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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

U.S. could become defendant in ‘Sister Wives’ case

According to the Salt Lake Tribune,The United States government may become a defendant in a reality-show family’s lawsuit challenging Utah’s law banning polygamy. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints renounced polygamy as a condition of statehood, required by the Utah Enabling Act of 1894. With that in mind, U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups has asked attorneys for the Brown family, stars of the TLC show “Sister Wives,” and the state of Utah to show why the U.S. should not also be added as a defendant in the case.

The attorneys will present their arguments in a hearing scheduled for Dec. 16.

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  1. WOW!! More $$ & resources wasted on nonsense!
    I'm no attorney or law maker, but Ill take a simple stab @it!!...lol
    Take the statehood away & then they can practice polygamy but NO $$ or resources would be available for them to scam, bc Utah would no longer be elgible for any govt assistance or resources!! So plygs could no longer receive food stamps, TANF, Medicaid, etc... Dang, they would actually have to get jobs & support themselves, imagine that!!...lol
    Can't believe the Supreme court is allowing this circus act inside their courtrooms, esp those who defy the laws of the land & expect the govt & taxpayers pick up their enormous family living tab to support their ADULTEROUS, CHILD BRIDES, INCEST lifestyle all in the name of religion aka CULTS!!

  2. Hi Caramel Brownie, I like your comments. It would serve them right if they got benefits yanked---be careful what you ask for.

    I think the Kodsters lead atty is employed by tlc and is stationed in DC. I'm so over these jerks bitching about not being accepted by society. In general, they are the ones who insist that their lifestyle be accepted and yet denigrate the lifestyles of others (you and me). Their attitudes make me less tolerant, and I'll just bet that the new Islamic women show will do the same thing. Blah blah, I don't care about their problems, and they sure don't care about mine.

  3. When the show started, I thought, wow, they are brave, and look like a happy group, this should be interesting.
    Then, Christine said it would be REAL. They wanted us to see the REAL them.
    And the whole thing has been nothing but one messy fiasco after another. This group is so dissembled that they can't even stay on the same page to make a 22 minute show. They are obviously VERY unhappy (the wives and kids).
    And in denial. I guess if you are told your a donkey 5 million times by the time you are 10 (That's what all that home schooling and church schooling is good for-they sure didn't learn English)
    You might just start seeing a donkey.
    So they are free to choose? my understanding now, Thanks to Troy, is they are taught they are free to choose hell.
    Well, that's a real easy choice, when you put it that way.
    I was so disappointed.
    AND, to find out one whole season was a lie? So they are religious liars, is that how it goes?

    If it wasn't for this blog, I don't know that many of us would of put all the lies together.

    They planned to file this LONG before they started pimping themselves for a show.

    All I can say is NICE. REAL NICE. BROWNS I KNOW YOU COME AND READ HERE... please quit blaming everyone and everything else for your lies. Get off TV and put yourselves in the right perspective.

    Before the show, Christine thumped her religious mantra maybe 4 times a year at conferences. Before, she was a GREAT mom minus the polygamy part.

    Now, that's gone too for the kids.

    Everyone is fat, unhappy, spending money like crazy, and hot. Is that a better life for ya Kodster?

  4. Hey BC, yep I totally feel ya on all levels :)
    Guess TLC wont be pulling the plug soon on their cash cow, God help us...lol
    Gotta wonder tho bc it seems like the episodes are getting to be slim pickings. Just saying, we could all send in some home videos & TLC could produce an episode more exciting & real than SW...haha
    I'm seriously hoping the Browns will get Supremely slammed!!

  5. This really upsets me for my country.

    The Browns were in no harms way, they knew that.

    They are living better than they could dream of, no one works, freebies galore, what more do they want?
    To beable to practice their religion?

    They better practice their songs! Wasn't the one they sang a ode to Joseph Smith? And they stumple through it?

  6. Interesting mum.
    Yes, the Duggars are nice. I wonder if John Boy-I mean Jim Bob pushed her to try to hit the 20th baby. I really fear for her, and the baby. I think the last one will have lasting problems.

    The son using all same letter "m" kinda makes me roll my eyes, but that's no Joseph Smith problem. They pay their bills which is useful.

