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Monday, November 14, 2011

REVIEW! S03Ep09 : College Bound Browns

Yay! Brown Family road trip - well, not quite a road trip, and not all the Browns are going. I better warn you up front. This episode was obviously scripted and was extremely annoying.  Having to endure the hand picked students and their less than challenging questions was annoying. Anytime Robyn opened her mouth was annoying. Better add Christine and Janelle to that list, too. And yet again, Warren Jeffs makes an appearance, and Robyn fake sobbing how much she hates him was...well...fake. And annoying. Jeffs should really demand to be placed on TLC's payroll.

But let's get to the review, shall we?

First scene of the episode, we see Kody's sports car parked in front of Janelle's house. As the
camera moves inside, we see Kody sitting, like a wild haired Jabba the Hut on his throne, calling
Meri. We know it's Meri because we can see her picture on the phone as Kody/Jabba touches it to
dial her. When she answers, Kody/Jabba says "Hey Lover, what ya doing?" What a jerk.

We find out that Kody, a very pregnant Robyn, his other wives and their four oldest teenage children
are packing to go to Boston. They will be the guest speakers for a panel discussion with a group of
academics and students that Rev. Danielle arranged. Hey, Rev Danielle not only looks like Sarah
Silverman, she sounds like her too. Oh yeah, and while they are there, the teens will also tour some
colleges, too.

Once again, Kody expresses concern that they will be compared to Warren Jeffs. Kody, we get it
that you and your Krew are different. Warren Jeffs had millions of dollars at his disposal, you have
finite resources. Warren Jeffs controlled thousands of followers, you can barely control your Krew.
But I do see a major similarity. Warren Jeffs ran from the law. And so did you. Must be a
fundamentalist thing.

Now Kody is picking up some clothes from Christine's house. Christine is trying too hard to be light
hearted and funny. Kody's not buying her enthusiasm and basically turns his back to her and walks
out of the room while she's showing him a dress. Nice, Kody.

Something is definitely up with Christine. Her demeanor is just too forced. And during the couch
interview, was she sporting a black eye? While role-playing questions with Aspyn, Christine said
"they are going to ask you if you want to live in a plural marriage and you're gonna say..." When
Aspyn replied "...Not right now!" Shocked, Christine asked "why not?"  Aspyn simply replied
"...because I don't want to."

OUCH! I mean I'm with Aspyn. We the audience already know this crap is scripted, but to show them rehearsing the script is a bit much. So thank you Aspyn!  If we only see a snippet of Christine's behavior, can you imagine having to live with her 24/7/365? No wonder Ysabel wanted to stay with Meri!

I really didn't need to see Kody/Peter Cottontail hippity hoppity his way from room to room
collecting card keys from his wives. Talk about controlling. Why would he need the card keys to their room?
 And I gagged when that damn Robyn said "He's our husband" and then Meri chirps right behind her
"he gets to have access". I'm thinking, have these women lost their minds? I know Kody has. When
he says "I live in all their houses, I'm going to live in all their hotel rooms" , all I can think is why do
these women put up with that fool?

I wonder if the teens had their own rooms or shared with their mothers. I'm betting they stayed with
their respective mother. And if Kody decided he wanted to have his way with a wife (he IS their
husband after all, and gets to have access, if you know what I mean) where would the teens go?
Now that's a hard one! To Robyn's room? I don't THINK so! It's so apparent Kody stayed with current
baby mama Robyn while in Boston. She WAS the only wife there without a teen, ya know.

 And before we leave this subject, what's the deal with needing to write the room number and first
letter of his wife's name on each card key? Even though Kody claims he used a "code" it was pretty
damn easy to figure out what the code was. What an idiot!  Kody drops the card key on the 8th floor. I pick up the card key and see the number 24. I wonder if it works on the door for room 824? Let's try it - well, what do you know!

LMAO!! Nice one Logan - totally dissed Christine when he said Rev Danielle was cute and bubbly
like Christine, only  really really smart. I mean, Logan, come on. That was kind of a mean thing to
say, true, but still mean.

