's why.

    Also, there are some freaky new TLC shows that I just can't handle. That virgin kid sucking that poor girl's face off? I literally just gagged typing that. And DUI's? Are we trying to legitimize that lifestyle too? "My kids are home without a Dad..." Boo fucking hoo. Don't drink and drive! There are people who will argue about every stupid thing and I'm sure it'll happen with this too, but seriously, if drunk driving is getting anything but negative attention I may have to cancel my (outrageously expensive and crappy) cable to escape TLC.

  12. So this is the wonderful polygamy lifestyle Kody wants us all to see and accept? Sorry buddy but you missed the boat on that one. All I see is sad, troubled women orbiting around an egomaniac with crazy eyes.

  13. Well, 3 is a bad number. I know that when I was a kid and there were 3 friends, it was always 2 against 1, so maybe Meri was the odd man out. Now, with 4, it's 2 vs. 2.

  14. Robyn making my skin crawl manipulative moment:

    "Meri - come here. i want to talk to you while you're emotional."

    TRANSLATION: therefore, VULNERABLE to my most manipulative shining moment thus far! it's still all about me!!

    GAWD - what awful scripted tripe to put in for ratings. I've had 4 babies and minutes after delivery NO WAY IN HELL am i going to offer to have one for someone else!! i don't care if you're even MOTHER Mary herself!

  15. Border Collie said... (part one discussion)
    Robyn's a reptile. She didn't even break a sweat.

    bwahahahhahahahahah The single best comment bar none.
    Who in the hell gives birth, no meds, and nary a yelp when a head or shoulders pops?

  16. why did Robyn's belly button look like a big round yellowed bruise?

  17. Robyn's a regular tweeter. Why did she have to look back at Kody for the word "Twitter?" and then repeat it after him? Lord, those two are hopeless for their juvenile "twitterpated" adoration of each other.

    and yes, Kody - we're SO PROUD of you shaving! Good boy!! Did you shower, too? Brush your teeth? GOOD BOY! now go get a Big Boy haircut!

  18. Never GettinMyLegRubbedAgainNovember 28, 2011 at 9:17 AM

    Anyone ever see Bill Cosby's skit on his wife giving birth? Where he says his job is the catcher?
    Damn. I love my daddy but don't want him there at my who-haw being pitcher.

  19. Anonmous....hahhahah.
    SIT Kody....SIT!

  20. Meri's a complete idiot if she takes Robyn up on that ridiculous offer. By the time the baby would be born, Mariah would be 18 and gone back to Utah. and it's probably Meri's plan to go with her. and why would you EVER want to give Robyn that kind of control over you and your baby??

    Even if she doesn't, why the hell would Meri want to start over w/raising an only child after her one and only just got raised and she's now completely free to pursue her own interests all day.

    Robyn is scared shitless to think she might have to raise her kids her own self now after all. The teens aren't going to do it like she first thought and her only hope is that Meri will.

    Anyway, the insult of it all is TLC thinking we're all idiots to even believe that was anything but a bogus offer for ratings. Robyn and Meri neither one have any intention of following through. But I'm sure there are their fans who are crying their eyes out over it and praying that it happens! LOL

  21. (kody's reaction to the baby's looks)

    Kody.... DER UHHHH DERrrr That looks like MY kids...!!!!! What a complete and utter dumbass!LOL

    Oh come on friends, I saw a rat in the delivery sequence. She was too damn quiet! I think she had the baby, THEN... pretended to have the baby, something was off. I am serious.

  22. I think something was off. She changed outfits. Who would care? Throw on a robe and forget it!
    The scenes also were cut black nightgown/grey/black, all the while she supposedly hadn't gotten up.

    Surrogacy-planned to be said.

  23. Yeah the floppy newborn was filmed 2 weeksish when she actually had him. The rest of the crap was on the 25th or whatever that date was that they claim he was born...when she was like 43 weeks pregnant.

  24. Jechse said...(Pervious post discussion) "Shout out to Christine! WHY are you apologizing for your honest and truthful thoughts about Robyn? Perhaps Kody told you to straighten up and fly right? Did Robyn tell you, as she has told everyone on the planet, that you hurt her feelings? The apology was long, forced and unnecessary. Be true to yourself and your thoughts. You don't have to like Robyn. Most of us don't. You have every right to be jealous and to feel slighted by Kody. He has been a tool ever since Robyn came into the picture, and quite frankly, he owes all of you ladies an apology for being just that. A tool."

    My sad conclusion is she's scared Kody won't call her into heaven. All that AUB, Her grandpa blasphemy. Poor Girl.

  25. "Cord blood is awesome!"- Robyn. It's obvious TLC had very little to work with this season. I think the Browns were told they better sell it, or no S4. Except for the baby, what story line ever played out beyond it's 5 minutes we saw? I think it was scripted because Meri was OTT about Robyn last night. I'm in my 40's with 1 teenage child. There is no way I would want another baby at this point.

  26. Poor Hunter. On camera being forced by Robyn to not look like a jerk in front of the world about a baby that he rightfully couldn't care less about.

    He doesn't care for Robyn and he doesn't think of her baby as being his brother. He will be GONE when the baby is 3!!

    Where is the adult leadership in that household? I don't even trust it to be Janelle any more.

  27. I felt bad for Christine. I was rolling my eyes when she said that she hadn't been nice to Robyn, since she thought that she was Kody's favorite, but that there was no place for favorites. Well, how about Kody apologizing for making her and the others feel like Robyn's the favorite. He's the one playing favorites. I just don't know why these woman put up with this stuff!

    Also, if the concept is sister wives and the family, shouldn't all of the wives, or moms, been there for the birth, since they're a family and it should be a bonding time for all. That's just my opinion.

  28. Free Hunter Brown! I would offer him a place here! Janelle and all of her children would be perfectly welcome here.

    Also, I don't think Dayun was being bullied, but he is the one that can go live with his dad first. I think it was one of the girls. I think Christine used Dayun as the example because the kids like him the best. Had she said Brianna, they probably would have helped her pack! In Meri's work with troubled children, she should realize there is a reason for the bullying, and it's not all Christine's fault. Why do they ignore the problems. Those kids need to be heard. They resent Robyn and her kids. They have lost their dad's time to his new wife. Why do they insist on stifling the jealousy instead of talking it out and dealing with it? That is so unhealthy!! It's normal for any relationship to have jealousy, but you have to tell the person(s) how you feel. I was jealous of my husband's sports participation. I know he needed to play to relieve job stress. We worked out a plan. He played one sport a season. Then barring tournaments, he would give up "X" amount of games a season if necessary. He didn't know I was so upset. What I'm saying is we talked it out.

