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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Discussion - Sister Wives - College Bound Browns

"The Brown family nervously accepts an invitation from a religious professor to talk to her students in Boston. Anxious about the question they will face, how will they respond? Meanwhile, the older teens tag along to visit some of Boston's best colleges."



  1. I'm just curious as to how qualified the Brown teens are to attend a 4 year college in Boston - having been homeschooled at least part time by Christine (i.e. "God's Number Is J-E-S-U-S" and where is the $$ gonna come from? I've said this before - I would love to see a special in which the show Sister Wives merges with Downsized (WE network). the exact same obtuse lack of planning going on as far as waiting to think about college etc until the oldest is done or almost done with high school...

  2. I agree. And it will make me MAD if they get handed a college, when others have worked much harder in a regular school....

  3. Elite schools have the hands-down best financial aid, if you are actually poor. Single mom on government benefits and bankrupt will get you there, at least pre-TLC.

    Don't worry, Kiska. I really doubt any of them have the academic chops for a school like that. You wouldn't either if your homeschooled polygamist moms homeschooled you. Wouldn't it be great to have Robyn's vocabulary and Christine's math skills!

    I'd love to see if BYU would take them... Boy, that would be a fun reality show.

  4. I'd just like to ask that people who post here leave any derogatory comments about kids OUT of their posts. We have no idea of their true skills and the unkind speculating is disheartening. If you are an adult posting here then act like one and remember that these kids just may see your words.

  5. @ Rhea. I hope you're right. Maybe they'll all go to Yale from homeschooling next season...

    And all the previous posters said they didn't know either, and were those brainwashing schools. Come on, you know what those school are like. And if you have a kid applying to college, you know what it's like out there.

  6. I like the Brown children and want to see them do well. However, they've been so sheltered that a "back east" college may not be the best fit for them. That said, good homeschooling, which they may well have had, prepares them quite well for community college, U of U, UNLV, U of Southern Utah. Based on their articulateness in their TH's, I, as a retired college professor with a Ph.D, would welcome them into my classroom.

  7. It makes lots of sense to take the kids to tour some of the most difficult and expensive schools to enter in the country.

    Great idea.

  8. Really! Why not go realistic. Community College. Logan might be fine- he went to public school the bast 6 yrs.
    nothing wrong with Community College. I PRAY my kids go to one a year or two before hitting the big college!

  9. Anonymous - apparently you are not aware that many homeschooled children exceed public schooled children academically if it is done properly. Add to that, some of the most successful people in the corporate/entreprenuerial world didn't even go to college.

  10. All this is is another plat form for the Browns to talk polygamy, which goes along with their lawsuit. To encourage more ppl to think it's ok!

  11. If we have learned anything in discussion together, it's that this whole thing has been an agenda to legalize Polygamy. they are now admitting that it's a part of their faith- however they are not admitting it you do not do it- you are banned from the AUB. It's your "choice" to go to hell or not.

  12. I don't agree about going to community college, first and then on to the big college. Our son did that, and some of the classes he took at the community college had to be taken over, because they weren't extensive enough. We should have just had him start at the college right away. It cost us a lot more $$$$ doing it the way we did.

    Many home schooled children are above average, simply because of more one on one teaching. That said, it also depends on the teacher.

  13. Go GOJI - Trust me - BYU will not be taking them. they already turn their own down due to maxed out limit and you have to have LDS ecclesiastical endorsement to even apply.

    as far as their limited acceptance of non-members, BYU has no interest in having plygs there. that's an area mainstream LDS has long worked very hard to disassociate themselves from. Besides, the Browns consider mainstream Mormonism in an apostate state so, they themselves would have absolutely no interest in trying to convince BYU to accept them.

    But thanks for the chuckle picturing any of those kids at BYU!

  14. I agree. this show is nothing but PRO Polygamy or poor me getting beat up over my religion. To say they were fearful is an out and out lie.
    Shame, they had a good thing going in the beginning. Wonder what free meal they will be eating this week?

  15. These kids have zero chance of acceptance at the top schools. It's their parents' fault for giving them a spotty education. It seems that some of the kids (Mariah, Hunter...) aren't stupid and might have had a chance if they were educated properly.

    It is possible that a second-tier school might accept a few of them in exchange for a bit of publicity. But Harvard, MIT, Tufts? I highly doubt it.