Looks like we're back to Rev Danielle, as she collects the Browns at their hotel and takes them out to dinner. She brings along some of her "students". And wow, how they represent the typical college student! You would think Rev Danielle could have found a more diverse group, but we are dealing with the Browns. For all their "We are tolerant" blah blah blah, you only need to see  the "type" of people they surround themselves with in real life along with their obsessive need for only positive thoughts to understand that a gay guy, a girl with frizzy hair,  a girl with a Hispanic surname (she is now a close family friend according to my source Antoinette La Taupe), a girl who's a graduate student, and a "fellow" from Harvard with an intense stare is about as diverse as these people can take.

The teens partake of some icy creamy goodness with their new college friends.

Christine missed seeing this sign.
Plimoth Plantation was interesting enough, but Christine getting upset when her Christianity was questioned was a bit overdone. It was almost as if she truly believed the woman she was trying to argue with was actually a real 17th century pilgrim. I'm telling you, there is something seriously wrong with Christine!

The lady on the right dared to question Christine's Christianity when Christine reminded her that Kody has four wives.

Future Sister Wife #5

The college tour was interesting. Who would've thunk it that Kody didn't go to college? And he said he
feels like a dope. Hey Kody, guess what? You ARE a dope.

But enough Kody bashing for now.

Surprisingly, Kody wants his children "to go into the world with  open minds and big goals and big
dreams."  He would be very happy if they chose to  attend a big school back east instead of a state college in Utah. Luckily for Kody, his children are more realistic, particularly Logan who apparently understands that it costs money to go to an elite school, and that his family simply doesn't have the means to pay.

You know, part of me feels this segment was a big plea for money from viewers to help send the Brown teens to college. No doubt some fan will be setting up a college fund soon.

But what was really interesting, was when Madison and Mariah both said they wanted to move back to Lehi and live in their old house while attending college. So apparently Kody is paying rent for 4 houses in
Vegas AND the mortgage for the Lehi house. Are these people crazy?

I thought this panel discussion would be held at one of the universities. You know, a place where
college students congregate.  But it was in a conference room at the Hynes Convention Center. And
it looked like the room was maybe at best 70-80% full. And why does Kody need to wear that gosh
awful brown blazer on interviews? It's sad when the Browns are dressed better in the picture on the
poster outside the conference room than they are in real life. Kody and the original 3 wives as well
as Mariah and Aspyn need a wardrobe makeover, NOW. 

Future Sister Wife # 6 (gotta love that tattoo!)

Robyn faux crying over Warren Jeffs AGAIN!

Poor Kody. He's afraid that the audience is going to be mean. That someone will say "You guys are liars", "Kody Brown you are a misogynist" "You are controlling these women".This scares poor Kody! Just look at his eyes!

Guess what? Kody you ARE a liar. What's the true story why you left Lehi?  If the law was after you, wouldn't they have extradited you by now? You haven't even been indicted yet!  And didn't your lawyer tell the news media that you and family left Utah for better job opportunities? So yeah, sounds like somebody's a liar to me.

You ARE a misogynist, Kody.  Anyone who would call his legal wife while in the home of his "second wife", and when the legal wife answers the phone say "Hey Lover, what ya doing?" you're not showing love and you have absolutely no respect for either women in your life. Grow up, you jerk.

You ARE controlling. Do you remember when Christine initially said she didn't want to leave Utah,
you asked her what part of "We are leaving Utah" did she not understand? Or, maybe you remember
on the road to Vegas when Christine told you the children in her car were hungry and wanted to eat and you refused to let the kids eat? I rest my case.

I hope the good questions were left on the cutting room floor because, damn, if that's the best
Harvard and Tufts students can do, something's wrong with those school's admission standards. 
Maybe those "sharks" Robyn was talking about ate the students with the good questions.  And Kody, if you seriously believe that moving to Vegas was the best choice out of the choices you had, you are truly the King of the Dopes.

So that was the end of the Browns trip to Boston. So long sycophantic reverend friend and your
hand picked students. So long Tufts and Harvard University. So long Boston -  the Browns have left
the state!


  1. Wow, Cynical, what great points you have made!

    I am still reeling over Christine arguing with a "character" - and can't get past that!

    I wish they would put you in a room to ask the Brown's questions. You certainly see right through them.