  29. So many great comments and very thought provoking!

    Geeky Girl you are correct, I missed that. The girl Meri was fussing over was Breanna.

    Yes sir folks... that was an edited version of it all... possible down to the blood on the babe.

    I am surprised no one said this, so maybe I am wrong, *but I don't believe so.
    When Robyn pushed that baby out---- she just laid there. NO REACTION. Then he pulls the baby to her. That was tooo weird. NO excitement out of her AT ALL.
    Then, the robe changing. grey/black/grey/ back and forth.
    Then, even the family coming seemed not on that night.
    Kody justifying kissing Meri. Sickening. Yet planned and she was picked to kiss. TLC loves that crap.
    Then, the belly being round, mushy, back again.

    I thought her father was Robert Marck, and her step father Lee Sullivan. Am I wrong? I know there's some on here that know this. Can you help me?

    Poor Dayton. I thought he would look different. like me. what's up with his hair?

    In one shot Aspyn looks 8 months herself

  30. Yeah, something was wrong with that birth scene. Parts of it were re-enacted. I guess I would have to go back and watch it again to try to figure it out, not sure.

    Meri will never take Robyn up on that offer. That was just something to say to make it a cliffhanger. I think Robyn wants Meri to be her BFF and having a baby for her will seal that deal.

    I was shocked at the stuff Meri said about how she was never close to Janelle or Christine. WOW. Must have been fun living together all those years. Can't imagine why they all want separate houses now.

    I think they are scrambling to come up with a story line for the next season, and maybe this surrogacy storyline will be it. Something, anything. Where do they go from here? We get it, they are polygamists, but if there is no drama, then the show will fade out. You would need some drama like the wives actually fighting or one of them leaving or something to keep the interest in this up.


  31. LOVE it when Ysabel says "Fine! Read the book yourself!" And Truely does!

  32. Yuck, yuck, yuck! That is about all I can say about the kiss with Meri and the offer of being a surragate! I was so grossed out! If I was in labor and my husband left for any reason other than a call of nature I would have let him have it with a baseball bat and he knows it! That is why he is mine, all mine and no sharing. This episode was over the top disgusting.

  33. Whoa!

    Meri's taking a ride on the crazy train! She was vibrating when she got the call, literally shaking. More meds STAT!

    And life in a fractured fairy tale! Me thinks lots of resentment rivers have been flowing under that polybridge for decades. Meri couldn't give Kody the first child and then her "sister wives" go on to have 6 each. Meri the problem is spelled K O D Y.

    I don't know about you folks but when Kody was stroking Robyn's thigh and whispering all lounge lizard like, "you can do it (baby)" You can do it" all I could think about with my eyes filled with bleach and my ears stabbed with forks is that his "birth coach technique" is the same as his
    Sexytimes technique. Truly (Not to be confused with the neglected by Meri last baby) creepy. UGH UGH UGH

    And the manipulation by Robyn of Kody was most evident in this episode. Why she has his c%$& wrapped right around her finger, literally and figuratively. The surrogate issue was HER IDEA but Kody already knows about it. That was so planned.

    How CRUEL to throw that at the mentally fragile Meri while she holds the new baby? It's like the poly version of that old movie Gaslight! Beyond nasty.

    And umm Janelle, picking at that TRAY of cheesey shit is why you are fat. Get out of that toxic climate and move on. Seriously you're all but alone now, why do this to yourself? No wonder Hunter is so confused.

    And Christine, thank you for the most honest remark I've heard on that show. Yes, selling gym memberships to gym run by a bunch of fatties is going to be all uphill. And while I have your attention Christine. Those two girls of yours are going to be working that strip (okay off off off the strip if those pounds don't shift) as soon as they graduate. I suggest you and Janelle, find a house together and join forces. The writings on the wall Chrissy. Its the Robyn and Kody show with a little Meri for maniuplations sake.

    One last thing, Mariah is on the fast track to marriage and BABYtime. Would not be surprised if it happened before she graduates highschool, she drinks the kody-aid at full strength.

    Okay here's the REAL last thing, how adorable is Truely reading that book! I dare you Meri, go give that baby a hug.


  34. Anon 10:39, agree with you, Robyn had NO reaction whatsoever when the baby was supposedly just born and placed on her chest. Just NOTHING, no reaction. That, to me, was one of the weirdest things in the whole show. Yes, women are tired, etc...after giving birth but there is that rush of adrenaline that kicks in when you are excited & happy to see baby for the first time..unless...UNLESS...it's NOT the first time. As in, you're on your fourth or firth tv take of 'seeing baby' for the first time and you're just tired of it and aren't that great of an actress?? Like, h*ll, I had this kid two weeks ago and you want me to act excited? I've been up every night for two weeks and you want me to act excited like he just arrived?? That's what I think happened!!

    And who has perfect hair and makeup on??? OMG, my hair was drenched in sweat and I never went to the hospital with any makeup on at 2 a.m.

    TLC...what does that stand for...oh yeah, the LEARNING channel. Well all I am learning is that they are full of crap.

  35. Women in general are possessive and territorial especially when it comes to their children and men. So I think it's hilarious that we have this crazy little religion that men came up with because well they wanted to do it "legitametly" with a lot of women and how smart of the men to be like "there is no place for jealousy and insecurity in god's kingdom blah blah blah, so if you're feeling jealous and insecure get over it because that's just not normal"! Actually those are totally natural human emotions and as much as I enjoy the show this family is a total gong show. What was Kody thinking marring a women 15 years his junior when he was married to 3 women already for a long time AND Meri should get a life. Pathetic you had 2 sister wives but never felt close to them seems like a little vengence on your part introducing Robyn to them. Alsoi with one grown kid (pretty much) find a job cause you come off lazy.

  36. oh pleezzzzz - my sentiments exactly. I'm all for the "family" aspect of polymagy but as this show goes on, especially with the comments of Meri & Christine lately, they are making it very apparent that polygamy is NOT what they are making it out to be. These women have bought into a recently man-made decree to bury their natural feelings, produce multiple children for the MAN's kingdom and then feel inadequate/worthless if you CAN'T produce those children (Meri). So sad. It's even clearer now why Meri encouraged Kody to court/marry Robyn - because she didn't have the sisterwife relationship she'd always wanted. Wow. How about just making a best friend?