    (Remember, we're talking about the sons and daughters of K-O-D-Y B-R-O-W-N...)

  16. We have to watch that squaky lady...Kody kisser again. Robyn crying...and Polygamy is wonderful! Who wants a man around all the time!
    says Janelle and Meri!
    Well, I do for one. Happily married 25 yrs. He's my best friend. We talk about everything together. Wouldn't trade him for a once a week fiasco for 'nuthing JANELLE, who I now call Miss delusional. yeah, she don't need a man, when food is her comfort. GET REAL. YOU NEED YOUR MAN!

  17. I feel like a kid banging my spoon at a birthday party chanting ice cream! ice cream! - instead it's Cynical's Review! Cynical's Review!
    Without this blog, and the fun we have, I would quit watching.

  18. Is it insulting to say they are probably not in top 0.01% of all graduating seniors? If they were, wouldn't we know about it already? Kody is not exactly subtle.

    OK, Rhea, everyone is in the top .01% and everyone is an above-average driver. Yay!

  19. Rhea, don't propagate the old canard that home schooled kids get better educations and do better than kids in public and private schools.

    That is blatantly FALSE.

    First, there are no inclusive studies of all home schooled kids. The vast majority of kids schooled at home are hidden from any possible statistical analysis...by design. The kids aren't tested or followed or surveyed because their parents don't allow it.

    Your other claim that the best corporate minds are not college taught is also completely false. NO ONE gets into the higher tiers of business, finance or investment without some college education. Yes, some day traders and individual business owners are uneducated. But they exist outside the larger economic sphere that depends on people with mathematics and economics degrees.

    Bill Gates may have dropped out of Harvard, but at least he went. And he had an excellent private highschool education. Do you think he's home schooling his kids and recommending they not go to college? I very much doubt it.

    Frankly, many colleges won't even look at home schooled applicants in today's competitive market. The only HSers with a chance are those who took community college classes in science, math and English competition along side their mother's teaching.

    The Brown kids do go to public school, fortunately. But since their parents don't seem to put a premium on learning or even just reading (oh no, Kody hang the flatscreen or we shan't know what to do!), I doubt they have much depth of understanding.

    I've seen case after case of HSed kids who don't even have the discipline to make it through a semester of community college. I wish HS mothers would be honest about what they do - hang out with their kids and play. Most certainly aren't teaching their kids to finish up any goals set by someone else. Even promising HSers have a very difficult time, at the late age of 18, with any sort of vigorous classroom routine where mommy doesn't allow them a break for a brownie and a nap.

    Sorry for the rant, folks. Delete if you wish. I'm simply sick to death of the home schoolers propaganda.

  20. Janelle did have one man around all the time but apparently didn't like that cause they divorced. She was actually talking about how would you like 4 men around all the time!! (she was interjecting into Meri answering if the women would like Brother Husbands.)

    Anyway, i think if Janelle hadn't been brought up Mormon, she probably would have been fine to skip the whole marriage/kids route and just focused on a career. That's her passion.

  21. Oops! "English COMPOSITION" and I detect a lack of a couple of apostrophes and at least one comma splice. So much for my stellar skills, ;D

  22. Carole
    I really enjoy the show,
    Having no experience with poligamy or Mormon beliefs, I initailly watched to be entertained but they all seem like great people and the kids too are "normal" children who seem so well adjusted. I think the kids are all so lucky to have parents that obviously love and support them
    People shouldnt be judging you- unless they are willing to be jugded too!!!

  23. if i CHOOSE to go PUBLIC and w/a political agenda, i would expect to be judged. and should be. ;')

  24. I am the first poster and I would just like to clarify. My comments regarding the Brown teens' chance of getting into a prestigious East Coast University (which one was it again?) being slim to none is not meant to be a slur on the kids...but a comment based on the doubt I harbor at Christine's teaching abilities. which I think are equally slim to none.

    (okay...I've posted enough times to have a profile here I guess. I'm going to use the same nom de plume I use at TWOP. DakotaJustice :)

  25. @rhea:

    The Browns obviously don't care enough about derogatory comments regarding their children (if they did, they wouldn't put them on television). If the Browns don't care, why should we? Being vulgar is probably not necessary in this forum, but being critical and having an opinion should be welcome and fostered here regardless if the object of the criticism is under 18 or not.

    tl:dr - please don't tell me what I can/cannot write on this blog.