    To tell the truth, I am completly shocked Christine didn't get pregnant. I wish Janelle would.

  7. BC and Caramel Brownie, great posts. I just love when law breaking leeches turn around and sue the entity that feed the leeches.

  8. It seems to me that this season is showing the stuff we've all blogged about; Robyn being a home wrecker, their questionable family tree, what do they do for money, and this week, trying to distance themselves from the Jeffs! They are trolling this blog for ideas. Dr. Phil had a love triangle on yesterday where this man was sleeping with his wife and her best friend. He wanted them to all live together. Dr. Phil even suggested that it's called "sistewrwives". The idea among the girls went over like a turd in a punch bowl. Surely a sane mind will throw this rubbish court case out.

  9. Honestly, I wish they would fine people (and their bloodsucking attorneys) steeply for these kinds of bogus lawsuits that waste the time and resources of our court system.

    The Browns make me sick.

  10. Wondering if Judge Waddoups' suggestion could take this into a huge legal debate about the constitutionality of the US ban on polygamy (as it has in Canada). This would affect the entire nation, not just Utah. Bad news!

  11. While they are in Court, wasting more tax payer dollars, perhaps the state should bring a counter suit charging these people with welfare fraud. Why is nothing being done about that is beyond me. Petition anyone???

  12. OK ok I'll need to add something now..I did not want to but I will. Having met the Browns I'll have to say that they do not push thier religion at all and in person the dynamic is different than on the show. While I believe that they would like to get anti poly laws repealed they don't push that agenda either.
    what did we talk about? family and kids.. oh wait and religion.. mine, not thiers..

    now i do not agree with some of the things that have happened or that were done but realtv and reality are different


  13. I have a question for you guys , maybe you can help me sort things out.
    I´m from Germany and the welfare system here is very different from yours.
    So in Germany the Browns would probably get around 200 bucks for each kid plus 350 for the Moms and also some of the living expenses would be covered (Rent up to a certain amount).
    How does this work in America?
    Do they get foodstamps based on how many people are in the family?
    I often read "welfare fraud" on this blog, how can they fraud the system?
    Because they are not married legally?
    Even if they were legally married, wouldnt they get welfare either way, because they have 17 kids?

  14. http://www.ksl.com/?nid=960&sid=18016033

    Warren Jeff's not convicted of rape in the utah case, Jessop sentenced.

  15. How can their "case" stand a chance when the state reveals their welfare fraud?

    They are just fooling themselves.

  16. P.S. I LOVE that screen Cap. It's like....., "Ooops I farted."

  17. Kiera,
    they lie on their application for welfare about how much money they make, living arrangements, cars, etc.

  18. Border Collie's MumNovember 9, 2011 at 7:40 PM

    Kiera, In the US the welfare is based on perceived need. Depends on how much money you have. While qualifications, type of payment, amt of payment differ from state to state, the huge resentment is from the middle class who do it all on their own while those on welfare end up with more than they are able to earn on their own. It happens. Often. If you are on welfare you can get money, not a lot, but add to that food stamps, free food at donation sites, donated toys and clothes, health care, and subsidized housing. Many of those on welfare make a career of it and know every single benefit they might be able to obtain, and get it. The middle class gets nothing. They do things the right way and work for and there is no benefit for them, even when needed on a very temporary basis, like 2 months. All your savings can be wiped out and can lose your car etc because of a very temporary condition.