  37. I love the show but I have heard a rumor that it was not picked up for another season??? Anyone else hear the same thing?

  38. Ok, here on my thoughts on the birth: It HAD to have been re-enacted. I've had two children, both completely naturally. WHO pushes like that with NO pain meds? You want that baby out NOWWWW! I have never seen anyone push so quietly and with such little effort.
    Also, while it may be standard to push laying on your back in a hospital room it is NOT standard OR encouraged to push while laying on your back during a homebirth. Most midwives would strongly discourage that, ESPECIALLY with a baby that large. Come on! That midwife would have had her up squatting or even standing during pushing. Didn't anyone else pic up on that?

  39. I've had 4 babies. the first one spinal, the next 3 all natural with the last one born at home even. I myself don't make a sound when i'm birthing. I just don't. My midwife even told me i was the first in all her years to witness that phenomenon. HOWEVER, there's no way that wasn't staged or pieced together w/various components removed to say the least.

    I'm very small like Robyn yet due to gestational diabetes have 9 lb babies and there's no way in hell you can slightly push like she did and it all happens so easy like that.

    Final insult to intelligence - what a ripoff bogus surprise of surrogacy offer at the end. yeah, right. that was so NOT believable for about 10 different reasons and not ONE single believable reason for it to be a genuine offer. The writers just came up with it as a cliffhanger and to make Robyn look "AWESOME!!!!" lol

    These women drive me crazy as much as Kody does. The whole damn bunch are immature non-developed frontal lobers.

  40. I'm glad I missed this episode.

  41. Totally agree about the birth. Had all 9 lb/plus babies and I am medium sized, not small like her.....and pushing out a baby that size is not done with a few slight grimaces and one hand on the headboard. Just doesn't happen.
    Also....birthing in a bed with a satin comforter with just one half-sized disposable thin pad would be a bit messy, don't you think?
    And did we really need to see (veiled by the sheet) the cord-cutting? Every detail was used for effect.

    The film crew must have been on standby and very locally accessible if all was legit. That had to be costly? Or was it a planned re-enactment?

    And yes, where was Logan??

  42. Kody shut down his You Tube account. Gee I wonder why? Couldn't take all the negative comments??? And now I know what these people do with all their free time with no real job... They report any and ALL You Tube posts of their episodes. Even if they are done in parts. They are probably counting on selling their show overseas. I didn't see this episode but from what I have read here it seems as if Meri is being manipulated by Robyn. I can see Meri saying yes to Robyn's offer of surrogacy because when her 1 child moves out she will not feel needed or important AND Kody will probably pressure her to say yes because that is their only hope of their show being renewed.

    Actually I'd like to see this show renewed only if it is "Sister Wives Get a Divorce."

  43. I know I saw Logan standing in the group. He was standing there smiling and talking with the others. He's there.

    I bet Christine is so pissed about what Meri says about Truely. There's no Truely clothes in that little girl's room. But there for sure is Solomon clothes. Talk about playing favorites. Christine beats herself up about it re: the wives and here's Meri clearly letting everyone know she's doing it with innocent babies.

    It's so obvious that polygamy does NOTHING to squash jealousy. It actually exacerbates them in such a passive/aggressive way and at the expense of children's self-worth.

  44. I love sister wives!

  45. Great show last night! Me and my wife watch your show religiously. Just makes me mad when i see all the negative comments about the show. I wish someone would just make a show about how nothing happens. I'd love to see what the critics would say then. I wish you all very much success! I really wish i could meet you all. I enjoy the show and so do lot's of people that i know. Cant wait for next season. I wish you all the best stay safe and have a happy winter.

  46. Is this the guy looking for his second wife?

  47. KodysLexus JanellesJalopyNovember 28, 2011 at 6:29 PM

    Dear Robyn (aka..Anonymous 5:38). ..Thanks for checking in with us here on SisterWives Blog. Nice to hear from you personally! :)

  48. Well, Meri did make that room for one of Christine's and one of Robyn's daughters.

    I'm just wondering when the other sister wives found out about what Meri had said about them and about how Robyn had offered to be a surrogate and what their reaction was.

  49. Wow! Finally a couple of positive comments! Very refreshing, thank you! I too have enjoyed the show. It saddens me to read all that negative stuff about them and that people would be so unchristian-like. I think they are doing a great job at portraying what the life-style is like. Yes, there are jealousies and insecurities, those are natural, human emotions. I think they have been very "real" with their feelings and expressed them in a way that has helped them work together better.

    And as far as the birth of Solomon - yes ladies, it IS possible to be that calm, quiet, and in control when you give birth to a child. I've done it six times. And my babies aren't small either! I've also watched other women, giving birth unmedicated, be that calm and in control. I did hypno-birthing and watching Robyn was like watching myself during labor and delivery. It's an awesome experience. Great job Robyn!!!

    Kody is a lucky guy. You women have handled your emotions with the life-style in a very mature way. I thought Christine's offering to Robyn was very touching. The life-style can be very challenging, and I think you guys are doing a great job! You can tell Kody loves them and takes good care of them, emotionally and materialistically. I like how "in touch" he is with his feminine side. What woman wouldn't want that!!?

  50. Ok so I didn't notice any switching of the robes, but I'm not that observant. Ok, so what? TLC and the Brown's lied about the date of conception and delivery and parts of the birth sequence were staged. I still don't get why. Why not just film the real birth and just change the date and lie that way? I just don't understand the motive. Plus, how are they keep all those teenagers quiet about it? There's no way they could hide the baby from the family. I'm not a good judge, but to me it seemed like the family was really meeting the baby for the first time right? There were quite a few tears and emotions. I don't know....it's just not adding up for me.

    Also, I really encourage anyone who can't understand some of the anti-polygamy view points to plesae do their research. If you look at both sides of the issue and still feel pro-polygamy then at least you're well informed. However you can't use the Browns' overly edited TV life as you only basis for why polygamy is ok and believe that everything is rosy and happy for every family.

  51. That Meri doesn't feel close to Christine and Janelle is sad, but I think I know why she feels that way- it seems that she was close to her sister, Theresa and tried to replace her by adding Janelle-and when that didn't fill the void like Meri wanted it to- Christine, then Robyn).