  26. @Rhea They aren't going to make the NBA draft either. Sorry to burst your home-schooling bubble.

  27. I saw bits and pieces of the show, (flipped back and forth between this and Desperate Housewives).

    My thoughts-
    Logan--yep, still annoying.
    Kody--whose hotel room did he sleep in? So awkward.
    Janelle--I still like you. She and Christine admitted being afraid of when kody opens his big mouth in public. haha. Meri and Robyn just sat their like Stepford Wives.

    Danielle, the reverend that invited them--- sellout. yuck. also why did she change her twitter name? Her old profile is gone? But she has a new one? I'm new to twitter, why does a person do that?

  28. Let's make sure to stay on track with not attacking each other. Thanks.

  29. If the kids do go to college in Boston we can only hope they don't invite the folks for "Parents Weekend". One visit to beantown was enough thank you.

  30. I do not care what Kody does in his personal life with his 4 wives. Its just plain gross. He is not attractive at all and I do not see how these women could sleep with him, let alone have his kids. No, these kids are not going to get into an Ivy League School. None of their parents have a college degree. This explains why these women are married to Kody. They are uneducated. I wish their kids would go to college and see how other people live. They need to make their own decisions. Kody and the wives may say that their kids are free to marry whomever they want and to choose to be a sister wive or not but they will not be happy about it. Christine would feel as if she was not being a good mother if her daugher does not choose to be a sister wife. Good grief woman, get your head out of your butt. I do not feel sorry for Kody and his family at all. When he decided to go public with his lifestyle, what did he expect. This show is to make him money. The only reason he is on tv is for money. He does not care at all what his family my think. TLC is only doing this show for the ratings. To tell the truth, we are all guilty of making this show popular so that Kody can laugh his way to the back with his fat TLC check.

  31. I just kept thinking that they have to read this blog! They mentioned sharks and Mariah said something about her frontal lobe being fully developed. I laughed out loud.

  32. The Browns expect us to accept their culture but then they roll into Boston mocking our accent and being mean to the pilgrims. They have no manners.

  33. Robyn is clueless in Vegas -- Meri is a Stepford Wife in the true sense -- Christine enjoys listening to herself talk about absolutely nothing (and it is all nothing) -- and Janelle, well, what can one say. Here is what I conclude. Kody marries, has a bunch of offspring with wife #2 and #3 and their bodies show that all too well, while Meri just eats out of frustration and confusion. So along comes tiny Robyn. A new baby so soon -- good job Kody! Once Robyn starts to round out then there will be wife #5. And the beat goes on. This has absolutely nothing to do with "religion" it has to do with money gained from this tasteless show and the robotic women who spew dribble.

  34. Kody and his wives are about choice- unless it comes to four men married to one woman. They practice polygamy so why is the mere question about this alternate multiple-partner union so obviously abhorrent and disgusting to them? There appears to be no room for equality of the sexes in their proclamations of open-mindedness. Also the question of how their children were educated was not answered- being taught at home by a parent with no education is not a recipe for a well-rounded education. It is up to the kids to become aware and to develop critical thinking skills in educating themselves later.

  35. I'm going to have to iTunes this episode...when are shows available on there? One day after airing?

  36. People must learn to come to terms with that evil, green-headed monster, jealousy, within monogamous marriage as well. Sounds like the sister wives feel they must battle those natural feelings on an hourly, daily and weekly basis throughout their entire lives. How sad. The #1, #2 & #3 wives' feelings of love for Kody must deaden with each compounded hurt.
    Why does Kody as a man not have to be equally challenged by his God?
    He can just have whatever woman he wants? It's staying together with one partner in faithfulness that leads to the truest and deepest love. The Browns will never achieve that love. Kody should not father more children than he can take care of by himself. He's extremely selfish.

  37. It will be on itunes early AM.

  38. Did tonight's show show us anything in the Browns relationships.... what do you think?

  39. Browns' relationships? Kody said he was happy to have the easy "access" to all four wives that he wanted in the hotel. He finds life much more difficult when he has to drive his sports car between their houses. Poor guy--
    The show didn't say in which wife's hotel room he stayed overnight. Or did he sleep two hours in each room? What a man! The next reality show- Kody's huge cast of progeny talk about their confused feelings, having been raised by an absentee and unfaithful off-and-on father and neglected, jealous mothers.