    I too was shocked they didn't really have a open forum there. Anyone that has been to a big college knows that they have auditoriums for 500-1000 people just for a regular class. this was a small room and half full. I hope the college thinks that was worth paying for!!! Not one question about the ratio...hmmm...

    You have Kody NAILED. And those fake tears of Robyn's! There were no tears. I said she needs Bruce Jenner's wife following her around with the fake ones, 'cause no water was coming out of those spouts.

    I honestly didn't even think about how awful Kody treats the women. I can't IMAGINE listening to my husband call someone else lover. Esp. if I was pms'ing. Sadly, I would say that the women don't realize it either after awhile. If your heart is hardened as protection from your husbands words - I can't imagine you are tender with your children the same way if you had not had to deal with that.

    What a mess. They really need to take a look at what they are doing! Maybe, just maybe, one of the wives will open their eyes and see it, having to watch it on TV. AND RUN

  2. Is there a volunteer in the group to do some investigative work for us? Someone on twitter came up with an idea for a fabulous post. In fact, I believe they are on here - but not sure as who!

    You need access to all of the SISTER WIVES shows. Would you like to have some fun seeing how many times and why Robyn is crying? If so, please EMAIL US!

    I love these things, but We are already swamped!

    Also, many have asked where to find the show. You may down load them on itunes, and if your handy with torrents, you can grab some of them for free at pirate bay (have a teen do it).

  3. Those kids could pay for Harvard or some other Ivy League school if their parents could all live in the same house, since they have such LOVE for one another.


    1. I was wondering how they get their financial aid? We have to list all parent and current step parent income on the fasfa forms.
      Do they have to list all 5 incomes?

  4. Mister Sister is right- I too, was so mesmerized by Christine's annoying behavior, I missed that this show TOTALLY showed Kody as the abusing pompass ass he is. I will now go back and watch it again. Funny, they are clueless to what they are REALLY showing us. PERFECT REVIEW!

    SARAH SILVERMAN! I couldn't figure out who that annoying girl reminded me of, that made my night!

  5. I've had bigger turnouts at a Longaberger basket party! LOL

  6. Great Review!

    I personally puked when Kody asked Meri if she was ironing his shirts.... does the man really do anything for himself? (While he was at Janelle's I might add)

    They think men are work, because he is. I am so happy my husband and I don't see each other as work. We might "Work" on our relationship-but...each to it's own are not "Work",
    do they cater to his every need?

    TENET. There. People, quit making fun of others.

  7. Logan is one of many kids of a single mom on government benefits. He would go to Harvard for free. That's not the problem...

    I don't understand how this family can put their kids out there as the face of polygamy. Why would you wish that on your kids? If you want to go answer "tough questions" fine. But your teenagers didn't ask for this. I feel so bad for them.

  8. Just found this blog yesterday and am reading through the older entries and learning some stuff I didn't know... I haven't seen the current season thanks to work an school, but I watched season 1 as it aired and caught up on season 2 on Netflix (yep, it's on watch instantly, oddly enough)...

    One burning source of question s(and sorry if it has already been addressed elsewhere.. still reading old entries) that I've had since season 1 -

    The annoying Robyn is mother to children from a previous marriage. Does this man have visitation rights? How do they handle that? Does he pay child support? Has he ever considered pursing custody and using their very odd situation as basis for custody?

    Ok, back to reading prior entries. Thanks for entertaining my questions.

  9. I believe this family handled themselves well in Boston. They are real people, and act that way. Get a grip. And all this page does is bash them. There is not one time you say something nice about any of them.

  10. ZiggysGal--Robyn does have 3 kids from her first marriage to David Preston Jessop. He has visitation, I'm not sure if he pays child support.

    Many of us here feel that he SHOULD try to get custody of those kids, but nothing has transpired yet.

    Anony 10:57--When they give us something good to say, we'll say it.

  11. Cynical implied that they were "rehearsing" the script when Aspyn was talking with Christine about possible questions she may be asked.

    When Christine stated, "you know they're going to ask if you want to live in plural marriage...". It was sort of the same as this blog stating, "you know this episode is going to be scripted..." before it even aired. Something was stated as fact that was really a presumption. They were not rehearsing any script. There are no scripts for reality TV.

