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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

TLC Videos: Sister Wives: Ode to Kody's Hair

Kody's wives all consider his hair to be his fifth wife. What would possibly make them think that?

HOLD THE PRESSES! Here at Sister Wives Blog, we've had a couple of ventures about the HAIR ourselves!! If you haven't seen them, check them out!!!!




  1. Catherine not always so greatNovember 8, 2011 at 8:57 PM

    whoever put this video together is a riot! I laughed myself silly. So funny when we get stuck in our "LOOK" despite our age and the passage of time... Kody's got the wild child version of the comb over! Hehe!

  2. I liked the two that were on here- Kody with new styles and the other cute video-he could swing the Justin Beiber look!LMAO

  3. Oh this was great- Just what I needed tonight for some LOL LOL

  4. I just saw on the facebook Kody Brown-family page that you can't even discuss Kody's hair because he's too sensitive about it! Can you believe that? The admin's comment said Sorry folks Kody is sensitive about his hair. No debating it, sorry. So it looks this forum is the only place you can talk about the video released by TLC!

  5. Really? I previously viewed this at TLC, I never go there but dropped by.
    I loved the other ones done, too!
    So why can't you talk about this video? What's the big deal?

    That group confuses me. How are they going to know what their viewers of America (and beyond) like/dislike about their show?

    It's like HITLER. And he wants to sue cause his wittle feelings got hurt? Man, that is one SHELTERED group. They want us to accept them, but they can't accept the ones putting the food on their tables by watching them!
    (Sorry, must be PMSing!)

  6. Wow xenia. That KBF facebook page must be fierce.

  7. WHY? TLC put it up???
    I saw on the same goups twitter today that they said they can't post anything until it has been approved by the Brown's.

    He may not be Warren Jeff's- but he is a maniac control freak. You can see it in his lying eyes.

  8. Yep Xenia, just saw that! What a crock of doggie doo!!
    I betcha if Liv had hair miracle grow it would be plastered all over KB fb page...& tweetN away just like Aspyn is tweet pimpN Liv products...lol Its a school night, so why are their kids still up tweetN, etc,etc??
    Well hell, I guess pimpN ain't easy!!...haha

  9. Friends,
    I must be losing my mind. I thought I made a cool post, and it disappeared. So, I worte a shorter version above. I had to come back and see if it was still there or if I was losing my mind!!HAHAH

    I have to throw something else in.
    For being such "religious" people, do you know how immature they and their peeps can be? They don't like what you say, they slam your butt with name calling.

    Another REALLY scary aspect of the Brown's only wanting "these super positive people" around is this. I Mean this as a caring mother.

    THEY (Browns) are not looking into what type of character anyone is. They are not doing their parental homework.

    Lady A and Lady B are both "lovers" of the Browns.
    Some of the kids have become friends ith them, oh they love them, have asked them to go shopping etc. BUT these same people, say the MOST AWFUL things I have ever heard in my life to other stars.

    I wish I could remember the exact words, but it was like "Nice your sitting in your fancy house while I am here hungry and homeless after serving the army for 24 years, you stupid Bi$#%."

    So she "loves" one star and their fancy house, but blames the other star for her life's problems?

    That is not someone I would want around my kids. I would rather someone that disagreed with my theology BUT, after observation - learning that they were basically a decent, honest person, that's who I would want.


    We may not agree over here, but we do care about the kids.

  10. Caramel - Reading through all the posts- and saw the one earlier where you talked /twitter, and went there and looked at it.

    Can't sleep, got up, reading again. went back and looked and it was G O N E!

    Not only E! online ran a story, but Gather did too.

    At first I thought people were overreacting about blog coming to this site to find a gem to write about, but honestly, it is happening to often. I think both places saw your comment, Caramel, and ran with it.

    Maybe they didn't, but, oh, out of the 10 or 15 I've seen lately, you know SOME of them have!

    Weren't you the one that found it the first time? Or was that Border?

    I don't understand why Kody wouldn't want them to talk about his 5th wife. He loves his hair, and they have to say flattering things, so what am I missing?

  11. Lol, agreed Stink Eye!! Ive had those same ,questionale losing mind moments too :)

    U would think they would police their teens tweets better esp since theyre so concerned for security purposes according to the excessive sugar coated KB fb page.
    Speaking of the devil, I was just there & one of their fans asked would it be ok to go up to them if they seen them in public. Of course, one of their guard dogs said no for security reasons.
    Now, Im confused?? So the Only time people can come up to them is if were waving $$, check, or credit card & willing to sign up for Liv products?? How are people supposed to feel like they are a part of Team Brown if u cant even approach them in public? :/ Oh yeah, $$ talks & bullshit walks....

  12. One I would consider a problem for the Browns is trouble maker here the other night. I checked out her blog because she was on google connect, and guess what.... She is LDS for one, and she went to the LIV meeting to meet the Browns and bought a whole kit from them. Funny, she got her picture taken with everyone all smiles, (Browns) so you are right.
    She asked a dtr of the Browns to go shopping with her!
    This is an absolute fact, I just didn't want to bring it up and cause more problems the other night- but there is your reinforcement of your thoughts.