  40. Plot- clearly you aren't informed enough to realize Homeschooled children are REQUIRED to participate in the same state regulated tests public school kids take. I had to take my kids to testing centers. There is no option to not participate. And, they have a wonderful education, thank you very much.

  41. My biggest problem with this show is when they state Jesus agrees with their lifestyle. He does not. He would say like the woman at the well, "go and sin no more".

  42. Exactly why is was in the old testament.

  43. Robyn continues to be such a pain in the ass. She cried for no reason during the Jeffs discussion - haven't we endured three episodes of hearing about how DIFFERENT they are from the Jeffs? Also when one of the female kids, I think Aspyn, said that polyandry sounded good to her (and junior in high school Madison didn't know what this was, probably because the concept had never been introduced), Robyn said they supported choice between consenting ADULTS, emphasis on the adults, echoing K as usual. She is such a b---- to the teenagers. Good one Mariah with the frontal lobe jab!!!
    Also I can't even imagine these kids wanting to stay close to home rather that at least attempt to go to a great university - and their parents are supporting them in doing so (I don't know about the financial part - but I'm sure they would qualify for some aid, NOT scholarships, as none are great scholars).

  44. I haven't seen it yet. What kills me is how at 18, after being home schooled, they are adults ready to get married?
    I hope my children don't get married until 25-30.
    I had one immature son marry at 21, about killed me. He didn't listen and now saddled with a mess. Had one daughter marry at 22 - in a perfec t relationship. It all depends on the KID's maturity.

    If Robyn walked in my house, my kids would be like??? Mom, is she for real???? they are more mature than she is.
    What does she know about the world? She's never been financially independent, got out of HS and got married. That's it. SHE makes me ILL.
    I honestly wish the teens would tell her to STFU.

  45. I wanted to slap that "Boston" accent out of Christine.

  46. I see the Browns as total hypocites after tonight. Too many generalizations about others' religions showed they don't know about - didly.
    they don't want people to make generalizations about their religion, yet the do the exact same thing! They sounded so IG KNAW RANT and crass.
    And Christine! LAWD have mercy, she comes off more and more ignorant as time marches on.
    She irks me every new season by trying to hog the spotlight in the talk shows. Now, she's bossier and more ignorant with every show.
    She needs to worry about those overweight teen girls instead of telling the world what to do.

    I am sorry girls, your parents put you out there. BUT, come on, your hawking weight loss crap, yes, Mariah, you tweet trying to make sales in the middle of the night.
    Get out and get some exercise. No reason for a young girl to be overweight. You must eat a lot of junk. Most teens can eat what they want, and not have a huge belly. yuck.

    The Browns need to realize how ignorant and silly they sound. And, funny that Christine is the only one that went to college, but, did the least talking.

    They SAY they want the kids to go to college. As long as THEY don't have to pay for it. Right? What if the kids depended on mom and dad to send them?

  47. The more I listen to Christine talk, the more I wonder how Kody can bonk her.

  48. Don't you think these women are getting a glimpse from the show of the "life" of their husband they would really rather pretend is not there?

    Now, since life is on the show, they can't pretend Kody is "working" when he is sleeping with another.
    that has to make them all cringe.

  49. The Q&A was just a fake. No essential questions were asked (apart from the Brother Husbands question)...

    It's really funny that Janelle replied "Who would want that?" because that is exactly what most people ask when they think about polygamy. So they're asking everybody to be open-minded about a man having several wives, but they just abhor the thought of a woman with several husbands.

    Do the math sister wives, if every man behaved like Kody, only one in four men would have a chance at getting married. Only way to solve that would be to simultaneously allow every woman multiple husbands.

    Polygamy in the way they promote it creates severe problems for society. That is why it should remain unlawful.

  50. What a waste. Didn't even teach the school about their religion. All questions obviously approved.(Ever been around college kids- they are smart and going to ask the tough questions)

    Why does everyone Cater to the Browns "sensitivity"? They thrust themselves out here in the open, they should be able to take it.

  51. I agree. Christine's grandfather would NOT be proud of her. She appears to be loud and uneducated. She ran when she begged Utah to give them a fight in a 2008 video. All talk.