    Why did no one mention the bracelet? I thought it was very sweet of Kody to get Christine a special something. And I thought it was endeering that he said, "hey lover..." when talking to Meri on the phone. There is a certain intimacy there, and Kody is clearly very conciouse about extending those little intimacies to each wife.

  12. @ 10:57 Anon

    Great! When can I ask your 16-yr-old about who she wants her husband to sleep with?

    Great parenting, those Browns!

  13. J.P. Licks is some damn good ice cream! It makes me miss home.

    Heck, any of these kids could use their poly life as a topic for a fantastic college essay.

  14. Annon 1:58 eww one thing I never ever ever ever ever ever want to hear my husband say to another woman is HEY LOVER..... Talk about wrong on every count, and a slap in the face don't forget and I am not comparing the Sister Wives to prostitutes, but you can have intimacy with prostitutes or phone sex lines, it just depends on how real and sincere it is that counts. The same goes for Kody, how much was for tv and how much was real and sincere, love shouldn't be about getting over jealousy and feeling alone all the time. How does that make you a better person, because if so why don't the men have to learn to get over the jealousy issues as well? What makes them a better person, they don't support the family all alone like my husband does, they use food-stamps and wic and government run programs frequently and the wives usually work so what part sacrifice does he make? Men have a strong sex drive, don't tell me that this doesn't work towards the ego most couples work it out he just goes off to another wife and if sex isn't the main issue why so many kids? God doesn't want us to live in poverty, that's why we have a brain.

  15. goji..great insight there...

  16. Great Review!~ It makes the show!

  17. Honestly, Cynical Jinx, your reviews are the only reason I still watch that hackneyed show and one of the major reasons I follow this blog.

    Bravo on yet another insightful and delightfully snarky review!

  18. Heeheehee Sarah Silverman... nice.

    Oh man you hit all the points perfectly!

    And for Anon who is looking for something nice to say about the Browns, I think there is the odd comment - but to be honest I come to this blog because I'm tired of the very censored, one-sided pro-Brown comments you find on the official FB pages. This blog allows ANY perspective on the Browns. Even the good ones like yours.

  19. Vegas is the My PlymouthNovember 15, 2011 at 3:18 PM

    Another post about this somewhere, but Robyn made a backhanded remark at the SW when she looked over and said if you don't support Kody's relationship with the other wives (she meant herself!) then you have failed. (another tenet?)

    Great review and Iaughed out loud.

    Couldn't believe when Kody blew off Christine. I think she was fishing for a compliment about how she would look in the dress, but come on Christine, Kody's got a preggers fav wife on his mind 24/7. Whadda creep!

  20. KodysLexus JanellesJalopyNovember 15, 2011 at 4:03 PM

    Thanks, Cynical, for another great review. The Sarah Silverman comparison made me LOL! I did not think of it at the time, but you were spot on....as usual.

    If I was the parent of a student a Tufts or Harvard, I would be fuming that money (probably from the student fees) was being spent to pay for the Browns speaking engagement.....much like the furor that erupted at Rutgers when Snooki came to speak. And if it was a closed lecture, I would be even more furious. Don't get me started on this!!!

    I was soooo annoyed when I saw the part of Kody going room to room, collecting the keys and then marking them with a Sharpie marker. Why drag a fine company and useful product like Sharpie into this? I'm sure they did not appreciate the product placement. I wasn't just that Kody collected the key cards, it was the way he did it....."Give me your card! I need the card!".....and the wives all happily complied. Yuck!

    Kody whining in the previews for next week about the wives' GNO was over the top! This guy gets his guy night every night. His wives get a husband one night out of four, and spend the rest of their time waiting for their next night and he gets pissy about taking the kids for one night so the wives can get a few hours kid free together (when he has created at least four teenage babysitters to help
    him)? Pathetic! Which leads me to Anonymous 10:57....

    I will admit...every once in a while, I watch the show and my mind starts to think, "You know, if this polygamy thing is what makes these people happy, then they should go ahead and do it. It doesnt impact my life...live and let live!". And then the kids are shown on screen and you think of the impact that being a polygamy poster child has and will have on them, and having a dad only one night out of four, and watching your mom argue with your "bonus moms" from time to time, and being one of a herd of kids to a Dad who doesn't really pay too much of his time fathering as he is too busy doing his hair, declaring himself to not be Warren Jeffs and getting quality time with his four wives.....and a whole other list of grievances against the Browns.....and it becomes easy to overlook any small moments of normalcy in their lives. As stated by a previous poster, when they give us something to be proud of them for, and they start really addressing the needs of their kids, we will all salute them!