  19. Everyone thinks Utah is weird, backwards, & just plain idiotic at times when it comes to how our political representatives choose to utilize their time & effort(s). I don’t always agree with them but today I was downright ticked-off & completely ashamed of the state I live in. YOU IDIOTS DROP CHARGES AGAINST WARREN (FREAKIN’) JEFFS & CONTINUE TO PURSUE AN INVESITGATION AGAINST THE BROWN FAMILY?! I seriously feel sick to my stomach. What kind of message are you sending? Polygamy = Bad… Unless you also choose to practice rape, sodomy, etc. No wonder the Brown family moved to Nevada, I am seriously thinking about joining them because the hypocrisy is getting real deep. Yes, I know Mr. Jeffs has been put away for life but wasn’t that what you were trying to prove? You had your ‘sitting duck’ & you let it fly by … Prosecuting the Brown family WILL NOT show that Utah is “hard” on polygamy just like Texas. You had several decades to do that but you didn’t & that “mysterious phone call” wouldn’t have been necessary if you had any sort of brain in your head. All this proves is that Utah failed an entire group children that were openly abused. Now you are now scrambling like idiots to find someone to put out to slaughter.
    I don’t care what the laws say about polygamy in Utah or anywhere else for that matter. If it is between two (or more) consenting adults who are both physically & financially responsible for what that lifestyle entails… then, it is a lifestyle period. Change the law & get over it or please clarify the law to prosecute all men who have sexual relations with more than one woman on a consistent basis (watch out ‘players’ game-over). I live in Utah and I am currently & I don’t drink milk (which is also against the law in good ole Utah) are ya prosecute me you cowards?

  20. They are grifters, welfare abusers and have ALL filed for bankruptcy at some point. The best is Robin writing off her thousands of dollars in Victoria Secret credit card charges. How about some clothes and shoes for the kids next time Robin? Oh that's right...welfare pays for that.
    These folks make me gag-

  21. Anonymous- I din't know this. Seems they are feeding into what the Brown's want! This is perfect for their prosecution stance.

  22. Warren Jeffs found out "DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS."

  23. The article is slightly misleading. The judge did not ask the state of utah to do anything. The judge is stating that the U.S. Government has an interest and should be brought into the suit, or the case will be dismissed. Mr. Turley filed a huge law suit bringing up the whole history of polygamy and how it is currently being practiced in other countries and in our country by multiple religions, and then he goes on TV and lies and states the suit is only about "decriminalizing" the issue. Well, obviously, the judge is not buying that argument. The US government has an interest in maintaining a country that relies on monogamous marriages because children will not get the proper education and attention they need if men are only concerned with getting as much "love and attention" from as many wives as possible, rather than helping to raise their progeny. Like or not, marriage is not private and is not conducted without consequences. There may be many people who believe that the government should get out of marriages, but for now, marriage is the foundation of our society and is regulated by the government. Thus, if you want to argue that we should change our whole foundation, you should bring the U.S. government into it. To that end, the judge is also demanding that the Browns actually prove that polygamy is better than monogamy. Do you think that Turley will do the right thing and dismiss the suit? OR will he be so arrogant as to think he can take on the U.S. Government, and by extension, the 99.97% of us Americans who practice (or support) monogamy?
    IMO, I think that the judge is calling Turley's bluff and is also making it very clear that he does not believe the Browns or buy into their propaganda.

    I think that Utah is not so bad, after all. Not as up front about it as Texas, but Utah is not going to support polygamy any more than any other state.

  24. I feel like an idiot for not seeing this from episode one. At least they are consistent. And now they want to legalize it everywhere! Hooray!

  25. Thank you Female Attorney for breaking down the substance of that article for us.

  26. Yes! I barely understand some of the legal mumbo jumbo

  27. Great post Female Attorney!

  28. Female Attorney,
    So the Judge in Utah did the RIGHT thing, didn't he?
    Anonymous 8:45 - I thought the same thing you did!

    Legalities can be so confusing.

  29. @Anonymous and Border Collies Mum

    Thanks for explaining!

    I hope the Browns never "flee" to Germany, they would get a bunch of money her, just for breeding like rabbits.
    I know thats rude but I bet Kody gets a new wife as soon as Number 4 can´t push any more childrens out.

    I hope they loose their court case.