  52. Out of all the wives Janelle is the only one that can put a full sentence together and make any sense. She is also the only wife that worked when they were in Utah -- why she can't find employment in Vegas has yet to be disclosed. Kody's concern was that he would be portrayed as a misogonist -- really, Kody? That was your focus?? I thought this meeting was to enlighten others about your so called religious belief to commit bigamy and laugh in the face of authority. Okay, two states down and 48 to go. Good luck with that! Robyn, get a grip -- enough with the hormonal cry fest. You knew what was going to happen. And as for the weight issue -- gracious, those young girls need to get it under control NOW. What is up with that??? The previews of next week's show has Kody whining about not having a "guys night out" -- you have 4 women to nail. Get over it!!

  53. I doubt the Brown girls have had the opportunity to participate in sports or other organized activities outside of their family or church. Who would have time to haul 16 kids to soccer? It's hard enough to manage activities for two kids. Another way the kids are shorted.

    At least Hunter is now in public school and can take advantage of the football program. But generally speaking, at such a large school, you have to have preparation to make the sports teams or music programs.

  54. Wow! Awesome comments here! Ann you are right on about Robyn and Yoyo it's so true! NONE of those questions sounded new or thought-provoking to me.

    My thoughts:

    - Robyn is even more annoying (if that were possible) now that she's pregnant and probably validates herself crying all the time - I love how ALL the other adults sat on the far left with the kids separating them from Robyn on the far right

    - That lady from Kody's hometown had it right when she said she wasn't surprised Kody went to polygamy because he "loved being the centre of attention" - apparently he was an attention-starved egomaniac even as a teen and everything is starting to make sense to me - the wives, the sole husband to so many, attaining "God status on another planet", the TV show... this whole setup is Kody's heaven on earth. (minus the balding)

    - Those students were from elite east coast schools and that was the BEST questions they came up with?! Wow. I'm Canadian but I hope that is not a true representation of America's brightest minds at work - I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume Kody had to approve all the questions

    - Poor Janelle. She has NO idea what's it's like to have an intellectual equal as a soulmate and I'm sure that's why polygamy works for her. More women to take the baby-man she calls a husband off her hair. If I was married to Kody I'd want sister wives too. Actually, I'd rather have a noose.

    - Notice how when Mariah explains why she wants polygamy she says it's for the "sister wives" - that is exactly why Christine says she wanted it.... hmmm... very interesting. Well my dear Mariah, if you find a great guy who isn't a doofus like your daddy I promise that it's possible to be fully fulfilled and happy without sister wives.

  55. Christine was terrible. Rude, ignorant, and loud. I was Christine-neutral before this, but she's a bully of the worst kind.

    She needs to lay off the LIV supplements.

  56. Did Christine not realize the Pilgrim/Puritan re-enactors were in character as people from the 1600s? (Unless I missed something and they broke character for some reason.) She was getting all upset when the one woman said they weren't Christians. People who work at those places probably get a kick out of tweaking people like that sometimes.

  57. Go Goji, I agree with your assessment of Christine. She's a bully. I would love to get into a conversation with her, though; I think I could make her cry...

    I'm sure the questions that were asked in the panel must have included a question about what happens to me who can't find wives? I mean, these kids go to Harvard, I'm sure they know basic math and biology.

  58. 'scuse me, in my post above, that should be "What happens to MEN who can't find wives?"

  59. Anony 5:53PM - I haven't seen any of these posters "talk trash" about the Brown kids. I, too, would be offended if I read things like that. I think that you perhaps have taken some of these comments out of context, they some of these posters were referring to the parents' actions that have created these situations for their kids. Speaking for myself, I don't blame the kids for their lot in life and I'm sure that these posters will agree with me. BTW, the only thing that I have read which is offensive is you referring to all of us as "idiots". I suggest you take some of your own advice and mature a little bit before attacking others and their opinions.

  60. These college kids were really weird. Like none of them watch TV or read gossip mags? They knew who these idiots were. FAKED "aw shucks, they aren't in prairie dresses" reaction. Bull. Absolute bull.

    Here's my tough question: Christine, how would you feel if your daughter wanted to be a tenth sister wife?

    I just can't imagine any mother wanting their daughter to live this way.