    OK....done venting...I feel better.....

  21. 'And didn't your lawyer tell the news media that you and family left Utah for better job opportunities? So yeah, sounds like somebody's a liar to me.' Cynical-the 'browns' themselves said they did not leave Utah because the police was after them-They said that KODY had wanted to move to Vegas for YEARS! This was an interview with Billy Bush back in March. Bush had asked if there was any fear of being arrested, and the adults were 'it's in the background, but NO!'. You can still google this interview-forgot what show BB is on. Access Hollywood?????

  22. Hi Luna!

    Yes, seems the Browns don't quite understand that what you say in real life SHOULD NOT contradict what's presented on your reality show. Otherwise, people (like me and you) will call them out on it.

    Here's a link from Reuters with the Browns lawyer's (Turley) announcement to the press a day or 2 after the family "fled" to Utah!


  23. The fact that there was a couch shot (what the heck are these called) where Robyn mentioned how she was uncomfortable discussing her sexuality with anyone else makes me think that there were questions along these lines that didn't make the show. Either that or the (very annoying) minister probably gave a longer speech at the beginning of the presentation detailing what should/shouldn't be asked. Plus, a few of their children were in the room, so I would think the questions stayed pretty respectful.

    Poor Janelle does not get a lot of screen time, does she?

    And I don't want to go kid-bashing on here, but I do find it interesting that the older boys (L and H) seem to be very fit- as does their dad- and that the girls, like their moms, struggle with weight. This might be way off, but are the girls not supposed to participate in sports?

  24. Yes, the girls defiantly are overweight, and too young to have a muffin top like me.

    We didn't see much of Janelle, did we?

  25. I have given up on watching the shows now that they seem to be all "fluff." I read your blog instead, lol.

    I live in Las Vegas and my friend actually lives right down the street from them. My friend's son went to the same junior high as Hunter for a year (they are a year apart). Janelle would walk Hunter to the bus stop. From what he says, Hunter is awesome. Typical teenager. Now, my friend and her children are areligious and, I hate to put a label on them, but pretty much atheist. So I was happy to hear how accepting Hunter seemed to be with him. I also know that he does not want to be in a polygamous relationship and that he loves physical sports (football, MMA) and shows a lot of aggression (in sports and maybe elsewhere...). And he hates the cameras. I guess this is pretty obvious from the show but it kind of feels like confirmation. I felt bad for Hunter for a while and still kind of do, as well as all the other kids involved in this. It feels like they're being brainwashed and Hunter has some kind of knowledge of how hypocritical they are, so he rebels.

    One thing this show makes me think: what if one of their children were to realize they didn't believe in God or religion? I really am curious as to how that would work out in any extremely religious family, really.

  26. Did anyone catch what happened when Kody asked something like, "Who's afraid to hear me speak in public" and Janelle and Christine raised their hand. Robyn's hand was hovering in midair, about to go up, and then she quickly changed her mind and started doing these weird little finger exercises and suddenly she had to scratch her leg really bad...

    Christine and Janelle didn't see her little hand dance and made a comment about how she and Meri were the "good wives".

    Robyn just glowed and confirmed: "Oh, yeah, we're the good wives!"

  27. Brit - fascinating stuff!
    That's what I want to hear - the "real" stuff.
    Sounds like hunter knows what's up and rebels. I am THRILLED to hear he won't be going into polygamy, for IMO Logan will, hence the "Johnny Appleseed" comment from Hunter.
    Is that ordinary for Janelle to walk him to the bus stop at that age there?
    Curious. Here, it wouldn't- but in a small town, we feel pretty safe.

  28. Thank you Brit for the information. I love that kind of stuff!

  29. GREAT REVIEW, Cynical Jinx!
    I, too was all caught up in the religion aspect of their yakking promotions and failed to see how Kody treats the women. Thank you!