  52. Thanks for the laugh Anon 6:43. :D

  53. Catherine not always so greatNovember 28, 2011 at 7:08 PM

    I have to agree with one thing Anon 6:43 said about the quiet births. I have given birth twice -- both times at home and both times very quiet and in control. My only problem was nausea so I couldn't keep even water down.. but as soon as the baby was born -- and I mean the second! - I was immediately hungry and euphoric (not aware of any pain). In fact after my first baby (and over 12 hours of painful labor) the first words out of my mouth were: "That was amazing! I have to do that again!" -- So I can very much understand Robyn's birth and decision to offer surrogacy to Meri. And as for the clothing change, well, my midwifes got me up and in the shower right away and into fresh clothes in bed with baby. Did you see the messy newborn goop that they placed on Robyn? Well naturally a shower and change of clothes were in order. That doesn't mean the whole birth was staged. It just means they paused for her to freshen up. Quite normal.

  54. Catherine not always so greatNovember 28, 2011 at 7:12 PM

    On the other hand, I also found it odd that she delivered laying down. My midwives also had me up doing specific exercises to "move things along" and then offered different supported squatting options for birthing. Sometimes they will recommend laying down at the end to slow things down and give the mother more control if that is needed. But really, we did not get to see the labor enough to know the whole story.
    I just know that laying on back and even side increased the pain of contractions 2 fold.

  55. And put on makeup.

  56. Catherine not always so greatNovember 28, 2011 at 7:16 PM

    Why not? She is used to wearing it all the time and frankly if I was going to be on camera, I might be a little vain.

  57. Make up was the LAST thing on my mind after having given birth.

  58. Catherine not always so greatNovember 28, 2011 at 7:27 PM

    Anon 7:20: Were you going to be on television?

  59. Now that Meri has stated her favorite Sister Wife I think this will definitely cause strife. I have NEVER seen Janelle or Christine call favorites.

  60. The editing was a little off. They had a couple of scenes out of order. They showed Kody calling Meri to come over, with all 3 of Robyns kids surrounding her and baby on the bed.
    Then they showed the scene where she has not yet delivered the afterbirth, and then they bring in Robyn's 3 kids for their first look at the baby. Based on experience the afterbirth comes shortly after the birth. And, I'm guessing that happened before the kids were allowed in and before Meri was allowed over.

    And, again, how dare Robyn diss Hunter on TV because he doesn't fall all over her in adoration. They've not once showed him being disrespectful to her.... about her to Janelle on the camping trip once, yes, but not directly to Robyn.

  61. I agree with all of the above. NO WAY was that not re-enacted at parts.

    GREAT comments everyone, I so enjoy reading them! Otherwise, I would not watch his dull mess.

  62. LOL 7:27 No and I wasn't thinking of profiting from my childbirth either. I just wanted to be with my baby.

  63. Catherine not always so greatNovember 28, 2011 at 7:30 PM

    Mythoughtis: I would imagine that Robyn is seeing everything that is shown us because they no doubt watch the shows and even check out these blogs.

  64. Catherine not always so greatNovember 28, 2011 at 7:36 PM

    Of course baby should come first...and it is natural to want to include the family members in the excitement. But there is another view point on the subject of having the occasion filmed for television. I doubt that Solomon felt any less welcome or loved. Seems like he was very warmly received by all and won't remember any cameras. Births are one of life's most beautiful experiences. I would have been too shy to share that with the world, but I don't begrudge someone else who is comfortable with it.

  65. How long before the Sister Wives are selling coupons? ie Kate Gosselin

  66. Why would they take down the youtube channel?

    Is there a chance that KB didn't get the okay from TLC first?

  67. You guys forget....The other cliff hanger besides the surrogacy is Them moving to be closer together.

  68. I love this blog !

  69. You know.... Catherine not so great....
    It's pretty obvious that you are totally pro Browns not matter what is said.
    In all honesty, Robyn could shoot someone in the head and I am beginning to think you'd would feel the need to "explain" it for her. Wouldn't you be more comfortable on the Kody Brown Family facebook?

    I don't mean that as snark... but, OTOH you are one that talks to them on there as...is it LeahWells?
    Just curious as what the need is.

  70. And then, if the show hangs on long enough, the kids going off to college...won't some be seniors in hs for the 2012-13 school year?

  71. Oh I am sure they can create plenty of internal strife to keep the show interesting.

    Let's see.....Kody gets brought up on polygamy charges...One of the kids runs away....Robyn has Meri's baby and the two fight over the baby...One of the kids leaves and sells their story....Kody gets caught with a show girl....One or more of the wives starts "divorce proceedings"....One of the wives sells HER story....the gym instructor moves in.....Robyn's ex fights for custody....

  72. I love to read the blog. Good work all of you !!!! I try to read it every day when I can after work to relax and laugh. Love all the comments and like that they are so funny and make me think a lot. Many of you have such a good sense of observation! I like that everyone brings a little piece of the puzzle to see the whole picture. For the show, I miss the reality part of it.... so fake ! The only thing I like to watch are the kids. They're in such a mess of a situation. FREE HUNTER !!!!!!! for sure ! Love your combative mind ! And I love U TRUELY!!!!!!!!! You're such a little angel. I love Solomon too because I don't discriminate among children ! MADISON, run for your life !!!!! Follow what your heart tells you !!!!! The rest of the show, I don't care anymore ! I don't like it when people laugh in my face and think I'm stupid enough to beleive all their cr*p. I approve 100% all the comments except the rainbow/kool-aid ones.... And the Virgin show preview......very very very scary stuff....I almost threw up my Nutrition Fundamentalist Brown approved Fritos with peanut butter !!!!! Will the blog keep running even if the show is done ? .... I'm gonna be in detox !!!!!!

  73. Catherine.... oh, you mean that Robin might have seen the episode where Hunter was upset because Robin and Meri were doing their makeup and delaying his fishing? Too bad, so sad.

    Robin needs to develop thicker skin before her own children become tweens and teens. She thinks she knows all about teens and their frontal lobes and 'they'll thank us later', so she should understand teen behavior and NOT take it personally. Hunter is mild compared to most teens.

  74. Its clear that Robin was pregnant BEFORE they were married and the browns were just trying to show how strong in their beliefs they were by staging the birth later than it actually was.

  75. Was Robyn "reassigned" to the Browns? I guess the better man with a crib won out, huh?

  76. I think Kody and the sistaz should watch the Virgins new show announcement.... Maybe they will change their minds about their ''advice'' to the teens about not kissing before their wedding...... ARRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH !

  77. So Kody moved to Las Vegas because prostitution is legal there and he thinks they will be more lenient on his polygamy there? I don't get it. Isn't polygamy illegal in ALL the states? Is he truly not committing a crime of polygamy since he is only legally married to one wife?