  61. I could not believe how "nervous" they were about the questions prior to the interview. Didn't anyone tell them they are being watched and blogged about, talked about all over the Place? Yes they do have a TV show and a very strange way of life.
    I feel sorry for all the kids. To grow up in this way would be very difficult. Especially on TV talking about it all the time. Christine seems to be the one who would leave the church first to me. When someone reacts to fake scenario questions with so much hostility and anger, it stems from fear. What is she afraid of? I think she is questioning her lifestyle choices. She really hasn't even begun to know what she really believes in. She just on the defensive attack.

  62. Growing up in a polygamous family was a big embarrassment for me. But getting a proper education was my greatest concern of all.

    My parents decided to pull us out of the AUB school after being forced to admit it was a total failure. For the next year, we were supposedly "home-schooled." My mother and older sister would pick articles out of the encyclopedia for us to read and that was the extent of our home schooling. But I spent hours reading encyclopedias every day anyway. I begged my parents to let me go to a real school, and they finally relented when I was in eighth grade. Still, I had to work full-time in the family business, so it was impossible to do any homework without depriving myself of sleep. And thus I was unable to get into any programs for gifted students. My teachers had no idea what I was going through at home and many thought I was just lazy.

    As one of the older children, I was saddled with a big work load. My older brother was completely rebellious so I had to take up the slack for him. Early in life I came to despise the very idea of working for the benefit of some wealthy person. I wanted a job where I could work with my brain.

    My education has been my own responsibility. Had I done things the way my parents wanted them done, I would never have been able to become a philosopher. I would have ended up as an uneducated laborer, like all but one of my siblings. My parents would have been content to let me drop out of high school. When I was growing up, I was completely consumed with educating myself. But my parents seemed disinterested and at times even intimidated by my knowledge.

    These polygamous groups don't encourage open-mindedness or even doubt when it's appropriate, without which, philosophy couldn't exist. My parents' greatest fear was that I'd lose my "faith" and become worldly. But faith in their religion is something I've never had. I was born to doubt and question. Even as a little child, I didn't trust my parents' knowledge about anything. By the time I was in kindergarten, I realized that they were scientifically ignorant and doomed to remain that way.

  63. Troy,
    I'm so happy for you and the path you have chosen. You have seen the light.
    Let education set you free. That is what it has done for me. I am the first female to complete a 4 year Bachelors degree with my RN in Nursing,throughout many and maybe all of the generations of women in my family. I am in the process of completing my Masters degree in Nursing. On the day I graduated from college, my mom never said anything positive. She told me that I really needed to be attending the temple. That came out of left field. In the last couple of years of my church attendance, only a few years ago, I was bombarded by church ladies getting up and bearing their testimony of how important it is to stay at home with their kids and not work outside the home. Over and over.

  64. This is from the post by Kaylynn: "I am in the process of completing my Masters degree in Nursing. On the day I graduated from college, my mom never said anything positive."

    When I read this it took my breath away. You are a credit to yourself, your family, community, and all of humankind. I hope you are still as proud of yourself as if you were properly praised instead of having your accomplishments minimized.

    I know just how you feel; the same thing happened to me although the circumstances were different.

    You are special, smart, talented, and deserve all the good things that are coming your way!

  65. Thank you so much Anonymous. I really do appreciate your kind words. Most of the time I do feel good about the things I've been able to accomplish, especially when I meet wonderful people along the way. At other times, negativity creeps in. Dr. Wayne Dyer is my favorite authors and there are great quotes that keep me grounded and positive. I know that my giving to others, we truly help ourselves. There are many beautiful people in the world.

  66. @plot


    taken from: http://hslda.org/research/ray2003/Beyond.asp

    Homeschoolers consistently perform well.

    You can also visit http://www.nheri.org/

    This is not propaganda, it's research.

    To those who are saying that they know of this and that homeschooler who failed, I can only say that in any population you have that, many public schooled children fail as well. For every instance of "failure" I can share an instance of "success". Please don't use such gross generalizations and stereotypes.

  67. I'm going to have to be for the homeschooling people. I homeschooled my daughter and she is extremely intelligent. It is a known fact that homeschooled children do better than kids in public school. Homeschooled children learn a lot more because it's a one on one situation. Colleges love have homeschooling children attend their schools. I think that people are against homeschooling because they don't have the option to homeschool and are most likely jealous.