  30. "4 in my Pile said...
    Did anyone catch what happened when Kody asked something like, "Who's afraid to hear me speak in public" and Janelle and Christine raised their hand."

    Thank a lot! Now I have to watch it again!!LOL (JK) Great catch!

  31. You're welcome! I love that stuff too, I was shocked when her son overheard me talking about the show and told me he had classes with him.

    I would say that no, it isn't typical to walk a junior high kid to the bus. I've been here in Vegas since my junior high years and I got driven to school at first, but only because we didn't know what to expect. But after a few weeks my father saw that it was safe and sent me on my way. I'd only have to assume Janelle did that because they didn't know how the suburbs around here are and also that she had no job, nothing else to do!

  32. Now why didn't they show that clip above on the show?? Cynical jinx, we'd love you to REVIEW THAT MESS!

  33. Brit,
    any other interesting tid bits?

    Does Janelle look as she does on TV? Is she really that big or does the camera add weight?

    But what was really interesting, was when Madison and Mariah both said they wanted to move back to Lehi and live in their old house while attending college. So apparently Kody is paying rent for 4 houses in
    Vegas AND the mortgage for the Lehi house. Are these people crazy?
    Yes, they have not sold their house, although I think they are renting it. Last time I went by, it was a MESS with trash everywhere.

  35. Sarah Silverman..... HA HA HA HA HA HA
    I knew she reminded me of someone. I am sorry to cuss, but her voice is so FUCKING annoying!

  36. U guess those teen girls would notice, esp. on TV, that they are WAY overweight for their age. God help them when they get to be 40. But then again, all their moms are topping 200- And to think Mariah is pushing a diet drug on twitter!

  37. I said Kody probably was checking out the blonde with the tattoo-wife #5?
    He says no more wives. Let's see in 10 yrs.
    Is it true TLC said no more?

  38. Janelle's pretty big...I don't know about the other ladies through any experience of my own, but to paraphrase my friend's son, the camera doesn't make them look worse, quite the opposite.

    I try to avoid any activities or places they are going to be, only because I'm kind of disgusted by them. But I do get curious as to how they act and appear in person.

    Robyn seems very superficial. Who wears makeup whilst camping? If she did that with the people I go hiking/camping with, she would get left behind and brutally ridiculed.

    And YES, those kids need to eat a bit healthier and do some physical activity. All the women being overweight really makes me feel like they are eating their feelings and that something is going on. Not as great as they all make it out to be.

  39. Brit - you be sure to keep us posted. That's the stuff that makes it interesting!!!!!Run into them more, darn it! We want pics!LOL

    Friends, ever since I watched the show, I have been mad at Robyn for saying they don't talk about their sex life with ANYBODY.
    I can't remember the exact phrasing of the sentence she used before-but REMEMBER when she made that comment out of the blue that a pregnancy was a physical manifestation....blah blah....
    Can anyone remember that exactly so I don't have to go digging?
    I thought that was a pretty bold thing to say....didn't you?

  40. This may not be the point you're looking for, but Robyn's comment was about how wives tend to push out of their minds the fact that their husband has a physical relationship with the other wives- but then a pregnancy is a physical manifestation (reminder?) of that relationship...

  41. I've talked to Christine, I think she is smaller in person. I thought she was friendly and cool.

  42. Lurker, that is what I am thinking of, but it was worded a little different, where you went ick when she said it!

    What the...tell us more!

  43. No way TLC said no more. Top ratings on the network.

  44. Brilliant!
    My favorite line...."Kody/Peter Cottontail hippity hoppity"

    Here comes Kody Cottontail, hopping down the polygamy trail..hippity hoppity angers on it's way.....

  45. Cynical, how you write and make pictures in such a short time is beyond me. The one of the kids is especially cute!
    You are so right on all counts. Loved it when you said "Kody and the original 3 wives as well
    as Mariah and Aspyn need a wardrobe makeover, NOW." I would throw Robyn in there as well. GET RID of those over tops, ugh ugh ugh. I have never seen that popular, and makes them all look backwards and fat. Kody, for the love of god cut that hair. When your sitting in a panel looking like you just got out of the shower, it's not cool, it's yucky. Cut the hair.