  78. Oh Cynical....I can hardly wait !!!!!!

  79. NikkiMtl, Thank you from all of us! Commenters are what make this blog! We WILL stay up during the Browns hiatus, so much more snark we didn't get to.
    Or I should say.... We all will continue the blog after we get all the vomit out of our mouths from watching the birth..grunting, thigh rubbing Fundamental Porn show last night...ahahahha

    Folks, I just love Truely. That little stinker can rule it, now. Get that paci out of her mouth!

  80. Very good news Mister Sister..... I'll be there !

  81. Nikki---I don't think it was necessarily because of their first kiss that it looked bizarre. It was just bizarre. I mean I remember my first kiss (it was with who is now my husband but we weren't married at the time) and it would have looked NOTHING LIKE CHEWING OUR FACES OFF. I mean have those kids never seen a tv show or someone else kiss? They should have had a vague idea that gnawing at each other isn't really how its done.

  82. The Bargain babe: I know... the sight was very bizarre...... I don't understand what people do to make their lives so miserable...... for what reason ? .... I don't think I'm gonna watch the show to get the answer.... I'll pass on that one..... Kody is enough weirdness !

  83. Catherine not always so greatNovember 28, 2011 at 9:21 PM

    Mythought wrote: Catherine.... oh, you mean that Robin might have seen the episode where Hunter was upset because Robin and Meri were doing their makeup and delaying his fishing? Too bad, so sad.

    When I think of that episode I am actually more disappointed in Kody. Perhaps it is sexist to say this, but I would imagine that Hunter would be anxious to go fishing with his Dad. If Kody had gotten up early and happily initiated the fishing with the kids who were interested, then Hunter (and others?) wouldn't have needed to blame the other mothers who had no interest in going fishing. In the end, Kody went hiking. I am disappointed that other than the tobogganing, we didn't see him do much with the kids.

  84. What's the deal with the chat on the fan page? Can someone post it in the comments or email it to me? I don't go to that page either.

  85. Catherine not always so greatNovember 28, 2011 at 9:33 PM

    pprainginghere wrote: It's pretty obvious that you are totally pro Browns not matter what is said. ...In all honesty, Wouldn't you be more comfortable on the Kody Brown Family facebook?

    I don't mean that as snark... but, OTOH you are one that talks to them on there as...is it LeahWells?
    Just curious as what the need is."

    In response, I am not the Leah you mentioned and am not on facebook (really don't want that hassle.) I have a curiosity about people strong enough to challenge relationship rules. I personally find the idea of God picking worthy men to have multiple wifes to pull through the veil.. etc. all very silly. Having said that I prefer to see the good in people and try to work at lifting up people rather than knocking them down. Perhaps through their experience (and this snarky blog :) the Browns will become a little more introspective and a little less naive and discover more internal strength (not fear of God).

  86. Since they all watched last nights episode together I wonder what Christine and Janelle think about what Meri said about Robyn being her closest bonded sista.

  87. Christine and Janelle probably already know how Meri feels. When you are in a clique you know who you are excluding.

    Janelle and Christine had a good thing going before Robyn. Janelle didn't need all the gooey attention and was satisfied with her relationship with Kody, while Christine as the third wife got to be the "fun princess." Meri took care of that but good. Poor Christine is over the hill. When Janelle realizes that she needs to work independently from the rest of these characters she will be fine. She should get a management job in one of the casinos.


    If Meri had no idea that Robyn was going to pop the "surrogate" question....my sister wives friends, isn't it a TAD odd she would bring up Kody asking her to do fertility treatments BEFORE the baby was born when they were sewing?

    I smell a FAKE out abt. Robyn / Meri / Kody.
    this was a planned, scripted event.


    Is it not odd to you...."Solomon loves me!" we've heard so much....
    even Christine...
    They are making this baby to be the messiah, we know. BUT, it's almost like (I am serious) the other wives are afraid if they don't have a connection with Solomon they might be SOL.

    Sad that you are only special in that family if you are perceived to have some power.

    Poor teens. When is the last time you think Kody has done something that most folks take for granted, with each child, say, in a months time?

    Maddie needs time, Phaedon needs time, Hunter needs time... if he took 1 night a month for each child to get, say, a trip to the mall, McDonald's etc, nothing special.. but important alone time. I guess the wives and the kids might get attention once a month.

    Isn't that sad?

  90. I love the picture of Truely, she is a dear and so cute, the picture is adorable.

  91. SissySickening,

    You make some excellent points.
    But seriously, when does this man spend ANY quality individual time with those kids?

    Or even time with a few at a time? Oh, wait I forgot. He can't do that because he only has a high-end sports car that seats only two.

    And obviously NONE of the babies or toddlers can ever be in that car...can't have a car seat in the front seat, now can you?

    Whatever Kody wants to do or have (as in a younger, fitter bed-mate, or a snazzy, "I am a stud" car ) he gets....and whatever he doesn't want to do or have....he doesn't. The man has quite a life going for himself.
    And TLC is a great provider !!

  92. I seriously LOVE this blog and some of the funny comments peoplw leave. Anyway, I have been watching Sister Wives since the first episode, because I was intrigued. I've continued to watch because its kind of like a train wreck, that you cannot turn your eyes from.

    About the show last night and birth...I TOTALLY think that it was re-enacted. I was shocked at the things Meri said in the show, how she has never had a bond with Janelle or Christine. What a bitch thing to say. Here I thought Meri was so nice, but that comment just wrong.wrong.wrong. If they are trying to sell the "lifestyle" why on earth would she say that.

  93. I've never gotten the impression that Meri was all that hot on the idea of having another baby anyway. She was excited about Solomon the way I got excited about the births of my niece and nephew. I love them love spending time with them but never really had that urge to be a mom the way my sisters did. Meri seemed to be okay with being a one-child parent as long as she could spend time with the other kids. When Kody brought it up in S1 she didn't seem all that psyched about the idea of IVF or having another kid.

    I'm convinced it's all a contrived storyline dreamed up by Kody and the producers...

  94. Is the Browns' religion evangelical? Was a point of this show to try and bring some new members into their (probably very tiny) gene pool?

  95. The Browns are Fundamental Mormons, and of the AUB sect. If you go back through June-August, there are tons of GREAT article of what they believe. One juicy one is that the husband..(Kody) is the GOD... he goes to a PLANET after he dies and CALLS his wives to it. If your husband doesn't like you and doesn't call you, your toast. Enough to spark your interest? Crazy stuff!