  13. Thanks Caramel.
    Why do you think they had to quit talking about Kody?

  14. Border Collie's MumNovember 9, 2011 at 2:33 AM

    Krazy Kate Gosselin had TLC hire her a bodyguard (snicker) for whenever she went anywhere. For her, not for the 8 kids. Now, no TLC, but she still scores the bodyguard. I'm sure he scores too. She hated fans.

    Fans however can do you damage, become obsessed, stalk you. For that reason, I'd get my kids off the site pronto.

    BTW TLC's 19 Kids and Counting announced they are expecting, meaning there will be a change in the name of the show, yet again. They are a nice family from everything I hear and have seen, are unfailingly polite to fans who see them in public.

    Kate should try getting preggers again to get TLC to make another offer. Leave it a secret who the baby daddy is, and be sure it's some kind of multiples again, something she doesn't already have.

  15. Border C,
    Kate G does have something in common with this show.
    people wanted to like them.
    they abused it.
    they lied.
    and they messed up their family.
    Oh lordie, she used to make me BOIL, let's go back to Kody's HAIR MYSTERY!

  16. Whats up peepz?
    Crazy cookie, I noticed that too & I posted about 1/2 hr ago on the other discussion. Guess Team Kody was tryna do some PR damage control & yep, I posted about Robyns, now mystery tweet way earlier....damn do any of the other sites give commission for tips & leads??...lol Black Friday is fast approaching & I would like to add to my lil pile of stash for my holiday shopping mad dash...hehe

    So heres my theory...Robyn won't be able to send her kids to live with their daddy, or even visit for that matter, if her ex husband is abusive!! I mean, thats what she's been claiming, right??
    Allegedly, if thats true, then there would definitely be a court order & no shared custody would be granted!!
    Plus, if her kids do decide to go live w/ daddy Jessop, well, what kind of mother would she (appear to) be if she willingly allowed her kids to go back to daddy dearest?? Now, Im sure she would shed lots of fake tears & whine for the cameras & post a few sad tweets for sympathy...but IMO, it would be insecere :/
    Sorry Robyn, were on to ur manipulative ways

  17. Hey Anony 2:52am, I just got a text from Scooby Doo & Shaggy saying Kodys hair will forever remain a mystery...haha

    Stink Eye, I'm not really sure, but hey all publicity is good publicity,right?? TLC better tread carefully or Kody may sue them too, for some off the wall bs..lol :)

    According to KB fb page admins:
    "Sorry folks,Kody is sensitive about his hair + I think it looks awesome how it is anyway! No debating it, sorry."
    -Zeb Daily

    "So many of you have been talking about this video. So here it is! I have to admit it is a very cute video. Before anyone comments though I just have to remind you Kody is sensitive about his hair so please lets not start a whole thing about how he should cut bc its never going to happen.LOL I for one thinks his hair is freaking fantastic"

    After all that, a fan posts, "I hope he will never go bald.....oops sorry :)"

    Ok, we totally get it, that Kody is actually sensitive to his 5th wife...lol Dang, too bad he can't be mutually sensitive to his other 4 wives!! :)

  18. Kody Does It For LuvvvNovember 9, 2011 at 6:18 AM

    Well his hair is an even bigger disaster than the rest of his wives. What kills me is that he makes a comment about Maddie's hair, which BTW is age appropriate and yet widdle Kody is sensitive about his own.

    And lolol about Scooby and Shaggy!!! Haha. Kody has the same hair (on head and face) as the guy in the Scooby movies. umm freaking fantastic?? seriously? As Janelle would say, "gag."

    I think Kody belongs in a zoo.

  19. I am curious, will Kody be able to get the hair plugs, that he so obviously is going to need - or is it against their doctrine?

  20. That was pretty funny, lol

  21. Got a link to the blog of the lds/live person who met the browns? I'd like to see the pic.

    *Robyn can delete tweets all she wants. Screen shots exist for a reason. I'm sure someone got one of that abusive comment.

    *WTHeck is up with the KBF site not allowing chat of Kody's hair? Talk about controlling.

    *What did Kody say about Maddie's hair??

  22. Folks, We haven't deleted any comments. I am sorry if this happened. Sometimes I know I think I've posted and google Blogger didn't get or it didn't work. If this happens, please re-post it.

  23. what a narcissist in full bloom! and his wives all encourage it and enable it. is there even a whole brain between the 5 of them? their teens must be mortified that daddy's all about his 5th wife. wonder why none of them want any of their moronic parents advice??

  24. Cherie,
    I actually took someone to get those things. Now- I have been through birth, cancer, death, but this made me sick to my stomach. to me, he should of done it 10 years ago. It's a sickening process and bleeds so much afterwards!

  25. I remember when one of the boy's hair got cut and Kody had a fit about it. He's definitely very controlling! In his case, though, it's definitely to cover up his receding hair line!

  26. What song is playing during the video? I cannot find it anywhere.