    Can you believe that none of these folks have to work?
    Can you believe their kids haven't figured out if they DID work and all live in one home, they might get to go to the college of their choice?
    Someone needs to point that out to those children, that their parents are lazy. looks like the kids are too from the size of the waists.

  46. You guys may beat me, but it's beginning to get (above clip not included)
    where the ladies irk and disturb me more than Kody. He ain't lyin- he said he'd live the life anyway, he's always trying to make someone happy, it's their freedom to leave. I'm just saying he seems ok nice for an ax murderererLMAO

  47. Robyn's X husband is a Jessop. That in its self is garantee to Robyn that he will NEVER willing go to court. The Jessops are knee deep in the whole Warren Jeffs crap.

  48. I grew up with alot of jessop kids in Montana. They were a mean bunch! A 12yr old Jessop boy will not hesitate to send a 5yr old girl home with a bloody nose.

  49. I wish someone on here knew her husband. I wish he'd take those kids away! (Robyn's)

    Christine irks me. She has no idea about the rest of "us" - never been out of the house, hell, the basement. Yet, she is crass, loud, acts like a know it all, and in reality is obnoxious and plain stupid.
    Meri's not much better. If I hear the word SHARK again I am not watching. Stupidity. And what are they suing for??? Fairness!!!! BUT WE ARE SHARKS! And so are the Presbyterians you just insulted, dumbass Christine!

  50. I'm new to blogging and posting, but I have just had so many feelings about this show, I had to see what other people were thinking or saying. It is a very interesting show. Robyn is the most annoying one. She sounds like she has been brainwashed into saying her little stupid, church like, holier than thou comments. I was raised a regular mormon many years spent in Utah. I know the Utah mentality of the women. She is just soooo.....

  51. By the way, I am no longer a mormon thank GOD. I think it's so funny how Robyn cries about Warren Jess and the whole family seems so concerned with their poligamy status being looped into the other poligamy followers with the long plain dresses. The mormons don't like being compared to them. What an oxymoron.

  52. First time reader here and I have to say, I've never laughed so hard at a review in my life! I am so happy to find a group that find the Brown's as hypocritical as I do.
    That was a hoot when Christine wanted to argue with a actress!
    People like her change my laws? No THANK YOU.

  53. I love how much they protest and sigh and roll their eyes when they're compared to the FLDS and then say they have NOTHING to do with them and cry over the child-brides! In the same way the LDS says the polygamists are not Mormons. Yeah right. They all worship Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon is their most important scripture, hello!!!! So they have different bits and pieces of customs, they are still essentially branches of the same religion. And with Robin's husband's name being Jessop....interesting how a few of the same family names keep showing up within these communities. I bet Kody or some of his wives have relatives within the FLDS... wouldn't be surprised. I still haven't heard any of them (or any other polygamist groups) respond to how they deal with the excess of boys and men who don't get to marry many wives because the math doesn't work out.... Are they on the one hand saying it's a commandment but then secretly hope that some of their boys will not practice plural marriage and then they just pretend to be disappointed?

  54. Anonymous,
    Yes all of the religions stem from one. They like to dwell on tiny wording differences, and other "bits and pieces of customs" but they don't see the correlation? In a documentary I watched, the FDLS boys are sent away at an early age (18?) from home and not allowed back unless they practice plural marriage within the community. The men don't want any competition with the young men. There is a lot of things said in the LDS religion but not followed or adhered to. A lot of people don't seem to mind living a life while fooling themselves about the reality of it.

  55. Anonymous wrote: "I believe this family handled themselves well in Boston. They are real people, and act that way. Get a grip. And all this page does is bash them. There is not one time you say something nice about any of them."
    This blog is intended as a critique of Sister Wives. Nobody here is obligated to say anything positive about polygamy or the people who practice it. Where did you get that assumption?

  56. well, Troy, a couple of days ago i took issue w/an LDS member on here stating how accepting Mormons are of the gays. And i disputed that with facts and sources and because she responded with that i was lying (tho she didn't say where i lied nor give any sources - just emotions) and that she was hurt and offended - then I got put on "approval only" status by a mod here.

    The mod here even referred to my "ignorance" of the subject! Neither Tuesday nor Mister Sister know really how much i know about the subject nor how i know it and yet it is apparent to me how little they both really know of the subject.