  96. The concept of a multi family home is alive and well in Las Vegas. My mother in law/FIL have a home that literally stretched the block. It was technically 4 homes in one. They had to have space and assessable to others, yet some privacy.
    Mind you, this is connected by one HUGE LR/Dining, bath, and Kitchen that i in the middle of the home.
    wing A - their home
    wing B - her elderly parents
    wing c - my SIL that is Down's syndrome/married/with 3 kids!
    wing d- another sibling's family of 8.

    Total people - 11 kids, 8 adults.

    Keep in mind, this home was already built when they bought it.

    THEY are not telling the truth.

  97. After Kody brought up IVF on their trip, didn't Meri say she was tired of already trying that -- I believe she mentioned hormones and being disappointed over and over again. So apparently she did want to have another baby and had tried with the help of outside sources. Maybe she will want to take Robyn up on her offer. When a women can't get pregnant, she may be blinded by the opportunity and not see that it is not really a good idea.

  98. I agree that it is fishy about the resistance to build one large home. Perhaps they are leary about having bedrooms within hearing distance. Or perhaps really don't want the other families feeling free to enter their spaces at will.

  99. I'm kind of glad the birth was staged. I really didn't need to see that from anyone, especially Robyn. Ugh.

    Well, hey, at least her secret special sexay room is a lot less sexy now. Yikes.

    The surrogacy was probably to keep their show (i.e. job) going. But I have to say it really felt like the most real moment on the show. And the teens' and Jenelle's half-ass happiness. This episode was a little too real, even with the fake birth.

    I feel bad for all of them. STOP BREEDING.

  100. omg! i was cruising FB and remembered that there was a page for them. I don't know if it's TLC sanctioned or not but good lord - there's a slobbering cryfest going on from their fans all about their undying love now for Robyn and Meri and the surrogacy offer.

    If kody decides to go for wife #5, there would be plenty of volunteers from that FB full of gullibles. i'm feeling all queasy from that sugar overkill going on there.

  101. You people are forgetting this is ENTERTAINMENT. you're over analyzing it.

  102. She did these IVF things years ago, and also has stated she's OVER it.

    Robyn wants Meri saddled with a kid so she won't be the fun wife.

    KODY looking at land, wanting 4 homes....
    "We're buying a dream here"
    "Homes cost money" **GASP!
    "How we gonna do that?"

    Here's my Kody Brown house building theory.

    1. Go on TV and WHINE about it, after leaving a perfectly good home in Utah. Have the luxury of not even doubling up.

    2. Have lonely housewives send you their money instead of the Tel-Evangelical guy your money.
    If you haven't seen it, the fans that have had their $Kody Brown zombie shot$
    ACTUALLY have started donating for the poor family to "get back together" in 4 homes.

    3. Irony. Still in 4 homes. As separate as the next door neighbor I have I have never seen, but could spit on his back porch. These women will be the same as they are now. FOOLED YA! They must laugh at us all the way to the bank.

    4. Open a wishlist for pesky things like babies, so others will buy that, too.

    5. Milk TLC to build them. Come on folks, reality. Kody doesn't work. He could build them himself hand save a TON.

    IN ALL HONESTY, ^^holding head in shame^^ for a long time I was a Dedicated Kody Brown family groupie. Bought the whole thing.

    Not long ago, I waited for their "chat" on their facebook. After an hr of everyone just wanting them to say their name... *I.shit.you.not* Say Hi to Jeannie!!! OMG, Robyn said hi to ME! I was OVER them.

    I also had become dismayed with their constant wanting more more more, and the Baby registry for strangers, and the build a site one, sent me over to the dark side.

    HOW could 4 adults who have struggled for so long, Bank., etc.... Have the Audacity and the Shamelessness to go to their fans and ask for more? Pampered chef? It's endless, and I am ashamed. They make, and with free meals, clothes, electricity (TLC always pays that for the big expensive lights), and their income.... all said and done I believe I figured they are at almost a cool million a year.

    By the time it's over, they will have furnished these homes too. Meanwhile, the poor nice lady you and I know that sits in church every Sunday with her coiffed hair and perfect dress she's had for 25 yrs, will send them the moeny to feel connected.

    THEY ARE GRIFTERS, MANIPULATERS, AND I HATE ANYONE who takes advantage of people like that.

    They don't care you are sending your money for a new house from a trailer in Mississippi with no air conditioning.

    ***They are evil.

    Whew! Fell better.

  103. I think Meri's comments about not being close with the other wives were said out of emotion. I mean, I believe there was tension even before Robyn because Meri only has one child while the other wives have many, and that causes jealousy, but I don't think Meri's always been quite as negative towards Christine and Jenelle as she's feeling now. Unfortunately, I don't think things will get better...I think she's passed the point of no return.

  104. What was that totally unhealthy looking goop Janelle was picking at on those foiled lined cookie sheets....cheese covered Fritos perhaps???
    I think the whole Fundamental Fitness concept is laughable..yes, they all need a place to shed those pounds but I would certainly not join a fitness center owned by 3 obese women and a mediocre trainer. Seriously, just watched some of the old episodes from season 1, I think Meri has doubled in size this past year!

  105. sistah sistah ---
    Janelle's Peanut Butter Fritos
    ( from our FITNESS CREW!)

    1 cup corn syrup, like Karo Syrup
    1 cup white sugar
    1 cup peanut butter
    1 large bag Fritos scoops


    Spread fritos out on a big jelly roll pan turning them so most of the scoop sides are up.
    In a sauce pan combine corn syrup and sugar and stir gently.
    Cook only until little bubbles begin to form. Do not cook too long or it will get too hard when it cools.
    Remove from heat and mix in peanut butter until it melts. Pour over chips on pan. Good to eat immediately. Sometimes we melt chocolate chips and drizzle over the top.

  106. My prediction in 15 months....

    Robyn.. crying.... ((The girl doesn't cry or even ASK for her newborn, but only uses tears for manipulation))

    "Meri, I SWEAR" I thought I gave them the tube that was marked Meri's egg.......

    Meri "You bitch... I trusted you!"

    Kody "Der,,,,,,,it LOOKS like , hell it looks like one of MY kids!!!!"

    Meri and Robyn (to Kody) in unison

    "You Dumbass!!!!! It's your kids no matter WHAT egg was used!"