  30. So do I!
    Why? Because those little girls get pushed right into polygamy too.

  31. Some days I just cannot help myself and for this I'll apologize now.. however.. Female attorney.. your basis for argument is without merit and I can prove it. If as you say " The US government has an interest in maintaining a country that relies on monogamous marriages because children will not get the proper education and attention they need if men are only concerned with getting as much "love and attention" from as many wives as possible, rather than helping to raise their progeny." then explain we we just got guardianship over a 16 yr old who was basicalyy abandonded by her mother? does that mean that I, a stated polyg goes against thsi very statement of "cold hard truth" ? gee, not only am I concerened with the welfare of others children I am in fact raising one.. hmmmm and "marriage is the foundation of our society"? were in trouble folks what with the escessive divorce rate and all?

    now i could prothlycize (sp) and say that gold spoke to me and said that everyone deserves someone to love and to get married.. the hetrosexuals, the homosexuals, polys etc and who would you be to say otherwise? rememebr god spoke to me not you

    makes about as much sense as what you wrote doesn't it?

    disclaimer I am not mormom or any branch of itand believe you should be financialy stable in all aspects of your life..also the lawsuit is baseless and for sesationalism only

  32. Kody Does It For LuvvvNovember 10, 2011 at 1:50 PM

    When I read some posts it feels like the author just took a bunch of words, scrambled them up, and threw them in the comment box. Sorry I know this will get deleted and I deserve it but I couldn't help myself SMH

    P.S. Thanks female attorney. Your post helped explain a lot.

  33. I will also disagree with Female Attorney,
    I am unsure where the concept of our Country being based on “monogamous marriages because children will not get the proper education and attention they need if men are only concerned with getting as much "love and attention" from as many wives as possible, rather than helping to raise their progeny”

    In fact the Marriage Protection Amendment which was designed to add to the Constitution that marriage is the union of a man and woman only, was NEVER passed. So, I am at a loss as to where the belief comes from that is what our country is based on is beyond me.

    In fact our forefathers initally came here and wrote the Constitution in their search for relgious freedom.

  34. The Browns don't stand a chance.

    Furthermore, it is truly irresponsible of them to take it upon themselves to sue the United States when they have no money. They'd rather launch an attention-grabbing lawsuit than send their kids to college, it seems.

  35. I think that the Browns' attorney, Jonathon Turley, is offering them a freebie because this is a way to make a name for himself.

  36. TO Anony 8:06Pm
    The belief that our country is founded on monogamous marriage is based on the words of the U.S. Supreme Court (a branch of the U.S. Government) in their decision in Reynolds v. U.S. decided in 1878. Here is a quote:

    "Marriage, while from its very nature a sacred obligation, is nevertheless, in most civilized nations, a civil contract, and usually regulated by law. Upon it society may be said to be built, and out of its fruits spring social relations and social obligations and duties, with which government is necessarily required to deal. In fact, according as monogamous or polygamous marriages are allowed, do we find the principles on which the government of the people, to a greater or less extent, rests. Professor Lieber says, polygamy leads to the patriarchal principle, and which, when applied to large communities, fetters the people in stationary despotism, while that principle cannot long exist in connection with monogamy."

    The principles of government rest on whether we allow monogamous or polygamous marriages. Polygamy leads to despotism while monogamy leads to democracy. Kody Brown could well be described as a despot since he is very controlling and oppresses his wives by not allowing them freedom (such as to have other lovers, too.)

    One final quote from the U.S. Supreme Court:
    "Congress, in 1862 (12 Stat. 501), saw fit to make bigamy a crime in the Territories. This was done because of the evil consequences that were supposed to flow from plural marriages."

    What are those EVIL CONSEQUENCES? I think we have seen what they are in both Sister Wives and the Warren Jeffs trial. It is not just lost boys, or underage marriages, or incest, or rape, it is also:
    1. a father who is absent,
    2. a husband who is unfeeling to his wives,
    3. lies and manipulation of the public through this "reality" show,
    5. not being able to pay expenses and using the bankruptcy laws to transfer the burden to those of us who do pay our debts,
    6. using food stamps to provide basic necessities to an ever-increasing brood,
    7. jealousy and competition between the wives,
    8. mothers who transfer their children to unrelated women when they are having problems,
    9. men and women who don't work or provide an income other than through exploitation,
    10. bullying amoung unrelated children who are forced to accept others as their "siblings",
    11. moving from place to place to gain acceptance,
    12. neighbors who want to evict them,
    13. former class- mates who call their choice stupid, and finally,
    14. a desire to impress the rest of the world with their beliefs instead of just accepting that there are men and women who are monogamous and who have no desire to follow polygamy.