    But i guess that's the winning argument here is just to say, "i'm hurt and offended" and you win! well, I'm hurt and offended for the Mormon gays that have killed themselves!

    Kaylynn is obviously familiar with my truth i spoke and I guarantee that If Troy and I spoke in person that within 5 minutes he'd know i DO very much know what I'm talking about as opposed to what the average LDS church member actually knows about the subject.

  57. hey, thanks! i'm off of "approval only" status! ;')

  58. It's actually Aspyn that's doing all that pushing and promoting on Twitter. She's always tweeting about how she's losing all this weight.

  59. I'm sure there are Mormons who are accepting of homosexuals but there are still just as many who aren't. Different folks, different strokes. Saying all Mormons are accepting of gays is like saying there are no more racist people in the world.

  60. Some commenters have remarked on the name similarities in AUB and the FLDS, Jessop, for instance. There are a lot of people in AUB with relatives in the FLDS because the two groups used to be one, but split apart in the 1940's. Someone else asked about what happens to the boys in AUB who can't find wives. Usually one of two things happen - they convert girls from the outside, or they just up and leave because they don't believe in the religion.

  61. "Lurker said...
    The fact that there was a couch shot (what the heck are these called) where Robyn mentioned how she was uncomfortable discussing her sexuality with anyone else makes me think that there were questions along these lines that didn't make the show."

    Too funny! That is one segment we all could have enjoyed. I thought it was another opportunity for Robyn to call attention to her sexual relationship with Kadouche.

  62. @ FreeAndClear: exactly. These are things that are obvious to the public, but interestingly enough, we haven't heard Kody ad co. comment on the fact that their way of life, even though it is commanded, is not sustainable, not every man is able to live it, so what are the emotional and social and theological consequences of that? I was disappointed that that question wasn't asked in Boston, or else it was edited out and we were left with stupid fluff questions, like the brother-husband one. In theory, brother-husbands would solve the equation, but obviously goes against the whole point of plural marriage: ONE man having MANY children. This point also hasn't been addressed by the Browns, only that they are commanded to live this way. But WHY? And that they were all once part of the FLDS and now they insist that they are sooooo different and have nothing to do with them is obviously hypocritical. The difference between them and the FLDS is like the difference between roman catholics and anglicans/episcopalians: the AUB is basically FLDS-lite

  63. I think TLC is partly to blame for the miserable questions. They're trying to make money from the titillating aspects of polygamy; not the intellectual aspects. Someone could have asked decent questions, only to have them edited out in favor of something less cerebral and more pubic.

  64. Hi there! This is the "girl with a Hispanic surname" (for the record i have no idea who Antoinette La Taupe is...she is not a close family friend of mine...and the "girl with frizzy hair" says hello as well, we're having lunch together right now!). Reverend Danielle was, in fact, our teacher, and we were not "hand picked" but volunteered to meet the family. We were not following a script, but yes, unfortunately many of our questions ended up on the cutting room floor. That's reality television for you! We had lovely conversations with both the parents and the children and the kids asked us tons of questions about our regular college life. There is a lot more to us than what you saw on the show and we are actually remarkably diverse, so calm yourselves. Thanks for watching the show!

    -Megan "Latina" Romero & Anya "Frizzy" Gelernt

  65. Hey Megan and Anya!

    Thank you both for taking the time to add your comments. Be assured, as long as Sister Wives is on the air, we will be watching and commenting about it!

    Cynical "So Laid Back She's Horizontal" Jinx

  66. so, Cynical, who's Antoinette La Taupe then? According to MY sources, this person doesn't exist.

  67. Hey Anony 4:13!

    Really? Then who was that person I met, in the dark, on the 4th floor of that parking building? I wonder. She did have a French accent...you don't think maybe she could be undercover, do you?

  68. Nice review.
    I was able to just watch it, online.
    What was up with Christine's left eye? Notice that when she claimed she was not being mean to the 17th Century woman, she then wanted to fight with the rest of them! Christine is loosing it.
    Think we will ever find out how Christine got the "black" eyelid?

    One last thing that caught my eye while the 5 were being interviewed on the couch: Did you catch that look of worry on Kody's face when Meri talked about having another man?

  69. Kody loves Danielle....