  107. Less than reality,
    I agree. I hope to write a post on that soon.

  108. Ok,just read the recipe.....I was an athlete in school,I worked with a trainer over the years(have been laid up over the last 18 months due to orthopedic surgeries) if their 'trainer' was any good,he would be teaching them how to pull out all of the white processed sugar and corn syrup out of the entire families diet...its easier to succeed when everyone is on the same page...its not just about weight loss,it does effect your body chemistry,eating that processed 'treat' would cause such a spike,like a drug high...which is why they were picking at the food on the table,..and before I go further,my skinny minny days are behind me,but I can still feel a difference when I eat that kind of stuff, it explains their body type,heavy tummies and hips.....i need to go eat a tums....fritos and sugar? Blech!

  109. They are not a group I want to go to the gym with.

  110. First of all, I love this blog. I found it by accident when I was trying to find out how much TLC pays the family for each episode. Although it's supposed to be a secret, I think that it must be alot since they are now able to afford to rent those four nice homes in Las Vegas when they were struggling to make ends meet in Utah and noone is seriously looking for a job. I remember Kody saying something about cashing out his retirement, but how much can that be? He's not that old.

    In season 1 I think the Browns may have wanted to get their story out, but now I think that they are more interested in the money and the notoriety. I am beginning to wonder if this reality show is really real or if some of the adult Browns and the TLC producers are just making things up to create drama. I wonder if some of the comments are scripted or taken out of context in the editing process to make some characters look bad. Kody, Robyn, and now, Meri are really full of it. I think Janelle and the children are genuine. Christine is schizophrenic. She keeps hearing these voices that tell her that she has to love (not just accept) Robyn even though she doesn't and she's beating herself up.
    Last thought for now - I love their children and I always look forward to seeing them and seeing what they are up to - especially the older ones, but I feel like they are being pimped by their parents. I wonder if they really wanted to be on this show? Do minor children have the right of refusal? In any case, I hope that money is being put into a college fund for all of the kids. They will really need it.

  111. If this was the "right" way to live and majority of man did it (assuming there's enough women), the human race would be kaput and this planet would be burning out faster than the speed of light.

  112. So here's my 2 cents worth: in order for polygamy to "work", the sister wives have to be added within the first couple of years of marriage (like the first 3 Brown wives), before the children are born. Or, in old age when no one is able to reproduce anymore, for company in old age. I felt really really sorry for that couple from Utah, the friends of the Browns who were convinced that the principle is true and they have to live it, but they looked so sad. I think if they do add on a wife, it will be sadness all around: the husband seemed reluctant and yet determined at the same time, and really guilty. They obviously are very much in love. So he would feel the guilt of spending every other night with another woman, probably thinking about how wife number 1 is feeling alone in their bed. The wife will feel betrayed, no matter what she tells herself that her religion requires this of her. And what a blow to the ego. And the second wife will have low self esteem as well, knowing full well that she is joining what was a very happy couple, and will certainly feel that she is second choice. Sad sad sad. I think over the years Meri has grown jaded, and is now enjoying her "me time". This was obvious in how she seemed worn out when Brianna and Isabel moved in with her temporarily.... I don't think she will leave the family just because I think she is comfortable. Christine, despite being "Polygamy Royalty" seemed to have the most issues with polygamy, interestingly enough. I could see her leaving. Janelle I think enjoyed all the perks of polygamy the most of the 3, until things got shook up by Robyn. And Robyn is simply....annoying. I feel the adults were all hypocrites with their teenaged children: they all seem like good kids, whose world was turned upside down by the move, They are sooo unhappy in Vegas. The parents want them to adapt, and yet, freak out they will influenced by their new friends, introduced to new ideas...... so you want them to fit in, or not? Someone once wrote a while back: the Browns poked a sleeping dog and now they're surprised it growled at them. Exactly.

  113. oh, I left out the Patriarch! I think Kody was best summed up by his high school friends: that living a polygamous lifestyle is just another way of his being the centre of attention. BANG! The wives may go on and on about how this is a "girl party" and how Kody is often in the doghouse, but think about it: being in the doghouse is also getting full on attention. I feel the kids are totally missing out on one-one dad time. They are growing up with single moms and sometimes dad. Notice how the adult go on and on about how Kody divides his time among the wives, nurturing that relationship? We are shown the date nights, the anniversariy trip, etc, but what about the kids? Where is the camping trip with just dad and the teenaged boys? Where is the trip to the amusement park with just the little ones? When dad is visiting mom, it's "special" time because dad is here! So the attention is all on him again, even if it takes the form of his settling arguments and dealing with domestic issues, he's still the centre of attention. If he so dislikes them all living in 4 separate homes, why don't the kids follow dad to each home every night to spend time together and just go to their moms home to sleep? The more we learn about their lifestyle, the more convincing monogamy is. Having sister wives does not replace the loneliness of not having your husband to yourself.

  114. OK, and a last note regarding Mormons and Fundamentalist Mormons. It seems every single group within that religion is super defensive and absolutely denies having anything at all to do with each other, as if one was comparing Catholicism to Buddhism or something. I think the reason people feel the LDS is not a Christian faith is due to the fact that they have an additional scripture, the Book of Mormon. All the other thousands of christian sets do not. They all read the bible. It's just what they focus on and the different ways they worship and how they interpret the Bible that sets them apart. This is why sects as similar as Catholicism and Anglicanism and as different as Anabaptists (Amish, Mennonites) and Greek Orthodox are all Christians. So for the Mormons and the Browns to so vehemently deny having anything to do with the FLDS is ridiculous. As strange as the Amish way of life may seem to someone like me who was raised Catholic (agnostic now), I will not deny that both religions have a common ancestor and a lot of things in common. Also, because the Mormon religion is still a young religion, not even 200 years old, and yet has so many offshoots already with some really crazy and radical, dangerous ones like the Kingston group and the group in Manti, and the murders (the Allred group?) as well as the one that thinks they are the bloodline of Christ and therefore practice incest, is it any wonder that people are suspicious if LDS and their "Me too! Me too! I am a Christian too!'' attitude? As much as many aspects the LDS way of life are commendable: focus on family, the one night a week family time, the fasting one night a week, the healthy lifestyle (no drinking or smoking), the fact that most of them speak a foreign language, etc etc, the fact that they are very business savvy, their polite ways, etc, I personally feel it is possible to choose to live that way without having a religion telling you to live that way. And just like a sect, sorry, they too also feel it their religion that is the one true religion. That's why they go about doing baptisms for the dead. This even created a huge scandal not too log ago because they had been baptism Jews who had been killed in the holocaust. (I think have stopped doing that) So my point is, all these Mormon groups read the bible, the book of Mormon and practically worship Joseph Smith, so, they are all different manifestations of the same religion.

  115. I think all of the provocative and "out of character" comments made by Meri on the finale show were simply hooks to set up next season. "Teasers" to get us to tune back in to see how Christine and Janelle responded. We are being played. The show started out, as someone else mentioned, as a fairly honest attempt for the Browns to "get their story out". Now it's turned into a silly, scripted, poorly acted soap opera. The Browns have realized what a cash cow the show is, and you can bet they are ready, willing and able to do whatever outlandish things Kody or the producers suggest, in order to keep that money rolling in. They know they're screwed without it. JMO, anyway.

  116. I hope this show isn't the catalyst for the destruction of this family like it was for the Gosselins. If they are scripting these terrible plots (Meri never having a relationship with Christine/Janelle, Robyn offering a surrogacy) well, I can't imagine they all would agree to do this. I agree with Religulous that if polygamy is to work, it must be structured early on as the original 3 wives were, when you bring another female into the picture years down the road it causes nothing but trouble. I am most fearful for Christine right now after that rambling self flaggelation regarding Robyn, she sounded so beaten down. If Christine reads this blog - Please know you have a place in heaven with or without Kody. I am not an organized religion fan just because of all the crazy man made rules but I am very spiritual & faithful. I just want to see this family happy again like they seemed to be before Robyn entered the picture.

  117. Great blog, super funny!!!
    I agree with Anonymous 10:33 it is all about the money now. How easy for them to keep things juicey by creating conflict for the show. They make a lot of money per episode in a country that is have severe economic problems they're making out like bandits...though in the long run will probably negatively impact their family. On a side note I DID NOT need to see the close up of Robyn's, for a semi-intelligent woman what is with Janelle's frito receipe???Janelle here's a tip stop eating sugar (that includes frito's which are all carbs and turn quickly into useless sugar)you'll be amazed how much weight comes off and Thank god Mona is coming out alright in all of this!!lol

  118. I may be off-base here, BUT after watching last night, I was more disturbed by these ppl than usual and laid awake thinking, thinking....WHAT IF THIS WAS MERI'S PLAN ALL ALONG?? It's a given that it was Meri who brought Robyn in, soooooo maybe she looked for a younger woman to bring in to do the surrogacy thing. She may have even planned this out with Robyn OR this may by why she has always been so supportive of Robyn. Just a thought? I also thought that Meri could not get pregnant so when she was talking invitro with Kody I thought she was talking about using donor eggs and implanting them in her uterus, not that she has bad eggs. Anyone know her specific problem? If it is bad eggs then if Robyn is the "surrogate donor" why not implant in Meri. If not then it's basically Robyn and Kody's baby they will give to Meri?? All VERY complicated. If it is going to be Robyn's egg and Robyn will carry then why even use invitro DUH? The reason ppl do that is because the surrogate mother does not want to have sex with the baby's father. Not the case here. Anyway back to my first point, I do NOT think this just evolved and I DO think it was scripted for year end. If it was not I do see how Robyn could get all caught up in the moments after birth as I myself remember crying after the 3rd baby (bout a week later) OMG I love newborns so much Im crying because I dont think I ever will stop wanting kids. Haha! Fast fwd 14 years. #3 was my last.

    As for the surrogacy, how perfect for the Primadonna Robyn. She gets to be the "valued one" for bearing Kody's child and therefore gets out of any work AND gets all the attention for another 9 mths AND does not have to take care of it when it is born. In fact, forget having Meri's baby, all 3 of the fertile SW ought to start doing the whole Surrogate Mom for hire thing as a way of earning money. Hey, maybe they can get the teens in on it too. Imagine the $$$$ brought in?? LOL.

    As for the things I did like this episode (not much that didnt creep me out), loved loved seeing the other kids excitement over the new baby. I just love kids and their innocence. The kids are the only real thing on the show.

    Oh and BTW forgot to post from the previous episode that I LOVED when one of those teen girls made a crack about Robyns' stmt saying something to the effect of "well what do we know our frontal lobes aren't developed" (those teens really detest Robyn).

    Well let's hear some comments about Meri's "conspiracy theory"!

  119. Grady Bunch- Planning on writing a post on this.
    Great minds think alike!

  120. I just love how Robyn wants us all to buy that she wanted to have a "private" conversation with just Meri "alone" and expect us to believe that it was legitimate and sincere.

    NEWSFLASH ROBYN! If you sincerely wanted to have a PRIVATE conversation with Meri alone about an obviously very sensitive subject that you didn't want anyone else to hear, YOU WOULDN'T HAVE A CAMERA CREW IN THE ROOM WITH YOU!!!!!

  121. I think they r all clueless and just go along with the producers. What ever brings in the all mighty buck. When they are told to jump they just ask, how high? I think this program was Kody's idea to grab the $'s. he doesn't give a damn for those kids or the women. It's all a show for the show. Kody is so self indulgent it makes me want to puke. WAKE UP WOMEN AND GET OUT!

  122. Am I the only one who was thinking "Oh My God Meri just say no ?"She has an almost grown child and they keep trying to throw children at her , when they had the little girl move in with her ,and now this . It is like they are saying Meri you are useless without a child ,and yours is almost grown you must hurry and get a new one. Right now you need a new child immediatly , and she doesn't she raised a very nice young lady , and I think she should be proud of her accomplishment and do what most people have to wait until they are grandparents. Just have the other kids visit hang out ,and then send them home . My friend does it with her best friends kid she calls him her rent a child . She gets to fill the time she wants to be around a child and be parent like whenever she wants ,and then she gets to send him home.Meri is about to get a luxury the other sister wives don't have ,and I don't think she will realize it until she is there . For whatever reason they keep trying to derail her .

  123. Meri hasn't said yes yet. And, I think the one she has staying there is because the child wants away from the crowd. I honestly think Meri that Meri thinks she's fine with her life as it is. She even commented on one of the shows that she LIKES being farther from the others! Maybe the move woke her up in more ways than one? Let's hope so. I think Meri is the only one that has a mind of her own. I'm sure they read some of the comments on the www and just maybe have realized their "living arrangements" simply aren't normal or acceptable too 99% of the population. You have to really wonder why they came out. MONEY? NOTORIETY?